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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled Why Stress? by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.

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[SPEAKER 3:] Yes. I think that the fact that we have a lot of people that are on the same page is very important. And I think that the fact that we have so many people on the same page is also important. And so, I think that the fact that we have so many people on the same page is also important. And so, I think that we have a lot of people that are on the same page. And so, I think that we have a lot of people that are on the same page. And so, I think that we have a lot of people that are on the same page. [SPEAKER 2:] Ok. And then, I guess, just to clarify, you said that you had a lot of people on the same page. Is that because of the way that you have your team or is that because of the way that your team is structured? [SPEAKER 3:] It's because of the way that our team is

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Live Subbu Rose is returned

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in Alhamdulillah Hina Hamada who want to stay in who

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would also be let him in surely an fusina would say at the marina de la fala mo de la la mejor de la, la, la la la, la sharika y shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh. Yeah, yo holla Xena De La Hoya coup de de la Amala Tomioka, Philippines Oh, back for a minute a la hora Sula, who

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falls on on zema

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. May Allah have mercy and blessing and peace be upon all of us. I mean, Hello, brother and sister in Islam. We know that living in this world, we are happy to go through a lot of tears from among, there'll be worried, there will be stress, there will be a lot of tension, there'll be a lot of problems. There is the Sonata law of this world is impossible for anybody who said that he believed in Allah to say, I have no problem. bigger problem is part of life, stretch, tension, all this is part of life. Nobody can escape from all this. Allah subhana wa dapsone. In my last three Yusra in the last three years are our wires here remind us,

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you said that difficulty first, then you come is difficult first, then you is that mean? You must go through some difficulties, some hardship, before you want to understand and appreciate the blessing of Allah.

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Nobody has no stretch in this world, he will not have a lot of stress. He got the thing about his oma how to save this oma how to convey the message of Allah.

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He is very worried.

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He did not worry because of dunya he worried because of us and for our camera, we also get worried but most of the time we don't worry about dunya. Now there are a few things that we must know. We know that Allah is the one who created us, and put us in this world and the nature of the sunopta Ma, they will be problem.

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You have problem us trash. You have tension you're worried. So it's common don't have to worry about that. What is important, we must know as a believer, as a Muslim, how do we tackle stretch? How do we overcome all this problem? The first thing that you must remember, Allah Who created us know our problem more than what we know. He know everything.

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He knows about our family problem, our health problem. So who should you call upon first when you have this problem? When you have stress and worry, you should count on losses, karma phenomena.

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They say Allah said was the only study Bulacan in walk me call me Why don't you call Allah? Why are you running from Mama and you want to solve your problem? Do we think that you can solve your problem by yourself without the help of Allah? Then you are wrong.

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But with the help of Allah and hamdulillah problem will be solved in shall.

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Now Allah also remind us what is a solitary body in the Quran? ojibwa What is a

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polyester Jubilee or you may know be along your shoe.

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Now we have all the guidance from Allah all the reminder from Allah what to do if you encounter this problem. First thing Allah is informing us through His Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to tell us, if any one of us us,

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ways among

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us about God, the monster the Prophet, tell them in a curry I am close to them very close.

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And I always respond to people who call upon me this what Allah says. He is there to respond to us, as long as you call upon him. What we have forget a lot all the time. We call on our friend when we have some problem your telephone your friend, or my brother or my sister or my friend, you have a call Allah. Why don't you call Allah

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but Allah remind us he never broke his promise. If you call upon me, I'm going to respond. polyester g Bulli manana. See if you want me to respond.

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To your need, you do what I want you to do for us.

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You just got to do what Allah wants you to do.

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And when you do what Allah want you to do, and you believe that Allah is going to help you, he is sure to help you.

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So, there are two things in war one you must call upon him. And when you call upon him, you must do what he wants you to do first, like if you want a salary, you must work first then you at the end of the day you get your salary, you cannot go to anybody say you pay me for my salary. And tomorrow is that what nobody will do with it? Allah subhanho wa Taala want you to just do what he wanted to do, and then inshallah he will respond to your needs.

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And again, brother and sister You must remember, you must remember that we learn from problem without problem, we might not have a lot of experience and we may not have a lot of knowledge, because what are called masala sada always behind all problem there is some happiness, then some goodness, only you must have patience. Yeah, you have stretched you have problem, but you need to overcome all this. Without understanding the nature of this world. I mean, the sooner the law, then you will not be able to overcome your problem properly. And in the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala shows many, many guidance.

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Why we always have problems I just tried to remind you, and also myself of what the following saying of the Prophet is from a be a bass Sahaja mo Sadie aside, the companions the Prophet, he said, A man came to the prophet and asked the Prophet, guide me, direct me to something that if I do it, I will get a lot of love. And I will look at the people's love.

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The Prophet said, This guy is dunya your head burqa law, renounce the worldly thing. Meaning Don't be too attached to this world. Allah will love you.

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White Hat FEMA in the NASS, you hit button us.

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Don't be envy and jealous about what people have. Whatever people have is the risky, you are contented with what you are what you have. People will love you

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The problem of the stress today because we always compare ourselves with people who are above us with a profit have remind us, don't be greedy. Do what you can.

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And then here's a one zero l among us, fellow men. Always look down upon people who was worse than you?

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Well answer, man, don't always compare yourself with people who are higher than you, then you will feel why I'm so poor, you are the people who are poorer than you. When you compare yourself with people who are worse than you, you become contented and you always sugar. Again, sugar is a very important element to overcome stress. Stress is always there don't have to you nobody can run away from

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you remember what happened to our Prophet before he was appointed a prophet. He looked at the problem in Makkah, the people is so yeah, and of course they are.

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The people always fight against each other, there's no peace. So the Prophet went to the Guadalajara went to the mount the Cave of Hara for one to find some peace, to find a solution. until Allah give him hedaya give him the Quran and hummed with the Quran. People remember Allah and all the stress is been solved Alhamdulillah Now again, sugar is very important. You must be contented with what you have. Be thankful to Allah. Why? Because Allah promised insha

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Allah in cafaro in a zombie flesh,

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why stress? Because you always feel not enough. You want more and more at the profit that Save

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the Children of Adam is very greedy.

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If they have one goal of Valley, if Allah asks, Do you want another goal of Valley? Of course, he was still wanting even he cannot make use of that. He can even spend it but he still won more and more because by nature, yeah, sooner below we have that. He agreed in us that may we are people who are always in

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Now what is sugar here a lot a lot in shakar as needed. If you are thankful to whatever Allah has given you,

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Allah is going to add more blessing upon what he has given you.

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Not only what you have given he will blast whatever he has given you. And this is where we are lacking this where most of the Muslim forget they want more but they forget about the blessing.

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Now you have little, if they're expressing that later will stay with you.

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If you have more, but you are not sure the mall also will make you stretch and make you worry. Now Allah has reminded us let in Shakira, Toma Zi de la come if you are thankful to me, whatever I've given you, I will bless and I will add more blessing towards what I've given you. This is more important. More property, without blessing. And property with blessing property with blessing is always better.

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This what lacking among the oma we forget about Allah blessing, we only ask one, one more and more and more, we have more money or more problem. But if you had the blessing of Allah, the more money will not develop more problem.

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In the same time, well in cafaro, in Azerbaijan, you see what Allah said, if you are not thankful to Allah,

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if you are not thankful to the netmask, Allah has given you You just wait. I am going to take it back bit by bit. And Allah has proven to us, those who are not thankful to Allah with the wealth, they are given them a lot a bit by bit, and then they become bankrupt. Those who have power but they do not. They are not thankful to Allah, they do not use this way to please Allah, Allah take away the power from them. You have seen in our lifetime we have seen all these things happen.

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Now what is important what we learned, when a person said he makes sure your money whatever Allah given you, you hang him and innocent, then you'll be patient. You may not understand why Allah make this happen to me, but Allah Nobel, maybe he want you to learn something. In life, he is educating us. So when Allah want to educate us, He wants us to go through some hardship. So we understand what is real life. And when we understand what Israel is when people are having the same problem, we are able to help them better because we have the experience.

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This way the Prophet sallallahu Sallam remained as an admin unless you're Holly to NASS, Why yes beer Allah as a him title Minami Allah de la your Katana. Allah is

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a true believer and workmen, who always mix around with people and have all the patience to overcome the problem that they encounter that he is exposed to is always better than men who just stay away from the society from the community from people

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and have no patience in dealing with the problem.

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Now it's not always as not to run away from problem because you cannot run away from

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but it's temptation to confront the problem with what we patient with don't ask Allah subhana wa Taala for there are many things no one can help us except a loss of Hana with that. So we must keep on asking Allah Oh Allah help me

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even when you want to make zekiel Can you remember brother and sister even you want to make do good thing to remember on my use it what the prophecy Allahumma inni llj Creek Washoe Creek offers me buddy Oh Allah help me to remember you. We want to remember Allah but something because of problem stress with forgetting so much keep on asking or Allah help me to remember you in good times and bad time. We do remember a lot on in that time. When good me forgetting what Allah clicker all helped me to be thankful to you.

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How can we show our gratitude towards Allah, you have money, you must spend some money in the console mama is how you show your tank, your gratitude. So as a mom, when you're healthy, you use your health to serve a lost religion. When you are strong, you help the weak one. When you have knowledge you teach the one who has no knowledge.

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There's how you show your tank towards Allah. You make use of what Allah has given you to serve in the way of Allah to serve people. That's why we in my country, Malaysia

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We call ourselves uncommon means serving mankind We are here to serve. We train ourselves to serve people. We are prepared to serve people for the sake of Allah. We don't expect any reward from that allow every is very kind to reward you insha Allah, we want a large reward.

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Because we need his reward in the hereafter.

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There's no more money in the hacker Akira

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is between you and Allah, if you're good this Alhamdulillah there is your wealth, there is your property.

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So fellow brother and sister, if you have any problem, any stretch, please don't keep on entertaining the problem and forget to ask Allah to help you.

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Sometimes problem is nehama. Meaning sometimes problem is a blessing.

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Give me one example.

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If you never fall sick, what do you understand by sickness? Now, if you don't have any headache before, if somebody has a headache, how can you help him You can't help it, because you have not gone through this difficulty, but one is have gone through some experience. You know, when I have had the advantage to see a doctor, he gives me this medication. And after taking this pill, or hamdulillah I feel relief. Now if somebody had the same problem come to you. You said no problem brother. I know. take this pill, this pill will help you is your ad. You have a tummy ache if you never have tummy ache before. How can you help others by having the experience in you, you can help

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other better. So everything that is always a wisdom behind it. There is some good behind whatever trial the alarm put us in whatever problem you encounter. Please remember, problem is wisdom.

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Problem is information problem is knowledge you learn everything from problem.

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That's why the Prophet never teaches Obama to run away from problem, but to stay foot and an answer not to open our heart open our mind to understand the problem and sick allows them to solve your problem. Your problem will be soft presidencies, insha Allah, financial problem domestic insha Allah soft, but come back to Allah. Why Because Allah who created the henault our problem and then he has read the the remedy for us like what the prophet said in namaha, Nadella da da da da da da, da example. This Hadees and trying to share is just an example. Allah is the one who sent down disease.

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All the sickness that is happening. The virus is part of Allah sunako when Allah cbsb without allows real it cannot happen.

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But in the same thing, the prophet Allah prepared the remedy for you every sickness, there is a cure, except old age and death.

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So the Prophet said Fattah da da da da, da. So seek for medication, seek for medication, but don't look for any haram way of medication.

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See, Masha Allah. Oh, there's always an answer to your problem in Islam. There is nothing that you face in this world, that Allah don't guide you into it. The only thing that you must come to Allah, how to do that. Listen to what Allah say. Yeah, Johan Reggina. kulu fish silly MC

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Paula Takata shaytaan inna Hola, como boom Obi

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one Allah one you to do is all you who believe all Muslim. And the religion of Allah totally, completely, fully with your heart, with your mind, with your body. Everything you must submit to Allah don't follow the footsteps of shaitaan shaitaan is the one who play around with keep us a word, this word that fear this fear that phobia is phobia that until we have no peace, and you must remember Allah say again, peace belongs to him Allah Houma and the Salah, huaming, casa, la hyena de ser, BC O Allah, you are psps belong to you. So we are going to come back to the US amount to give us a piece in the best way like what Allah Allah basically lay that mitoku Allah say, by remembering

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not only use your lick, but with your heart and your action. You have the peace of mind. You have peace of heart. When your heart is at ease. Your mind is peaceful and what is

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Whatever happened is no more a problem. When people say a problem to us No, it's not a problem. Why? Because we have a law with us. We have the Sunnah to guide us. So fellow brother and sister in Islam, we are very lucky. Or we can say we have been blessed, may be a strong wrong for me to use the word lucky. But it's better for us to use. We have been blessed by Islam is a great nickname for all of us. So if you do not know how to solve your problem, or any stress, don't go to any doctor.

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The first thing you go is you go to see as corner

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as color who understand the Quran and the Sunnah, because there is the best remedy for stress, worry, tension, but of course, he will have some injury on your hand, stomach pain, also.

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Cancer, you're going to see the doctor because Allah, Allah, Allah zyk. In quantum law known as people who are specialized in that area, people have knowledge. If you do not know if your TA is having problems, don't go and ask the

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Queen as a mechanic.

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That's what I'll say. Don't anything, just leave it to Allah. No, he want you to look for some remedy.

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solve your problem. But if you have this as the real body, you must look for a doctor who know about the bones about yourself but you don't just everything they fit to the mold. But when you have spiritual problem, stress is more on the spiritual problem and mental then you must ask the man the grits color. How do Allah want us to solve this problem? And when you follow the way of Allah, you will see Mashallah, one by one, all the problems will dissolve. One by one. It is of I have my own experience before. It's not easy. When I first become a Muslim, I got to suffer for a while for four years. I have a hard time being a new Muslim, it's not easy sometimes.

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A lot of the born Muslim I think you are more blessed because you have that you don't have to go through that kind of suffering that we must be or the reward gotta go to

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our family don't understand why we change which is Islam, Oh friend, don't understand as people look down on, people talk bad about, but we have no choice because we believe that Islam is a true religion of Allah, sometimes born Muslim also do not welcome us is very sad, but not harmed in that we have gone through some hard time, after four years of hardship, we learn so much. And this now if people talk to us about problem we say there's not a problem I have gone through worse than that. So, this is the network, when you have gone through and overcome problems in your life is your asset

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is more worthy than dollar and cents. People who know how to solve his problem and help other people to solve problem is more important than any doctor because everyday we have problem more everyday we fall sick.

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And scholars of Islam is more important than just any other person in in the society. Because the right scholar of Islam we know how to get you help you to solve your problem. Your worry, your fear,

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we know we have all this problem, because Allah has accomplished a minako if you will, you will not see me nor am Wally will unfussy was Tamara abashiri sabi alando. What you're gonna do is I'm going to test you with fear. Now a lot of Muslims live in fear. People who are not yet Muslim, mankind always live in fear, fear of the fear of the fear of poverty, fear of

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what you see it appear sickness, darkness, you have so many fear. Allah says I am the one who asked you

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why you hunger noxzema Amal

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pull. You have no money. It's also a trial from Allah. When was

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the last one passed away was Samarra and all the other provision? But what did Allah say at the end he said, while Bashir he saw biri

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Mahatma abashiri saw with one of the best way to overcome stress when you encounter and after calling a law. Don't forget to worship Him. Of course you don't call Allah and then you don't make solid you must perform so you might make sujood and then you have patient and Allah

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promise you,

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Allah promise you, Allah say, first Peroni as glucose wash kurunegala Taku

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and then Allah say what was trying to be Sabri, was solid in number Hama savarin. Remember me so that I remember you be thankful to me to not be ungrateful to Allah whatever you're giving Alhamdulillah and then Allah say, call upon me with patient and Allah

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in number Hamas I believe at the end of the day Allah say I am always with those who have patient Hello brother and sister please increase your patient.

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I asked Allah Allah Moses, he man what's up? May Allah strengthen our Eman and increase our patient so that we can take all the trials in this world the strength and problem and worried here with the guidance of Allah and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, amin, amin babila he told me he was afraid that Juana and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana. Allah Houma BMD shadow Allah enter into a state of Florida to LA Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh