Abu Bakr Zoud – A beautiful conversation between Allah and His servant, concerning his Dua

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a social reward that rewarded individuals for their behavior during a difficult time, and mentions a woman named Sheila who spoke highly of her. The speaker emphasizes the importance of social rewarding individual behavior and avoiding waste on the Day of Judgment.
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second requirement. a doula a doula and listen to this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated by Heaven Abdullah will be a loved one. He said

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the loss of Hannah who was the Allah would call the believer on the Day of Judgment. Then Allah Xhosa would say to the servant of D in need to get entered Rooney Touka, especially Ballack

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He says to the sleeve

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I commanded you to make and supplicate to me, and I promised they are that I would accept an answer to I contacted Rudy, did you use to supplicate to me? This is a question from among the questions Allah asks, one of the questions finally contacted Rudy

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did you use to supplicate to me? These are from the questions you need to have an answer for this.

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For did you use to raise your hand and say you're up?

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Did used to do that? For the servant says nominal. Yes or no? I used to make that fail a lot. So he would say to him in the column that Rooney

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Allah azza wa jal, he says to him, there is not a single door you made except that I answered it for you.

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Every single door you made a lot except did it for you. So now the slave, he knows that there was some drama in his life that weren't accepted.

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But was it What is he going to say as he stands between the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He doesn't say anything for Laurel socialists esteem. And then you said that Teddy omaka de Leon meanness and a beak, and zhanka for rush to an alarm, social, he says to him, didn't you make it out on such and such a day

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that I remove a distress a calamity that has befallen you, and I removed it. For the servant was seen by remember that day I made it all the things were difficult, and I made it and you remove the difficulty from my life.

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A lot of social, he says fail in neoshell, to her lack of dunya a lot of social would say, Are you rushed, it's reward for you in this life, and I gave you what you wanted, then a lot of social would say to the servant, without any yo mcheza that live on meanness, Arabic and zhanka fell on top of halogen. And didn't you make it while on such and such a day that I removed the calamity and the difficulty from you that had befallen you, and I didn't remove it for you. And you did not see relief. And the servant says now,

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I remember there was a date in which there was a difficulty or burden and I made it Nothing happened.

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Philosophy Hannah horadada he says failed Udo in the hall to lock up her field genetic as our cover that I have stored for you and rewarded given you reward in the paradise such and such a reward. And then the habit continues. And he says a lot of social he says to him and you made it that you wanted such a thing on such and such a date and I gave it to you and the surgeon says yes. And then a lot of social you would say and that you mean admired that you wanted such and such a thing on such and such a date. And I didn't give it to your idea of it from it. He says novel a monkey deprived from me. So then a lot of social would say to him I gave you its reward in compensation in the paradise

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such and such a matter. You see how valuable that is with a lot of social. So then an obese Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says falletta Allahu da what an Diaby ha

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ha and Allahu Allah azza wa jal he says he says in the Hadees so Allah social does not leave a single

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that the sleeve meet in this life except that a la social shows him what happened to this diet in a akuna Lucina houfy dunya way manaea coup de la jolla either la social hastin his request and give it to him in this life or allow social media for him reward in the paradise corner fail. Middle v Valley can macom at that moment as the believer stands between before a march or shall he says

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Yahoo roofie delicate macom la tabula mirakuru Sheila who shame on me. He, the believer would say I wish nothing from my heart was given in this worldly life. I wish it was all given to me reward in the paradise because of what a huge reward. He sees that a loss or agenda has

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mean and reserved for it in the paradise.

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This hobbies my brothers in Islam teaches us the value of the law, social loves to hear a lot from you. He loves to hear from you, and nothing goes to waste and on the Day of Judgment, he'll tell you each and every single day. What happened to it? All of it got accepted, who told you which one was accepted and which one was reserved as an ad and reward for you in the paradise

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