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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – Al Wahab and why it matters to you.

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The "monster" meaning "monster" is used in various situations, including a document on a man, a book on a woman, and a photo of a man. The "monster" meaning "monster" is used to describe a situation where a person is asked to use a certain name, while the "monster" meaning "monster" is used to describe a situation where a person is asked to use a certain name. The speakers stress the importance of studying these examples for future reference and emphasize the need to research history in hindsight.

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Welcome to tag along I am your host bill fine and this is a moto shoukry I'm just kidding we're gonna switch him around this is a mod this has been like a long takeover tag along takeover don't put us on a show will take over.

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So what we're doing today is we're doing a little hub.

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A hub Yes. Hello hub. And what hap means the one who gifts. the Bestower

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a Heba is a gift hub. Yes. Oh, like the person their name have exactly means a gift. So hub is the one who gives those right he's the one who gifts are the one who bestows beautiful supplication in the poor have been added to the kulu bonobo data now having an amulet on kurama in Mecca, enter Wahhab.

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Oh, our Lord are up, not to the kuruvilla don't make our hearts slip, by the time they can after you've guided us what happened and bestow on us Mila karma from you mercy in the country. You are the Bestower. And so right here we learned from this verse, that when I'm asking a lot to bestow anything on me that I should use this name that I use, it will help whatever it is that I'm asking a lot to bestow while you're still offering me guidance. In this case, that's what they're asking for. Are they asking for mercy? Or I'm asking a lot to bestow health on me or I'm asking a lot to bestow children or I'm asking a lot to bestow whatever it is that I use this name. And again, this is part

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of the exercise that I'm trying to figure out names that I can use for the different simplifications that I make with a lot as we did that I call upon Allah as he commanded using his names. Allah says in a beautiful verse, he says, I'm in the home Hosea in Rahmatullah, because each

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of us is do they have the depositories of the mercy of your Lord exalted in my I will have to restore the deposited

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in Hassan is like the treasures Okay, do they have all of the the resources of your Lord and as these the mighty and Wahab and these two names are paired together the mighty and why? Because he's the mighty, right? Right. He's the strong, he's the resourceful, he has access to all things. And at the same time, he said we'll hop he's the one who gifts and gifts so get has the resources and he gives it yep, he doesn't hog Not at all. And you know, it's beautiful. That's the supplication that today my mix Okay, so Damon says a bit fiddly in the famous job so they might he's asking for this Dominion that no one's ever had before. Okay, he says it's a bit fiddly Allah forgive me We'll have

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a demon Can I in Bulgaria hadn't been back and grant me a Dominion a kingdom that is never going to exist for anyone after me in Naka. antero have you are unhappy. Okay. I mean, that's the keys right there in

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control how you are. And this ties into the last. So Rob does fairly well, happily and grant me Okay. Well, can I believe I had him invited. So what was the difference between synchronous versus Yarrow or open up?

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Or banana is plural. Rugby is my Lord. So you're making it very personal. You're making it very intimate. Okay. Rugby sort of is fairly or I don't know. Yeah, I don't think there's any or ionics application that sorts of the Arab No, okay. It's all about be okay. It's either rugby my lord or a banner our Lord and so you have again this intimacy this personal connection that you have with your own board right with your

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suit a man what this ties what I wanted to mention is that this ties with the last one which is a lot of fall afford, and

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last year in that city, man, you know, a lot of times people they actually feel distant from a lot from making that and the reason is because they remember their sense, okay, and so they feel too impure they feel too ashamed actually to make doc to Allah with everything that they've done. And so this draft today, man I love because it's actually you know, right before or it's mentioned right after something with that he repented from and then he makes this throughout and he says a little bit fiddly. He says what are they repent from? See how I avoided mentioning it.

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It's a It's a long story. So I don't want to get into it actually. But he says a little bit fiddly. mahabali mocha Nyan belly I expect me to, you can't expect it to just like hey, here's a little bit of controversy. Let's dig right into it.

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Might as well now I know a lot kept it general in the phrasing and sort of slot you've kept the you know, whatever. He didn't say what it was. He didn't make it explicit as to something that you read in the books of stuff. See, okay, whatever it is, it's my you know, so that's what it is. So cinema isn't a made? Allah says not I see. I didn't say made a mistake. I didn't use that type of phrasing. Okay, so I just said something he repented from, okay, whenever I repented from, we don't know what it is. And all we know that you

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repenting, and then he's following that up with, if you want to look into the books of the city, you'll find different stories that they mentioned. But again, these stories will go into Swahili at all right? It goes into into these types of things. So I want to just keep it there. Yeah, I just wanted to just leave it like that. Nonetheless, city man's phrasing that's clear in the Quran says, He says, Oh, my Lord, forgive me, will have anyone. And so he, he's asking for forgiveness and in the same breath, what's he doing? He's asking for a kingdom, the life that no one has ever seen. Okay, which one of us might be shy to do, right? It's like in this, you're just if I'm asking for

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forgiveness, I'm just asking for forgiveness. I'm not going to ask for anything more than that, because I'm too embarrassed or I'm too shy, or I think that but today, my nose will allow him to do this. And who knows that a lot gives and a lot forgives and a lot of gifts and a lot for gifts. So he says, and grant me wealth or grant me a kingdom the likes of which nobody has ever seen. Okay? And Alice's we gave him right away. We gave him the wind and the gin. And we gave him all of that. And so what I learned from this is that

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seek forgiveness from Allah all the time, and ask a lot from his bounty all the time. And don't for one minute think that allows you are just going to mind forgiving you whether it's the millionth time, or granting you whatever it is that you asked for, even if it's the millionth time.

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something beautiful that I want to end with is just a law mentioning the amount of blessings and this is something that's we can do is to just reflect on all the blessings that allows you to gives you and you wouldn't be able to count it and the law says just look at this verse. These two verses, I'm gonna read you these two verses. They're almost exactly the same. Right? Allah says, What do Namath Allah, that's so hot in the inside of Aloma?

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Allah says, if you were to count the blessings of Allah, yeah, you wouldn't be able to count them. In that incentive, barely. Mankind is Lulu oppressive. Kapha ungrateful. Okay. Well, that's true. How hard is it for people to count 33 times at 100? Exactly. I'm so glad that I read an ayah to you. And you said that's true. We were about to have a problem.

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So I was like, No, it's not

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a good answer to how to and I also know that's true.

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So the second verse is what introduce Matala. That's not appropriate to say to that. No, it is I was being very sarcastic.

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Who knows? Oh, that's not a problem because what you hear people saying all the time. So the whole thing right? It's just a testament to the truthfulness of it. Interesting, sarcastic. Okay. Interesting. amatola latos law in the law. And if you were to count the favors of a lot, a lot, so you wouldn't be able to accomplish them. However, right in both these are exactly identical. The only thing that changes is the ending. The first one was talking about the nature of humanity in an eternal Blue Moon Kfar mankind is oppressive and ungrateful. Okay, the second one is

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God isn't that to not this more than ungrateful. It's like complete even denying the reality of the fact that these are their blessings

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filled with gratitude. Okay. All the time. I'm grateful, God, okay. But allies I just just in the law can afford a lawful order. Right?

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So the opposite of that, that's, that's what's beautiful about it is that it's these two are right next to each other. And one shows you the nature of humanity, humanity and the other shows you the nature of Allah. Yeah, we have all of these blessings and we're absolutely ungrateful for them. And Allah azza wa jal with our ingratitude is

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absolutely forgiving, absolutely merciful. And the province of lies enemies. It's not possible. I mean, Allah, there is no one who is more patient with harm that he hears, then a lot just clicked right now, looking at the history of when Muslims first entered Spain, and different factions went ahead and grabbed up all these land assets, even among those non Muslims who said, yes, you know, you're welcome. We'll, we'll follow your governance. And in that case, technically, they should have been able to hold their land, but a lot of them captured the land and held on to it for over a decade, but yet a lot smarter continue to bless them with more wealth and conquest until finally one

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of the governors was like, I give their land back.

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But then they tax them. Yeah, that would be interesting way to look at history in hindsight to, like, even people might do wrong, but I'll continue to bless them. But that's us. Yeah. I mean, even without looking into history, and for sure, but, but sometimes it's hard to look at us now. It's always easier to look at what we did in hindsight, of course, you know, because there's a there's a simple thought, right? They call it

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Zero Based Thinking, knowing what you know now, if you were to get into a relationship or a job or project back then no

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What you know now if you knew it back then would you still get into it? If the answer is no, then how quickly can you get out? And what do you have to do to do it? Right? Or can you get out? And how quickly can you do it? But then sometimes when you're looking at it, from the first person perspective is hard to do that. Except that when you look at it later on, in hindsight, yeah, but and that's why I'm just saying, like, if you look at history, we might still be suffering from the same elements. We might be suffering from the same in gratitude, that same thing, I'm sure we are. Yeah, I'm sure we are. And that's the reason why these stories, it's important for us to study these

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stories, because the whole point isn't, whether it's the stories in honor, you know, history, whatever the whole point isn't to study them just to be like, Wow, those people are really horrible people. The whole point is to see the parallels and to be able to be introspective and look and see, you know, are you making the same mistakes that they're making? And maybe that's the principle of history is don't look at what they are rather did their time is done. Look at what you're doing. Exactly. Exactly. And so

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yeah, that's that's what I will have is just

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to close on it we'll have to reflect on the the blessings that you have and your level of appreciation and thankfulness for these blessings Allah as it continues to give and give where's where's Our thankfulness? You know, if we're in the month of Ramadan, you're talking about one of the you know, you're giving away your your food, of course, you're not eating, you're giving a lot of charity and people may even get frustrated in the month of Ramadan because of how much charity they're expected to give. But when you look at how much Eliza good has given you, one of the my favorite statements that I heard a couple of months ago by you know, we were just getting rocked.

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When one misdeed one Ramadan, yeah, every day seemed like there was a fundraiser, okay. And I remember people crossing the street to go pee in another mission. And they would walk into fundraisers, they were like, What is going on? are so frustrated. So they ask the chef and they said chef,

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like how much is so much? Yeah, how much is too much. And so the chef, this was a different ship with that. So it was like the amount with the most.

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So they asked a different chef. And he said, he said, as long as you expect a lot to give you then expect to give, okay? And that was very profound for me, if you're expecting a risk of Allah and His blessings, and all of that to come every single day then. But that kind of doesn't that kind of fly in the face of like the fact that it is a loss, attribute and ease, have unlimited resources. But yet, you might see your resources as limited. But then if you tie that back to your resources being tied to a decimal point, yeah, okay. And the province of Salem is telling me that unfilter Yeah, VLAN VLAN is like the one who has the least out of all of the companions. And then he says, well,

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adduction I mean, the last year colada and don't fear stinginess when it comes to the one who's the possessor of the throne, because if you give he's gonna give you That's the promise. That's the equation. So you give and don't fear stinginess from Allah.