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The title of Islam's name refers to the guide who guides others, and guidance is given through natural instincts. The discussion on the church's supposed miracle and the importance of evidence is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of guidance and affirmations in one's life, rather than just a set of rules. The guidance is a combination of science and faith, rather than just a set of rules.

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Oh wherever you're sending them his both his servant and His Messenger Allah subhana wa to Allah says in the Quran

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when the law had the levina enough Seraphim will stop him, that Indeed Allah shall guide those who believe to the straight path. Allah subhanaw taala also says in another verse in the Quran, what can you rob Becca had the, that's sufficient, enough is your Lord as a guide?

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah names himself gives themselves different names will allow Hilah smell whose natural law belongs the Most Beautiful Names. Through these names, we can understand our Lord in our Creator Subhana what's Island, and today we will focus and learn the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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One who guides the one who is the guide.

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One for Darwin said to Moosa Allah femoral buku, Maya Moosa, he said, Oh Musa, who is your more than Musa said, called Arambula? Lady, our population in Hong Kong for madda. He said, Our Lord is the one who gave each thing its form, ie Allah is the one who created everything brought everything into existence. From then he guided it's so he described the loss of hand without it to fit with two characteristics that he mentioned here. One has creative power. And the second is his power as the one who guides and so what does it mean that Allah subhanho data is the guide? What is a guide mean? A Guide means the one who shows you the way,

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one that will be called the long line in our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, were both performing the hedra. And there was a bounty on the head of the Prophet, what I was offering a great deal of money. If someone captured or killed, the prophet SAW Allah, whoever you send them, and I will work and the promise, I send them on this journey. He comes across a men whom he dealt with whom he had business with. So this man knows.

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And he sees a mailbox so they stop and they talk to each other. And the man asked somebody, who is this man who is with you? Now I'm probably alone. It doesn't want to tell him. This is the Messenger of Allah. Why? Because he's afraid this man has heard that there's a bounty, and that when he realizes that this is the Messenger of Allah, he might try to kill him or capture him. So he does not want to tell him who this person is. At the same time, he doesn't want to lie. So what does he say? He says in no heavy Yeah, the the party. He says this man is a guide, guiding me along the path. So the man thinks the prophet SAW Selim is guiding him telling him You have to turn right turn

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left. This is the way to get to Medina. But Abu Bakar means that of course metaphorically, the promise guides me to learn my religion to connect to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But this is the meaning of a guide. A Guide is the one who shows you the

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way, right? Which shows you which way to go. If you go to a museum, you have a guy who shows you where you go around the museum, what is what and explains to you what things are, what Allah Subhana Allah calls himself and had the the guider are the one who guides, there's four different meanings related to this. The first is what they call

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the general type of guidance, the type of guidance that Allah subhanaw taala gives everyone and everything, whether you're Muslim, or you're not Muslim, even if you're a human or you're not human, if you're an animal, Allah subhanaw taala has guided you, and think about this really reflect over this, who has given the animals, animals that might have a very low level of intellect, how did almost kind of either give them the natural instincts and understanding to act in ways that benefit them, who guided birds to feed their newborn children, who guided the newborns of every species, human to animal, but these newborns as soon as they're born, they just have been born and been

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birthed. They come out of their mothers, or the egg hatches. And instinctively, they know where to go to get food. Instinctively, these animals are looking for their mother's breast. How does the baby know this? Here's Powell mother showing that the human baby instinctively starts to tap the mother's breast in a way that encourages the flow of milk. How does it know this it was just born a few seconds ago or even less, no one taught them where to go or what to do. So one guide is all of these animals towards what will benefit them. What has guided the birds in Canada, the birds that are here in our city to fly 10,000 kilometers to the South

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10s of 1000s of kilometers to the south, and Africa. The birds will fly 20,000 kilometers to the north, and they don't get lost. And they have no maps. And they have no GPS, but they know where to go. And they know where to return. How do they instinctively know what's in their benefit? Who has guided all of these animals with their natural instinct to work towards their benefit? And was guided us to communicate through speech to learn different languages?

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You know, concept of language by the way, you can't justify through any other means of science. How do we have language how guided us to understand communication through speech, who guided the bees to build these really intricate homes with precision of engineering, that the cells of the honeycomb are all identical, who guided them to produce wax to cover the honey and protect it and preserve it? who guided the animals that are carnivorous, that eat other animals to not eat their own children? who guided animals to sometimes show mercy to each other, if everything is about a competition.

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You know, natural selection right animals sometimes show mercy to each other, who guided it to have mercy to each other. I love the owl propolis a in Calico.

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Allah is the one who gave each thing its form. And then he guided him and ask yourself who guided you to or will benefit you in your life and your work. Allah Subhana Allah guides everyone, every creature towards its natural instinct towards its own benefit. This is the general meaning of Allah subhanaw taala being unhappy. And if you reflect over the nature and over the creation, you see more and more about how this is a reality. The second type of he dies he dances ban

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that Allah subhanaw taala shows us the truth. He reveals to us the truth the truth becomes apparent to us.

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almost pounds it says we'll call the willows Denali is from the rugby pool in the water quality run Allah USA is a conductor only Allah. Allah says in the verse in the Quran, but they say meaning the disbelievers are saying, Lola Lucena Allah He If only there was a sign that came down, if only there was a miracle, of course, unless pandadoc gave a profit. many miracles have been taenia Records over 1000 miracles that are profits on the low end sent and received. But as it is they kept demanding an error, a miracle. So they said Why isn't there a miracle coming to us from from our Lord. Allah heard that responses and says Paul in the law call.

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Indeed, Allah is capable of sending a sign. Allah is capable of sending a miracle. What I cannot remember most of these people don't understand. me even if there was a miracle given to them, they're not going to know and understand and realize what was given to them. Then Allah says in the next verse, woman dead button fill out only one hour for eating you.

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Hopefully it will be generic IE Illa.

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Allah says there is no creature on earth. And no bird that flies with the tweens, except that they're in communities like yours.

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Look at how the animals have families, animals have tribes, animals have social structure, look at how I must count out arrange even the animals to have owners, communities, like we as human beings have communities. Why is Elon mentioning this loss of habitat is saying look all around you is the sign that I am the one who guides the I guide these animals to even have this miraculous ability to have social structure. I guided all of these animals to have this the animals on earth and even the birds in the sky. But you don't understand.

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You don't understand. Because the kofod were rejecting everything that came to them. They were not people receptive to see the signs of Allah subhanho data, so they just kept rejecting them. So Allah subhanaw taala saying, look, I have guided all these animals, and I gave you all these signs. The issue is not whether God will give you a miracle or sign. The issue is whether you are capable of receiving that sign and that miracle. And I've been saying me

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beautiful statement is okay for your club, the real ol admin who was very vocally say, he said, How can we ask for evidence, I was the one who is the eminence of all things. The fact that there is we exist is an evidence on the last panel to Allah, the fact that things are the way that they are, and not different than the way that they are His Eminence of Allah Subhana was Allah, how can you ask for evidence of a law when everything's in evidence of a law, the way the animals are, the way we are, the way we are guided the way the animals are guided the way things are created, the precision of our creation, all of these things are evidences of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And by the way, there was an interesting maybe I mentioned this before, but it was an interesting debate once between a theist, someone who believes in God and an atheist, who doesn't believe in God. And they're having this debate. And the theist asked a very good question. He asked the atheist, what evidence would you need to believe in God? We can give you all these different evidences, but what level of evidence Are you demanding for you to believe in God? So the atheist thinks about it for a minute.

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He says, You know what, if there's a miracle, I'll believe in God, you know, if I see a miracle if I see, you know, the see splits into like, the miracle lust of Allah gave Moosa if I see a miracle like this, then I'll believe.

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And then the atheist thought about it for another minute. They said, actually, you know, what? If I didn't see a miracle, I would think I was hallucinating.

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If I saw a miracle, I would just say I was hallucinating.

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So even he's admitting, by his own admission, even if he did see a miracle, even if he didn't see the moon splits, or he did see the sea split in half, he would still not believe.

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And what's interesting is the last like I saw this debate, and I immediately thought of a verse in the Quran, because Quraysh also is demanding a miracle, right? Allah Subhana Allah says, When I lay in bed, the Minister you follow Louis, our rule of law says if we opened a gate in the heavens, for my movie, I will do and they started to ascend up towards the minute someone starts levitating in the air, and they start going all the way up to the heavens, and they see everything that happens. They see this other dimension outside of this world, they go they see all of it. What is the less to say about them? Now follow in the muscle cannot absorb when they will say, our vision has become

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intoxicated. We were drunk, but not no calmness, herbal rather, we were people hallucinating, we were people magic had been done to us. That's the reality, right? But Allah subhanaw taala guides us to the science, Allah, that it shows us the science. He shows us the miracles every day. The question is whether or not we're willing to accept it. Some people are willing to reject that even if I want to come up to the admins will still reject. Even if they saw the sea split, they would still reject. And some people are receptive. They go outside, they look at the sun, they look at the moon, they say this is enough evidence for me that Allah subhanaw taala exists and created.

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Who's receptive? I must prove that this is what I met the moon for how they you know, as for the more that people are familiar, we guided them first to have moulana Island Buddha, but they prefer to be blind over guidance. Allah says that guided them What does it mean that Allah guided them here? You show them the truth. He showed them signs he showed them evidences for

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To Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, they chose to be misguided rather than to be guided. And the second meaning here, one of the secondary meanings here, Allah subhanaw taala has given us a fifth round, a loss code that has given us a natural inclination, think of like the factory default settings on a device that you get, unless pandadoc created us with a factory default default setting. And that setting is an innate belief, of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala, that there's a God and he's one that and they believe is in each and every one of us. Where do we have this? Allah apparently, I'll explain this in the verse in the Quran, without further ado coming.

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When you add them in before him, though yet how much Normally I'm using him as to be on the compound obey Allah. Allah, Allah says, essentially, he's telling us remember when or when you're mentioned, when your board took from the loins of Adam,

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the children of Adam, Allah Subhana, Allah is referring to something, a belief that we have a lot took the offspring of Adam out of his son and our father. So every human being in some form, Allah subhanho data extracted them from Adam, and then almost a penalty, it spoke to us, to me and to you, each and every one of us, he asked us a question, unless to be wrong, Am I not your Lord? And every single one of us responded to Allah. And we said, benatia hidden? Yes, we have witnessed this loss, pro dialysis into hold, we all melt the enmity in the Quran and had an akuna another opinion, Allah, Allah says less not any of you say on the Day of Judgment, we were unaware of this. So because this

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happened now, obviously, we don't have any memory of I hope nobody has a memory of them. Pre mortal states where this happened, we don't have any memory of this happening. But the effect of it

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the effectively is within us, that we did deep, deep deep within us. We know that there's one God, we know deep within us that there's one God,

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Allah Subhana, Allah took this testimony from us.

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And after he took this testimony, Subhana Allah, then he tested us in this world, the prophets of Allah, Who have you sort of mentioned that how do you become a Muslim? He says, On the day of judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will say to the disbeliever, if I if you had all of this world, all of its gold, all of its silver, if you had everything in this world,

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would you rent summit? from the punishment of the Day of Judgment? I was gonna ask the disbeliever on the Day of Judgment, if I gave you all of this world, you own every castle, you own every river, you own every see you will, every country and every gold and silver and everything in it, would you attempt to do he will use ransom this? Will you pay all of it to get out of the punishment of the Hellfire? And the disbeliever? will say yes. And Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will say to him, but I asked you for even less than this. When I told you when I when I took you from the loins of your father, Adam, and I said to you, Am I not your Lord, and to worship Me alone, but you rejected?

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Okay, so this concept that this happened is something in our religion. This was something that happened because of this deep within us from before we were even born. Allah subhanaw taala guided us from before we were born, Allah, how about implanted in each and every one of us as seed deep within your soul that knows that this is the truth, that there is one God and Subhanallah we see that mankind constantly comes back to this. Every time atheism is enforced on people. We have the Soviet Union and they ban the churches and they banned them the sajit. And people in the Soviet Union, some of the Muslims then they used to have, you go into their house, there'll be a wall, some

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people told me the story. They go into their house, there's a wall of alcohol bottles.

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But then they push open the wall and there's a door to the basement. In the basement. They had a masala and they would teach their kids Islam. But if the police showed up to their house, it looks like they have alcohol bottles, and they're not religious nothing. They had to hide their s&m like this. Right? They tried to force people to come atheist What happened? The Soviet Union fell and people became more religious than they were even before. There's a drive to go back to your religion is a drive to get back to the belief in the last panel that innately within us. Right? There's a study on children in Japan. Now in Japan, 60% of the population majority is atheist that mostly an

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atheist country, these children, their parents are atheist. Their society is atheist. They did this study, they go to these children, young children, nobody taught them anything about God or religion or anything. They ask them. How do you exist who brought the world they did this study with these kids? All of them describe one god

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Imagine that and there's that you can google this, there's articles on the studies about this. Why? Because of a fitrah deep within us almost place the seed within us that we know even if you never heard the Quran, even if you never connected to Islam whatsoever, there's something inside you at least to know this very basic fact, there's one guy, he created you, he deserves your praise, just that amount. Allah put that in us. That's the fifth level, right? And so it was how that instinctively guided us. There was an instinct within us. You know, part of that instinct is knowing even knowing what good and evil is no concept of objective morality, unless counter Allah says in

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the Quran, when I've seen one, so why

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would you run out with Allah swears by the soul and the one who apportion the soul? Then he says,

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he's the one who inspired the soul food. Wow, it's evil, and it's good. What does it mean? That ally inspired our soul when it's evil, and it's good.

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It means that Allah inspired our soul to understand what's good and what's evil.

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When you do something evil, you feel guilty. When you do something wrong. When you lie, you start to sweat. Allah placed inside you this instinct of good and evil, he guided you to have these instincts of good and evil men he sent you from a chair from the opening woman show up to the airport, whoever wants believe whoever chooses disbelief when you put that guidance inside you, you know, when you're driving a car, and something's wrong with the car, what happens is a car light starts flashing, red light starts flashing tells you Hey, there's a problem with your engine. A lot created you would that type of flashing, that type of car light comes on what happens, you're doing something wrong,

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you start to sweat, your stomach gets knotted up, you feel bad about what you're doing. And if you do something good, you feel happy. You feel contented you feel relaxed. never see that unless the eyes and guided you. Allah has been guiding you since before you're even born.

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The third type of guidance and I'll go through three and four is pretty similar. So kind of put them together, that there's one type of guidance a lot shows you what's the truth, right? He shows you the science, the other type of guidance unless God guides you to actually do what's good. Like you can know something is good, but it's different than doing it. I know that eating healthy is good. I know that exercising everyday is good for me. But just because I know that doesn't mean I actually did that. Right?

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actually being guided to do it

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is the next step of the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the type of guidance that we all need and the type of guidance why we have to keep asking Allah, Allah to guide us. The reason why every prayer that you pray, you're reciting sort of In fact, you have it every single Raka What are you asking Allah to Allah for? You're asking for his guidance. Right? We're asking for Eliza to guide us. We idemia without stopping Allah guides whom He rose to the straight path. Allah tells the prophet in the color daddy manner, you cannot guide whom you will see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam can do the first type of guidance, right the province that is Adam can guide us can show us the

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truth. But he can't do the second type of guidance he can't guide us to actually do

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and follow Islam. Right. In the cadets at the minute. You can't guide whom you will well I can rely on the minutiae, but Allah guides whom He wills and so this is this is the thing that we have to be asking the last panel to Allah for Yeah, Daddy combined 11 had a two plus the dounia de como Allah says, How do you could see all my servants, all of you are lost, except the ones who may have guided. So ask him my guidance, and I shall guide you.

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And someone might ask, why does the last pound to Allah guide one person and not the other? Why does Allah guide one person and not the other, and the guides one person and not the other because when you're thankful to Allah, Allah increases you. When you take steps to Allah, Allah gets even closer to you. When you're truthful to Allah, to Allah, Allah becomes truthful to Allah give us this guidance. It's a gift from Allah Subhana Allah He gives it to whom He wills, but he gives it to those who take striving efforts towards a less paradise Allah that Allah gets closer and closer to them to uphold the quality of the list of all the documents in order for him.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he, he was so happy woman while up

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it's important for us to note

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that in the Quran,

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you're cleaning up law, certainty in the law. Amen in the law, faith in a lot. These things are verbs. When they're mentioned in verses of the Quran they are mentioned as verbs

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Not now.

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And so when you have sincerity, when you choose to be certain, when you choose to have Amen, a lot increases your amen and guides you to even more certainty.

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Our faith is a choice right for men chef and woman whoever chooses not to believe what he chooses let them disbelief. Allah Subhana Allah says in Alina and

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indeed those who believe in do good deeds. Yeah de mabuni Imani him, Allah guides them because of their Ian.

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Think about that verse again for a second. Those who believe in do good deeds. Allah guides them because of their Amen. So because they believed they chose to believe they chose to do good deeds, what's the gift from Allah, He guides them to even greater belief. He guides them to even firmer belief. When you take the choice and you get closer to Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala guide you with even more? Well chorleywood hamdulillah he led he had no he had a knack daddy Lola and had an Allah. Allah says when people enter Paradise, what's the draw that they say? He said, hamdulillah All praise belongs to Allah, the One who guided us to this and we would not have been

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guided had he not guided us to it. And so doubt, check and certainty in our choices that people make. Two people can have the same intelligence, the same information, the same IQ level, one of them chooses amen and the other one doesn't. Because the choice that we make, but when you take that choice, Allah subhanaw taala guide you to more Amen, or guide you further away.

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guide you further away. Actually, you know what I'm always wide open like hello Yamato. Muldoon, ilaha

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illa, Saracen, jakeem Allah says take those who have committed evil in their crime and guide them towards the Hellfire less does this look like guided towards Hellfire? Why is he guided towards the Hellfire because they chose evil and they kept choosing evil. So Allah Subhana Allah guided them towards that. What Allah says in the Quran, he pleases a seal on people's hearts. And in that setting the seal cut them along where I left Peruvian, Allah sealed their hearts. The disbelievers who sealed their hearts from Ian best commented on this on this verse, He said it's like the closing of a fist. What did he mean by that? He said, the person chooses kofler and they choose and they

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choose corporate and they just cover over and over and over. They chose to disbelieve until it became a fist. Now they can't choose the man anymore. Allah steal their hearts. Understand. So what we choose is up to us. As you choose the man Allah gives you more email. And as you choose confidence check, unless paired to either ultimately might seal your hearts if you keep we keep to the lowest penalty Allah and every prayer every day to guide us to guide us to the truth and to keep us steadfast upon it. And he is the one who's capable of doing that. And Allah will study Imam Mohammed in medical lacunae and abroad also the idea of the Robin method or Miss

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Robin Asato salamander you mean he lay on the dean while he was having been appointed in Omaha to mean Alina? Allah has solid Aloma

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female formula for a while I haven't been in LA or watch them. What are they in an elevator? While Mr. de Manila Shatta Wale la feta well I heard it I mean how did you do last year I hear the Kareena wanna feel Salah in La kalita was so taboo I mean, Aloma as it is and I'm assuming where Ali before the company with a healthy routine alone having been in an email was a new type of quarterback when had Pashto and mockery Welcome to COVID Allah the Quran was called by Coco mosquito and me is it what are the kobayakawa lovely Adam that's the one of the lockups.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, what