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Hussain Yee
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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah li or Sofia Jain Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We meet again, in another episode of like,

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every one of us are trying to be to be the best inshallah, you should try to be the best husband and the either party will be their best wife.

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Now in the relation between husband and wife, I'll give a very general guideline. Insert Toba was a 71. Unless it one more minute, one more minute bow to him Alia Oba morona bill Marroquin, hona animoca, male of female believers, we are believers. That's why we adapt to be husband and wife.

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Both of us are complementing each other should help

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in doing what is right and forbidden, or forbid, what is wrong. Now,

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it come from both sides, when there is a problem in the relationship, or you encounter any misunderstanding. Islam always remind both party to sit down and discuss about it, the spirit of Shura the spirit of discussion,

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find the best way to solve your problem. Of course, if you look at most of the ayah in the Quran, and the saying of the Prophet, a lot of black women also remind the woman that

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original color moon and an ISA mean that the men have

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a higher responsibility towards the woman. Men have a higher responsibility towards their woman, they are leaders

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even allow one us to obey our husband, but obeying a person. Also there's a limit.

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When a husband, obey Allah, and obey the teaching the Prophet we as a wife should obey.

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But if a husband, a man is this obeying Allah and the Prophet, we, as a wife also have the right not to obey Him in doing something that this obey Allah, and the Prophet salaallah Salah. So the duty of men is to make sure that he advocate, he guide, the wife, you know that the Prophet have said this many times to his companion,

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the prophet, never just always blaming the woman, but the Prophet even remind the men,

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it was really

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the best among the men and the men who are the best to their wife. To me, you must be very careful, don't keep on pointing

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to the wife, you are so bad, you are so

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you are lacking in this lacking in that there is nothing good in her, you are not supposed to do that.

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You must always motivate them, guide them, educate them, so that they become very good wife. But if you're not doing that, you are to be blamed.

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So even the wife is doing something that's wrong, you have to remind them

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do not just blame them. And that punished. But in giving advice brothers and sisters, you all must remember when the prophets and the Psalms in Edina see her.

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The important thing is your intention. Are you humiliating her? Are you doing belittling her for her weaknesses? You're not supposed to do that. You're doing that purely for the sake of Allah. Then the way you advise her, a talk to her must be guided by the one you the Revolution, the booqable law, not following your desire your anger. No. You must advise approach it in the best manner with respect with love and mercy.

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Not with anger.

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Any men who want to treat their wife I just want you all to remember. How do you feel if somebody treats your daughter

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How do you feel

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If somebody if your mother,

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you feel bad, the same thing goes to our wife,

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left them, care for them,

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protect them, guide them, help them, you must talk to the wife

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the way that the Prophet have taught us how to approach our wife

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and give one simple example.

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If you don't like something in

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your wife, there are a lot of things that you like. So, you should highlight what you like first, not in a negative way.

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Because nobody is perfect. The same thing happened to us you think that our wives love everything that come from us, they also may dislike certain character of us, but they have tolerate a lot. They have been very patient. So the same goes we must have the patient. So the profits on a Samsung Edina see her the competitor as Lehman Lila Wali kitabi. He will era so he

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you must be catered. So I believe that if you have the right spirit, you will know how to settle the problem in the best manner. Even there are people talking about the Quran said that you can Yeah, you can abandon your wife and you sleep separately. Or you can even beat them some time. But look at the profits. And as a here's the best example for all of us. Allah sitla Cannella confy Rasulullah. He was written hacer una, indeed, in the Prophet, he had the best conduct for all of us to follow. Did any of the wife the Prophet don't have only one wife?

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Yeah, many wives, but the any of the wives say that the Prophet put his hand on them? No,

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never the Prophet. Yeah, beat any other wife, or show disrespect. He may be silent when he is very upset. And immediately the wife was sent something is not right, then they will quickly approach the prophet and humbly say that, no, forgive us if there's any shortcoming from this. And the proper also always pray for the wife

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is just very patient, very loving. And that is the best approach was not to miss use the word of Allah and without checking into our weaknesses, our wrongdoing, we are blaming all these on our wife is Daddy, unfair, and very wrong. And that is zoom. So May Allah protect all of us, brother and sister. And may Allah give us the patient, the wisdom to understand

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the word of Allah properly, that we are here to help each other, but not to punish and to pass judgment to anyone. May Allah protect us and help those who help each other for the sake of Allah. And also, may Allah struggling His mercy upon those who show mercy into one another, especially between husband and wife. I mean, yeah, I mean, maybe later 50 will agree that when al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen, Samira Kumar Allah wa barakato

Episode 8 – Marital Issues – Night Kalam

Every marriage is not free from problems. Islam teaches us how to deal with marital issues by referring back to the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Watch this episode where Sheikh Hussain Yee shares some tips on handling disagreements between spouses.

December 9, 2016.

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