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Episode Notes

In this third episode of Night Kalam, the Sheikh will be guiding and giving tips on:

Finding Mr. / Ms. Right
1. How to find them
2. Where to find them
3. How to know them


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The host of a Islam program discusses the importance of finding a good partner in one's life, including finding a good wife or partner who gives peace and happiness. The host emphasizes the importance of being a good person and not just looking for anyone, as one must be careful in selecting the right partner. The host also emphasizes the importance of having a strong and healthy foundation for one's life, including praying together and traveling together.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brother and sister Alhamdulillah. We welcome you back to this program. now living in this world, we know that we need

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to have a family. Maybe some people miss it. No, no, we don't need a family. But in reality, we all need family.

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Without a family, we wouldn't be here. And hamdulillah our parents have decided to have a family. And that's why we are here. What is important when you're talking about family, you are talking about? Where to find a good partner, a good wife? Or a good husband? Of course, elbow, do you have the intention to settle down sooner or later? But now, the important matters is that, do we just look for anybody, not anywhere to get a husband or a wife, there's going to be our lifetime partner.

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I think all of us will know that. No, we are not going to just look for anybody. We want to be very careful in selecting the right partner in our life, because we want peace. The reason we want to get married because we under find inner peace, we want to settle down. And then to do that, of course, you must be very careful in your selection. And that is why Islam, Deen of Islam give us a very, very important guidelines, in cases that the Prophet have said that if you want to get married, look for four things. Look, of course, we look at the beauty. We look at the line Nish.

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Who is this future husband of future wife, their family background, you look at the well, of course, we have the right to look into the barrel.

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And then lastly, is to look into the religion. Now Islam is here to guide us to make sure that our value is not just how the person look like the beauty will not last. The hemline is so there's no guarantee. And even we are it's not guaranteed. Today you are wealthy tomorrow, we do not know what what is the most valuable thing in life

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is happiness, happiness, to not just depend on the beauty. A lot of people have handsome husband, beautiful couple. But they still have a lot of problems, a lot of trouble, no peace. Because they don't have religion.

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Religion guarantees peace. And the Prophet even said that when you went to look for somebody there is, of course, one important thing is the environment where you're looking for this good people, places. So it's important. I mean, if you want the righteous person, you don't go to just any area because the environment and play a very important role. If you want to look for a good wife, and then you go to the nightclub and the car, Okay, you know what kind of environment is that? So I don't think that there is the right place for you to look for a good wife or a good husband. Just as an example in them. I'm not saying 100% that these people who are in that environment is cannot be

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good, they can be good, but normally, no that kind of background will also create a lot of misunderstanding in the future. So if you are a religious person, you want your partner to be also a religious

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sister or a just brother, so that you have the better understanding that you can share everything together, you pray together, you do righteous together, you fast together, this is very, very important to make sure that our family is built upon a very strong and healthy foundation for the sake of Allah. Allah mean. Now when you have that kind of understanding and the same kind of, of interest, Masha, and whatever you're doing the future for the sake of Allah, when you want to learn the deen when you want to do something good to help the poor and the needy, and then you see nobody will support you, your partner.

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support you, he or she will be with you. That's what we want in life. We get together we pray together, we travel together. Now we fast together, we do everything together. And that's what a family is. But if you find the wrong partner, you know what's going to happen to you, you go your way. No, he, she will go who with and sometimes even the first day of it, no, the husband go to this area, and we'll go to enter the area. There's no love anymore. There's no togetherness. You know, togetherness is very important in a family.

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So it's very important to all the brothers and sisters to be very wise in choosing the right partner and the right partner, inshallah, if you have made the right choice, you will see inshallah, your ending will be a good ending for you and for the coming generation. To the extent you will bring a lot of happiness to our children. So May Allah blesses me allocators. And may Allah help those who are committed to the deal. I mean, terrible. I mean, they were afraid that one 100 level Allah means behind behind the shoulder like

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a stack of alcohol to boil it. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.