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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The host of a video session discusses the upcoming aquatic vibes seminar in Dallas, emphasizing the importance of the Quran and its potential for transformational outcomes. The speakers stress the benefits of practicing the Koran, including systemic knowledge and finding one's own success in life. The importance of the Sharia and the importance of staying consistent with practice is also emphasized. The workshop on improving memorization and the importance of the Hadeeth in actions and statements is also discussed, along with a discussion on the benefits of virtual seminars for children and parents.
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Somebody's going off into la he Oh, by Kathy. Oh, Hope everyone is doing well.

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We are live right now had they left?

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First off, if you are here, if you could just give me a quick thumbs up or Yes, I'm here in the in the chat the live chat. That'd be totally cool. And if you could tell me where you're joining me from right now. And once again, if you can hear me sound is good videos good. Just give me a yes, I can hear you let me know that that everything sounds good. And also, as I said, where you're joining me from cello data. So just go ahead and put that in the live chat. It's been a long time since I've done like a live YouTube video. So this is it's a little bit weird for me to come back after a long time to do a live YouTube video. But I do have this new seminar called aquatic vibes. And I've had a

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lot of questions about it. People asked me about, you know what this seminar is really about? What is the name mean? What are we going to go over? So I just wanted to do like a quick live session for anyone who wants to join on on YouTube to let you know, give me the Give me the lowdown about about the seminar. Have they left? So we'll get into that a little in a little bit. I see. Elisa said what Aiko what it was said to you from Dallas, it's good to have you from Dallas. I hope everything is going okay in Dallas. I know because of this the snow storm. I mean, for y'all, it was a storm. But for other places in America that get snow regularly might not be considered as much of a storm. But

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obviously I know that y'all had some difficulty with power, and so on and so forth. So I hope everything's going well there in Dallas last time to auto protect all of you.

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And yeah, so whoever else, let me know where you're from. It's always nice to see where people are joining in from inshallah. But as more people join in, let me talk a little bit about seminar. First and foremost, if you want like a detailed but detailed information about the seminar, there's a link in the description for this video. Basically, it's unmotivated. org slash vibes, where we have a full breakdown and also where you can register for the seminar agenda.

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But karate club, what is what it was really about, put onic vibes is a seminar in which we cover platonic principles. And in in particular, we cover 21 principles from the Quran. Now, why did this seminar come about? this seminar was twofold. Number one, I've been thinking about the seminar, I wanted to teach this course, for a very long time because of the content, very excited about the content, I think it's something that inshallah data will have a lot of benefit in it. But also, it was a reaction to 2020 because of what went down in 2020. And, you know, one of the things that I noticed, going through 2020, I think we still have the remnants of that today is I felt like the

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world is just becoming really negative. Seems like people are at each other's throats, you know, you're either with us or against us. People are mad at each other people have drawn like, you know, battle lines. And, you know, people are constantly arguing, like, especially online. So how I've been noticing this trend on online in particular, but specifically on YouTube, where there's a lot of like, reputation videos, which seems to get a lot of attention. How do I know? I know, they get a lot of views. But you know, it's basically calling somebody out, you know, you go wrong, and here's why you're wrong. And here's why, you know, this person is wrong. So I personally felt a lot of

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negativity, you know, in the world that we're living in today, and I don't think I'm alone because I've heard a lot of other people say this as well. And so my first thought was, well, how do we counter this negativity? And immediately I thought about the Quran. Now the Quran is, you know, the Book of Allah had to add up. The amazing thing about the Quran is that when you take a proper look at the put on

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a complete look at the Koran. You can't help but

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understand and appreciate the positive nature of the Quran. The Quran as a book overall is a very positive book and it is supposed to inspire us to be positive as well. And not only that it is supposed to inspire us and help us deal with all of our problems. So no matter how difficult this last year may have seen

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And no matter how difficult Our lives are right now and no matter what we're going through, without a doubt put on has the answer to that. So we're going to begin to transform ourselves, then obviously we have to look at the foot on. Now the put on I know can be overwhelming a lot of times you know, we look at the Quran and we say, you know, we think to ourselves like there's, there's there's a lot going on in the Koran and you know, where's my personal connection with the poor on and I know

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there are many people who have a very passive relationship with the Quran and even those people who recite the Quran even though not everyone recite the Quran, but even those who recite the Quran or even those who have the fun memorized, sometimes people can struggle to find a connection, a real true connection with the prana especially a connection with the world that we're living in today. And so for me teaching a seminar like this one of the main goals is to

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is for us to understand that connection to personally connect with the Quran instead of it just being a book that is there and you know we we go to the month of Ramadan even though the double bond is very close by and we're you know, now thinking about the on the left, but even outside of the month of Ramadan

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where's our where's our personal connection with the put on? Do we really feel like the Quran is relevant to our lives right now today with everything that we're going through? With everything happening in the world and everything happening in our personal lives? Do we turn to the put on, put on ads just for us? Do we personally connect with the put on so when we take a look at principles from the Quran, these are not principles that I came up with or someone else came up with. These are principles that Allah who's petawawa Allah has given to us has stated in the on, and there are quite a few principles mentioned the Quran principles for our life principles to transform ourselves,

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principles really, you know, I can say principles to live our lives by,

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to as Muslims to really live our lives by these principles. So 21 of these principles that we can really understand, to begin to put into practice the Koran in our lives, you know, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I shot the alarm her, she was asked about the character of the Prophet, so I sent him. And in her response, she said, Can I put up a little quote on, she said, the character, his character, the character of the Prophet of Allah sallallahu, it was send them was the on, meaning he was an embodiment of the UN, he was a living walking version of the Quran. And so, you know, we want to be able to emulate that, right? We want to be living and walking versions of

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the Quran as well. So how do we do that? Well, these principles, it takes like this book, last out of the out of that may seem something that is difficult for us to approach. And it breaks it down into these very concise principles. And the majority of these principles that we're going to cover in this seminar actually, just a few words, just a few words that that are very rich with meaning. And not only that, because these are principles, they have a direct application in our lives right now, meaning you can take this principle, and you can apply it in your life right now. And I'll give you an example of a principle that we're going to cover out of the 21 principles. They cover a wide

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variety of top topics, but they're all relevant and applicable to our lives. Right now. One of the principles that allows how the data has taught us is the principle which Allahu Allah says, first decree in come to know that ask the people who know if you do not know. And in essence, this this, this principle found in the Koran is telling us a lie is teaching us to turn to people who are qualified,

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in the qualified to give us an appropriate answer in whatever knowledge we're seeking. Obviously, first and foremost, we're talking about Islamic knowledge, knowledge of Islam. We don't go and ask anyone about Islamic matters, we ask those who are qualified in Islamic matters, something that is somehow otherwise very lacking today, because because of you know, ironically, YouTube and a lot of other things. It's we just go to the first answer, we can find somebody will Google our assignment question and then the first answer that comes up, we're like, Okay, this, this is probably correct. Or this is the only answer I got. Or we base our qualification, like who we consider to be

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qualified. We may based off of a person based off of a person's popularity. So somebody's popular online, we assume that you know, we can take our systemic knowledge from them.

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Which, you know, are they really qualified?

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Just because someone is popular, does that automatically make them qualified? The answer's no.

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If someone can be qualified and popular as well, and that's fine. But simply being popular online doesn't automatically qualify someone to speak on a subject matters. And then this principle, because it's a principle for our life, it goes beyond just Islamic knowledge, even in other matters,

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that are happening around us, if we you know, because there's so much information out there, right? Something happens in the world, and there's, like, 100 people give their opinion on this matter.

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You know, so that's another example of how we apply this principle in our lives. Allah says, ask the people of knowledge, people who know And once again, we ask ourselves, if you know if this information is being spread online, by this person, is this person qualified to actually speak about this matter. And these are just a couple of the examples regarding this principle. But this is also once again, one of 21 principles that we're going to study principles that once again, we can live our lives by these principles, every single one of these principles. We can live our lives by these by these principles. And also, once again, the main goal for me is to make the on is is to help us

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understand that this Koran is approachable, it is applicable in our lives today, no matter how complex or weird the world seems today, the Quran applies to it. And we do have guidance found in the Koran, and especially those who are feeling disconnected from the from the Quran. And I know a lot of young Muslims have a lot I do feel even though they may not say it, but they do feel disconnected from Islam. You know, a lot of times, especially when it comes to the Koran, it's this book that we recite in Milan, you hear it but uh, we or you know, there's, you know, you memorize what you might memorize, you know, if you're born in a Muslim family, you might memorize certain

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portions of the Quran. But that's it, that's where it stops. But do I live my life by the Quran? Well, that's what we're trying to accomplish with this seminar. So that's in a nutshell, that's what this seminar is, is about. I'm personally very passionate about this topic, because I myself

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have used these principles to try and live on, you know, so for myself, when I think about that question that I've thought about that question a lot, do I live my life by the Quran? Does the Quran really mold and shape my life? And there were times in my life where it would be hard for me to say yes, definitely, I live my life by on but once we learn and understand the Quran, and we can understand it through these principles found in these chronic principles, then we can ensure that apply apply these principles in our life inshallah. So that's, that's a, that's a brief rundown of what this seminar is, like I said, if you go to a mosaic org, and I'll put this in the in the chat,

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the live chat,

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you can go check out all the details there. We have a Canadian, the Canadian seminar, so if you're in Canada, or if you're somewhere around the Canadian timezone, you can actually attend this seminar live tomorrow, starting tomorrow morning, or tomorrow afternoon, inshallah.

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But check out the link that I posted.

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And also, before I go, I'll take questions. So if y'all have any questions regarding this particular topic, or about the audit or any other questions, I will take that right now as well. And Alexa, I know I don't do a lot of live stuff. So, so yeah, but you know, 100 not better, better late than never. And if you like this live session, inshallah I can try to do more in the future on well on my on my YouTube channel, inshallah. So, once again, if you have any questions, let me know, just put it in the in the live chat inshallah is the IRA. If you just want to give setups, that's cool as well. Subbu says, What a lucky worker to have while he was Sara Lee, what a cartoon.

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Okay, how do you apply instantly the thing which we have read in the Quran? Yes. So that is a question, right? So when we read something in the Quran, how do we apply it in our lives? Immediately? How do we directly apply that in our lives? There's a process so first and foremost, we have to understand what Allah is telling us in the Quran, the meaning of it, then we have to understand also the context. You know, why was this revealed and what context was this revealed and also part of that process is practically doing the activity of applying that in our life really doing the boring, difficult right contemplating the Quran and this is what what says fly the birds

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What do they not contemplate the Quran because without contemplating the Quran, we can't apply it in our lives. And so once again, this seminar is about applying the Quran in our lives. And that is why this seminar, if you take another seminar will be before this is actually a little bit different in the sense that we do have in class discussions and activities where we can start to apply them on right now in our lives and bring real life examples from from my life and and from your life as well. So this is just somebody a second left here. That's an awesome question.

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If you have any more questions, let me know Ibrahim. So Aiko, good to see you. Exactly. I can't see you but I'm glad you can see we have the Rila inshallah Rahim. I will see you tomorrow in the seminar. inshallah.

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What is the amount of the odd one should read daily? That's, that's a very good question.

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My opinion and that was kind of data knows best is that this depends on the individual, that, you know, I shadow the law and how once again, you were, you know, mentioning the idea of Asia. But when I showed the logo and asked the prophet SAW, I tell them, which action is the most beloved to Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied, he said, a humble family Illa, adobo heart were in pain. He said, several words, send them that the most beloved action to Allah, what I love the most is that which is done regularly, even if it is small, or even if it is less. So you know, it's not about the quantity, it's really about what we can stay consistent with, even if it's just a few

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verses a few Ayat of the Quran that we can be consistent with, as long as you're consistent, as long as we can be consistent. That is the most important thing. And allows palletizers. But second, look out for that question. Any other questions? Let me know.

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mistura Sara Marie, because his wife was Sarah.

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Good, good to have you. In this live session, like I said, is still it's still weird for me to do do these live sessions that I don't do much of them. But it's but it's cool to it's cool to do it every now and then I'm done. So I'm really glad. Whoever's in the room, whoever's here, whoever can join us. So I'll take another question or two, and then a call it a night.

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Can you comment on why the verse said, the vicco? And not?

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Yes, Ibrahim, we can comment on that we can get into that in detail. And that will we'll do that in the seminar in sha Allah, there's a section in the seminar, which is a very good question. Almost. I would say the first I do lead victory in kindergarten and more as the people of Vica usually get back as translated as the people of knowledge are the people who know, but why did Allah mentioned the cup? What are who are the FA Cup that was mentioning? We're going to talk about that in the seminar in Chihuahua.

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But a good question. Good question, because we'll go over that in summer. Is there a difference between girls and boys?

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Interesting question. There's a principle in the port on which you know, I want to go over in detail in the prayer. Okay. Okay.

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There's a little Asterix is that in the prayer in the prayer? Okay. So,

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in general, in general, that the general principle,

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the general principle that we have, in the Sharia in Islam, is that all of the rulings, all of the outcome, they apply to men and women in the same way, unless we have an evidence to show us otherwise. So if Allah gives a taco, if Allah gives a command, then it applies to men and women, it applies to everyone.

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And it applies in the same way unless there's a another evidence that tells us otherwise. So when it comes to the prayer,

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regarding the actions of the prayer, right there could be and and holding our hands and going to record and so on and so forth. There is no Hadeeth that specifies from the actions, the actions and the statements of the prayer. There's no Hadith that says this is only for men, and this is only for women. So in general, this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars that the prayer of men and women, the actions and the statements in the prayer. For men and women are the same. Some scholars do have a little bit of difference. I know for example, the head of you met him the prayer, some Hanafi scholars, they mentioned some difference between the actions of the prayer between men and

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women. But in general, in general, the actions for men and women are the exact same. There's a principle by the way in our seminar that states when they said that Koto can alter that a male

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In a female are not the same. So how do we look at that principle in our lives, how that affects our lives, how it affects the world that we're living in? Shall we'll discuss that, in the in the seminar have done that a sister was thought I set up an attending product by Lester, have they left hamdulillah really glad to hear that you've been attending bollinger bands we have another weekend. So for those of you don't know, we've been I've been teaching this seminar for Europe for all the European countries because of the timezone. Last weekend we had our first weekend. The seminar is two weekends total. But we had our first weekend. The second weekend starts tomorrow. And for the

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beautiful country of Canada, and people in that time zone, the first weekend starts tomorrow. So I'm looking forward to that HL data shows said best advice you can give to encourage a seven year old girl when starting the memorization on my first question is she says are you seven years old? And if so, Who let you come online on a live YouTube session?

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That's my first question. But But honestly, that is a very good question. If you are seven, I applaud you for asking such an amazing question to Pamela that is a that's that's an awesome question for a seven year old to be asking.

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Look, my advice for a seven year old is going to be the same for everybody else. And that is when it comes to memorizing the Quran consistency is key.

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Be consistent with it do what I mean by that is be regular whatever you can do do it regularly. Even if it is even if you find yourself I can only memorize just a little bit of the product. But I can be concise I can do it regularly the stick to a little bit. One of the one of the big pitfalls when it comes to memorizing or I've seen a lot of people go through is getting really motivated to recite to memorize the Quran and then you know getting tough and then at some point then giving up maybe they take on like a big portion of the on this everyday rememorize half a page or or a page on and then you know it gets tough for them because difficult or maybe it's easy normal bone and then after

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a robotic, it's difficult and then they just leave it all together. So in general, my advice is be consistent be regular, whatever it is even if it is one line of the page of page of odd that do that.

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Shadow said no and the mother of a seven year old Sorry, I didn't make that clear. No, it's cool. It's cool. It's it's totally fine.

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But let's find out reward you for seeking this advice for your for your for your daughter, love them and me.

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Okay, so Zack Well, okay, I think I'm gonna call it a call it a night. Over here. I gotta be up early in the morning for the European put on a Bible seminar. Once again, if you are interested in the seminar, checkout on slash vibes. And you can get all the info for the seminar and you can register there as well. I've had a great time teaching the seminar so far. I'm excited to teach this further. inshallah and I hope to so you know, now you join me for what like 20 minutes that seminar, you know, over the weekend, every day, it's it's about four hours, four hours every day that we spent learning together, having discussions, q&a, and so on and so forth. So so it's

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it's awesome. Those are these virtual seminars that a lot of is doing now. In childhood. There's a lot of benefit and they're there. They're plenty of fun as well. So I hope to see you there. Thank you for joining me tonight in this live session. And Allah has kind of went to I don't know it's best to have the lahoma behenic I should do and still go to the lake. Como Hara cinema Aiko with ilahi overcap

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