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Sh. Tawfique discusses the need to help our Muslim brother and sisters and why it is important.


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The importance of activating the Muslim community to fight drugs and addictive drugs is emphasized, along with the success of Islam in bringing people to a new theology. The speakers stress the need for individuals to be mindful of their emotions and not harms others. The success of Islam in bringing people to a new theology is also highlighted, along with the importance of gaining knowledge and wealth to achieve success. The speakers urge individuals to find good Islamicorganizations and charities, find a Muslim cause, and stay true to Islam while working for the future. They also provide advice on becoming a true leader and finding happiness and peace in one's life.

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awake my brothers and sisters Islam awake. The time is now. Yeah you are Latina mahna mahna comida Tina comin through feasability La, La La

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La La Hera, woman

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in LA Luckily, what is wrong with you all Muslims are people of Eman when it is said to you go out in the path of Allah help LSD help Allah, give a lot alone help your Muslim brothers and sisters that you stick to the earth. Are you happy with the life of this dunya what is the life of this dunya in the hereafter except very, very simple, very

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alone. It doesn't even worthy of mention.

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My brothers and sisters Islam

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it Nakayama Rahim Allah he wrote in his lunia very amazing poetry. One of the most amazing things that he wrote in his no Nia is that he said horrible. Men are great tiller the hula hula who follow bearbrick enough Siva Shai Pani? What did he say? He said mankind runs away from the slavery that they were created for. And so Allah punish them by being slaves to their own selves and slaves to the shaitan Yes, Allah. How true is this? We are running away from one slavery. We are all slaves of Allah azza wa jal, we're running away from that slavery. So Allah has made us slaves to other things. My brothers or sisters in Islam, very early in the history of Islam. We find examples of

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when the young men and young women rise up, that Islam flourishes and shines, my brothers and sisters who are young in the audience, if you have a passion and a vision for this oma and you rise up and lead the Ummah, the oma will follow you. They will follow you. The Messiah will follow you, the leaders of the oma will follow you I will follow you. Mercy mission will follow you. If only you can inspire us to a vision. And if only you can inspire us towards a direction and wake up this oma from the slumber that we have fallen into

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the system Islam. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam was a young boy was a young boy when he took the affairs in his hands. What did he do? He waited till his people had left that he took the axe and he broke all the idols except the biggest one. What was Abraham's age at that time? A very simple 12 or 13 years old, or 14 years old, a kind of fussy young boy Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam at that age. He wanted to show his people the truth about ship

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called New summit and after 10 years, the guru whom you call Allah Ibrahim, they said we heard a young boy mentioning them his name is Ibrahim. So just because you're young doesn't mean you can't have their face in your hands. Just because you're young doesn't mean you can't correct the people. You are young, it doesn't matter. You are young allows giving you Energy Act now the old money you have now. Side Nabil waqqas radi Allahu taala Who said I attended the Battle of butter and I did not have a single hair on my face. Not a single hair on my face. How Young was he? how young was he?

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Mohammed bin Qasim Mohammed bin al Qasim, the great conqueror. He conquered sinned and he conquered the northern parts of India at the age of 17 years old. Mohammed Al Fatah, Sultan Muhammad Fatah, the Turkish man who conquered Constantinople 800 years after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed Constantinople will be conquered, what a beautiful army, that army will be, and what a great conqueror that conqueror will be. Who was in fact, at the age of 10. He was sitting with a chef and the chef was reading this hadith out to him. So he said, insha Allah, I will be that man. In sha Allah will be that man at the age of 18 years old. He conquered Constantinople at the age of

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18 years old.

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My brother's sister Islam.

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I don't know how many more examples you want me to give you.

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But the Quran and Sunnah and the history of the Muslim men are replete with examples of how when the Shabaab and when the youth rise up, that Islam has a voice

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Islam has a chance.

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I am no longer a sharp

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I have white hairs in my beard and I white hairs in my head lahoma Stan, I'm not sharp anymore, but my hope and my dreams and my aspirations rests with those brothers and sisters who have yet to have white hairs on their hair and on their faces. My vision, my hope my dreams all rests with you all that if amongst you, Allah subhanho wa Taala inspires people of action, then but Allah this oma has a hope. And if amongst you, Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't inspire action, then this almost truly lost. In authentic narration we hear that Omar Abdul Aziz love the Allahu taala and who who was known as the fifth Khalifa Masha Allah, he had

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he had a son and the sun are our Abdulaziz rhodiola Callahan, who was known as Abdul Malik. Abdul Aziz used to say Alhamdulillah Hilary jolly was he Rahman, Abdul Malik Ebony, Glory be to Allah who has given me a helper from my family. Abdul Malik my son, Elijah will humble your hem Allah. He said Abdul Malik was a very righteous and pious man, a young boy who was a very righteous and pious person. He used to help his father in the affairs of the of the dunya and of the deen and unfortunately Abdul Malik passed away before he's passed away. However, this is the lesson. Even Roger continues and he says, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave Abdulmalik to Omar Abdul Aziz as a lesson

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to all the sons of the dunya so that they help their fathers and they help their families in doing that which is good in this dunya Yes, Allah help your father help your mother help your families in achieving that which is great for this oma. If they are not awake, you wake them up. If they're asleep, wake them up gently tell them but Allah to work for the author of or indeed if they do so they will have the dunya as well. Otherwise they will have nothing of the hereafter. The daughter even sunny wrote to her she used to say Yama*a, Shabbat Emmylou for in new light to llama for Shabbat. She used to say Oh, the Shabbat or the young men and women in the

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work now for indeed I have seen in my life. Verily, the hard work happens once whilst you're young. So my young brothers and sisters in Islam, the time is now for you to do something for this oma. The time is now for you to do something and make a real definite pact with you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. to divorce this dunya and to marry the hereafter. The time is now for you to make a real impact in this dunya but Allah because the oma really needs your help to all my elder brothers and sisters in the audience, to all my elder brothers and sisters, those that are not Chabad. But Allah I have some advice for you. And that advice is what al Bukhari radi Allahu taala, who was mentioned

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from him. It was reported that Buhari radi Allahu taala and who, as he was getting older and older, he was getting even more eager about Howdy. The more older he was getting, the more eager he got about heavy until Mr. Muslim rhodiola who said about al Bukhari Rahim Allah, what did he say? He said, Well, I he, towards the end of the life of Al Bukhari, he used to get up 20 times at night.

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20 times at night, you will be restless sleeping at night. Why? Because you would get up in order to write some Hadith down that was on his mind.

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Also, even after him one of the great scholars of the Hanbury mother, he said, Well, now that I'm 80 years old, I find that my desire for helping the oma and for gaining knowledge is even more severe than it was when I was 20 years old.

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My brothers and sisters who are elder in the audience, you don't have the distractions that youth have. You don't have the distractions that you would have you are wise, you have life experience, under your belt, you know about Allah, the truth about many things that Shabaab is still confused about. So focus yourself focus yourself now on gaining knowledge focus yourself now on helping the oma

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to where would you take your wealth and money to where would you take it but Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said an authentic narration in Muslim Ummah, the children of even Adam will not cease to love this dunya and whatever is in it until his stomach is full of dirt in the grave.

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We will not cease to love this dunya all of us love

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This including me but Allah, we will continue to desire, money and wealth and provisions until our bellies are filled with the dirt of our grades to my elderly brothers and sisters in the audience. I urge you all, find good Islamic organizations, find good charities, find a Muslim cause, find some Muslim mean that I need, give half your wealth away. Give half your wealth away. What will you do with that wealth, it will stay for you in the Hereafter, Allah will give it back to you. Allah will save your face on that day, Allah will build your shade on that day, the time is now before you pass away, don't wait till the Angel of Death comes when your wealth is already known by your

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inheritance. Otherwise, do you love the wealth of your inheritance more than your own wealth? right in your wills? Now? Give your money away in the cause of Allah now. Spend your time now in helping Allah and is the how much more wealth Do you want to earn? How much more time is there left by Allah, you already are going to enter the grave very soon. But Allah, my brothers and sisters, this is the reality. This is the reality from the bottom of my heart. I asked all my brothers and sisters to really wake up and do what they can for the moment. And my final advice

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is for the illuma and the Musharraf and the leaders of this oma to the Anima and the Messiah for the leaders of this ummah, my advice is for them to come together and have a clear idea of what they want to do. We are working all of us in different fields. We're working all of us in different spheres, different organizations pulling in different ways. It doesn't really help much. It helps when we work together. It helps when we complement each other. We don't have to be under one body, but that's not required. What is required, however, is to complement each other and support each other is to find out what each other's visions are and to support that. And by Allah to my messiahs.

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Mr. LMR My advice for you all is to become true leaders. Just because you're a chef doesn't make you a leader. A leader is a servant of his people. A leader is a visionary, a leader is someone who does the action and shows by his values. Just because you're a chef, you can't be a leader. Don't assume leadership just because you're a chef. Prove it with your actions. Prove it with your vision. Prove it with the advice that you give the Shabaab guide the Shabaab because they don't have a clarity of vision, guide them towards what you want them to do and where you want them to go. Something that is devoid of self benefit. Something that is clearly towards benefit of this of this oma, my brothers

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and sisters Islam.

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Well, la isla de la ilaha illa. If we spend our time struggling for the cause of this Deen, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make our lives very, very beautiful. Let me tell you a little bit about my life

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a few months ago was very difficult, very difficult. Working as a medical doctor living in Australia, trying to make ends meet, trying to find enough money to look after the rent and the family, trying to provide for the woman whatever it needs, doing the medical work, at the same time as doing the Bau work as much as possible. It was a nightmare. nightmare. Well like the health suffers as you can see, the body suffers, the mind suffers, everything suffers will lie. But But Allah is the one who perseveres, Allah has amazing life for him. My life now, I'm sure if you knew how great my life is, now you would fight me for it. If you knew what is in my heart, how much peace

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I have, how much thankfulness I have, how much happiness I have in my heart, you would fight me for it. Because by law, there is nothing like working for the claws of Allah. Every day I wake up and all that's on my mind is Allah and his cause. Every day I wake up and all I wake up to is perhaps a meeting for a mercy mission work somewhere or a phone call from a brother who needs something regarding the dour. Can you imagine that? how Allah subhanho wa Taala has made my sleep and my waking time, all for his cause. And this is by Allah mercy from him. This is not praising myself for life. But this is by asking and telling you about what is happening to me asking you to make similar

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choices for your own life. Because we all can work for the hereafter but Allah it only needs a little bit of courage. Yes, my pay scale has taken a hit. Yes, I have less money now than I had before. Yes, I am a bit more difficulty in that regard. But But Allah Allah gives in other ways you cannot imagine. Allah gives in ways you cannot imagine. Allah gives ease just by moving to a different country. My cost of living is almost half. I eat the same food. I drive a better car. I live in a better home. I now have home help to come and help my wife at home.

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I have a teacher that is the cousin of one of the great scholars of Medina teaching my kids who earn. I have all of this now I never had this before. Verily I found in my life, that when you take a path in order to help Allah, Allah helps you in ways you cannot imagine. How much would it cost me to bring a chef over from Medina to teach my kids over here? It would have cost me a lot of money. How much would it have cost me to live in the same house? Somewhere here? My brothers and sisters in Islam? I asked you all to make similar sacrifices for the cause of Allah. Find wherever you are. A path to make Allah subhanho wa Taala and his Deen Supreme. Wherever you are, whoever you are,

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whatever age you are, make your cause only for the sake of Allah azza wa jal work for the hereafter. Verily, this dunya will come running to you. I promise. Our chef Jaffer. He told me, he told me and he told me many times you have to do what you love money will follow. While I'm doing what I love and money is following me. I do what I love and I have enough of money will hamdulillah and I'm not going hungry. Now is my family going hungry? The biggest thing that I have found that used to shackle me and probably shackles others is fear. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid is nothing to fear at all except Allah azza wa jal bravery is to overcome fear. How can you be brave unless you

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overcome fear, or you saying I don't have fear in my own heart when I do something? I have so much fear about law, but I overcome it with Oracle and Allah, I overcome it by thinking about the consequences. I overcome it, but depending on Allah, and by reading for and by saying my Salah, I overcome my fear my brothers and sisters, so must you overcome your fear. Do not be afraid of loss of wealth, do not be afraid of poverty. Do not be afraid about Allah that your family will give up on you. Continue in this path and never give up. Believe me believe in abundance Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala has written 50,000 years before we were created, how much wealth and how much

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money we will get. And by Allah we will not pass away until every bit of this world comes to us. No one here will die until we get exactly what Allah has written for us. So my brothers Islam, it doesn't matter about Allah. It doesn't matter. You live here or you work for this company, or that company. The provider is the same. The provider is the same It is Allah subhanho wa Taala believe this in your heart, and the stronger you believe in it, by Allah the stronger you become the brothers in Islam. I remember the BBC report.

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This BBC reporter went to Palestine and was interviewing this little girl whose house has been demolished her house this poor girl, her house had been demolished. So this BBC reporter was visibly very, very worried and concerned. You could see him almost about to break down and cry because of the sadness that he felt for this little girl that was in front of him. So he put the microphone to this little girl and said, What will you do now? Now that your house has been destroyed? How will you live? So this little girl said in Arabic, which the BBC reporter did not understand at that point, you know what she said? He said the one who provides for the birds will provide from

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inshallah, yes Allah. Allahu Akbar, for children like this. Allahu Akbar. For children like this. If I knew this daughter, I would have married this call to my son. Yes, Allah. Amazing class. Amazing pelicula Allah subhanho wa Taala amazing token Allah subhanho wa Taala. The one who provides for the birds will provide for you, the one who provide to the birds day in day out, will provide for you believe this in your hearts. believe this in your hearts.