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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Quran and how it gives guidance on getting closer to Allah. They explain that reciting the Quran means receiving reward and losing weight, but not changing one's body. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of reading the Quran to reflect on one's actions and goals.
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Okay now in terms of our way of getting closer to Allah azza wa jal through our worship, a lot of people again, don't understand the true nature of how we're supposed to get close to Allah. So let me start with the Quran. The Quran has been revealed in Ramadan.

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The Quran came for our guidance, it says Huda leanness, the Quran is a major source of getting us closer to Allah getting us closer to accurate and so on so forth. We all know that most Muslims, the only part of the Quran that they know is just to recite and recite and recite and recite. And what you what you gotta understand is recitation will get you a lot of reward, no doubt, every letter of the Quran is going to get you 10 reward outside Ramadan, but every lecture of the Quran Ramadan will give will give you 700. So yes, we want to recite the Quran a lot, a lot, a lot, that's fine. But but that doesn't make the change, you get the reward. Now, what are you after, are you after just

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reward, but no change in the body, let me tell you what the trade off is. If you get a lot of reward by doing some good action, then you've got the you've got the reward. But what you haven't got is you haven't got the change in your body, what happens is, if you've got the reward today, you've got the reward today. But if you don't have a change in yourself, then you won't be you won't be doing that a better tomorrow, you won't be collecting reward tomorrow. Let me explain this again. If you've got money, if I give you loads of money, and you've got let's say, you know, we've just suddenly got like a few million pounds or something like that. If you haven't got the drive to

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invest that few million pounds or to have a business mind, then you're going to waste waste those few millions of pounds, just like that you just wasted in waste like anything before the end of your life, you'll be in poverty again. That's why a lot of people and I was haram to play the lottery. But a lot of people who get the lottery, you know who receive a lottery payment, they most of them blow the money away. Because they don't know how to invest. I'm not saying it's halal, but I'm just giving an example that people when they get a lot of money, if you don't know how to invest or to to make it you know, to make something out of this on a on a long term basis, then you will lose all of

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it. By having a lot of reward of reading the Quran, it doesn't mean that you're going to be doing you know, doing the same thing over and over again for your life. But by making a change in my body, when my mind changes my my whole soul changes towards something different than I will if it changes towards Allah towards the Accra I'm inclined towards after that I make a difference for life, then I will be doing something so now let me explain to you, the people who will recite the Quran over and over again. That's just the first part of what Allah wanted us to do. Allah wanted us to read and understand because he said Lala Kentucky Lord, these are the nuns Allah Who Quran and RB I send you

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a book while looking talking so that you can understand without understanding there's going to be no long term change for this Muslim, again are straight up. Allah said La La Quinta Karim so that you may reflect Allah wants us to reflect what is reflected me. One is to understand it, okay? One is to reflect, reflect means I sit there I kind of think well where am I with my life with this? Allah said in the Holy Quran, he said, Africa yet at the Barudan Quran don't they? Don't they ponder over the Quran? What does this mean? This means now that you sit and you kind of think over and over again about what Allah azza wa jal has said. And what my whole life and other parts of what's going

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on in my life reflect with this Quran. So you come to the stories of the of the Prophet, you understand that Subhanallah like No, hello, salaam. He persevered. I've got a graph and perseverance, no malice and I'm son disobeyed Him, My son might be disobeying me. You come across the Quran, you see that the Prime Minister whose father was was against him, so you might think, Well, my father is not on the dean, or Oh, my father is not a practicing Muslim. So I've got to sit down and will reflect this is a lot of reflection, okay. Each and every part of it brings a change in the mind. Okay. And what is the what is the greater goal of the Quran as I'm reading the Quran

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the Quran is supposed to be a mirror this one thing take away take away from this Quran is supposed to be a mirror. So every time I read the Quran, this Quran supposed to show me how good or how bad I am and when I'm good I said hamdulillah and when I think I'm bad, I'm not doing what the Quran has said that I'm supposed to think that Whoa, I need I need to do something about this, you know, and that's where the Muslim changes Okay, so I'm gonna ask you this Ramadan or whenever you can, please read the Quran Tilawat Arabic Yes, but I want you to read the translation of the Quran and read some kind of

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to see to the Quran to get yourself closer to Allah as we go through this

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