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The video discusses the transfer of energy from posture to rest, and how to activate the hamstring, buttocks, and ankles. The segment also includes a brief advertisement for a physical therapy session.

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I said I'm white Aiko, and welcome to pronounciation of prayer. In our fifth video we've moved from the first salutation to our Lord Allah you are greater. We entered with the Sunnah Suba Chanukah, ALLAH SubhanA tel law Houma will be handicapped. What about aka smoker? What Allah Jaya Dukkha wala Illa have Leo. We then said bus Mala Bismillah hir rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Manuel Joaquim. Maliki yo meet the iya Konar boudoir kind of starting in Rockland was stalking

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and hiding mode to be early him one or more been Bismillah r Rahmani Raheem equal who Allahu Ahad GuLing who will war who had a war who slumbered lamea neither one of you leather wollam Yeah cool level go for one ahead, relax deep breath body weight shift

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reaching with my sternum reached a desired place I'm not making my thicker before.

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I'm here.

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Wherever you choose, you follow your school of thought your difference of opinion Suba Honnold will be allowed clean, flat back concave the my lumbar spine. If you notice, you can put your finger in here you can put your finger inside water would gather tight abdomen, subhanAllah won't be in our limbs.

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Now from here,

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not locked out. I unfold.

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Semi I law halimun Hamida, watch the transfer, watch the transfer knees over toes, whether your hands or feet, knees touch first, that is your school of thought. But are you able to reach out fully with the very end. Now this is your choice, you can go hands first. I have no problem. I'm going to go knees transfer, transfer of the weight the hinges at the knee and open up the posture. And now I want you to go over the shoulder right? We'll just plop down here about hon Allah Subhana Allah Allah.

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My toes are grounded, fully engaged fifth toe, it probably hasn't touched the floor before transferring up a aligned me if you want your knees closer together, it's fine. Open up the hip. Transfer the weight. My hands come basically a little hoarse back for a kid. transfer my weight a lot of us put it into your fingertips. Now I want you to reach I want you to reach Have you reached tip of my forehead and my nose Suba Hana what began on Suba Hana what bn are now some people might have their hands flailed out further. That's a difference of opinion to see the whites of the under joint, some may have it closer, but don't don't do it. I don't know don't tighten it up. Space,

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bring your head over Subhanallah be Allah Subhana Allah be and Allah tightness of the gut. And if you can see from the external

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head is here. Heart is here. And there is a transfer of energy. I am in this I'm it's not just a plop and I'm backside heavy. I'm not grounding on the backside one last time. toes, knees, energy shift transfer. I come over here. Tip forehead, tip nose. sube ohana, Rob bn ALLAH SubhanA rugby and Allah, if you can hear me properly, Oh Allah, you are the most high. And here I am. In the most. Putting my head to the lowest level

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Subhanallah Rob bn Allah, Allahu Akbar, energy shift, energy shift. Don't throw your legs out sideways, please. I am going to sit completely opening up the left joint of my ankle.

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Right hip a little bit tighter. All five toes engaged. That baby toe is engaged as well. Pressing through, I'm pressing through and it's mine isn't perfect. It's not lined up. It is not aligned, but we're gonna work on it and you're gonna feel that pressure opening up after a short while and as the pressure opens up, you're you'll leave

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and find alignment but hear

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such that one you may praise your Lord and seek his forgiveness. Allahu mo fill water hum, transfer back. So I went in deeper I'm sitting through this hip, it feels tight, toe is tight and arch of the foot through the knee joint. You can feel that twist. When I'm trying to track the knee, transfer the weight

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to the front, now that left foot that I was sitting on, I unpop it alright and turn it into a pancake and transfer the weight over. Are you do you plop?

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Or do you transfer your weight over it activates your arm immediately right? You're like wait a minute, it's so different. I'm reaching with my head Subhanallah rugby and ALLAH SubhanA rugby and ALLAH SubhanA rugby and ALLAH SubhanA Rabi and Allah will be Hamdi Subhan. Allah Bian, Allah will be Hamdi, push, lift, come over the joint. And now here I'm going to sit if it was a second rocker, but let's just come out of here, such that in the first record, push up, you got to transfer over, letting the earth go away.

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Letting the earth go away, so my knee, that's going to take time to develop. Thank goodness, we get to do it 17 times a day. Thank goodness, we get to physical therapy our way through to complete health.

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In our fifth video, we saw one of the more involved pronunciations using your body to transfer from posture one,

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posture two,

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back to posture one, and that entering into the such the, the entering the activation of my hamstring, buttocks lower back, activating the teardrop muscle above my knee, I'm activating the my toes, I'm activating the angle of my ankle, alignment of my knee and the real straight grounding of my hip. And again, we've noticed a lot of shame and guilt in this area.

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Video number five, we went into the such that we entered the bridge between this world and communicating with our Lord, we came out of that such that you may touch the ground on the way up, but it's a transfer. You're not leaning on the wall, your body is in control of itself. In our next video, we'll be looking at the shotput a little bit more word based and in order to get to a good the SHA hood, the moving of your finger. You got to be able to sit there. Pause on video number five, how many of us are crossing a line here at the halfway mark. I've been praying to get out of the prayer

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and barely if you are breathing, you're probably holding your breath. Oh, make the shift five times a day.

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I'm coming to something beyond stretching beyond exercise yoga, Pilates and coming to the pronounciation of prayer. We'll sit down while Aiko Walkman dilla