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Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding a way to overcome the closed problems of the world and finding a way to overcome the problem of operation and the law. They emphasize the importance of finding a way to overcome these problems and finding a way to overcome the problem of operation and the law. They also discuss the loss of adequate IRA and the importance of not regretting decisions and the loss of work and income. The speakers emphasize the need for institutions to defend children and encourage them to participate in fundraising events.
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Have an ally and I met

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whenever we live in Thailand and Somalia fusina woman See ya Melina inamoto de la, moving over the letter when we find out hi Deanna. Why should

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Why should I know Mohammed Abdullah, you're also also private in Ireland, he would watch a movie, when we just said this, the team will hurt

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you. And now what will be you know, who was? Who was happy Ariana Maria was done and so many more people but what fell below zero matches into the Vietnam primitive? What are swollen under what he what he said that you will suddenly laugh about it? While he was happy? Why are that Jimmy Are you going to send me soup that you won't be alive within another hour

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or two trauma alone. And when we seek aid and assistance into him, we churn, both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly, your hope was high enough for the island guides him asleep. And he will allow us to go straight there is nothing to convey. And I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship, see football alone, and that Mohammed solo blah, blah, I mean, he was sending his both his sleeve and His Messenger.

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Company last week, we were discussing the necessity for us to connect him with the island. And that the fact that so many Muslims in these days, and especially as we see that some of the tides of xenophobia are turning against Muslims, that in these days, we become more shaken, we become more afraid, we become more taken aback by these events, that this is a sign of our disconnection from a loss of time. And we mentioned, particularly how a lot of Canada either describes the people of the trenches as how they do it. Well, you mentioned Susan Budaj in the four end, that these people were faced with the prospect of being thrown into ditches filled with fire, for no reason other than

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that, they believed in a loss of data, which is a form of Islamophobia that we are not we have not seen in our lives, that these trenches were built and dug to throw the man and the woman and even the babies into them, and to bring them alive. I don't know what that is, is one of the women in law, and you will be learning it doesn't mean that there is nothing that they held against them, except that they believed in a law allows us of having, and we said how their belief in the last time with the island was the thing that allowed them not to compromise their beliefs, not to compromise their values, because they believed in a lot of money. And they were willing to throw

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themselves into the pits of fire, because they understood what it meant that a loss of capital to Island is as easy as a means. And today, I want you to continue on that line of thought and continue through that discussion. For us to realize and recognize

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the fact that it is only our connection to a loss, hang on, what's the highlight that will save us and protect us? Recently, I found myself at an interfaith events. And the discussion of this event was religion, and world progress. And the idea for the discussion was, can people does progress of human beings occur, and of this world that other civilizations in this world occurred because of religion, or in spite of religion.

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And of course, there's a lot of points that I brought up when I was discussing this issue. But one of the important points that I wanted to today brought up to them and I want to bring up here today for us to think and to imagine, the thing that I had to confront them with was that it reminded them that no historian to this day has been able to account or understand the reality or the fact that the Arabs were a bunch of sheep herders in the middle of the desert, who had no civilization, most of whom could not read or write. And in the matter of years, and by years, we mean only a few decades, they conquered

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two of the greatest of the civilizations and empires at that time, and from those from a civilization that no one has seen an equal to

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in the history of this world.

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And I confronted them with this idea

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And something that probably they did, they didn't have any knowledge of,

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because one of the points that we have to understand is how you civilizations grow sprouts. And if we were to look at rates now,

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this moment, and we look at the civilizations that have more progress technologically, scientifically, militarily, economically low, thus nations that have more progress, are the ones that have values that they stuck to values in relation to equity and justice. Yes, this country has more equity and justice for more than most of the Muslim countries, most of the Muslim countries, if the average person wants to get a driver's license, how many bribes, the advocate in order to get that driver's license, something that is afforded to so the corruption that spreads between the people, the people lost their value of justice, that destroy those countries, and the countries that

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held on to a notion of justice, were able to progress. And this is the reality, the values that you have are the values that allow the society and civilization to progress. And the last kind of without it tells us this in the front end, he says well, and that move on, and then what couple then he can go on cancer medicine, almost kind of which is if the people of the challenge, if the people of the cities, if they only believed and I have a couple of them, we wouldn't have opened for them, conquer for them blessings from the heavens, you have come down upon them.

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And so it's the values that you hold in your heart, your email, and your telephone, when you believe it, and you act upon it, and you work upon it. This is what allows the civilization to spread. This is what allows the conquest to occur. This is what allows a bunch of people in the desert or herding sheep, all of a sudden become the leaders on these on the earth because of the values that they actually helped me instituted between them, the values of justice, and the values of mercy, and the values of fairness and the values of patience. These types of values are the things that build nations. And so today, I want to focus on the name of a law, worth discussing all of the issues

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through the prism of the needs of almost every dollar the name of a wash out of being a photographer, being the one who's the one who opens who conquers. And the last panel was already mentioned the snake with his throat beforehand. And unless you mentioned the driver profit or benefit being or not, well, we know homie doesn't help. But he says or who is making accomplice making opening between us and between the people the truth, I don't watch as well as your Marina, we're gonna assume after

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that, indeed, let's say only two people that indeed our normal business together and then you will Yes, you will open for us with the truth. What does that mean that What is it? What does it mean that God conquers that a lot opens or commerce things for us? And how can we live with this theme and recognize the same throughout our lives, and Fatah who is truly shaping my mood that Allah is in effect, the opening is the removal of everything that is closed,

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you can't see that someone opened something unless the thing was closed beforehand. So a lot of that is attacked, because a lot is the one who opens the things that people believe, to be impossibly closed. And so those of us who are looking right now, at what is happening in the world, and so many different countries all the time and Islamophobia is rising. And some of us are thinking to ourselves, who is it that can solve this problem? Who is it that can overcome this problem, solve the problem, conquer the problem that we feel is impossibly closed, that we feel is completely turned against us that we feel like we don't have any power to change this problem. And to open this

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problem, you need to turn to attack the one who opens the problems that everyone believes is impossibly close. The one that when we say there is no use, there is no way there is nothing that we can do to change the situation kind of attack has the one who opens it, and the one who conquers it.

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And this is why I wanted to have her on the physical prevent. may have been nasty. But I've used to get a woman who's sick but we'll see later. When it is he don't watch camera dies, it's whatever whatever loss of hundreds it opens to the people from his mercy that there is no one that can withhold it. And whatever along with both and there's no one that can send it. This is a last kind of what to hire, that if it was handled, it opens his doors of mercy for you. There is no one in humanity no matter what election they win. No matter what army they possess, no matter what wealth you're spending. If a law opens his mercy for us, there is no one that can withhold it after a loss

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penalty. And if a law with holds is merciful us there is no one who can

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Give it to us other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so all of you who have problems, not just the problems of xenophobia, but if you have problems in your family, if for those who are problems, the wife a problem with her husband, or a husband a problem with his wife, those of us who are parents who have problems with our children, those of us we find ourselves in these difficult problems in our life. And we feel like the door is closed. And we feel like there's no one who can open the store, you feel like your children are never going to listen to you that they're never going to return to you that they're never going to eat your advice. Those of you who are ill in our stick and

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have a problem and you feel like there is no one who can answer this problem. There is no doctor who can cure this illness, those of us who look at the problems of Muslims in our countries, and in all of the countries in this world, seemingly, and we say who is it that is there that can help that can provide that can support the Muslims of Palestine, the Muslims in Burma, those things in all of the countries in the world? Who do we go to? Who do we share to who when we gain our meaning from other than

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the one who opens the problems that we believe are impossibly close? And we mentioned last week, but we need to think about as often look at the Battle of better, and how many 100 face over 1000 how to win on horses against 100 that were on horses and the profits a little while, why don't you send them on that day was making Dr. Tomasson handle with our eyelids so intensely, so profusely, that look acidic, really a lot of wine, was scared over the profits and a lot more money using them. He felt like the profits a lot more. And he said it was exhausting himself to the point that he would be destroyed from how much he was betting a loss calculator either for his help on that date. And

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the profits a lot more are using kept making dry. And you kept saying Oh, man, and just leave I want to tell you who would say Oh, I love you me now but you and promise me, Gregory that you have promised me and I'm about to go seem to the Prophet so long, why he was sending him home when it came out so much easier messenger the law, this is a law he's not going through, and he is not going to lead you to destruction. But the problem is a lot where it was sending them kept praying to a law and pleading with a law firm. And so finally, a lot of handled that I answered this call and the province law where it was entered upon the roosters. And he said, Oh, I'm worried about she will be

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behind that should be out of that. We are now in the first he said that. He said,

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he said we have glad tidings of happiness we need this has to be who was taking the reins of his team. And he has come with 1000 other angels to provide for us on this day. And to help us on this day. This is a lot of kind of solving a problem that it seemed like no one else could possibly solve a loss without opening a door that seemed like it was impossibly close, that they found themselves on the battlefield in a battle that they did not want to be in that they didn't desire to be in all of a sudden they were there. And it seemed like that's it. They were ruined and they were destroyed. their enemies were already furious and happy before the battle even occurred and unless paired with

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either solve that problem for them, and in the TV off for the lights either. It used to say that whenever he had a problem that he was dealing with an issue in Islam that he was trying to think what the answer for it was easy to say I used to go out into the middle of the desert by myself and push my head on the floor and I used to make drives will last I don't know. He said for who or who in level for further below it in the center. He said fire line would never come back to my home, except that a lot already open for you to issue. Those of you who are seeking guidance. Those of you who are seeking knowledge if you're students and you're studying and you're trying to understand

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something and learn something true to the last panel Dinah church is the one who opens and who conquers all of the issues, even the issues we think we cannot possibly understand what we cannot possibly conquer. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and a very beautiful idea. He said either

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we are the higher I said the prophets a lot more. How do you send him said if a loved one's good for any of the servants? He sweetens him he's sweets and sips the companion said they are a super wallet isn't seen that a washed out without a sweetened sleeve. So the profits will walk Why didn't you send them said yes, that was not what I meant inside and pop them off from my daddy because they've been washed out. It opens for him. The ability to do good deeds, and then takes a soul before he died. He said this is what I was kind of that sweetens the slave that a lot opens for you the ability to worship and a lot opens for you the path to get to what most of Canada is, how many of

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you, you fast in prayer and you still feel disconnected from Allah subhanho wa Taala you feel you still feel like there's a barrier between you and between Los Angeles Island you feel like no matter how many times you hear a beautiful speech about the sound, no matter how many times you read the end, no matter how many

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times you prostrate to a law, you still feel like there's something there's a barrier between you and between Allah Who is the one who can open the door that no one else can open. It's a loss of adequate IRA. And so when you ask them us, I don't die and you turn to Allah and Allah hi without blesses you by opening the doors of doing good before you need a loss of high reward time. And another meeting of a loss, it was either being a photographer, is how often did you need to make a decision in your life, and you don't know if it's the proper decision, you want to get married, you don't know if it's right for you to get married right now. Or if it's right for you to marry this

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person, you want to take a job and you don't know if this job is the right job for you, you want to you want to start a business, you don't know if it's the right business for you to start. Do you know if you're going to regret this decision in five years, or 10 years, you know, and that isn't the end of your life, if you're going to look back and say this was the best decision of my life, or even worse decision of my life, insurance in order to gain guidance and understanding in order for you to know what to do in your life. I was having lunch, I said wine double my fat that I didn't want to level but he's the one who has the fact that the key is the opening of that which is the

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unseen, nobody knows that other than a last panel dialogue, when you're just when you're struggling these decisions that make you understand the weakness that you have as a human being needs to charge you the one who does not have the weakness, the one who conquers all of the things going on with Africa. And so it literally means the opening. And it literally means the victory. And it can also mean the judgment. The opening between we're arguing, we're making clear and deciding between two we're arguing. And almost parallel to it says that while he said

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that I wasn't the formula. One's a hybrid factor, when there's more and more open for us decide for us, between us in between our people in truth 123 would factor in anyway the best of those who decide

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when you are being oppressed. When your rights are being taken away, when people are accusing you of something that is not true. When they accuse you of being a thief, or they accuse you of being a terrorist, or they accuse you, and everyone is against you. And there is nothing to prove to you that you are upon the truth. Who do you turn to? Who is the one who will decide between you and between the people who spent 900 years calling the people and preaching the people the truth, and when people call him a liar. And they call him a criminal. And they call him a crazy person. And he goes to a loss of time. And this is a real benefit. I mean, and I will be in a formula that is as

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World War open between us and between the people in truth and a loss of hands on with either decided for him and for his people in truth in a way that no one could deny that no one could deny. And the last time it was either raised him up to the tides of the ocean. And he left those who are accusing him and denouncing him to be the ones who fell to the bottom of the floor. And looking at it shall I throw your loved one, that after she was accused of the evil city, and all of the people were spreading the sin, spreading the lie that she committed to sin. All of them studying despite over and over. And she was all of the people are against him. And she didn't know what to do to the point

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that the prophets Allah wa came to her. And he says with her and with her father and boubakeur. It's a good review a long run. And she and he said to her, he said yeah, he said, If you committed the sin, that is, I will preach will watch out for your forgiveness. And so she turned to her father and she said to her father, Are you not going to respond to the messenger of Allaah? Any of the coffin just said, he just said that there's a possibility I committed the sin, aren't you to defend me? Aren't you going to defend my honor, she asked her father, our children to respond. And her father said to her that remember what he said to her? I don't know what to say. Even her father had some

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hesitancy he didn't know what actually occurred. And the Prophet didn't know what actually occurred. She literally felt like every single person, even her husband and her father were against her were not completely on her side. And she became extremely angry and upset. And she said well, why are you that entity when

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you said input for lack of anybody else we would have been to some people need she said, I don't know what to tell either of you is that if I tell him that I am innocence, I moved it up into believing and she said no way that thought that

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you should have and because of that, he said to him but she said if I would admit for something that I did not commit, then I know that you are going to believe me. And so she said to the college will likely lead edge of megafood Elana.

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She said I don't know what to tell you except to say what the father of us have said. She said from the intensity

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For anger on my opponent, he was so angry that there was no one left to defend her in this world against these accusations, she said she was so angry, she could not remember the name of Prophet Yahoo. So she said, I will use it. That's all she can remember. And then she said, the word the proper kapalbhati is a soldier will Geneva was the island emphasis on that patience is beautiful, and allies are sources of strength against what against what you are describing. And she turns away, who is no one to help her, except the last candle with she recognize that a loss of power with the island is our source of strength, even in these difficult circumstances. And so last how to without

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reveal 20 verses in the front end, showing and revealing her innocence or complete innocence from that situation. And this is when the person turns to a loss of power without it even when all of the people are against you, and look a prophet to some eyes, when he enters into the prison again, being accused of an evil sin that he had nothing to do with that he was running away from. But they accused him of being the one of doing a bingo and doing it and he stayed in prison. And he turned to a loss of Title of the island. And he said to a lie it is more beloved to me to enter the prison than for me to fall into any sin and he turned to a law are you back alive? You asked the law. And

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in the end, the woman herself stood in front of the people and said it and hustles. And then now the truth has emerged. Now the truth has come out that he that I am the one who seduced him. And he is the one who is innocent from what we accused him of ask yourself, how often have you been in a situation in your life? And there is no answer. And unless paddled out of out of it without even asking, you're in a difficult situation. And you don't know what to do. You don't know what to say you don't know what to do in that situation. And yet a loss of data saved you and a loss and how to how to brush over that situation. And you didn't even ask him what to help him. You didn't even ask

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him what to defend. You open the door someone came and someone protected you and someone stood up for you. Now imagine if Trump's wall was a paddle into Ireland. And imagine if you asked him and imagine you from Belgium. And imagine if you asked for was paired with Ireland to support you and to provide you almost no data will do for you. And one of the things we have to also recognize and realize is that sometimes it feels like all of the doors in our lives have closed, all of the doors have closed. And we think we are new and destroyed. And we're lucky that situation is the last title with the island bringing you a victory a lot bringing you a victory like no other victory and look

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at the profits along Why don't you send them when he saw a dream that they were going to perform, that they were going to perform their own rock, they were going to enter into Mecca and perform their own rock Angela profits a lot more I used to for companions, and they left and they wanted to try to enter Mecca whenever anyone can standing in front of their enemies. And what did their enemies do their enemies rejected them from entering Mecca. The Arabs of grace had never rejected anyone from coming into Mecca and worshipping them.

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But all of a sudden, they decided to prevent the Muslims from entering. And the Prophet kept negotiating and they kept trying to enter and flourish they're projecting until finally the prophets all love it said received the orders from a lot to leave. So they got up to leave. And the companions were incredibly obsessed. And amongst them was our local football who was incredibly upset, because they said we're the ones upon the truth if we leave. And the truth is who's into falsehood,

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and the truth to the public to the law, you said, You're so upset that you're getting up and leaving, and they said, didn't you see a dream that you were performing going wrong?

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And he said yes. They said, didn't you see a dream that you're performing the law? He said, Yes. He said, Well, you know that this is truth, because the dreams of the Prophet are truth. Why are we hearing and the prophets of the afternoon. And the loss of habitat either revealed at a moment the Muslims thought that they lost, they lost terribly. They wanted something, they got nothing out of it. They had to walk back. And what they felt was humiliation on that day. And it was kind of it revealed enough of that, and

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then the we have conquered for you open free. We're giving you a tremendous victory on that day. Because the piece that they decided the Treaty of who they be, and if he decides that was Muslims would not vote for him whenever he would have a peace treaty. That treaty of peace was the greatest of the accomplishments of the Muslim because so many people were able to hear about Islam and learn about Islam because there was a peace treaty. And they were able to enter and accept Islam because of this piece true. And so the thing that they thought was a defeat, and the thing that they thought was a humiliation surely out to be the conquest in the victory that was spoken about in the end in

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the movie. So when you see the moments of hardship around you, and the moments of difficulty around you, and you see and it feels like all of the doors are being lost for us then realize that this might be a loss of opening the doors for you and our profits in the long run. I've even said it is the best thing.

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Example, because the man was in Mecca, look at how he was being abused to the point that he would be performing the surgery. And they came and they brought the carcass of a dead animal improves upon the profits of the lot why instead of while he was instituted, and the profits also love him could even get up from his sister, because of this brought in courteous on him, and they were lying, and they were mocking him. So why don't you send him until his daughter came and lifted it from on him. And that profits in a matter of us, because no one will enter his Mecca as a conqueror. And all US adults either refuse to get a job. And also by doing that, when the victory of a law and the opinion

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comes to what I'm eating, that's it for that we needed that. And that's why you see people coming into a snap in droves in masses in waves, they're coming into a sound, but some people are stuck in the mechanical burner, government body habitus, somebody do something in a waterfall of you

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know how to develop software. So that was the guy who is the one without

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some of the last points for us to connect to a loss of federal diet. And being in Qatar is first asked a lot turned to a lot, and to show humility to a loss of power with adequate painting and the reason for that. And secondly, not to lose hope, no matter the hardships that we're in. And third, to be an opening of good for the people. And the one closing the doors of evil in the last hour. With that I will open the good for you. I want to read you all about one matter.

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Recently, the appeals District School Board, they instituted a new policy procedure that when it came in, it was meant to prevent the high school children in the public school system from

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from doing their drama, football, then they changed it and they said they can do the drama. But they have to be given six different clip beds. And they have to choose from those six different clippers throughout the year. So we went a couple of weeks ago, I know some of the people will prey on the show here. We went all together. And we stood there and we spoke about this issue. And Pamela they decided to pause that policy.

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And the policy also prevented Muslims from pray in any type of congregations even for the Lord any type of prayer in congregation that the individual will not be congregation. So me, let me put some pressure on them, they were able to pause this issue. And we're planning to go with inshallah, this Tuesday. There's another meeting in the Peel District School Board is right, two minutes from here. And so we're asking people to come and inshallah more students are going to be speaking and more we're bringing the lawyers as well to speak and to advocate on our behalf. But I want us to understand that these types of issues are popping up all around the country. And in the your

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District School Board in New York, there's another problem happening over there with this and a phobia and racism, and they're not even there in the school board itself is resisting any attempts of trying to deal with those issues completely. So these are problems that are systemic, systemic problems that are popping up everywhere. And I spoke to people in the school board interesting that this is a problem that's been happening for a while, that there's this this distrust of Muslims and distrust of Islam. And so we have to first of all, we have to stand up together, and realize what these problems are, and to be able to advocate for our own house, nobody's going to open a door for

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you, and allow them to open any doors for us unless we are the ones trained and asked them to love struggling for that seat. Secondly, we have to realize that you know, this useful boards is supposed to be a long time before we have any meaningful and meaningful headway students. And this is why it's extremely important for us to build our sense. Now keep seeing it over and over, we have to build these sentences. And that's why I'm waiting all of us to come to that dinner that we're having with Dennis and we'll be here you'll be speaking about the experiences of him defending your father. And there are a lot of benefits take from this speech. And I'm inviting every single one of you and

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I'm asking you all to buy tickets, and there are tickets available in the office. This is a very important and very important fundraising dinner because first of all you're supporting instead of school. And secondly, we have to understand how to build up institutions to defend and to help the children who are in the semi schools also helped us children that are not in the sense that we have to go to our institutions in order to do so invite all of you to attend that event. Have you done that in a lawful manner inclusive, do not intervene.


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