Prophet Birthday Allowed Or Not

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When And How It Started, clearly explained by Sh. Bilal.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of worshiping the Prophet Moses's birthday, which is recognized as the birthday of the Prophet. They also mention the celebration of the birthday in Egypt, where the celebration of the birthday is recognized as a holy day, but not recognized as a day for Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the history of the Prophet's life and the importance of changing one's religion to reflect the values of the Prophet.
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So when we come back to talk

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about worshiping Allah,

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by maintaining his unity in that worship, we do so in the way that the companions of the Prophet Moses alum did. We do not invent or introduce new ways of worship, or some people, for example, they want to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Moses Allah. So they say, Well, you know, this is something good.

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They may even bring a verse from the Quran.

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They will say, a law said in the Quran, in the law home, Allah ekata, who you saw Luna, Allah Nabhi. Yeah, you already know amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam otezla, they bring this verse out?

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And you say, well, it doesn't say celebrate the birthday.

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It is there. It's there. And we this is what it means.

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It's their interpretation.

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Right? their interpretation. The point is that the companions of the Prophet Moses alum didn't understand that first that way. And that's why they never celebrated his birthday. And he himself didn't understand that verse that way, and he didn't celebrate his birthday. And the early generations didn't celebrate his birthday. It wasn't until some 400 years after the time of problems as alum that his birthday began to be celebrated in Egypt, in the fatimid Shiites rule.

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And the fourth image Shiite dynasty in Egypt, the celebration of the prophesied silence birthday began.

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So we say this is not legitimate. Some people say, Well, okay, leave that aside. Just the idea of celebrating his birthday. What are we doing in the celebration, we're only remembering Rasulullah saw salam, we're asking a lot to bless him. You know, these are all good things. We remember his Syrah his life and all this, these are all good things. You say this is not good in Islam.

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Yes, these things are good things, but to combine them on that day,

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every year,

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you have now created something new in the religion.

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This is bidda.

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Similarly, we could ask

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if somebody suggested to you visit here to understand bidda sometimes it involves something completely new, like the idea of the birthday celebration because we don't really have any precedents for it at all in Islam. The Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim is not just what he did, but also what he didn't do.

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You have Suna Farah, Leah, the Sunnah of actions which he did, and Suna Turkey, or sunnah of actions which he didn't do, which are religion, dealing with the religion of course, there are many things he didn't do, which he didn't like, personally, we're not talking about those, we're talking about things connected with the religion, the things he didn't do, it is certainly not to do.

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Very important. Because if one opens this door,

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that as long as he said this, he said that we can put it all together and come up with something which he didn't do. Then the religion becomes innovated. You can now change the religion at will, because I can bring something to you I say to you.

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Prophet Mohamed Salah Salam said,

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prayer in JAMA is worth 27 times prayer by yourself.

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Everybody knows this.

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He also said

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whenever you enter the masjid, you should pray two rakaat two years of prayer before sitting down.

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Everybody knows this. Let us put the two together. We come into the masjid I now suggest to you letters make Tahir to Masjid in JAMA.

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If I suggest that, what do people say? Is that no, no, no, no, we can do that. Why not? Francis Allen said the prayer in Jamaica is worth more than the prayer by yourself. He also said whenever you come in, you should do this to Raka Why can't we put them together and do it? Well the process didn't do it. That's why Yes, he didn't do it. So we cannot do it. He made tahajjud in JAMA. This is also similar and he did it in JAMA. We can do it because he did it.

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But to do title mustard and Jamal are to do the Sooners before the horse the Sooners after the orange

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Can't do it because Providence Arsalan didn't do it.

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And that's emphasized by his well known statement, metallic to Shay and your caribou Camila law in our two combi, I didn't leave anything which would bring you closer to a law without instructing you to do it.

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That's the bottom line.

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If it's gonna bring you closer to Allah provet manesar Sallam told us to do it. If he didn't tell us to do it, it will not bring you closer to a law no matter how good you think this is how you know how much reasoning you give behind it. It will not bring you closer to Allah, it will take you farther away from Allah.

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This is the basic principle based on the statement of the problem on Salaam, man after fee Amina Melissa men who for horrid, whoever introduces anything new in this religion of ours not approved by a law and by the Messenger of Allah, it is rejected.

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This is to protect the religion in its pristine purity,

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from change deviation etc. Like what happened to the other religion the other messages which are obvious, but became distorted in time like that of Christianity, Judaism etc etc.