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A Short Talk About Alcohol And Drugs

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If you look at one of the things that, as Muslims, we are proud of

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Muslims do not drink intoxicants. Muslims do not do drugs. However, when Islam came to Arabia, the Arabs were among the nations that adored intoxications. They used to enjoy drinking wine. Not only that, they used to encourage one another to drink wine. And why is that? Because they used to think that drinking wine is a source of inspiration.

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They used to associate drinking wine to being generous. And that is why generosity in Arabic is a column

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and the tree of grapes is known as a column.

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So they used to think and believe that by drinking you become generous, by drinking, you become

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And this is how the Arabs used to be.

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When the Quran was revealed to our Prophet, Mohammed soleimani would have said them, it came to abolish

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drinking intoxicants.

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And this came over three stages. The first is the beginning, it stated that drinking

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has some benefits to it.

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But it has a great deal of sense and the disadvantages, the cons, far exceed the advantages and the pros. So it was forbidden. It was mentioned in an idea or in reverse when being associated with gambling. So there are benefits in wine.

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As Eliza tells us, however, there is a great deal of sins and disadvantages as well. And in Islam, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

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And due to the fact that the cons are far greater than the pros, Islam tells us that at the beginning, this is the case.

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The pros are far less than the cons.

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That was stage one. So some of the Muslims continued to drink. The second stage, when Allah azza wa jal told the believers that you should not pray, you should not offer your salaat the mandatory five prayers, you should not offer them in the state of intoxication. As if I was telling them that the only time you are able to drink is between a shot and friendship

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between night prayer and the break of dawn prayer, because the interval is quite long.

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Not that Allah is encouraging them to drink, but Allah is telling them that you may drink a little bit, but do not get into the state of intoxication when you pray, because then your prayer was would not be valid. And then, after the whole community was prepared for it, only a few men used to drink Still, the third stage was implemented when a lot of xojo told them that it is an abomination. It is something that is aboard and hated by a lot zildjian so refrain from it. And they immediately there is the companions, the Muslims immediately stopped drinking and never tasted it afterwards.

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Nowadays, look at

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people who drink

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or even look at those who do drugs. Why do they do these things?

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As far as drinking someone saying that they do it because of the taste. It tastes good.

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Some do it because it makes them

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It makes them outgoing. They meet people they get out of their shell and they find themselves encouraged to do things. If not intoxicated, will not be able to do it.

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Some do it

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because of the period

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and everyone around them is drinking. So they must do it, even just for a social drink,

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not necessarily to be intoxicated.

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Unfortunately, there are those who do it simply to get wasted.

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There are people who drink for the sake of being completely drunk and intoxicated.

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It takes them away from their problems and worries, it puts them in a state of mind, even if it's temporary, but they feel that they're able

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not to look into their lives as a saddened reality. Why do people do drugs, same thing, pressure,

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they want to blend in a lot of those who do drugs, do it, because if they don't, their friends will consider them to be unsophisticated.

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They would consider them to spoil parties, so they do drugs, to everyone consider them to be cool. If you look at the sad reality, you will find that people do drugs, you find people consuming toxicants because it is like a shrine, they turn to and they go to, to escape from their sad reality. They

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just want to escape their lives.

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And it gives them a window of opportunity, four to five or six hours for them to forget what they are living.

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donations, support their people to consume intoxicants or to do drugs.

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Alcohol was banned in the United States, I believe in the early 30s of the previous century,

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the 20th century,

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but it was banned only for two or three years, it was deemed illegal. So people turn into moonshining and manufacturing it illegally. In there were great fines, prison sentences, etc. But people continue to do it. So in two or three years time, they came back to the old regulations of allowing it to be served. drugs on the other hand,

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all nations fight it.

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Everyone is against it.

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Until recently, there are countries now that legalized the consumption of marijuana.

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And one knows what would happen in the future? Will there come a day when they would legalize cocaine or heroin or meth or crack or whatever? A lot? zildjian knows best. But if you ask anyone who does this? How many times

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have you suffered from your intoxication? They will give you 10s of embarrassing stories that happened to them in their lives. Some of them will even go further to tell you about the crimes they've committed while being in that wasted state. Why are you doing it then you will find women confessing of being raped while being in the case of or in the state of intoxication. You find men

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committing or committed a number of crimes that they are unable to rectify and that they regret until today.

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Men hitting on their sisters hitting on their mothers will be intoxicated.

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What is the cause of this? You are the one who is putting your brain on a plate and giving it to Satan. Don't look about the health issues.

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But if you ask the doctors, they will tell you that doing drugs and consuming alcohol is bad for your health. Then

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Islam gives you the solution to cleanse

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and purify your system, not only from Hello things as we do in Ramadan when we fast, and we do not eat or drink for a certain period of the day, but also from the how long and from the things that are harmful to you. Islam fights this type of addiction, because you have to have a grip on your own willpower. And you have to do all of this to please the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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And my advice to you is, isn't it time for you to listen to your heart and think and use your brains

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and quit? Whatever you're doing in regards of consuming intoxicants, or doing drugs. I pray to Allah Xhosa that you're successful in doing this. salaam aleikum wa warahmatullahi wabarakatuh