Nouman Ali Khan – Calling To The Path Of Your Master

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into an Ayat which contains in it, volumes of wisdom. There are two ways of extrapolating from this Ayat. what is unique about this Ayat? Listen intently to fully fathom the beauty of it.

There are different groups in society. According to this Ayat, one can categorize them as the leaders or the intellectual people of society. And then there are the general masses who form the majority of the population. Hence, we should address the people or give Dawah based on the category. The language and the style of our Dawah are entirely dependent on the group we address and hence, it should be done with extreme clarity and caution.

Hikmah is treating different people in a different manner because we need to psychologically understand the audience and then address them effectively and suitably. The advice that we give can change the heart of the receiver and hence, it is of paramount importance that we use this power of Dawah to the best of our knowledge with effective Hikmah.