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AI: Summary © The struggles of Islam, including injuries and struggles with the law, have been discussed. The spiritual journey and teachings are emphasized, and the use of religion as a means of achieving spiritual well-being are also discussed. The history of Islam is also highlighted, including the deaths of Muslims and the implementation of Islam in Nevada and the use of Moore's Law in politics. A man named Angela claims to have been the first caller to Islam, while Madden was appointed to a job in a fashion and Yassid claims to have been killed by a man in a hurr [The fashion.
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What a fight What a waste of

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Indian along somehow know what's gonna change the conditions of the people when He sent His messenger Muhammad Abdullah

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was the most happiest man. He cried him under the sun of the city. He lashed him under the heat of the city of Macau. He plays walk on his chest. And every time they torture him with a smile, and he will say

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and when I say what a fight, what a waste of fights, what did we do to preserve that? What did we do to live that life that he lived on how we wasted effort of those individuals.

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Our next speaker for the evening is Shaykh Sayed ragi of Somalia. He was born in Somalia, raised in Saudi Arabia, and in the late 80s found his way to North America. He holds a BA in Islamic studies from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic sciences, Fairfax, Virginia, USA, and a master's in Sharia from dedmon University London, UK. Over the years he has held several posts, including being a founder of Majid Hoda and montrell. Majid is in Maryland and being involved with the Muslim youth magazine and the AXA Association shakes. He has recently moved to Toronto with his family and is currently serving as the Imam of the Abu huraira Islamic Center Toronto. He holds the post of

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and has also been the co founder for the journey of faith annual conference being held since three years and eastern Canada. His other associations include being founder of Oasis magazine, Director of Kumar Times Magazine, being a counselor at the University of Calgary and being the Muslim chaplain of University of Calgary and southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Canada. Passionate as he is about Dawa an apt speaker for today's topic before us.

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What a waste of a fight brothers and sisters please welcome shake cedra gay from Somalia

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stay in or who want to stop whenever the villa Himanshu rhodium fusina woman's Tia Medina Manila home for one

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woman yoga parentage Allahu wa de and murshida washer the one in La la vida hula sharika wash should one no Mohammed Abu rasuluh Yeah, you had Latina Amara talkin la haka to party he was not a Muna Illa anti muslim. Oh

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Yo yo Hannah sutopo Baku, Lady holla calm enough. sinwar Haider, wirkkala caminhar Georgia Weber Min humare john and Kathy Ron one is

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what Taka la la de Tessa Luna v one or ham in aloha Karnataka, Marathi Eva Marina Amara choco la Hakuna de la cama Malecon wale felucca Mizuno, Bochum woman UT la rasuna hufa de faza Falls and are we in

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in Columbia Columbia Law.

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Well, Hayden had he had here Mohammed in Salalah while he was sending them

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to ha, Walker no more desert in VEDA. Welcome.

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Welcome Nevada TV now.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna put Baraka in our time that we have together.

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In this short talk,

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my humble requests from the brothers and the sisters who are listening to this is to come with me on take a journey

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to a different role, not a physical journey.

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But journey of the hearts journey of the soul.

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And let us travel that and go on traveled at the time to the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I want to start with the Hadith nav sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that paints the picture of a beautiful incident that took place with one of the companions of the messenger of a law by the name. I'm Robin.

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What do you think? He said, Hey, Muslim?

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Your Honor. And imagine this my brothers and sisters, Your Honor, Amara

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contoh. Anna, Phil J. Leah,

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our Nana nesara bodalla.

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One gnome leave swadeshi eva fan.

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He said while I was at the time of joy here

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before the Islam arrived, I used to assume and I used to think that people are worshipping other than the true God, for Samira to be Ragini Amara

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so I heard of a man

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who's telling and talking about very unique things

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for her to Allah Hera t.

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So I sat on my mount, and I traveled to the city of Mecca ewe Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And this man

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that the people are talking about

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is the Messenger of Allah.

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mustache mustafi and min oni who is hiring for his people. fatahna tufte. So I Gentilly secretly, I got him

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for whole to man and I said to him, What are you?

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Caught and maybe

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he say, I am a prophet of Allah, Allah to women nibi on what is a prophet of a law?

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In the law, how are suddenly a law has set me in order to be man what what kind of acidity or hum

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walk us through our second one, you know whether you should be here. He said for people to restrain the ties among themselves to destroy the idols that's been worshipped in the city of Mecca other than a law unto worship one unique God on

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I said to him, woman NACA Allah hada. And who is with you in this

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a free man and asleep

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work on a ma who Yama in

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Abu Bakr in

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with him on that day

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was our workers Siddiq, Ambien messenger of Allah only spoke about these two individuals. We know aboubaker and who is aboubaker the man was always First Men Navy, mythic abubaker 10 Shira weyden what he will fill out will always

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First, let us talk about this man, this man that was not known to anyone.

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A man who had no status in his society because he was a slave,

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a man whose voice was not heard, because he was a slave. And then he's voted with netcom because he was a slave.

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And then no respect was given to him because he was a slave. This is Milan menorah, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, one, serving over law.

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And then

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who was not no to anyone before Islam who heard about the message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he went to the Messenger of Allah, Allah sorta ly explained that Islam to him, and he accepts. And look at this. No status, no respect, no Femina to Hell, no money to give him a procedure that he needs a slave who has basically nothing from this dunya but he found comfort and ease in Islam.

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And you follow the messenger of Allah and his environment change and his life changed and what would not change what the villa

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he's sitting with the messenger over law. He is learning from Mohammed Salah law, right? He was sending them. He gave his heart to this Deen. He was not a part time Muslim. He knew what he is about and who he should worship and what he's giving up.

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And his environment change.

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And this is

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what would happen if you give yourself to a law

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Nevada, Nevada, data has been inserted in Nevada mean hiring Bharatiya Tina Jima Hera, Indian Allah subhanho wa Taala change the conditions of the people when He sent His messenger Mohammed bin Abdullah Ahmad, he was an alum, unbidden, was the most happiest man, but his master, who may have been hard

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learn that his his slave became a follower of Mohammed. So he decided to teach him a lesson to teach the rest of the slaves a lesson that they should not use obey their masters, and they should not worship anyone other than the masters and the gods of the masters.

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So he took me down

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to the desert,

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and he dragged him in drag

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him on sharp rocks of the city of muck, he fried him under the sun of the city of muck, he lashed him under the heat of the city of Mecca. He plays a rock on his chest. And the only thing I would say in response was I hadn't

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I hadn't.

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I hadn't. Which one of us equity filler,

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which one of us was sitting here can claim that I gave my life to Islam? I did webinars for this Dean, none of us. And every time they torture, he would smile. And he would say, I hadn't had a hadn't.

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And when I say what a fight, what a waste of fights. What did we do to preserve that? What did we do to live that life that he lived on how we wasted ever of those individuals? And then I will look at the past by him.

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And he's been tortured. And then he said, Yeah, oh my.

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Oh my Yeah.

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So him to me he is no use to you. Because as a Muslim,

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you can never turn your face away. When you see your Muslim brother or sister in need. You can never pretend that you don't see them and they don't exist. You can never assume just because you're not looking at them that they don't exist now. We're law. Now.

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We are brothers and sisters is it is that love.

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It is that compassion.

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It is our concern. The bombers in the hotel is not always on if I'm gonna

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Amina I mean, why are we

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only for being Anna, Dino nakanoshima calm and Ronnie if we know from the same background, if we know from the same family, if we know brothers and sisters by blood, we have this beautiful gene that we place it in front of us and it takes the place of our father's Dean Akane, whom a common

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and he said you are for the sake of Allah.

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Amira the long run instead of being Abdullah omega.

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He came up with the law.

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And he loved that title Abdullah

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Abdullah huami Meza then he shut off on what he working to be a homozygous Oppo suraiya Dorito taco aka a baddie once a year. Madeline navia

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Subhana Allah Subhana Allah look at the beauty of this Deen just because we were called a slaves and the servant of a law you can Skywalk you can levitate. You can feel the level of emotion in your heart. And when you taste the sweetness, nothing matters. And then of course,

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as we know, beloved when Orava made hegira

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to the city of Medina,

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to the city of Medina, arrow sala de la Ronnie he was suddenly

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appointed him there more than

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more than

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sapan en la. Verse Madden in the history of Islam.

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The first caller

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to Allah was a man from Abba Sr. A slave. He was now from Quraysh he was not from the answer, but messenger of Allah chose me to be the first

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which Angela to add an equally hi Yin. Where can I enter Sultan Minh belanja mana arrow Kumara to be canessa. In one mosquito camino de Harlan.

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The other end of the massage

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everywhere we have we heard the others in the massage. But the voice is not there. We have people in the massage in the hearts of those individuals and not in the Maasai. When mosquito communities are badly hot. And then yeah, humans.

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Especially they came

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that they have bad.

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And the messenger overlords this habited outside the city limits of Medina. And he said to them, we have crossed the city limits on you and saw you promise me to protect me inside the city. And then he said what you give me your opinions. And you keep asking them some of the Mahabharata you are suddenly mushy Radha you Hannah's another worker made a statement, Under Armour made a statement and had been asked with made a statement and keeps he keeps saying she ran a year until he got the confirmation from the onslaught. But what was so unique was that the Messenger of Allah we wrote in Milan

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that the banner of this battle, the banner of this expedition will not be a race, or the answer or our invades, but I hadn't. I hadn't I had a call that I used to make when he was under the rock.

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And then

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the two group mates and Allah ate his messenger

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with the victory.

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And when everything was over, he saw I'm there a man been coming with over a year

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and his son for our b&b dan saw him.

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And you remember what this man used to do to him? I remember the days that this man used to torture him because the man said I had an ad and he ran to him. But I'm the man or the law

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in our city or banane he is mine. You cannot touch and began to realize he cannot overstep

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his brother abdelrahman alone, so he turned to the honor

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For hanayama Sharon ansara I do Allahumma hibino

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I do Allahumma

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Hello Marina come to me this is the enemy of a law woman.

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And they they got the they are gathered around him, and they kill them both. And abderrahman been out

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VLAN 10 FERC obita Look what you did man that was under my custody. And didn't as though he was saying that mean kathiria man can uh ya know, no contact on America

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as though he's saying Leave me alone, ever. You only know the pain that I have in my heart. If you only know what this man did to me, you would Excuse me? And then you turn and you raise his sword saying I hadn't had I hadn't I hadn't he ran away

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and abandoned. came

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to my coffee or heard in

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my head woman cash.

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ear canal Buddha minson sannyasa. Sir, what's up man welcome. All of them participate, as well as during the Battle of when the persons of the angels of Allah subhana wa Tada. But another opportunity to mention your over loss as to this man. Are you happy to show the status of this man on a yacht, Milan

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had this Navy, man in america finish.

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He said I'll be done. Tell me I'm glad you did in his snom that you hold the reward over it.

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And instead of messenger over law, there is nothing more harmful to me. Nothing that I did, that I can think of except then every single night, regardless of the time, every time that I make boo I perform to America until and I keep praying until I pray what Allah subhanahu wa tada allows me the Messenger of Allah asked him because he saw him in his dream being Indian. So he's from algin.

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But the highlight of his life

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when when the messenger of Allaah entered the city of Mecca,

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Amira was ahead of him, walking beside him, was walking beside him and then also the messenger over law. Eros, looking down out of humbleness,

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and then the Messenger of Allah when the Salah came

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on a bln This is the city of Mecca. Yeah, Belen climb up the cup. Get on the Kaaba,

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get on and you're on the top of the Kaaba on call the other end. And I can imagine if What if we learned a lot over the long run, looking the land of the city of remembering the days of torture,

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remembering the days when he used to be under that rock, remember the days when this man used to torture him and he cried during the air then and the Sahaba of Navy some of the lohani he was sending them crying.

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But ask yourself

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Well, this man was on the cover here equity filler. When was

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all of them were in Johanna when he added Miller and this man was on the top of the car. But none of this matters if What if you left