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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi Allah Sharia

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Raji Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Nakano, Casa Nabina Houma Isha Phil hayati dunia What

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about in the Raja later bada boom bada boom so he said the Colosseum.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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as we are all aware that our Deen has regulated every facet of our life

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and that Allah in the Holy Quran has made mentioned a yo Mark multizilla come Dena come I have completed Deen for you. I have given you a comprehensive way of life, keeping this comprehensiveness in mind. In this week, we had a public holiday which was known as workers day. So I thought today I will speak on employer employee relationship. What is the right of the employer? What is the right of the employee DNA Islam must terms in the UK Tamam Shama Ko, Muna samkhya who schemata nesara Orozco Sumner activewear igea ormus door. Yeah, Boss osmose door. Today bosses using all cultures who do maybe or English maybe hogere or maduka, come COVID Islam is ko para caffi thalamotomy de

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here. Now one of the aspects that we start off with that today in the world we find, and this is the nature of the world today, where it is all the time, the role and maybe the culture of the world is such that it impacts upon us. These all the time constant fighting for one's rights. So this creates a culture of disputes and arguments. Today the world has made labor and capital into two hostile camps that are working against the interests of one another. So you find that all the time, Labor has to fight for its rights, from capital capital, feel that labor is only one thing to strangle its hold and not make it one to progress. So all the time in the world today, there is this whole

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conflict between labor and capital. Islam has not looked upon it in that way. And that's what Elena is which I've recited nanoka some Nabina humare shadow, Allah says I have distributed risk for you. Allah Allah says I have distributed risk at some core row chaetomium brisca, Taksim, Mahatma Allah, Allah.

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Allah tala extends risk forms however he wishes and Allah tala restricts risk forms ever he wishes he unlucky.

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But look at what Allah says what

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about the project in Turkey, the bottom button Soria, why have we done so? You get the wisdom Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran, we have done so that there is mutual interdependence. Allah has created this difference in risk and sustenance to create mutual interdependence. So the wealthy and those who have capital they are in need of the most door without which they can run the business. They are in need of workers, the workers I need of those people who are the boss and those people who have capital. So Allah tala says I have made this Taksim, I have made this whole particular aspect of one who is more and one who has got less risk, why not to create conflict between you but

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to create mutual interdependence or fee Mr. Lim hakama room, this room in the wealth of those who are wealthy and Allah says there is a specific right for those who are poor for those people who are in need. And one of the aspects that a wealthy person must always keep in mind that through my through me, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make the means of risk of other people. What the great noble objective. Anyway one important aspect starting off from the center

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aspect of the worker. One important point is Allah tala and maybe a cream sauce alum has given dignity and honor to work. He has never looked down upon working. It has never looked down upon them as door. It is never looked down upon the person who is working Islam a madman or come Conoco, Sarah Hi, our person must do return me, Arnie, bulky beat magnet, or do slip loose rocker brozik barossa carnamah Zilla Hey, Naka Monica Nana, there is no, there is no loss of dignity. And there is no humility. I mean, maybe not. Maybe humans are the right word. There is no disgrace in a person working. In fact, Islam has taught us there is this grace in a person begging and a person going out

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and depending upon others for his livelihood, and 100 maybe a cream sauce women said it is better for you. It is better for you, that you go into the jungle, you pick up wood, and you come and sell it in the market. Then for you to come back from other people. It is better to go and pick up wood and come and sell it rather than depending upon other people. And to show you the dignity of labor, maybe aquariums Allahu Allah wa sallam etc. Setting the Hadith mme mid mid kara raviolo Turner rageous added which appears in Abu Dhabi Sharif, that ma kala, Tom, Rome in a column in homily Beardy, no person has eaten a more pure sustenance than the sustenance that he gains by working with

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his own hands by doing the menu labor. Then maybe a cream sauce Adam said thou deli salat wa salam used to be an iron monger and through the mean of being an iron monger he used to earn his risk.

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As a masala salat wa salam used to turn sheep upon wages for his people. That's how he earned risk. So come Karna is come Karna miasma Chi and de Sevilla Casa de cambiar Lima salat wa salam Jessa bulan has to k&n magnet or Missouri key magnet querque. apnea have to say Rosie Kamiya has a doubt Elisa that was Salam. Ne aloha tatanka or has it boo salicylic wasallam Korea cha cha, one day

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one day told us Sahaba there is no nebby that did not look after sheep. There is no nobody that did not look after sheep. So Saba said jasola. You also the baker himself said yes, I tend and I look after sheep for a few Kira for the people of Makkah. Brothers Can you imagine? So if there was any are in disgrace in working, then the Ambien was Salatu was Salam would not have been doing it. There is no disgrace in working for a person to work there is no disgrace. One day Nivea creme de la Oliva Salaam saw a person whose hands was rough with manual labor. So let me a cream sauce in him asked him why is your hands left rough? He said you have a soul I work I work in the fields and this is

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the result that my hands are off the bat sauce kissed his hands and maybe a cream sauce from set alpha cebo habibollah the one who makes risk like this, he is the Beloved of Allah magnet say Missouri Karna or whisk Ivana Allah tala Kumar Baba. So, this is one aspect that we have to keep in mind with regard to it in the Quran is a very beautiful incident of masala serrato salaams husana salat wa salam Missa, Parker Medina, he went away from me, sir. And he came to meridian. There, he had no one to look after him. So he was sitting by a water well, when it came to the water, well, he saw that there were two women who were on the side. So then they were on the side. He helped them

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gain the water. Now who are those two women? They were the two daughters of swaybar is salat wa salam. So you know, he went and he got them water because they didn't want to mingle in the crowd to infect water. So they waited for everyone to finish and then they would have gone. But who salicylic wasallam was wrong. So he went and got them water, and they came earlier than normal. So the father said, why'd you come earlier than normal at that time? She was very old. He himself couldn't do it. So they said someone helped us. So shrimali Serato Sam said Go and call the person who helped you, Jacqueline Coppola. So then they went and they came in, I will make mention with regard to what

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exactly what they said. But they said, you know, they My father is calling you. So when the father came, and they became the one of the daughters said, that you're a teacher

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or a father, you employ this person, in hire a minister tell me the best of people to employ are those people who are strong and who are trustworthy. What is this

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See those who are strong and who are trustworthy. The one Mr. Sado How did she know that masala salat wa salam was trustworthy. How did she know? Because Medallia salat wa salam. When he was walking towards the Father's house he told the daughters of flavones salatu salam, you don't walk in front of me. I will walk in front. You guide me through the means of telling me which direction am I? What am I say he didn't want to the woman to walk in front said he must not see the figure of the woman

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must not see the figure of the woman. This is the honor and dignity Association. He is very trustworthy. He didn't take advantage of us and He is very strong. On Am I have made mentioned that when anyone is working, then he must have two things. When a person is a must do and a person is an employee, he must be proficient in the work that he's doing. And he must be trustworthy. Today unfortunately we find many times people who are working they are not trustworthy come

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bobunny genuine time correct this time say to stamp company was time to map

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nega nega Banda Cusco murjani lotta lotta Dalit Hey, yes,

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it is important for you that if you are working, you fulfill the rights of the employer. If there is a task that is given to you, it is your responsibility to fully fulfill that task. If you are a teacher, for example, we have to fulfill the rights of that particular work in teach, you can go and say there is a time that has been allotted for you to work and you, you may see on it, you violate the trust, you don't come on time, these things are not permissible and correct in Sharia. So it is important that you fulfill that and Islam has always taught us brothers in Allah, Allah Konishi whatever you do you do it properly, if you are must do or if you are a worker, and if you are given

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a task will fully properly in Allah Allah Allah has given excellence in everything. So, this is the aspect with regard to we have to keep in you know the aspect of the they must fulfill the right

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today's time we find people complete. So, they say this is one aspect a person was weighing past and he saw a person who was working for the government he was you know, he was digging a hole and the other person was pulling the whole

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area what what is happening here now, the person is digging the hole and is pulling gold one person is digging the hole, the other person is filling the hole. So I said what is happening here can you explain to me what is happening? You know, you supposed to be you know, the sum supposed to be some rational action behind what you are doing. He said we are three people. One person digs the hole, the other person puts the three the other person falls. So today the person who puts the three didn't come so if he didn't die Why mustn't we do our work? Now can you imagine complete like this whole situation? This whole particular system one day a person was working for another person when

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he came back. So the boss asked him Do you believe in life after death? He said yes, I do believe in life after death, he said is good. You believe in life after death. Because yesterday you took off for your grandmother's funeral, she came to visit you.

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So anyway, this is but remember one aspect said because labor and work under authority system has given rise to that Islam has always given more right to the dispossessed. Islam has always given more right to those people who are under authority. So because they are under authority, Islam is given more rights to the worker, then to the boss, Islam has given more life to the employee than to the employer. And with regard to this, look at how beautifully nebia Crimson Allahu Allah wa sallam is made mentioned, in one Hadith may be occurring, Solomon said, although the owner may have said that this is with regard to slaves, and today slavery is not in vogue the way it was in a time of a

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trim saucer, but it contains pertinent advices for those people who are employed via cream sauce. Some said those people who are under your authority or your brothers, whom Allah has placed under your brotherhood, Allah has placed them under your authority. Tomorrow it can be different. Today they are under your authority. They can be on your boss and you can be under the authority for Allah tala to change things doesn't take long. So whenever anyone is under your authority, remember, they are your president whom Allah has placed under your authority. Therefore, when you treat them, give them that what you eat, and clothed them that what you wear. That is the beauty of Islam today.

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Where do we find that happening?

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Today we find a person comes to you and say that I want to increase with him I don't have money. And then after a week, you tell him, Go and take this particular goal, this particular place and go get a new car for me. So these type of things, create empathy.

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And hostility and jealousy. I'm not saying that we must not be able to wear whatever is good, or eat whatever it is good or utilize whatever is good, but to be in a situation where you look down upon people, and you must treat them and you will treat them it creates animosity and hostility. And many times we see the manifestation of that in various ways. So what did you sauce them said, they are your brethren who are under your authority, treat them well. Maybe a cream sauce Lama said, treat them well, this very one famous incident that I made mention of many times, Abu Massoud and sorry about the Allahu ta who had a slave. And one day he was beating up his sleeve. One day he was

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beating up his sleeve. And then he occurred himself in a game pass. And the via Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam saw him beating up his sleeves to Abu Masood and Saudi Arabia allow them who you know, maybe a cream sauce them so when he said Abu Masood don't do such a thing. So who must have the lotto who said we look behind me so let me occur himself Solomon he felt very embarrassed. He saw nobody saw them saw him beating his slave and nobody saw some said don't do so. So who pursues sorry reveal? Who said you're a shill. I feel so embarrassed. I have freed the slave. I Afridi so awesome. Sara womanhood. Luckily, you freed the slave, I could see unless other coming upon you. If

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you didn't free the slave and lazada would have come upon you. You don't at the end of the day, cookies to that you are an employer, you have certain rights and you have certain expectations. You can demand certain things. You are the one who controls the person salary. But at the end of the day, he's a human being with dignity. You cannot take away his dignity when

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we have granted dignity to every child of Adam and Eve salatu salam so he you know, so this is very important, maybe a cream sauce only for my mama's door or year to marry by hair when say is or in South sip a shower, or maybe a cream sauce is so cheesy but I buy Chara camlin sfla Tanaka, mukava Muna septum ha, he said Islamic Kalamata juicer. So we find that these aspects Why did because they're under authority. Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed special rights in view upon an emphasis upon the rights so for example, in one Hadith in muramasa, bourassa and I must make mention of this because many times, you see we don't do this is a very famous enough Abdul Razak, Nivea cream sauce,

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some said before a person works, who determine his salary, and you determine how much he's going to get. How many times we find people don't do this. You get a person who is who comes to your house to do some plumbing work, etc. You don't determine you say fix it up. After you fix it up. He's got expectation, you got a different expectation you end up fighting before anyone does any work for you, you determine how much you are gonna pay. This is the hadith of libertarianism and many times people don't don't do this and then it's up into this then maybe occur himself cinema has also made mention that must do Kappa Sina Kush. canessa Pele was Pumas duty dado, before his desperation dries

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up, give him his deal. Give him his due before and maybe a cream sauce famous at 93 people I will fight on the behalf on the day of combat.

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Three people, one of them is a demean and non Muslim citizen of a Muslim state that the Muslims treat him badly. The results from said I will fight on behalf of the non Muslim citizen. Second one is one person who is a must do is a worker. He does his work. After he does his work, you don't pay him. He has done his work. And then unfortunately, you find out one or two small, you know, I'm taking I'm taking this off, I'm taking this off because you didn't do this properly. You didn't do this properly. But before that we didn't make mention with regard to it. So he did his work. You don't pay him correctly, you will have to face nebbia Kareem saw Selim as a lawyer on behalf of that

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person on the Day of Judgment. So this is an important aspect. Then an aspect that nobody

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always pays people a fair wage, which is you know something where people person can come out with regard to it. They appear Buhari Sheriff Howdy. And so the law says that nebia Karim Shara Allahu alayhi wa sallam never underpaid anyone?

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What is what is when I see what is appropriate then I don't know what what is important is we have to pay people a fair wage.

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People say the one of the benefits of having a low wage, you don't have to pay income tax.

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But what are they What is it? It is known as no supermarket. I haven't seen any supermarket if you have seen you tell me that in a supermarket you get a different aisle that the people who are workers or people who are you know, you know, they got a separate separate type of payment. So the goods that is there is somewhat less for them. That it was it is for the employers

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everyone pays the same price for what is happening in the world. For all your goods, you pay the same price. So pay people appropriate wages and salaries, which way they can come out. Don't make zulum upon people because you have the upper hand in almost any column I've written, and that doesn't allow and doesn't like that you do not pay people properly for what they have done. Another important aspect with regard to it, you must always one of the criterias of a person's character is how does he deal with those people who are under his authority apne matassa adjust through whosh despotic cabeza, or Bora Bora pseudo hispanica by Maria Louboutin, who has

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a phrase Missa tee K, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri or Missouri, aka chef ye or ham dirty, or on a board is cooperates rakia, O'Meara de la toma used to tell his governance, those people who are working for you, you take care of the needs and when they are sick, you go and visit them.

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Let them command it when they are sick to go and visit them. One important aspect OSHA will conclude with plenty of times people they take up this particular aspect and said, Well, he did this wrong, and he did that wrong. And therefore you have a justification with regard to treating him in a particular way. In this regard is such a beautiful incident of hazard, mana Illa sobre la and one another one as it

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was, which I will conclude with this incident One day, the chaharmahal. Ali was rebuking and shouting his employees worker, right. And the worker was saying, forgive me, I made a mistake. So as I said, mokulele, you know, he said, How many times must I forgive you? I told you this to do it in a particular way so many times, and yet to go and do it again. And again, the same mistake again and again. So one is Dr. Lee, who was the uncle of as a chef who had his was a croissant Talalay. He was put in the ears and said, forgive him as many times you want a lot Allah to forgive you on the Day of Judgment. Forgive him as many times you want Allah Allah to forgive you. The relationship between

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employer and employee should be based upon what Muslim Ahmed has made mentioned in the Hadith law, that there should be no no harm caused or no harm receive. Not the snacky secret that live on Chow na appneta Cliff up upon. That is how a relationship must be based. We are literally give us a topic of understanding and putting this and in all our relationship according to what Islam it said well as him. There is no better system in every aspect that Islam has given us. If only we can really understand that we are lack of understanding why fill that one