Explaining Jihad to USA Emigration and Customs

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misconceptions and legalization of Jihad, the word "vanilla" used in Islamic language. They also discuss the use of the word "vanilla" in English for pride and self defense, and the importance of spreading truth and falsehood. The speaker emphasizes the need to strive and fight for peace and achieve happiness.
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And today

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the word which is maximum misunderstood in Islam. It is the word jihad.

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Not only is there a misconception amongst the non Muslims regarding the word jihad, there is even a misconception amongst many Muslims regarding the Arabic word jihad.

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Many people think that any war fought by any Muslim for any reason, whether it be for power, whether it be for personal gain, whether it be for money, it is called as jihad. Any war fought by any Muslim for any reason whether it be for power for personal gain for money is not called as jihad. Jihad is an Arabic word coming from the word Giada, which means to strive, which means to struggle.

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In Islamic context, it means to strive and struggle against one's own evil inclination. It also means to strive and struggle to make the society better.

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It also means to strive and struggle in the battlefield in self defense. It also includes to strive and struggle against oppression.

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That basically means to strive and struggle. If a student is striving and struggling to pass the examination, it means he's doing jihad.

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So Jihad basically means to strive and struggle.

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And many of the non Muslims they translate the word jihad into English as holy war, and unfortunately many so called Muslim scholars and noted commerce, even they translate the others holy war, holy war in Arabic.

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The word if you want to translate holy one data big, it is herbal mocha.

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The word herbal mocha DESA does not exist anywhere in the Quran. It does not exist anywhere in any of the Hadith of the prophets, Allah salah.

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This word holy war was first used to describe the Crusaders. When the Crusaders in the name of Christianity they killed 1000s of people. They termed it as a holy war. And today they're using that word for the Muslims.

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See how the media is for the use of the word fundamentalist for the Christians now they're for the Muslims, holy word was used for the Christian Crusaders. Now they're the for the Muslims say Jihad holy war.

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They are basically means to strive and struggle, and every Muslim should be a die. And beloved Prophet said it's a hadith of Bokhari. Bendigo and Nivola Maya propagate, even if you know one verse, you can't say no, I will wait till I become like Sheikh Hamad, and then start doing Dawa, the time will never come. Even if you don't want most of Islam. As long as you know it correctly, it's your duty to propagate it. Every Muslim shouldn't be a dime.

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The problem is the aren't following the commandments of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the reason we are in the state, Allah says he will not help people who will not help themselves.

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Who's to blame.

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And after 911, it has reached epidemic levels. maligning Islam, and I had gone to USA two years back

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in October 2003.

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I'd gone to Los Angeles

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and I was prepared,

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wearing a tie and a coat, beard that goofy, else prepared that I will be questioned. They have to be prepared. So when I went in immigration, oh, we are kept go for inquiry. I was prepared. They asked me why have you come here? I said, I'm getting an award award for what I said award for humanity, the organization in Los Angeles and USA giving me an award for humanity. What work have you done? I told him, I spread truth, Jesus Christ peace be upon him said seeking the truth. And the truth shall free you. I'm a person who spread truth.

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I was in line, I'm a die. I'm studying didn't hack version of throat

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and asked me various question to cut the incident shot through an event to the customer opened my bag

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in the form of video cassette, Jihad and terrorism.

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They asked me

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Do you believe in jihad? I said yes.

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Even Jesus Christ will be upon him believing. He said you have to strive. Even I believe in striving. I believe in what Jesus Christ people said that you have to strive. No, no, I mean, do you believe in fighting? I said it is mentioned in the Bible.

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In the book of Exodus, chapter number 20, do you have to fight? It's mentioned the Bible in the book of Exodus. Do you have to fight in the book of Numbers step number 31. We have to fight.

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Jesus guys peace be upon him says in the Gospel of Luke.

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Tip number 22 that take the sword and fight

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but then the customer for the being a Christian. That's in self defense. I said that even if I

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may go Mister, can I ask you one more question? I said no problem. I just told my host that when I'm just doing downline delegation don't bother.

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I have a die, they should not get scared of truth.

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I started my talk by quoting the verse in the Quran from Surah Surah chapter number 17 was number 81. Luckily, John Martin in millibar, Tila kindness hookah when truth and falsehood for supership for falsehood, it's back Anita bond finish and Alhamdulillah after 911 Everything has become strict with Allah become stigma hamdulillah I've traveled after 911 to USA to Canada to UK to Australia to Malaysia to Singapore, and I've gotten your visa who has a five year visa of UK Canada two years is a humbling lesson Muhammad Allah yet I do not mince my words. I'm very clear. When I go for lectures and come for lectures. When I go for spreading truth. I say I've come for spreading the truth.