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Juz’ 4: Al-‘Imran 92-200 – An-Nisa’ 1-23
Al-‘Imran 92-102

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How are y'all doing?

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Why aren't you tired today? Why did you come?

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Don't you already know? You've studied this just I see you're just Mashallah full of notes.

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revision is important. But you can also revise at home, yourself. Why did you come here? Because you could have listened online as well, right? So why did you come here?

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There are distractions at home, okay? And

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Alhamdulillah because when you have to go somewhere, you have to make time for it and what happens everything else also, you make sure you do it in time, so you're more productive. Okay. Why else did you come here to listen? You could have listened from home. Yes. More reward. Okay. And?

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Yes, yes. What I like about our session right now is the fact that we are sitting in the masjid. We're sitting in the masjid. And if you remember the Hadees that I had mentioned in the first session that we had about welcoming Ramadan, that when a person goes to the masjid, and he read one, or two, or more than that is better for him than getting an equal number of camels for free. It's a way of getting rich, fast, quick and fast and rich in the real sense. So every day when you come here in Sharla, make the intention of going to the masjid don't just go Okay, now I have to go Let's sit and listen for two hours now. Make the intention. I'm going to the masjid. I'm going to pray.

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I'm going to sit with the Quran. I'm going to read some code and I'm going to listen to some Quran. And remember that when people gather together, sit together in a gathering and they remember Allah then there is definitely more reward in that there is more Baraka more blessing more of us pilot Allah's mercy

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Okay, so from just number three which is did you know down for yourself? Yes.

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Making golf for children Yes. What kind of dog the dogs are careerlink salon made the return for yoga good children. Okay. What else?

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What our time mammal hobbies that when giving in the way of Allah don't even intend to give that which is impure. Okay.

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Yes, Allah ma rufen Mamata Ratan Hiraman sada cotton yet Baba. It's better if we speak kindly and properly to people then giving in charity and following that up with injury and words of hurt. Okay.

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Yes, woman una elaborately hora de la spend only to see whose face the face of Allah soprano Donna. Okay, good. Let's begin just number four.

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Dr. Sunil Karim Am I borrowed for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish. rocklea assadi were Sidley MD. Dr. melissani of Kahu Kohli probenecid nerima.

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for the money

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feel cool to have Boone walmartone feel calm and Shay in for in the lobby here Eileen, never will you attain the good reward until you spend in the way of Allah from that which you love. And whatever you spend, Indeed Allah is Knowing of it. He knows all he knows who gives what, in his way. Allah knows what a person gives in the way of Allah, how a person gives in the way of Allah, in what circumstances he gives in the way of Allah with what feeling he spends in the way of Allah? And what kind of his possessions does he give in the way of Allah? The fact is, that those people who love Allah, they prove their claim of love true how, by sacrificing their favorite and most beloved

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things in the way of Allah. Because lantana little Bella heptathlon, fecal matter a boon you can never ever attain righteousness, you can never attain piety, the good reward until you give to Allah for Allah in His way, that which is beloved to you. And whatever is beloved to us, when we give that in the way of Allah, what are we proving indeed, in fact, we are proving our love for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And these things that we love that we can spend in the way of Allah, these could be material things as well as in material. So over here, all of us are being challenged, that you all claim to love Allah. When Medina Amano assured the herbal Illa those who believe are intense in

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their love for Allah, we all say that we love Allah. So here we are being challenged that What proof do you present for the truthfulness of your claim of love, love for who love for Allah. When the Sahaba heard this ayah we learned that they raised to give what they loved in the way of Allah soprano Madonna. The most famous incident concerning this ayah is the story of Appleton half of the a lot more on who, who had a well named Badal ha, uh, well, that was named by your heart. And this well was near the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And around this well, was also a lot of fertile land. And in this land were many gardens with several 100 day palm trees. And

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sometimes we learned that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself would go to that garden, do that well, and he would drink from that well, and he would spend his time in that garden. So when he heard this ayah he went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, look at how honest the Sahaba he was with himself. He said, yo rasulillah my most beloved thing is this garden. I make you a witness, that I give in charity, this garden in the way of Allah Subhana. Allah, may Allah grant me goodness, and stored for me with himself, and he gave the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the decision power, he said, I give you the choice, it is up to you. You may spend it however you wish. So the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very happy. And he said that the Muslims will certainly benefit from this donation from this contribution, or one of the lot more on who even he went forward at this time, we learned that he said to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that my most beloved wealth is that garden, which I got from the property of labour. Remember that after the conquest of hiber, and this is about six, seven years after the Muslims left Makkah, then many Muslims who had done Hitler, they were given property. So after a very long time, the mohajir own were getting property. So a lot of the long run who said that he also loved the property that I have in sable, that is the most beloved

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property to me, I make you a witness, I give this to you, just to spend in the way of Allah. Then we also learned that Zaid benhaddou, probably a lot more on who he gave one of his favorite horses, in the way of Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave it to Osama Osama the son of zadara, the Longhorn who, and at this at the lower end, who got a little upset that I didn't give it to my son. You know, I gave it in the way of Allah. But Osama was who the one who was made the leader of an army at the time when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was near his death, and summer of the long run, who, under his leadership were people like Abu Bakar Roma, Earth man, he was appointed

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as the leader and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him the horse. What we learned from this is that a person can give anything of his or hers that he likes the most. The test is what is it that we like the most memento hipbone what is most beloved to us. What is it that we are most attached to

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What is that thing which we consider as the most favorite, that we consider as a very important part of our lives, that we find comfort in, that we feel happy with? The thing which we love, the thing that we are attached to? Allah is telling us that when you will give that to Allah, then yes, you will attain piety. And if you don't give that in the way of Allah, then your claims of loving Allah, your claims of piety, then they're not really that honest. Think about it. When we love somebody, what is it that we give to them, we give them that which we love. Even if it is something that we need, we will still give it to them because we love them. Haven't you ever seen a father giving his

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phone to his son? Haven't you ever seen a mother giving her jewelry to her daughter? Haven't you seen a sister giving her clothes to her sister, a friend giving her car lending it to her friend? Why is it that we do these things, when we open up our houses even that come and stay in my house, here are the keys stay in my house? Who is it that we give our most precious and most beloved things to it is the people that we love. So if we love Allah, then we have to give something of what we love, in the way of Allah, we have to spend that we have to give that away. In order to show that he or Allah I love this thing. I'm very close to this thing. I'm very attached to this thing. However,

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you are more beloved to me, I am more attached to you. So lantana will be raw Hector tone filco minmatar, a boon walmartone feel calm and shy in anything you give them a lot knows whether someone appreciates or not. Whether someone values that contribution or not, it does not matter. You receive no praise for it, no acknowledgement for it, nevermind because the Lord for whose sake you gave it, the one in whose love you gave it knows what you have given. When a person spends in the way of Allah, what is the objective to please Allah. So when you have given your most favorite, your most beloved thing in the way of Allah, then inshallah Allah will be pleased with you. And if he is

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pleased, then don't worry about anything else. Now in the following verses, we learn about certain objections that the bunny is slightly raised against the Muslims and allows the panel data responds to them. One of the objections was that if this is truly from Allah, then why is the law different from the law in the previous scriptures? For example, in the previous scripture, they say, we were not allowed to eat camels. However, in the Quran, this is something that has been made permissible. Likewise, the previous nations they faced or the Bani Israel they're faced by to knock this in prayer as their Qibla. But the Muslims face the Kaaba in prayer. So these matters are clarified.

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Allah says, Good luck, Tommy can a Hillel Liberty Islam he all food was lawful to the children of Israel, including camel meat. Initially, it was permissible, except what is the law, meaning yaku had made unlawful to himself. Why, due to his personal decision due to some health concerns before the law was revealed? And this prohibition was made when it's like he made it for himself before the revelation of the total. And where is it that the law is in the Torah? So say, oh, Mohammed, bring the Torah and recite it, read the Torah. See, where does it prohibit the eating of these foods? If you should be truthful, and whoever invents about Allah untruth after that, then those are truly the

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wrongdoers. So basically, what is being said is that Allah did not forbid these things. You made these changes in your religion yourself. So Don't put the blame on Allah. sada con la se Allah has told the truth, not what the people say, who has spoken the truth. Allah has spoken the truth, because many times we find people saying something that clearly contradicts what is mentioned in the Quran. Sometimes we find scientific research or some other kind of proof or some other kinds of things that people say which contradict the book of Allah, then who is truthful? What does Allah tell us? Full sadaqa Allah, Allah has spoken the truth, every time there is a doubt. Every time you

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wonder, tell yourself sadaqa Allah, Allah has spoken the truth. So follow the religion of Ibrahim inclining toward truth, and he was not of the polytheists. And now the response to the second objection, indeed, the first house of worship established meaning that was built for mankind.

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find meaning in order that they may worship Allah was which house, the house, the building the structure that is in maka maka. What is the house over there? the Kaaba. And this karma. Allah says it is the first house that was built by who by the angels even before them or they center. And then when Adam came to the earth, then Adam or his son and reconstructed the karma, then Ibrahim is married, they reconstructed the karma also. So the karma was in place before even the vital markers and from the first day, what direction is it that the people were required to face in prayer? It was the Kaaba. And it was only when, at the time of Solomon or the Sunnah when beta mock This was

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constructed, so years and years later, after Abraham and his Sunnah, that people began facing beta mock this in prayer. So the final messenger who came to perfect the law of Allah, what did he do at his time? What is it that humanity was commanded? Then when we pray, which direction should we face? The original Kibler, which is the Kaaba in Mecca? And this house, this house of Allah in Makkah, Allah says Mubarak and it is bless it and a guidance for the worlds in it are clear signs such as the standing place of Ibrahim such as macom Ibrahim, what is McCollum Ibrahim which is right next to the Kaaba. It is the place where Ibrahim is and I'm stood for the construction of the Kaaba. It is

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the place the rock upon which he stood in surrender in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is where he stood to construct the Kaaba, that is where he stood in obedience in worship of his Lord. And the marks that we see today on that macom What are they the traces of his or the other? These are the traces that Ibrahim or the salon left behind, he is gone. But what do we see today? The traces of his Riba Think about it, how long he must have stood there, building a law's house and worshipping Allah, that Allah preserve that rock for us to see today. What we need to check is how long do we stand in prayer? And when we do have to stand, then how do we stand in prayer? Ramadan is

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approaching. And in Ramadan, we fast during the day and pray in the night. The question is, how ready are we for that piano for standing in prayer in the night? And what are we willing to give up so that we may stand in that prayer? Because think about it. Lenten Allah will help heptathlon Pico mimma to hip bone. You can never attain piety until you give up that which you love. For many of us, the most beloved thing is not necessarily an item, an object, a piece of gold, a piece of jewelry, money, a house? No, quite possibly. It may be our sleep, it may be our rest. It may be the comfort that we find in our beds. It may be the food that we eat. But what does Allah say? That you can

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never attain piety until you give up that which you love. Look at Ibrahim, how much did he give of his beloved things in the way of Allah. He was even ready to put a knife on his own son's neck, the son that he prayed for that he longed for. And when he had that son, he left him in Makkah went away. Why was the separation made? For whose sake in what cause in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala giving up that which he loved for the sake of Allah. So now we have to see as Ramadan is approaching, what are we willing to give up? And if we are willing to give up something for Allah, whether it is our food, then how is it that we should give up happily, not grudgingly, not

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reluctantly, happily, for Allah sake, because when a person does it happily, then Allah values his efforts and Allah preserves his efforts. Look at the effort of Ibrahim, look at how Allah valued it. Look at how he has preserved it that deal today, when we go there, we see them a column of Ibrahim.

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Allah says, Whoever enters it shall be saved. Whoever enters the house of Allah meaning that area must do that how long then that person is safe. And due to Allah from the people is a pilgrimage to the house it is allows right that people visit his house and worship him for whoever is able to find their to a way but whoever disbelieves then Indeed Allah is free from need of the world's meaning then Allah is not pleased with those who do not go to visit his house. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, hasten rush. Do not delay

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in fulfilling the obligation of hedge, for none of you knows what may come his way as an obstacle. We don't know what may come our way. Right now we have the ability, we have the health, the circumstances allow us to go and do hedge, who knows next year it may be difficult, the year after that it may become even more difficult. So if we are able to go for Hajj, then what should we do not delay fulfilling this obligation? Now, sometimes these obstacles that come in our way they are within ourselves, it is our hesitation. Because sometimes we have the means. But what is the problem? We ourselves don't want to go? Why is it that we don't want to go because if we go then we

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have to spend a lot of money. If we go, then the journey is very long and tiring. If we go we have to take time off of work, we have to leave our family. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned us that whoever is able to then what should he do hasten in performing this obligation? Now who is it that will give up his money that will leave his family for some time or his work for some time that will bear the hardship of this journey of Hajj? Who will do that? The one who will give up what he loves, for whose sake for the sake of Allah, spending that out of which we love. Remember that hedge is that worship in which a person gives up many of his beloved things. When a person goes for Hajj,

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he gives up his home, he leaves his loved ones, he leaves his comfort, his food, so many things. So this is all part of London and we'll Villa had that on fecal matter a boon. Now remember that Hajj, it is an obligation. And yes, when a person performs Hajj once then his obligation is fulfilled. Meaning once it is necessary that a person must perform Hajj in his lifetime at least once. But if a person is able to perform Hajj more than once in his lifetime, then he must do that also. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah says that when I keep my servants body healthy, and grant him ample provision, and five years go by, and he does not come to my house, then

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indeed he is my home. Indeed, that servant is deprived who the one who has a healthy body, who has the means the financial capacity, who can go for Hajj, and five years go by and he does not go to visit the house of Allah, neither for hedge nor for ombre, then this person is who he is depriving himself mushroom, he is only depriving himself because each time a person visits the house of Allah He performs, or he does hedge, then what is he doing in reality, he's getting all of his sins washed off. He is drawing closer to Allah, He is showing His love, His dedication to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see, there are some places that we love. When we love them, we can never have enough of

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visiting those places. Think about the malls, or there are certain places which we don't necessarily love. But there is a need of ours that is placed over there. We have to go and fulfill our need over there. So even if we find it difficult, do we still go there? Yes, we do. Think about the grocery stores, how often we go twice, thrice a week, sometimes even more than that sometimes less than that. Why is it that we keep going there? Because we need to. So if Allah has given us the financial capacity, the physical ability, the circumstances allow us, then we should not deprive ourselves from going to the house of Allah and worshiping Allah at his house. Say all people have the

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Scripture. Why do you disbelieve in the verses of Allah while Allah is witness over what you do? Well, Allahu shahidan, Allah Dharma loon, say all People of the Scripture, why do you avert from the way of Allah, those who believe seeking to make it seem deviant while you are witnesses to the truth? And Allah is not unaware of what you do? One Mullah who be lawful in Dharma Loon. Look at the previous ayah will love was shahidan Allah Dharma loon mama love will be lawful in Milan, Allah watches us. Allah is not unaware of what we do. All you who have believed, if you obey a parting of those who were given the Scripture, they would turn you back after your belief to being unbelievers,

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meaning if you begin to follow their ways. If you begin to pursue their pleasure, their approval, then what will happen you will end up leaving the religion. Why? Because these people will never

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To be happy with you, they will never give you the stamp of approval until you become like them. And if you do that, what can you phatak foreign and how could you disbelieve? Why would you disbelieve? How could you disbelieve? What reason do you have for disbelief while you are being recited the verses of Allah or untung toda la Aleikum Ayatollah meaning the person who reads the book of Allah, the person who learns the book of Allah, then he should only be affected and impressed by his Word, the Word of Allah subhanho wa Taala, whose law, the law of Allah, not someone else's law, not someone else's speech, what vehicle rasuna and among you is His Messenger, that while the messenger

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is among you, how could you leave the religion? What does this mean? This is basically about the Sahaba but after the profits of a lot of them has gone, yes, he's not amongst us. But what is it that still lives on his legacy, his sila, his life, his teachings, his manners, his legacy it lives on. So when we have the prophets have a long run to sell them as a role model, as our leader, as our guide, a perfect example, then how could we find another leader, which leader could even come close to the soul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who could be more affectionate than him? Who could be more loving than him? Who's example could be better than his example, whose way of struggling could

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be better than his way with the camera solo? Who are many artists in Bella and whoever holds firmly to Allah. Further hoodia. illa xerocon was the team then indeed, he has been guided to a straight path, we ask Allah for slid off must have been in a slothful Muslim team, but to be on Serato Mr. Team what is necessary our connection with Allah that must be strong, well, mejri Tustin Villa, whoever holds on to Allah because the one whose connection with Allah is strong, that is firm, then he will be on set off on what's the pain, then he will be on the path to Agenda then he will find a laws approval. Yeah, uh, you have levena amanu all you have believed it the cola fear Allah, how

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should you fear him? How he, as he should be feared, when Arthur Mouton and do not die Illa what unto Muslim moon, except while you are Muslim, that should not come to you you should not meet that unless except you are in a state of surrender to Allah, soprano muthana in submission to Allah, meaning throughout your life, you should be concerned about strengthening maintaining your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's not just in the month of Ramadan, that we hold on to a law that we fast in the day we pray in the night we recite Quran, we do the Quran, Allah no because death can come in Ramadan and also after Ramadan. So after Ramadan also, what is it that we

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need to do? Hold on to Allah, strengthen our relationship with him, remain obedient to Him, submit to Him, be compliant to him? Because remember, it does not take long for a person to go straight. Just because a person is doing something good at the present moment does not mean he will forever remain like that. It does not guarantee that his state of faith his state of Eman will forever remain good and strong. No Eman is something that becomes old that weakens over time, just as the clothes on our bodies. Do they fade over time? Do they lose their beauty over time? Yes. Then what is necessary that the clothes be washed, they be pressed, they'd be maintained they'd be mended.

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Likewise, he man needs to be refreshed also. So this effort of ours of coming together daily and reviewing one just this is for what purpose for reviewing for refreshing our knowledge of the Quran? Why? Why What's the reason to refresh to strengthen our faith, revive our faith? Because we're me artisan biLlahi then that person is rightly guided and Allah orders us that do not die unless you are in a state of Islam. So always every day, every week, every moment, be concerned about your email, because death can come at any time without warning. So how can a person allow himself

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Become distant from Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam frequently made da Yama coliban, Kuru Sabbath calbee. Allah de Nick, that all Turner of the hearts, the one who turns the heart, from one state to another, from one position to another, from one direction to another. And does that not happen? One day we like one thing, and the next day, we dislike it, one day, one month, one year, we love to eat a particular food, and the next week, the next month, we don't even want to look at it. If this happens with food, if this happens with our computers, with our phones, we use them but then what happens? We get bored of them we want to change, then what do

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you think about actions? Does the person not get wary of them? Sometimes he does. So what is necessary that we keep asking Allah for strength that he or Allah, place my enjoyment, my joy in what in worshiping you that gives me comfort through your worship, that whenever I worship You, then I find comfort? Not that I'm seeking comfort and joy in my trips to the mall, in social gatherings, in coffee parties in dinner parties. No these things do bring joy to a person. However, ultimate joy should be in what insula, like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam found ultimate joy were in his prayer also. So what do we learn from this? ayah you hola Dina Amano it the Palazzo ha ha puttaparthi

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Wanaka, Mouton. illa Anta Muslim moon, that no matter how good and pious a person may be, no matter how much he loves Allah, and prays beautifully, and worships Allah with excellence in one given moment, it is not necessary that he will die in that same condition. Sometimes a minor incident can change the state of a person's heart.

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It can literally change the state of his heart, sometimes a person because of what he's going through his life. He's so emotionally disturbed, that he begins to lose his faith in Allah. He begins to think negatively about Allah subhanaw taala he begins to entertain wrong thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now what happens? Think about it when there's a storm when wind blows? Then what is it that the wind picks up? What is it that the wind picks up and throws away? It is things it is objects that are light in weight, that are not firmly rooted, a believer What is he like his Eman is firmly rooted. Why? Because he's constantly taking care of his Eman, constantly nourishing

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his fate, by worshipping Allah, by keeping connected with the book of Allah, by keeping himself in the company of those who remind him to worship Allah to remain obedient to Allah. So when a man receives this nourishment, it stays strong, strong like a firmly planted tree, then what happens? Even when a storm comes, even when there is a violent wind, then yes, what will happen to that plant? What will happen to that tree, it might get damaged, likely, but what will happen after some time, it will regain its strength, it will be standing firm and tall very soon. So our hearts our faith, it needs constant care and attention. Think about it when you have a plant than what is

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necessary that you just water it and put some fertile soil emit fertilizer in it just once. No, every now and then you have to look after it, you have to water it, you have to clean up the soil. You have to sometimes take the old soil out and put fresh soil you have to take care of it. Why otherwise the plant will not remain strong, it will weaken this life is very difficult. In this life, there are many threats, many dangers to our physical body, yes to our health, certainly, but more to our faith. So just as we are concerned about the safety of our bodies, the safety of our health, we need to be equally and more concerned in fact about the safety of our airmen of the

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health of our faith. So Latta Mouton, Illa. Were unto Muslim moon. So all Muslims, your end should be good. Life should end with La ilaha illa Allah, this is something that we should make girl for. And this is something that we should also strive for.