MCO Tip #7 – Share Bedtime Stories of The Prophet and His Companions with The Kids

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the Name of Allah the merciful and the Beneficent.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Hamdan Thielen Pavan Baraka and fee. We always start by praising Allah, the Lord of the word.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Dear brothers and sisters, we know everybody is resting at home is doing their level best.

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We have 10 tips now this year into the seven tips is very important to share some big time story of our profits and loss

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and his companion with the family especially your children, children love to listen to stories

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and the Quran also Allah say is a loss story are more the people before us the good and the bad one

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and how to move forward. Now

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our profit centers said to us 1400 away years ago

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if any one of us survive after his departure, his death man Yeah. Is

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that the man Yeah, I mean combat the whoever among you who survived after my departure, my returning back to Allah. First,

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if the left

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you are sure to be exposed

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to a lot of division among this nation, hold to my son,

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where they are so

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divided among the people you must hold to his How can you hold to the suit another if you do understand his history.

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So learning about the sera number of years is very important. How the Prophet taught his oma to overcome problem to solve problems and prepare for the woods to come.

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And also, the proper continue while coolatta Rashidi and his four righteous companions, who is currently

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to be the people of Paradise, the best among all of us, Abu Bakr,

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Omar Osman, an early example. There are many components of the Prophet but it's good to have some understanding why Abu Bakar was given the title acidic is the reason

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why he has been blessed with this special title. In the Quran, Allah also remind us

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Allah says in Surah Toba was 100 was sadly Kunal our lewd when an hijo de la uncharred when the Xena taba son, Brody, Allahu wa and

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if he will want to follow anyone,

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after Allah and the prophet SAW some because fully online the Prophet is a must

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here is not a choice but is a mass appeal lower the Russell but then when you follow the companions even the follow anyone after that, you follow those who are more pioneer and early than all of us to become a believer and alas it hygiene.

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Is the people of Makkah include all the forklift and unsaddled, that people of Medina

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Allah say, and those who follow them, why because they please Allah.

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And Allah is pleased with them. So if you want to be among the people who are not displeased with, we just have to follow them. And this is the best story for all of us. Then to read on the other story that there is no significant

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me a lot of blood, I mean, make as close to the Sierra of our Prophet and the Sierra of the companions, especially the 400

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and they are most Rihanna what Donna make us reflect and learn from the history and follow their footsteps. I mean, yeah, I mean, Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato workato.