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whether want to study and will be here want to stop going want to study whenever we will be like God unforeseen I won't see it cicr Melina

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inami de la la la la la la la la la la la la la carrera y shadow Anna Mohammed Abu hora solo also la

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what could Watson mean

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Suman hokku been woodshop too long with z hydrometers eaten IBM machine will soon sunanda was he what he said it was

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Dean fusi kumaun FC, the

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trainer who made the law level massager was open the hatred I have tested all praises due to Allah alone in here we seek aid and assistance in family turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Trillium, Allah subhanaw taala guides, none to mislead and he Amala leaves to go stray there is none who can guide and then but when he said there's nothing worthy of worship say the law alone and then Mohamed Salah log where he was lm is both a servant and His Messenger.

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When we look into the book of Allah subhana wa tada we find that it is a lamp that enlightens the life of every man and every woman who studies this with his homeless parents, it raises the status of men and blesses our lives and our afterlife. And in this book that a loss of adults Allah has sent us is a great deal of wisdom and knowledge and understanding. So much so that the prophets of Allah when he was in them when he would speak to his companions, he would often stop and pause and recite verses from the Quran, reminding them of the beauty and the knowledge and the wisdom within it.

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Not the greatest wisdoms that have been relayed to us to the poor. And amongst the most powerful of them is the wisdom that is relayed by the man. How do you sell them to his son? Allah subhanaw taala says no grand will offer the man and Hickman indeed we gave Look, man, We bestowed upon him wisdom. And the scholars differ about the status of local men. And he said, whether he is a prophet from Allah subhanho wa Taala, or simply a righteous man, that is not a prophet. And despite this difference of opinion about what his status is, what is very clear is that he is a man of tremendous wisdom, so much so that allow us to kind of have to either record says words in the Quran, and there

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are many prophets that are not mentioned in the Quran, messengers even that are not mentioned in the Quran or the Sunnah. And he has Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the words of this man of Tibet it is and also catalysts, it begins by telling us that he has been given wisdom so that we pay attention to the words that matter it so that is about to say, and Allah says an operand as well. We'll move

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on to hi Ron, Kathy, Rob, whoever has been given wisdom has been given a tremendous amount of good. And so for this reason, the believer should strive to attain wisdom, unless penalty it tells you wisdom is a great treasure. It is powerful, we should be striving to be amongst those who are wise. And this concept of wisdom hikma is attained through seeking knowledge of a lesser penalty either through memorizing the poor and having a relationship to it through intensive thoughts and pondering and reflection, and through removing the person their self from the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. And we see this in the words of the amount of chef with the lights highlighting his words of

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poetry. He's at checkout to eat our kids who have the father Chateau de la Tolkien, my house, he will call at the end in a lot. You know, when we were lucky like DRC. He said, I complained to okiya, who was the teacher of a chef and he isn't I complaints him the most my lack of of memorization, my lack of knowledge and memorization. He said, so he guided me towards disobedience, abandoning the disobedience of a law. And he told me that the knowledge of a law is a light, and the lights of a law cannot be gifted to the one who is sinful. Even if you were to gain a lot of information and facts, that does not mean you have gained wisdom, and the length from the loss of

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handle to Adam and the light from a lush Hamlet's it will increase as you abandon sins, and you increase in your devotion, and you spend time and effort in thoughts and in reflection. And in pondering and through these means alone will give you something beyond those means beyond what those means can accomplish, which is what intuition, and perspective and wisdom and understanding. And so last panel, Tyler's is one of the ads he and I both met at Hitman in D weekend gave your command wisdom. And what is the first wisdom? What is the evidence of the first wisdom that comes from your men in these statements, and it should be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala the first wisdom or the

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mark of it is to be grateful to a lot. And it is therefore imperative for every believer, to show gratitude for every blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has given them or they have witnessed in their life. And this is the path of the prophets, when a lot of zildjian mentions profits in North Korea. And he mentions the gratitude to a lot of soldiers when he mentioned his use of armies.

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And he speaks about how he and his father and his grandfather abandoned idolatry and the worship of the idols. He recognizes that this is a blessing of religion. This didn't come from himself. He said that he can move forward and down. I don't even know why I didn't know what I can do unless he died when he says this is from the bounty of a law upon us and upon the people. But most people are not thankful when he mentioned is no I mean Sam, Allah had on dialysis in Canada credential guru, and D was a servant who was excessively grateful, deeply grateful to a lot of logen when he mentioned to him and he said he's a shy kid and didn't mean that he was grateful for the fevers of Allah subhana

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wa Tada. I went to LA So Jen mentioned Sunday night it is and all of the blessings and the gifts and the powers that our defenses today learn how to use those There are numerous a lot of soldier inventions what should a man says whenever that a man who sued a man or a woman, when God and hamdulillah in money for what Allah Allah can see them in the moment in the days that unless parents Allah says we gifted that wounds, when a man much of our blessings much of our knowledge and blessings and what did they say? They said it came to them that they said All praise belongs to Allah, the One who has given us virtue over many of the believers.

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When he mentioned so when he remembered his knowledge affect the water soldier when he saw the end speaking and he realized that he could understand them. He thanked the loss of piloti that when this comes to him, and she sees her throwing, having been delivered to sineva it is already What does he say? mahalo, don't be a lasagna and Ashkelon, aromatic and Lydian Anjali or IoT, they are a lot enable me to be grateful to the blessings that you have given upon me. And so, here we understand that a lot of religion has informed us that the heights of wisdom is this be grateful to Allah, we have given look man wisdom, and the first wisdom is to be grateful to Allah. If Allah has given you

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wealth, be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala if he has given you health, be grateful to Allah penalty. If he has given you to heat and saved you from ship, be grateful to all of us penalty that if he has hidden in your sins, be grateful to a loss of panel data, if he gives you the ability to worship Him and to obey Him and others have been prevented from doing so be grateful to a lot of panels either, if he has given you the ability to fast or to wake up or to pray, infection and 1000s of people have been denied this because of their sins or their weakness and faith, then be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala if you see your children upon good, if you see them honoring you are helping

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you're being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and others do not have this blessing, be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and how great were the righteous prophets and people in their devotion in their results and their knowledge of the loss of candle to Allah and Allah Subhana Allah mentions their gratitude whenever he can look for and and the scholars they see it. He never mentioned for fame and mercy to Zealand. And he, he they said that if you are in blessings than garden them, how do we garden our blessings? How do we protect them? He says, For indeed, the disobedience of a law erodes all of our blessings. So protect your blessings by avoiding the disobedience of a lost count with

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it. And so don't mad says initially law be grateful to a law woman check out what is the the who does it benefit to be grateful? Who benefits from our gratitude. And so he says woman woman, a man is surely enough say whoever is grateful to a lot. They are only indeed grateful for themselves. It is imperative for us to understand and to know, no matter how devoted we are to the loss of Pamela Jaya, we do not increase the kingdom of Canada's Island at all. We do not give a lot of power through our worship. Our God does not benefit anyone other than ourselves. Our gratitude does not benefit anyone other than ourselves. Our sins in our disobedience do not detract from a loss of

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habitat and do not harm anyone more than ourselves. And the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam says in the heavy footsie anti muslim, that Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, are you at the low end? What

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can we do to remain calm? That's all people, always servants. If the first of you in the last view of all of humanity,

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the beginning of the end of humanity, mankind and the jinn. All of them had the hearts of the most conscientious, the most righteous, the most devoted person, meaning of all of us have the hearts of the Prophet Mohammed Civil War, it was a mess. And then when you teach a lesson says this would not increase my kingdom at all. And if all of us had the most evil hearts of all of us have the hearts of at least unless Pamela's That is not possible. It doesn't decrease from my from my kingdom at all. And so this is for us to understand and to realize well as Schofield and I exclude the UFC. And it says at the end of that previous Howdy. Yeah, you got to

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see how that went. Through.

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from oc komiya. From the fire on for the ultimate in love.

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with ISIS, rather it is your deeds, the I will prepare for you. And if it is good than fair a lot. And if it is not good, then don't blame anyone other than yourselves. Well, my issue with international university whoever is grateful they are being grateful for their own selves for their own sakes. Woman cuts out a lot of money you would have needed and Allah says it whoever disobeys cover disbelieves. But disbelieves here actually means whoever is ungrateful, whoever is ungrateful, that Indeed Allah is money and he is having money it means he is

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free of all need a lost count, it does not have any need whatsoever. So unless Canada has no need for a lender, and he is having it He is worthy of our of our praise is Worthy of all praise. Whether we praise him or not. Allah has had means He is worthy of the praise. Whether you praise them or not, doesn't change the fact that lust comes out as worthy of praise. So Allah says and if you are ungrateful, it doesn't change anything. A law is without need for your worship.

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Last palletize worthy of praise, whether you praise him or not, and then a loss of hemodialysis with all the men we need, well, boy,

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unless penalty arises, and and remember when the command says to incite, walk away either, while he isn't punishing him. And notice that a loss of kindness, it informs us of the wisdom of man, before mentioning the advice of men to his son. Why, so that we recognize why it's important for us to study the words of men for his son, because they carry such tremendous wisdom. And he speaks to his son, even though he isn't monitoring him. And the most sincere advice that can ever be given is the advice of the parents for the child. There's no one in this world who wants other people to be better than them. Even if you're happy that someone your neighbor, your friend did something good.

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Even if you're happy for them. There's a small parts of you that wishes that whatever they accomplished was actually for you, or that you could accomplish it, even if it's that you accomplish it with them. Nobody has this sincerity of truly wanting someone to be better than them more than the parents wanting their child to be better than them. And so a lot of soldiers mentioning the advice of look man for his son, the advice of a wise man and other men to his son, which shows you how powerful this advice is, and he admonishes him, you have anything and unless parents I don't orders the Prophet, why don't you give them advice, give them an admonishment. We'll put it up in a

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minute and footsie in Poland by the VA and tell them and speak to them a far reaching word. And so part of our deal is to give admonishment to people to remind them, to inform them, to remind them of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they said, the prophet sola lower is used to empower us with admonishment, the Prophet would empower them with admonishment, and others. This is a couple of lessons. Number one, sometimes when people are giving a reminder trying to remind people of a large little job, they make the mistake of not empowering them. They only make them fear a loss because either they discourage them completely from

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worshipping a lot of soldier, they're so harsh with them, they discourage them from the worship of Allah. Yet the companions are saying that we felt empowered by the military that will last longer. So the Prophet inspired them to do work, as he admonished them. And the fault is also the person being admonished. Sometimes the moment we hear somebody trying to remind us of what is hell and how long I'm trying to remind us of what is good for what is bad, our heart hates it and runs away. And that is a disease in our heart, that the heart doesn't want to receive the admonishment. Sometimes even the slightest criticism, we feel it's too harsh. Why? Because we've disconnected ourselves from

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almost what's added so much. So the person giving the admonishments needs to have wisdom and how they give it to inspire good from the person and the person receiving the admonishment needs to put themselves in a place where they're capable of receiving that admonishment that they're not running away. at the first sight. Their father or their mother tries to give them advice, they run away from it, their heart is repelling it is rejecting it. It's like the IP it's like when you're trying to you know, implant something onto a human that is foreign and the body wants to reject it, the person is trying to give them an audition and they try to reject it. Rather we need to have the heart that

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wants to accept this admonish and that feels empowered and more connected to a less Catalans either and what is this admonishment of look man to his son? Yeah, when he does, you should be left in the ship of him, oh, my son do not do * with a lot. Do not associate in worship with a lot indeed shake, associating and worship with a lot is blue and leave it is a great form of oppression, a great form of injustice.

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The profits of a lot of our incentive system if you have my own life, identity, I use them a bit more in the lives his own life, do you know which sin is worse in the sense of Allah subhanaw taala. And why it says a lot is messenger know best. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and I didn't know.

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He said, it is that you make partners with the last panelist and Allah even though he alone is the one who created you. And so the greatest sins as we know and our religion is built upon the principle of worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And the prophet SAW a lot when he was an 1100s. It says, it's within me that you should learn from the cover of Allah or any gender woman, that whoever associates in worship with a lot of laws have been prohibited from a gentleman and his place will be the hellfire. And in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the *can, as a lien and deed should be associated in worship with the law is a great injustice. So Allah is making

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the parable between ship the example between ship and between voting, between associating and worship with the last parallel to it and between oppressing and injustice.

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Just like we understand it can conceptualize people's rights being abused people's rights being taken away. He explains to in some that ship is when the rights of a law have been taken away. Just as we understand physical volume, physical injustice, killing it, oppression, and false imprisonment and stealing of wealth and land and homes, we understand this, he wants his son to understand the shift is a spiritual void, a spiritual injustice and oppression, it is good against ourselves injustice against ourselves, using our minds, and our bodies and our souls for other than its actual purpose. And to dedicate it to other than its actual owner, its actual purpose being worshipped a

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lot of a loss of handling data, and its actual owner being Allah subhana wa Tada. And so it is a grave injustice that falls upon our souls when we associated worship for the last time. And that he says, we'll assume that inside of you, at the time, a little more wide than what you saw the movie I mean, he additionally when he while he, they can get again, we'll see him, as he says, and we enjoined upon mankind, their parents, Alon structed, mankind with good treatment for their parents. And metal was the catalyst Allah mentions the status of the mother, how medical, his mother carried him in weakness upon weakness, and we intend for two years, and to be grateful to me, and to your

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parents. And to me is your final destination. What's interesting, of course, about this verse is the beginning of the verse, and the end of the verse is logical, and is about taking care of the parents. And the middle phrase of the verse could technically be taken out in the versatile still makes sense. I made a total new weapon, and I love this part about the mother, taking care of her child from pregnancy to the early years, if it is removed from the verse, the verse still makes sense on its own, and the beginning of the verses about being good to the parents. And the end of the verse is about being good to the parents. But there's this middle phrase that talks about the

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mother carrying her child in pregnancy. And it's as if it was kind of added, saying, I am instructing you to be good to your parents. But I am telling you that your mother is most worthy of your goodness, is most worthy of your good treatment, because of loss of habitat and mentions, the status of the mother that she carried her child in pregnancy wasn't an earlier one in weakness upon weekends. Well, if you saw the movie, I mean, and she weaned him for two years, Allah mentions the struggle of the mothers. And it was mentioned that and then I'm going to go over the long run. And he said, in that the only reason I have a mother who is of old age, and when she needs to eat, I

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have to be the one to feed her. And when she needs to relieve herself, I need to be the one to clean her. And when she needs to move, I need to be the one to carry her. He said, so have I repaid my mother.

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He said, Have I ever paid back what she did to me when I was younger? And I want to close up? Bob said no. And the men said Why? And we'll do a lot more and said

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Kevin Costner with that he can pick where he is at seven. B clock, one to seven feet off the Ha. He said because she was doing the same thing for you when you were younger.

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Man is saying I everything my mother did for me when I was a baby I'm doing for her right now. Almost says yes. But she was doing it for you when you were younger. And she was hoping that you would live. And you're doing it for her in her old age. And you were hoping that she will eventually die. That's kind of law, like the wisdom of the law in this is that he's saying even if you were to do exactly what your mother did for you, even if you were to repay, acts for acts what she did for you, you could never do what she did with the same level of love that she had for you. You can never repay her with the same level of love. You know, even if she took care of you, she paid for you. So

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then you pay back the exact same she paid for you. Even if you copy a craft, you can't replace the love that the mother hat and as if the son learned from the Father and then came to Ottawa, even the son of a mother and he said to him I carried my mother from Florida, from Central Asia. I carried her on my back all the way to Mecca. And I performed all of the monastic I did my full often said, I mean everything was my mother carrying around my God. He said have I repeat her and the loved one and said Paula, what a ton of content, mental arts he had. He said No, you haven't repeated for a single contraction that she had when she gave birth to you. And in this verse, Allah subhana wa it

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says and this school Lee when he was at the at the end of acsp grateful to me and be grateful to your parents, and if not best for the long run. He says a loss of handle to Allah has tied his gratefulness with the gratefulness to our parents. He says from the show

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Color, lovely weather nice, really windy day. Let me it's a compliment. Whoever is grateful to Allah but not grateful to their parents who will not be accepted. Why? Because Allah subhana wa xyla in this verse has tied together, gratitude to Allah with gratitude to the parents, he says, so if you try to unconnect something Allah has connected, if you try to only be grateful to Allah, not be grateful to your parents, Allah will not accept that gratitude. He said, a lot tied them together. So you have to tie them together in your life, you have to be grateful to a lot also be grateful to your parents, because a lot of religion has commanded this. And then a lot emphasizes the rights of

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the parents even more when he says when that guy got into shape, I then to sugary malice, and that can be unfair that, you know,

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that wasn't handled dialysis, if they are struggling to their utmost ability, if they're doing jihad, if they are struggling for the purpose of what have you performing shift of view, associating and worship with a lot. Wait a minute, a verse earlier and was entitled to it tells you what in the ship could have not been shipped? Is the grave injustice, the great injustice is ship. And yet here unless it tells you if your parents are struggling to the utmost ability to make you do this grave injustice? What does that tell you to find out exactly what so I hit upon that, do not obey them, but still saw it don't matter, be their companion, be their friend, still be good to them, still

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spend time with them, still smile with them still be, you know, in their presence as often as you can still be beautiful to them, still obey them and take care of the needs that they have. obey them and other matters that are highlighted, if you you know, avoid the ones that are hanging on. Still, despite all of this allows you to do so when the men came to the profits, a lot more incentive to do so law, or you know,

00:26:54--> 00:27:34

unless you're well off, which are the people of the greatest rate, to my side, the same word used in this verse, who has the greatest rate for my companionship, my time, my effort, my gifts, my money, my all of this was the greatest rate for it. And the prophets on the wall where instead of says, Your mother, and the asks again, and the Prophet says your mother and your mother three times until the fourth, he says your father. Then the verses continue and look mad. And he says yeah, but even in that interpretive call, that's even harder than photography. So for watching of a semi wide open all the yet TV a lot. He says to his son, oh, my son, we're kids, by the way, listen to how he talks

00:27:34--> 00:27:39

to his son. He says, Yeah, yeah, when he is different than yet.

00:27:40--> 00:28:18

Both of them mean Oh, my son, but he actually has the connotation of love and affection. If we tried to raise our children without showing and displaying to them our love and attention, it will be infinitely more difficult for them to obey us and to listen to us. And some parents are so strict with their children, they don't want to show or display love and affection and hugging them and kissing them. And when they get older, or maybe when they're young they do when they get older, they stop completely. But that will make it so much more difficult to give them good advice. And so look at the just this change in wording shows you that command is showing affection to his son. Yeah,

00:28:18--> 00:28:40

when I asked my son, he says if it were a mustard seed, if your deed is as small as a mustard seed, if a mustard seed was sitting in front of you, you may not see it. He said, if it's that small, like a mustard seed, then you took the mustard seed and you put it he saw throw in a rock. Imagine walking down,

00:28:41--> 00:29:25

you know, Lake Shore, and you see all the rocks along the lake. And I told you one of these rocks, one of these rocks has a seed inside of it, can you tell which one it is, even if the seed was on top of it, you may not be able to see it, let alone if the seed is inside the rock. So he says if you have this seed and it's put inside of the rock, and then the rock photography software's in our system, our word for it is thrown up into the heavens, suspended in space. Imagine I told you go and space and find me a seed. All the asteroids and rocks that are suspended in space and I tell you go find me and see it's impossible to find out find out or it is dug deep in the earth. Imagine I tell

00:29:25--> 00:29:39

you go find me a rock within the walk. There's a seed and it's planted somewhere in the earth. How many rocks are you going to find when you dig in the ground? And even open each single rock to try to find the seed? It's impossible. It's worse than a needle in the haystack.

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

What's the point of all of this? You saying if you're if your sin is that small, and you were able to hide it from all of the people so much so that you're able to hide it like a seed inside of Iraq inside of the earth. yet to be helot Allah will still bring it out on the Day of Judgment alone will still bring it home.

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One of the problems when we try to discipline our kids is that we become the source of authority entirely. So the child sees you as the source of authority. So when you are around, they are a certain person. And when you are gone, they're a completely different person. And the problem is that you didn't teach your child to have authority or to feel authority with relation to a loss of Hamlet's Island.

00:30:28--> 00:30:33

And that's a powerful lesson that parents have to be able to teach their children and to try to teach them from when they're young.

00:30:35--> 00:31:15

That's why one of the setups he brought his children, he gave each of them a bird. And he said to them, Go slaughter your bird, he threw like a rock, in a place where no one will see you. So each of the children went off to find a hiding place, so they can slaughter the bird except one of them. And the fathers into the sunlight into spotted the bird. And he said, because there's nowhere I can go, except that a lot can see me. And that was the lesson he wanted to teach his children. That's the last panel to add, I can see what he's trying to ingrain in this lesson into his children from a young age so that they understand even if you hide it from everyone, Allah panels Allah knows, and

00:31:15--> 00:31:32

it was apparent that I will bring it up. And this is what's interesting about diversity has yet to be en la la will bring it and then know that Allah is multi from Colombia, you know, why don't you from Colombia. And you mentioned these two names of Abbas and Hamilton Island Latif and Javier Latif, is that a lie soldier is subtle.

00:31:33--> 00:32:12

And this is the reality How many times have people done a sin, and they think that they have made sure nobody can know about it, they stole money, and they make sure nobody can do about it, they hide all of their tracks, they don't all of their eyes, and they cross all of their teams, and from something that they would have never in a million years even thought about, from some weird reason. You know, years later, a little piece of information, a scrap of paper survives, somebody finds out some, you know, piece of information from some strange way. And that sin all unravels and people find out about it, because it was not thief. A thief means is subtle, in very subtle ways. The sin

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you think you hit a low, bring it out. And if he doesn't bring it out in this world, you'll bring it out in the next world. So he's a thief, and he is hadiya. He is knowledgeable. And by the way, this verse, you know, is a warning to people commit sins, but it's also a hope for people who do good deeds, how many times do we do good deeds, and nobody knows about it. And maybe you sacrificed a lot to help you know, the Muslim Ummah, and nobody knows about it. Or if they know about it, they don't understand your motive or the situation you are in. So they judge you. And they even say evil things about you. And they have the worst assumptions about you. And you say, I did good deeds, and these

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people are thinking the worst about me.

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So then you should know that a virus surgeon will bring it.

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And unless Hamilton Island is a thief, he has such a he will reward you from ways you don't even expect that reward will come to you. And he has hobbies and he has knowledge of what you do even if none of mankind knows of what you have done.

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And then he says, You have many options for what will be 101 Cup was a subject, he says Oh, my son, again, optimist, establish your snap, prey, your silhouette. And your sled out the word sled out comes from the word sit out, which is the link between the chain it is a chain, it's a chain between you and almost a link between you and a lot so much I often saw that you need to establish your own personal connection between you and between all of us kind of tie into what would have been not all of it is not sufficient for you only to worship a lot alone. You establish your data and you ignore the rest of the society. Rather the Muslim has to give that one has to enjoin good and forbid evil,

00:33:54--> 00:34:32

what would have been better off what happened in new car, enjoying what is good for good, what is evil. And if you were to do all of this, if you are to give that away, if you are to establish your connection with a lot and give that or what enjoy what is good forbid what is evil, what is the next necessary consequence that things will happen to you. People will struggle against you people will fight you people will oppose you. So what is the man say to his son next? What Spirit had announced, be patient over what will afflict you? You are going to be tested. People are going to attack you people are going to defame you people are going to do whatever they can to turn against you. And so

00:34:32--> 00:34:45

you need to be patient for the sake of a loss. Pattaya was with mount Slovic in Nevada Miller has been promoted. These are the affairs of greats determination these are the affairs worthy of our determination in our struggle.

00:34:46--> 00:34:50

The whole family had all this stuff from it welcome stuff, in order for

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

this to be loud handed love simple cinema.

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

will allow you to either and he will be on whether

00:35:04--> 00:35:24

the remaining versus mentally insolent pieces of advice he gives the sign has to do with our conduct our ends up how we treat people, even if you have the proper theology, even if you have the proper understanding of a loss of control to either, and you come to give that away to people to tell people about a loss of capital to Allah, it will not work.

00:35:25--> 00:35:27

It will not work. If

00:35:30--> 00:36:09

you don't have good edit, if you don't know how to treat people, well, that's a sweltering hot decade in next, he says do not, you know turn your cheek against the person. And the meaning here is that you are being sarcastic with them. You're being arrogant with them. When that said she could only modify and don't walk along the earth with arrogance strutting along the earth, don't place yourself above other people. And sometimes when people do good and are trying to encourage others to do good, they end up thinking of themselves. I'm better than everyone else. And the profits in the long run even said I mentioned to us that had been a story that occurs from being strong enough to

00:36:09--> 00:36:33

men. He says there are two men from ministry. One of them is very observant, worships the last kind of Island and the other one commit sins. And the one who is observant and worships allies develops, he tells the one who is sitting, why are you sitting? So he keeps telling me why are you sitting and telling him and the one who was sitting telson down you don't believe me with my Lord. But he keeps reminding him

00:36:34--> 00:37:08

and he keeps sinning. Until one day the one who is reminding becomes a little bit arrogant. He becomes too arrogant In fact, and he tells the one who is sitting law, your federal law will you allow will never forgive you. Because of what you've done alone will never forgive you. The province of the wallet reasoning says on the Day of Judgment, Allah will resurrect these two men. And Allah will say to the one who is observant, the one who prayed all of his prayers, the one who donated the one who was worshiping, he will turn to about men. And you will say to him,

00:37:09--> 00:37:22

What gave you the authority to speak adults me? What gave you the knowledge to say well I'm going to do and what gave me the authority to limits my abilities to say that I'm not capable of forgiving this man.

00:37:24--> 00:38:03

And because of this a lot, so that will punish that path. And then a local church and the one who sinned and a lost battle, forgive him and enter him into gentlemen. And this is a reminder to people who are giving doubts and others. Yes, when people are committing sins, you should tell them not to commit those sins to remind them of a lie. But not to become arrogant one attempts you can only want to help don't walk this earth struggling with arrogance thinking just because you memorize some poor ad or you've done some good deeds that you're better than everyone else. This is not the way of the believer. And then he says, what should female sheep rather walk with? moderation, walk with some

00:38:03--> 00:38:34

humility, while avoiding insulting and lower your voice. In non kurama, Swati assaulted me and rather, the most heinous of the voices are the voices of the donkeys. And we argue with people in a way that becomes ego filled. And we're just arguing because we want to prove that we're right. And no longer does it become centered around encouraging people to worship Allah subhanaw taala we become like the donkeys braying against each other. Now he's the prophets I said that when he is with a walker, and the man comes cursing them,

00:38:36--> 00:38:48

and the Prophet read silence, and Rebekah cats, you know, see that person person in the process of it's a lot when they set themselves up and responds harshly to the man who's cursing the Prophet. The Prophet gets up and walks away.

00:38:50--> 00:39:34

And goes after the Prophet says, so why are you upset with me? And the Prophet so long? Wherever you send them says, No, but when we were silent, Allah sent an angel to respond to the men. And when you responded, the angel left and he upon came in his place, that when I move up and answered perhaps his answer entered into some, some level of arrogance, some level of ego, the angel left and shavon Kim and this is a lesson for us not to be arguing in the way that animals argue, to bring the shale team rather only to argue in a way and to speak in a way that brings people towards wisdom and towards the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So these are the great lessons of those men that we

00:39:34--> 00:39:40

can implement with our children, with our families and within ourselves and the way that we interact with society. We are so blessed

00:39:42--> 00:40:00

to make us of those who have attained the wisdom of a loss of power to Island and again, I encourage all of you at home inshallah to pray for a cause, look with the intention of slaughter thought, and I asked all of you inshallah, to please donate to the masjid to keep us running during these difficult months in the long run. It was

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

Dona Maria Lydian Han Solo le joseline Steena alongside us in mid season I wouldn't be in our Have you been an alumnus of the island Mohammed in medical otaku and abroad also they are your bare metal or metal workers from afar. So, they are they are better so that's

00:40:19--> 00:40:23

why he was hiding it and why I mean why

00:40:25--> 00:40:26

him a woman as

00:40:30--> 00:40:32

well as the data what

00:40:33--> 00:40:34


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will determine how are you doing you know what after he left he also left he left later was

00:40:43--> 00:40:44

Moroccan in a long

00:40:45--> 00:40:47

while before taking any medicine How

00:40:48--> 00:40:59

long have you been a man was a university Rubina what can we control for so for Lucien which I didn't know Russia been in the lion setting we tried to put about 100 fashion