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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled How to Check Your Eemaan by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah.

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When almost be learning surely an fusina per se at the marina de la bufala mozzarella, one minute lil fala de la Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Jalla wa, ala Muhammad Abu rasuluh. Do you have Rajan says in Islam, I'm your brother in Islam hussaini from Allah kadhi, Malaysia,

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and hamdulillah we welcome you to this program. The topic that we are going to discuss today is a topic about how to check our email.

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Now we believe strongly that all of us believe that we have in money in our heart. Now always, you must remember we are taught by a man you're not talking about how you look, how you dress, how you talk, but what is in your heart. That is very important. In man have nothing to do from here. First, it come from your heart.

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Now, how do you check your email? We know in life, we do a lot of checking

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in business. Every day, you have a checklist, to check your stock to check these to check that you check what is in your house or in your fridge. You check how much you have the money in your bank, so many things that we check, anything goes wrong with our car, anything goes wrong with the house. Immediately we send somebody to repay, we send somebody the look of the day is common because we live dunya more than a man. Now you know that Allah put the value of a man above any other thing.

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To Allah a man is the most valuable thing.

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But to us we don't put our we don't value our Eman. We put a lot of value in our worldly matters. We also buy and life insurance and then we put a value for our life. But we forget to put value in your Eman.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, I'd like to share with you what Allah did not what I say on what any scholars say. This what Allah said. We are talking about the Quran, the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is the word of Allah.

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And let us see whether we are having a right a man a sound a man a strong a man or not, or whether we have a man on it yet, let us see what Allah said. Now if you look into Surah Surah Surah Allah hoogenraad is Surah 49

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which means a PacMan or chambers

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in verses 14 Allah say kollective our Robo

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caller Robo

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lamb told me no malaking kulu Aslam

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wanna Maya the holy man. fee kulu be come for into T la hawara Sula, who lai alikoum in America mushy in Omaha of Rahim

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in chapter

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14, nine verses 14 Omar say the Arabs of the desert, say say to who say to Prophet Muhammad, so Muslim who say the Arabs, the Bedouin,

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not we. We don't live in that time. This is the first generation.

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They came to the Prophet one day and they say to the Prophet, we are believers.

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What do the Arab said

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that we believe?

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The prophet SAW them as human being human. He cannot read the heart of the person.

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If you say you're a believer, he will say okay, but Allah subhanho wa Taala

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say to Prophet Mohammed,

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lamb to me, no.

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Mohammed, Harold, this Arab, they are not yet a believer.

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You see, Allah subhanho wa Taala is looking into the heart. But what they say now, out there, Muhammad

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That you add up and get a believer is sufficient for you to say, we submit that we are Muslim, to show us there's a lot of different the Arabs of the desert meaning the bedwin say the Prophet Muhammad, we believe and alas hammer who Adama say to Prophet Muhammad sonza tell them or Muhammad, you do not believe

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it is sufficient for you to say that we are Muslim

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is sufficient for you to say I'm a Muslim now.

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Because believe is something else. Islam is another thing. There's a lot of different between Muslim and Muslim,

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a Muslim and a believer

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and then a lot continue.

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Because believe has not yet penetrate your heart.

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Now Allah Salama yet he manaphy kulu because when the belief penetrate and stay in your heart, not here, not lip service here in your heart,

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then there'll be a great sign. What is the science? The what is the proof that Eman have enter your hearts? The proof is you become a person who always obey Allah. And the prophet SAW masala

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to re obey Allah and the Prophet.

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Whatever Allah says, do we say summit now what I hear and I obey, whatever the Prophet one has to do, do we respond? I hear I listen and I obey some law wattana or submit now was fine. I hear my IDs obey.

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This is very important.

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Now Allah is talking about

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the first generation the people in the time of the Prophet the Arabs,

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even when they came to the prophet and say and claim that they have Eman, Allah said no.

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is sufficient for you to say I'm a Muslim, I submit to Allah now because Eman is something very, very important, very, very great, that you must understand.

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And Eve the man really have penetrate to our heart.

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insha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to accept everything that we do.

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This way, the prophet said, Leia, Jana Li, Luna, Jana had to mean Oh,

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nobody can enter Paradise and still have a man

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now once again, brother and sister will talk about a man how many Muslim check gay man, we had live chat with a man and how to check your man. Are you going to check your email with to the people through the community through your society now? You check your email with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala this book, Al Quran

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and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam this book is just an example. So hey Muslim example. The Book of Hades the saying of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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and Allahu Akbar, were Muslim have two different kinds of book one is what Allah says, In the Quran, nothing to do with Prophet Muhammad and the saying of Prophet Muhammad because Allah review all his verses to Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Mohammed is here to enlighten us to explain to us more detail about our Eman.

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Now a man always increase and decrease

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Allah Eman, man Yes z be taught

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each time when you obey Allah and the Prophet your Eman increase,

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or yonkos with mercy. Each time you commit a sin you're in man drop, your image is going to decrease.

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Now you ask yourself brother and sister Do you check yourself every day? Ask yourself every night before you go to bed. What have I done today? How many sins I have committed? How many good deeds I have performed? Do we do that? We hardly do that because we don't care about a man. We don't value our a man. We allow value a man more

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More than anything else.

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This will allow you to do good.

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Allowing you to play when you do fast everything is to make sure that you take care of your in mind, so that you can keep sound healthy and perfect.

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But we had Lee respond to these because we are too busy for dinner. But if something happened to our children immediately we respond. Yeah, if they fall sick by now we are very sick because our image is very weak.

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We don't bother to learn to ask the scorners How to strengthen my a man. We didn't ask anybody about a man.

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But if you call their flu, you have fever. Immediately you go to a doctor and ask your doctor for advice for some medication. But when your Eman is sick,

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when your heart is cyclical in marriage in the heart and when your mind is sick, is weak. What is the medication? Are you going to take pills? syrup now

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is the right knowledge.

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The right knowledge will help to solve the weakness of the man

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how to do it. I give you a very simple example. pika we have Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam. The dish is to tell us how to check your Eman. Now I'm not going to use any human formula. Not my formula, not the formula of any scholar but is direct from Prophet Mohammed savasana

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the prophets Allah Some say,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said man I have buddy La,

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La La, la, la de La Romana Allah aka the stock market, meaning whoever learn for the sake of Allah hate for the sake of La ke for the sake of Allah and withhold for the sake of Allah. Indeed, he have a sound a man

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who ever lived for the sake of Allah.

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Hate for the sake of Allah. Give for the sake of Allah withhold for the sake of Allah. Indeed, he has a sound and perfect Amen.

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Now what do we understand by these beautiful saying of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam.

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Now the Prophet is trying to tell us, we know that none of us can claim that we are better than the first generation.

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Because the man that the first generation have is very solid and very pure.

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Not lately man that we have is so corrupted.

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Now that's why the Prophet said Kiruna carnie tamala Xena, Luna, whom, from Allah, Xena, Luna, whom

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the best generation is the people who live in my time in the time the Prophet handful out with a second generation and the third generation after that the prophets

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that mean this tree generation is considered

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the best generation we are not in the tree generation, we are later.

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So this day they are the best example for us to follow. The Prophet is trying to tell us who ever left what Allah love.

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One to Allah love, we all know, he loves us to do the good thing to worship Him, to invoke him in your prayer, to be kind to your parent, to seek knowledge to help the poor, the needy, the orphans, to respect your neighbor, your guests. All this is the teaching that Allah loves most. Whatever the Prophet one has to do we do it is the thing that Allah left most.

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But how many of us try our best to follow what Allah like us to do. We like to do a lot of things. We like to follow what people like us to do. We hardly follow what Allah like us to do, and what Prophet Muhammad like us to do.

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We do a hit of thing, anything that do not benefit us. We hear

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people talk bad about us. We don't like

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people gossip about us. People lie to us. We don't like of course.

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But we forget about why people do that to us.

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Because we are just like them.

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Now if we do what Allah wants you to do insha Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala will love you.

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And if you hate what Allah hates, what Allah hate injustice, Allah he

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Starbuck, stinginess,

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saying that word rude groan.

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All this is the thing that Allah hate.

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bad thoughts,

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gossiping, backbiting, drinking, gambling. There are so many things that Allah hate.

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But it so happened we are so naive. What Allah hate most is the thing that we love most. And one thing that Allah don't forgive if you commit a Sheree,

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to the extent that the prophets Allah Salam said, Man, Allah, Tommy Martin, Ashok

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seriously, whoever tie his body around him, his wrist, this neck with attachment

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azima he comes alive.

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But these are something that almost is in war, most of the Muslim is in

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the Quran that Allah revealed to us is not for you to write. And then you'll read about and hang here and hang here No,

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by the Quran is for you to read an act upon it. And then share it with others spread the word of Allah.

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Not for you to hang here and allow one you to hang up on him a Maha summit. We should hang up on Allah. But we don't hang a lot everywhere.

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Nobody is hanging Allah.

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They get some voices of Allah the rabbit in some place, or in a in a clause of the put in in one case and then they hang here is very wrong they ship and Allah hate most. Not we don't hate what Allah hates. Allah don't like people to gossip about people to the extent Allah say wailuku majority lumada Hellfire for people who bet by and gossip, but we learn to do this why?

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And we say we are believer.

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How can a believer engage in things?

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We always have bad thoughts to others.

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Allah, Allah Gina kanebo Kathy romanism are you who believe, stay away

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from suspicious thing. doubtful thing.

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Stay away from having bad feelings towards other

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but we always have bad feelings towards others.

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Allah say what are our know Allah, Allah taqwa of Allah, Allah is

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always prepare yourself to do good thing

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and bring people close to Allah. But do not cooperate with anybody in committing sin or even support them, especially to create enemy hatred among us. And we love to do that.

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We are so naive.

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And the prophecy

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you give for the sake of Allah What do you mean you give for the sake of Allah. They mean what Allah want you to spend your span in a way of Allah in doing good thing. spend on your wife, spend on your children on the poor and the needy and the orphans.

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All you can eat one span a two

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piece TV, they do a good job.

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You don't spend your money wisely. You spend on yourself buying all the things that you don't need.

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In walk in Missouri.

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In the Missouri economy, one shot in span street

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is part of the work of shaytan

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you may spend a lot for yourself. makeup, you spend 1000s of dollars just for one for a small fee to spend 1000s of dollars.

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You spend 1000s of dollars for the body. Why? You want to stay slim and look beautiful.

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While you're eating Emanuel forget

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the man is so corrupted is so full of have seen but you don't care about you.

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And again the prophets of Salaam say that one mana Allah what anila means if anybody come to you and ask you for a favor, can you help me but you will know that he is not going to make use of your money

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or your size. Can you borrow your car for me I need to have a car I have to go to something but you know he is going to make use of the car to do something haram maybe carrying a girlfriend and do haram thing in your car

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or the one to bring your car to go away.

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To go to a place that Allah is not happy with, to go to the bar at night to go to the nightclub, you know they are using your car to go to the scanner. Don't let them use your car for that.

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But if people want to go to the malls, they went to attend classes Islamic Plaza, they don't have transport you can offer your car.

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That means you give for the sake of luck you withhold for the sake of Allah, your children, you love your children, I believe all of us parents love for children.

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But do you give them things that they deserve?

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Do you give them to the way allowing you to give or you just spoil them?

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I give you one simple example. Why must you give your children a mobile phone?

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They're 15 years old, they had mobile phone? Who are they calling? They call you you call them? They used to call their friend they waste a lot of money. They waste them a lot of time doing playing games. They hardly talk to you I have a case. In back home.

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There's a family, the wife cost me as it was as if you knew what happened. What do Islam say about when there is no communication between husband and wife? So what do you mean no communication? Yes, my husband has not been talking to me for a few months. And we stay in the same house.

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Anything he wanted from me, he just as m s

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no more talking to messages, even this day in the same house, his husband and wife brothers if

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you see what is happening to the Muslim

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now what is important now let us check ourselves

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do we live for the sake of Allah? What our love we live we hate for the sake of Allah what Allah despite we dislike even our close family is in war even our children is in what what what happened is this is something that Allah don't like to say what can I do? What can I do She

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is my son is my daughter. But this is something is is something is haraam example, I give you an example, your children like to dress up beautifully. No problem. You can dress them up beautifully at home let them see a show it to your family to the maharam but they want to dress

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without the Islamic dress not covering the aura. And then when they go out to the street, they are going out to the shopping complex

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and you support them You are so happy to see them expose their the idea that showed the expose the unpaid and export some of the screen here is happening.

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I'm gonna give you a hand phone because

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it's not important for you you're not a business person. Why do you need a headphone, I must have said to have a handful only how many years ago

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maybe about 20 years ago before that we don't have any headphone.

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And it's not important we use for the sake of Allah for a good reason. For this image, Dan, the prophet and this Hadees by saying

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if you love for the sake of Allah, you like what Allah like, you hate for the sake of Allah, you dislike what Allah does like and also Allah when Allah like that mean what Allah said, You also must love what the prophet Love, love the Sunnah and you must hate the bitter because the Prophet hate Buddha. And you must also give for the sake of Allah how the Prophet called us to give and withhold for the sake of how the Prophet do not support people. If there was an incident a person who is poor came to the prophet and asked for help. But the prophet do not just give them money, dinar or their ham. But the prophet, look at him and see what he can do. He is still very healthy, strong.

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The Prophet call him

00:24:13--> 00:24:20

to the frog, give him a turkey, call him the bringer, a piece of wood and he gave him the axe

00:24:21--> 00:24:33

so that he can make use of the axe and look for leaving is like every fisherman a person who's who is naive is poor come to you. And you know that he can fish.

00:24:34--> 00:24:59

You can call him to bring the hook or anything and you help him with the other thing. You don't help them with cash money or something you spoil them. You give them what they need, and help them in the way they allow you to help them. You cannot spoil them giving money giving money do not help people sometimes you spoil him. A person is involved in drugs, more

00:25:00--> 00:25:47

Do you give him money to buy cigarettes and drop? No no, I'll buy food for you. You can come I'll give you food no problem. This is just some example inshallah even for the writing, the way the Prophet has said to us live, and like what Allah like and the Prophet love and the Prophet light, hate for the sake of Allah and hate what the prophet hit, give for the sake of Allah with hope for the sake of Allah, the promise as Asia Allah you have a sound Eman meaning you have a good Eman for this model Eman. May Allah subhana wa Taala safeguard our man and helps us to strengthen or increase our nation and May Allah forgive all the sin we have committed. And we will see you again in sha

00:25:47--> 00:25:56

Allah, Allah 250 will occur that wanna die her blood amin assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa wabarakatuh