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Why did latino Ecuadorian Diego a former Christian and popular party promoter who was into Music,dancing and drinking decide to accept Islam? Tune in to find out in this weeks show.

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Hola, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. Thank you for tuning in for another episode of the deen show where every week, same time, same channel, we got another exciting story for you of someone who lived that life, the battery, a life that doesn't bring peace and happiness. If you've been wanting to know the purpose of life, why you've been created? If you've been wanting to know,

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is there more to life than just chasing that man or woman, the money, the material things? things that don't bring peace and happiness? Are you disrespectful to your parents or not? Are you not given the rights that others have upon you, then you want to tune in for this show. Because if you have that void inside, and you've been taking Xanax, and you've been filling it with drugs and alcohol and all these other things, and it's not going away, this guest of ours, he was having a void and he was living a life that many of you out there live in today. That's not bringing you peace and happiness. So we want to benefit from his story. That's why we brought him on Diego. Here

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on the show. We'll be right back with his wonderful story. Don't go anywhere.

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Welcome back to the deen show. We got Diego in the house. Peace be with you. So Michael, how you doing Diego La Jolla, my Latino brother has to apply spaniel see silly question as someone who's native But no, there's some Spanish that don't speak Spanish str right. And we were born here. But you were born in America. I was born in America, my family's from Ecuador. For Ecuador. Yes. And you still kept with the language you still speak you speak it in your house, you speak it? Yes. And hamdulillah we, as the first language, Spanish and we speak it at home to our parents and hamdulillah we try to keep that we definitely don't want to let that go. And we try to pass it on to

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our children as well. Yeah. So the people heard me mentioned when I opened the show, they mentioned what is predominant with many of the youth, even adults, nightclubs, partying, you know, trying to get to a level of prestige, with money. So you can have a nicer car, nicer suit, nicer dressed to go out with get the attention from the boys from the ladies. And the boys just going around looking for the girls, they're on the hunt. So not really respecting the parents disobeying the parents, just living a life of desire. So there are many parents tuning in, and they're like, yeah, my son, my daughter, they're out of control, right? You were out of control. Actually, I was to a certain

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I preferred my friends or my family. My mom would like to have family gatherings or, you know, wanted us to be, you know, more in tuned with family. But I preferred you know, hanging out my friends, whenever they have something to do, I would choose to them. If I gave my family time, would it be very short. And that's the type of lifestyle that I enjoy the parties, you know, hanging out with, with friends with fat with women, the clubs and everything that comes along with that. And just basically wasting wasting time, I found myself times where you know, just hanging out outside, not doing anything in the cold just because I wanted to be outside. So it was a little bit hanging

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out in the cold just to be you know, just a group of friends just hanging out less in the park or, you know, just obviously just not doing anything. And just because I did not want to be at home just because I didn't want to be with my family. And just because I wanted to I prefer my friends over them, which was very unfortunate. You know, but that's that's what I was caught up in were people always trying to fit in and trying to do whatever, you know, monkey trick it took to kind of fit in to be like, with the cool people around. Definitely. We used to have little clubs in high school and then even before that, where you had to do certain things, you know, you had to dress a certain way.

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You had to look a certain way you had to act with with the women or the girls in certain ways in order to be part of that quote unquote Cool, cool group.

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And then everyone else was put on the side. So you had the popular kids, and then everyone else. So where did you fit in? I tried to fit in with the, with the popular kids, you know, so I did find myself in that in that circle.

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And even when I went to high school when my brother was there, he was already a junior and senior when I joined, and I wanted to be with, with them now with my brother. So every time I saw my brother in school, I kind of shied away because he was, uh, you know, almost finishing he was, you know, part of the intelligent group. And I was, I want to be with with, with a popular kids. Now your family, you came from a background of Catholicism? Yes. Well, your your parents practicing the religion. My parents were my mom was very, she was very religious, she always believed in God. And, you know, she was the one who took us to church every Sunday, and kind of, you know, advise us, you

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know, to do the same as far as religion and to believe in God. But as far as what I what I felt and what, my heart wasn't really attached to religion in that way. My my take on it was, if I do something wrong, or run to the church, I'll light up a candle, I'll pray a few Hail Marys, a few are fathers. And I'll feel like a new man once I step out. And because of that, I felt like I can do anything else. Anything that I wanted. And I usually kind of steered back into the wrong direction. But all I had to do was run back to the church and do the same. So it wasn't something that I was really feeling. It was just kind of acting and you know, nothing really came from the heart. What

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Why do you think so many people are drawn to doing what you are doing just to hanging out with the homeboys, you know, chasing girls, going to the house parties, or the nightclubs, you kind of graduate, right? You can't get into the nightclub, because you need to be 21. Right? But then certainly people have house parties, right? Because they get the pegs. Right? So do you have some of those? Why do people why are people drawn to that?

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It's an easy lifestyle. It's fun, quote, unquote, fun for for the time, a lot of people say that you want to, you know, live your life to the fullest. And I used to be the ones who host the parties. I used to host some parties. You were like a promoter. Yeah. And like, you know, because of that, that group that I was in, you know, have the parties at the house.

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And that was kind of, you know, was there a cover charge? Did you make some money? Sometimes Sometimes we charged saw other times, you know, we just invited people just I know, Diego,

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free, you know, it was a small basement, but we crammed a lot of people in and, you know, felt like the men now you feel in the party, right? Well, you're like Donnie Brasco, or, you know, Tony Montana, or you for like, so that's the kind of relationship and that's kind of feeling that you want to have, you know, you go back to school the next weekend, the next week, and you have a sense of, you know, oh, that was a cool party, and that we're talking they're giving you exactly that attention is what I what I wanted. And but at times, it was very limited, you know, so every time it kind of faded down, you want to do something else to bring it to bring it back up. You're

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identifying with a lot of the youth now that are watching this, or people that have been there done that some people still in the same ship that's sinking? That's a sinking ship, of course, isn't it, you got drugs, no good for you the bottom line at the end of the line, you keep doing drugs, you're going to be a failure, is that right? If we keep drinking alcohol, you're going to be a failure, you keep chasing your lessons, that you're going to be a failure so that that's a loser lifestyle. For many people that tuning into connecting, because there may be parents that are friends or talking about live the purpose of life to the creator's told you to live fulfill that live that you'll have

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peace, you'll be successful. When you die, you'll get paradise, they're not hearing it. But now they're identifying with you. They're like, why did he leave that? You know, he was like a popular guy. He was doing the things that I want to do. But were you happy? Actually, I wasn't I made my family sad. in numerous occasions, I find, I find, I found myself Excuse me, I'm kind of, you know, just trying to fit in. And even because of that fitting in, I found myself in a hospital numerous of times, I had alcohol poisoning, just because I wanted to fit in. I got arrested numerous occasions, just because I wanted to be the one that people came to. There was a time in high school where, you

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know, I was with a group of friends and just because I had the car, or that my car that my brother loved me. And I want to drive everybody around and be the one to cut class and not go to school. I got arrested with a whole bunch of other kids. And, you know, you know, I mean, my parents said, you know, kind of disappointed them. And that happened in numerous occasions, which, you know, after, you know, after a certain time, you know, it's not it's not a cool Life to Live is not it's not really you know, something that you can benefit from so you guys are just riding around cruisin for a bruisin What do you got 1215 in the back your broom and a bass and yeah, everybody's just like a

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zombie. Boom, boom, boom, bop.

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In their heads, that sense is a no purpose. Absolutely no purpose. It's like driving to something just going to one place from one place to another map. Like Where are you going? We're just head down to the driving blind driving blind. That's a good example. No driving blind, many people are driving blind. We care that's what we're sharing your story with the world. We'll be right back with Diego on why he is living the purpose of life as from the crater, and it brings peace, joy and happiness the rest of his story when we come back here on the deen show, let's see what everyone's talking about.

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I shall do lol Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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But the argument here is that God out of his love

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because in all honesty, if you really wanted to do something, you're gonna find a way where there's a will there's a way Absolutely.

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There are a few problems here. Why were people of generations and generations and generations being told to worship one God asked that God for forgiveness, ask him for for salvation, seek His mercy, no one else's.

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So he picked up the Quran, which is the last and final Testament, the last and final revelation

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16 years, eight years inactive reserves and eight years.

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But the bottom line is that I'm an ophthalmologist, I'm a specialist in cataract and refractive surgery on the medical director for major ISIS.

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These are not God. God is the one who created everything in this universe. That's the one I'm going to worship and prostrate to how can you go wrong doing that?

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Don't believe in Him, you're out of Islam. Top 10 reasons why Jesus cannot be God. Let's get right to it. Number 10, number 10.

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Back here on the deen show with Diego and you got a wonderful story to tell, like many of the people that are out there, they're living a fantasy in their head that make the CD of the newest popstar that came out, throw it in the car, and they're booming the system. And now maybe they got you know, the girls in the back and guys in the front of both mixed in or just cruising car accidents. You had a car accident that actually at that point. Now one point that you You almost died, right? Actually, yeah, unfortunately. You know, I when I was in the whole party still in the party scene and still trying to, to blend in and not necessarily blend in for the popularity of it. But more because I was

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already into that lifestyle.

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And one time he did go to a party, and there was drinking involved. And I was supposed to go to a different event.

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Another party per se, but I had to go drop someone off, which was about maybe 1520 miles from where I needed to go. So once I did that once I dropped off this person and was going I was on my way. I kind of woke up and I woke up outside of my car.

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And I was looking into the looking onto my car and it was already damaged the whole driver side It was a car accident. I got into a car accident, but I didn't know I drove about maybe like five miles unconscious. I didn't know what was going on. I woke up with a car already smashed. The drivers, the driver side completely, you know, basically smashed in. And a lot of people said, you know, how did I survive? I was looking with a whole bunch of people on the sidewalk. And I even asked the individual next to me, I said What happened? He said you got into a car accident. And for me, it for me it didn't happen. I didn't realize it, I didn't feel it. And I felt like you know a lot took me

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out of that situation without harming me. But I did obviously get in trouble with the law again. And at that point, my brother came to me and said, we have to make a change and we have to do something that is going to allow us to get closer to Allah and better our relationship with Allah and create something that you know, we get away from this because it wasn't helping us It wasn't benefiting me. At that point. See my family kind of cut down but still supportive have the law they never pushed me away. They were always supportive. And that was something that you know, these these people my parents were giving me so much support and love but I'm over here doing these things to this obey

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them and kind of leave them on the side. And when it wasn't benefiting anyone, So at what point now, did you realize okay, I got to start living the true purpose of why I've been created this lifestyle is getting played out. It's getting tired. Yes. Okay. So at what point did you accept this way of life? What How did you conclude

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That okay? This is not just another religion is not a man made religion it's not an organized religion organized by man or men. It's the way of life from the creator providing proof evidence is beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is from the Creator. And now I need to submit to a God wants me to do I need to obey Him because Hellfires true, Paradise is true. And at the end, we're going to be judged on a day of judgment. And if I live this, you know, debauchery lifestyle, hedonistic lifestyle, just chasing the boys and getting their attention instead of the attention of the Creator. If I just keep submitting to my desires, I've got a good chance I'm going to end up

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definitely in the hellfire. But if I do good, live good, I'm going to have peace, tranquillity a lot, and I'll have paradise what At what point did you realize this is the truth, and I want to get to paradise. Right? My brother accepted Islam first, he was a monster first and our family to accept Islam. And I always knew that there was something with my relationship with a religion. Like I mentioned before going to church and just trying to pray. I knew there was something someone out there that I had to turn to. It wasn't my parents, it wasn't the priest, I had to turn to someone. And when my brother accepted Islam, I said that it wasn't for me, I didn't want to leave the

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lifestyle. And but I knew that there was something missing in my life. So I asked, I asked God, or whoever was up there, too. If this is right for me, and this is something that's going to benefit me something good for me, too, please, just place it in my heart, because I wasn't able to decide on my own. My desires were too great. I didn't want to leave them off. And so the next morning, or a couple of days later, I kind of woke up with this desire of wanting to accept Islam, because it was clear, I had friends who were studied it, I had friends who were Muslim, I had friends who told me about Islam, and all these things that, you know, when my brother would go and ask questions that

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would be with him, he would answer some questions as well, because he was already learning. So everything made sense. As far as the creator Was it something like storybook story tales, Santa Claus down a chimney, like the fairy dust fairy tales and stuff that just like bizarre or when you're asked, when when when the truth was presented to you was something that's lucid, it's clear, it's not like this Hocus Pocus stuff, right? It was definitely clear. Yeah, it definitely makes sense. Because,

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you know, when you turn to Allah, when you turn to, to God, you have a purpose, you have a reason you don't have to turn to a man to a woman, to your parents to your brother, you're turning to the Creator, and you're having a real in you build a relationship directly with him. And so all of that made sense to me, the statues, the idols, the the angels of believing or worshipping them, they didn't make sense to me. So everything had clear evidence. The Qur'an had evidence, all the all the questions had answers to them, and everything makes sense, everything was clear. And to know that Allah is merciful, and to know that Allah, you know, will forgive you, as long as you do what you

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need to do, as long as you turn back to him, as long as you if you do something wrong, or if you have this type of lifestyle, but you return to Him, and you worship him the way he should be worship, it doesn't matter how high your sins are, it doesn't matter what kind of or how low you think you are, you turn back to Allah and Allah will forgive you and continue to help him. So all of that makes sense to me. And he's the most loving the most behind a law is the one who's the most merciful, that he forgives all sins, that for as long as we come to him with this, your heart doesn't look at your color, shape, size, but he looks at your heart. So your heart was yearning for

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the Creator, you called upon him, he facilitated the way Yeah, so call right now call call us one 800 662 Islam call now call on the creator alone, not his creation, not to a saint, not to Jesus, not to anything that's created, but to the one creator. And that's what you did. Let me digress a little bit and talk to our sisters in humanity and sisters in the deen, many who are seeking not the attention of the Creator, but the attention of the boys. They want to wear the tightest clothes, you know, the tawdriest outfits. And at the end, you know, the boys will sing them sweet nothings in their ear and lullabies. And at the end, they end up getting used and abused. They end up getting

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taken for a ride. Is this something because you were there? How do men view women? What do they want from a woman so we can help save the woman from being in a catastrophe? spatola You know, this is an unfortunate thing.

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But I'm able to appreciate it. Because in the in the past, that's how I was. I looked at women as just a figure. I didn't care too much about how they what they had inside of them, or you know how they thought it was just something physical, pure physical, and Allah created us in a way that, you know, men and women are attracted to each other. That's normal, but it's just how we go about it. And what we do in order to get together is the way that needs to be controlled. Unfortunately,

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Now, you find kids you find youth, teens, boys and girls just mixing in with one another. Just because they see things on TV, they hear things on a radio and the music. And they're just coming together trying to mix and trying to live that lifestyle. I find where I live in New Jersey, girls, young girls dressing in, in, in, basically in short clothing, very provocative variable evocative. But when they're walking by an adult or something like something like this, they try to cover themselves. Why? Because by nature, they feel a little bit uncomfortable. But then when in front of the boys, you know, they don't mind they think is something cool, something cute. But then they find

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themselves in difficult situations, maybe getting with getting together with a boy that doesn't really care he doesn't care about you doesn't care at all, and then leaves them off. And now these these girls, they end up pregnant. 11 years old get pregnant. 13 years old, pregnant. And but he said, but he said he loves he said he said Yeah. Is that a lie? For the most part it is. So it was part he'll say a boy will say anything, anything to get closer to the girl to get what he wants. Exactly. And that's unfortunate, because at the same time the boys are taught that. Yeah, you know, so it's kind of meant that he's got bragging rights now, you know, he's using your name, maybe

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writing it in a bathroom stall or something right? You pissed them off. Now put your phone number I had heard this, this kind of crazy stuff is going on? Definitely. Definitely. I mean, it happened in the past. And it's happening more so now. And unfortunately when the girl that repetition of the young girl now is ruined, but the repetition of the boy is on a high status now he's he's a more popular one in school. And it's a you know, it's not a fair trade. Yeah, definitely not a fit. So this is the protection Islam is the best self defense to protect the woman, protect the man, protect us from all the evil that's out there, calling you to everything pure, organic, good. And we'll be

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right back with more to talk about how you're more respectful to your parents. You're married. You respect the woman more. You respect yourself more. You're happy. You got peace. We'll be right back with Diego here in a de show. What happened my best friend. I don't see him here in LA opens a window so he can see his friend and help. He looks at you. Okay, can I pull you out? He doesn't say it. I said, Man, you almost took me to the party with you. You're the one who used to crack jokes with me about religion. You know that he was that guy. And then now imagine this guy who's in jail now looking at this and saying, Oh, thank God, I didn't listen to you. Because for a second year, I

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was thinking about it.

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He just saw hellfire. So he comes back into Jannah. And it's like he just got here for the first time. The words in the Quran are amazing. of a man.

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Are we not gonna die anymore? Really.

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We already knew that he's in Geneva, when he saw a glimpse of Hellfire, the most beautiful thing you can appreciate about gentlemen first and like it's a reintroduction to agenda was the first thing he says

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you're not going to be tortured.

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There's no more pain. That's the second thing you appreciate why cuz he just saw a train looks like

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back here on the D show a Diego. And we're reaching out to the whole of humanity. People who are watching us internationally all over the globe. And parents are sitting watching tight because they see that their daughter's drifting off. And you know what? We want the best for everybody. So we're giving them the inside scoop from someone who was in the scoop? Who was there been there done that Alhamdulillah all praises to the credit officer who guided you, as your parents, are they happy with you? They've even accepted Islam. Yes. My sister and my book separate Islam first. And it trickled down to myself, my mom after a couple years. And then just recently my father, which makes it really

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nice, you know, the family now we're able to interact with each other with a purpose with religion with God. And it kind of makes things you know, a lot smoother. Granted, we're not the perfect family, we still have our little arguments and things like that, but at least we know who to turn back to at least we know our purpose and how we need to be with each other. So how did they end up? Wait, who else in your family accepted? Islam? My brother, my brother, my mother and my father, in your in your your wives? Yes, we're both married and so our wives are Muslim and then hamdulillah Allah blesses with children. And inshallah, you know, we build the family and that way as well with

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our children, and I also have two cousins who accept that Islam

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you know, because of the interaction, you know, it's a little bit difficult with them as well. They're kind of you know, they have the surrounding their young girls, and they have the surrounding is difficult growing up, you know, nowadays, where in the city where I'm from, so a lot of Latinos are accepting this a lot of Latinos are accepting Islam. Yeah, especially in the areas that that are men. You know it, the family values are there, even before Islam, so it kind of just enhances it, you know, it brings family closer together.

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It gives us all reason, you know, again, we have a low we have God, and kind of just puts all the pieces together. How about for the boys, the young men, the old men who are sitting there writing poems for women's now they're sitting there and they're freaking out, man I got that's all he's thinking about all days, how's he going to get Susie q z, Fatima, and he's making lies, or even truths, but now he's gonna manipulate her in the wrong way just to get what he wants. Then he's got the black book, and he puts her name in there. Now when he's bored with a he goes to be, and it's a never ending cycle of destruction. He's trying to get away from it also, like when he thinks purpose

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of life, I'm not living it, there's a void, but then he goes back to pornography, he goes back to you know, drugs and alcohol, and he feels like, you know, I got to get out of it, but he's still in it. What advice do you have for him? I mean, it's a difficult situation, I would definitely, even for myself, you know, take it slow. Take it day by day. But you know, if God is involved, and if alleged involved, then, you know, as long as we turn back to him, and we worship Him, and we, we build that relationship, alone, we'll make it easy. But definitely not go overboard and not think that from one day to another, everything's gonna change. It is a progress, it is something that has

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to be done very slowly. Because if not, you know, we may fall even harder. We may not like a certain thing, and we may go back to it even worse. So day by day, take it easy, and just try to do things that you know, we all feel things that are correct. You know, hanging out with family, doing things that are good, and just try to busy ourselves with things that are more positive than trying to follow someone or trying to follow TV or movies and things of that nature. Yeah, the reward of Paradise did that entice you? Knowing that look, if I live a good life, this organic life that is pleasing to the Creator, because God doesn't need our worship? Of course, because some people have

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this false note Why should I worse yet? Does he need that he doesn't need it. But we need it because by worshiping God, we remember God we're more conscious of God, we live our purpose that we get to peace, and God wants the best from us. So if we remember God, we're going to become the best because we're going to be doing God's will not our desires. So the reward is paradise. Did that motivate you thinking about men paradise? I can have anything beyond imagination and Hellfire? That's the reality they have judgment. I'm either going here or there paradise and hope I did that motivate you to do good and stay away from evil. The the paradise, the paradise definitely motivates. What motivated me

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the most was the opposite end was the hellfire. Why? Because I was I knew that I was doing things that were incorrect. And one of the one of the major things was dishes, disrespecting, and disobeying my parents and family, which I know that that was a no no. So that kind of, you know, knowing that Hellfire is true, knowing the punishments or the Hellfire, knowing that I can end up there. If I continue this way, that kind of, you know, steered me in the right direction. So that was the motivation that I tried to find myself and and still until today, you know, try to keep those things in mind. You know that we're not free from it. We just have to keep on trying. We have

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to keep on worshipping Allah, we have to God we have to keep on, you know, being obeying our family, our parents, being kind to people, and doing things that are good doing things that benefit ourselves, our family, and everyone else around us being good doing good for last minute that we have, tell the people tell them in Spanish translated English. For those who are tuning in, they don't know much, but they are enticed by what we had to say about only worshipping the Creator, not as creation, living a good life, how God wants us to live. And now the way of life that they were upon. They're like, I don't want to worship a man or a woman and this life is just getting played

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out. Tell them in Spanish, what's the first thing they should do? What's the first thing you did explain to them a little bit about Islam? Talk to them please, in Spanish in English, do both simultaneously to see if you can do it juggle both juggle both definitely go back into the religions of Catholicism Christianity, we all believe in one God. So go back to the to the roots of it.

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At hydrosol Allah, Allah Allah really Whoa, okay, solo and a career, in their case alone dios and just basically, you know, start from there, believing that believe there's only one one creator, and then everything else will fall into place and then branch off into believing that the prophets that he sent prophets and messengers

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to to guide us to help us to aid us in having a better lifestyle and to living a straightforward lifestyle.

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And for the translation purpose by the Canadian laws, Mr. Harris was prepared that Ken knows Kevin hironaka knows, he knows miniato comesa his para user knows English Raveena Yeah, so go back to what's common between a lot of saying go back to comment was becoming between us and you that you worship none but the creator and don't set up a partner next to him. And in many of these books that have been changed over time, you still see the pure monotheism

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Not worshiping the creation but worshipping the one guy. And when people start to call upon the one God and seeing that his message was sent through the messengers, right, yes, that they'll come to know that men Jesus was a messenger. And he talked about another messenger coming after Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and then they'll do what you did. And over 1.5 million don't testify that there's nothing worthy of worship except to one God and Muhammad is the last and final messengers. And then they'll accept Jesus the law as one of the messengers along with Abraham, Moses. And that's what makes a Muslim isn't it? So just tell him one time repeat after me. There's

00:30:32--> 00:30:41

nothing worthy of worship but the Creator of the heavens and earth is nothing worthy of worship, but the heavens are the creators advantage give it to him in Spanish? No, I in England, dios except

00:30:43--> 00:30:57

Allah. Case MRSA, nuestra other assume he understood as or as soon as worship the creator I love saying is worship the creator and not his creation, the demos Gala. vara, use

00:30:58--> 00:31:42

the OSA Allah in no luck ratio. Maybe we've got some people in Spanish now waiting at the lines. They can call us anytime one 800 662 Islam, Spanish misspellings. Yamada or not your centers? One 800 will not just Santos six six to say say is does Islam Islam? You also have a you're the president of a company, a design company, where can people go to I got like this cool shirt says I am Muslim. Awesome. Yeah, we, we do graphic design and printing. And we kind of branched into doing some apparel for the youth. We had, we saw t shirts, from the rappers and you know the mainstream, they have all these messages, messages that are have curse words and have, you know, these l

00:31:42--> 00:32:21

messages that we didn't feel, especially the Muslim youth, it was the right direction for them to go to. So we try to create something with a little more purpose, a little bit more meaning and as a form of calling other people to Islam. Some of our messages on our shirts actually intrigue the non Muslims. They ask questions kind of opens the doors, makes it easy, you know, getting through the fashion aspect of it. And so as we started to try to help, and this whole changing of you know the way the youth and the Muslims think may Allah reward you to be the Creator of the heavens and reward you thank you for being with us made this program the benefit to so many people who are lost out

00:32:21--> 00:32:39

there in a jungle of confusion and inshallah they call upon the Creator. hearing your story calling upon the creator alone to guide them like you did only God. Only the Creator. How you say that Spanish solo solonius solo on your sound? Yes. How you say goodbye, Spanish. Adios. Adios, amigos. Please be with you. You too.

00:32:41--> 00:33:15

And that's another brother story of how he came to this beautiful way of life doesn't matter if you're French or Chinese, African American, Latino, this Russian, German, Greek, this way of life is for everybody. It's a way of life that brings you peace, happiness, something that money can't buy. So turn to the owner of peace, the one who created you, the one who took care of you when you're in your mother's womb, the one who's providing you with the air that you breathe, the food that you eat. That's the one God The one who created Jesus Moses, Abraham and sent them with a mission, a mission to call you to paradise to purpose and the last and final messenger sentimental kind of

00:33:15--> 00:33:54

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon all of them. They all came and taught and brought the same message worship only the Creator who created you not his creation and obey the message that was said call us operators standing by 106 six to Islam we don't need your money. We don't need your money. We just need you to really reflect and think why you've been created here in his story. I hope it motivates you to do good to be good to be upon this way that brings you everything that money can buy peace, prosperity and dislike paradise in the next you want to avoid the Hellfire we got one shot to get it right before death overtakes us all then it's too late. We'll see you next time visit us get the new

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dounia to Dean at this website here at DVD calm we'll see you next time. God willing Peace be with you. And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the creator instead of any of the creations.

00:34:09--> 00:34:27

Now it upon investigating the villages I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is well Muslim is those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who cement that submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure. It was just you just pray to god you create