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100 today by the grace and mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala we started from the fourth verse of the Quran. inshallah, by the end of the night we will have completed the half of the fixtures of the plant. like just yesterday on one started in we're already through almost five years ago put on 109 has been

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a part of today's recitation. There's a very beautiful verse of the Quran that I wanted to discuss inshallah.

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But before I discuss the verse, there are certain aspects of certain discussion, certain aspects that need to be discussed of this verse, prior to discussing the verse itself. We all realize that as people in the world we have responsibilities, every person has the responsibility, men have their responsibility, women have their responsibility. And those responsibilities we will be held accountable by Allah subhanho wa Taala for how do we execute those responsibilities. Now, when it comes to executing your responsibility, you can execute it just halfway through and walk away. You have to make sure you follow it all the way through. And that's actually a very important aspect of

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the deen that whenever you start something you make sure you see that action right till the end not halfway through. So if you're fasting even if it's enough of fast not even a volunteer not even obligatory fast enough and fast according to the how to position if a person starts enough fast and for some reason does not complete it starting that knuffle fast was a voluntary act but now to complete it is mandatory. So which means it let's say by law hersa law it was a random day in August and you started fasting and right well have you felt really hungry and he decided to break the fast now that fast is mandatory upon you to make up you have to follow up it's no longer enough anymore

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because once you started it that was your choice. But now to see it all the way through to the end is your responsibility lesson no put on Yeah, you went to law Well, God, what

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are those who believe obey Allah and the messenger and do not nullify, do not break your actions halfway through.

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So we know that one of our responsibilities is to make sure we provide Halla income for our families. We work day and night Mashallah, you know, at our jobs leave home every morning, come back every evening exhausted, some of us travel, we don't see our families for days of the week. Some of us have left our mother and father back home and we've been in this country for years, probably don't even get to meet them on the eighth maybe couldn't attend their janaza prayer, so much work that's involved in providing food for our family.

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And we got on this empire of wealth, that responsibility of the wealth, we will be held accountable for by Allah subhanho wa Taala ask us something interesting. Where did you earn this wealth from? Did you violate the laws of Allah while earning this wealth? Did you pray your Salah while earning this wealth? All these questions will ask it will be asked will the ask Allah subhana wa Tada. But this is not what I'm here to discuss today. Because that part of the discussion we've heard a lot about and so on. What I would like to talk about is making sure we see the responsibility of our wealth, not just halfway through our journey, but right through to the end. And what is that many of

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us feel that our responsibility to our wealth is for as long as we live. But the day we die, our responsibility towards our wealth comes to an end. But the reality is that from an Islamic standpoint, the responsibility that you have towards your wealth doesn't end when you die, it actually goes beyond that as well. That's what the prophet said a lot while he was sort of said as a very famous narration that he remember how to how to lay out a narrative that no person should die, no person should spend two nights, no person just spent two nights without having a will have written so that he can make sure the responsibility that he owes towards as well is seen through

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right till the end. There's another narration of the purpose of the law while he was selling the law he narrated in a Muslim, very interesting narration. The Prophet says, sometimes a person will live a life in which he does good deeds for 70 years. Can you imagine that? Who can claim here that they've done good deeds for 70 years, the Prophet is saying a person may do good deeds for 70 years, but because of his negligence towards his will, and his wealth will not be distributed properly after his death, if wrong happens after he dies in regards to as well, Allah subhana wa tada will seal his good deeds and who will be sent to the fire.

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And then he continues on, there will be another person who may have not spent his entire life doing good deeds, maybe the average person, but one thing he made sure was that after he died the responsibility of as well we'll see right till the end. The prophets have a long way to set him says Allah subhanho wa Taala will give him many good deeds, and this deed in itself will be his ticket into gender. And we've seen this how great of a responsibility it is. Many of us we don't pay attention to writing our wills. And we've seen this from back home. I've seen this many times. Okay. brothers who love each other right to the end. They took care of their father. They looked out for

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their father. They were one big family

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As soon as the father died, he left behind an estimate of half a million dollars, or whatever it was. And these two brothers begin to find out who owned how much, who owned the house, who owned the business, who gets how much portion of the business, I didn't leave it for the business, I work for the business, but the business belongs to the data, there are so many complications that take place. And because these things were not cleared up, these two brothers will probably not speak to each other for the rest of their life. And you know how there's a concept of Southern Nigeria, where you do a good deed, and it continues even after you die. There's the opposite as well, where you make a

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sin and the sin is such that as long as you as long as the people who follow that sin or you're the source of that sin, you will continue to get that punishment. So you let the world leaving a trap for your children to fall into. So once they fall into it, they'll never speak again. For as long as they have hatred and animosity towards each other, you will be the one who will get that punishment inside your grave. Hence the prophets saying 70 years of good deed washed right out the window because you did not see the responsibility of your role right till the end.

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When a person passes away, there are four steps that you need to follow through in regards to their wealth.

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What are the fourth, these are what we call a couple we'll call them

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the responsibilities that are mandated upon a person prior to distributing the wealth amongst inheritors. There are three responsibilities prior to distributing the inheritance. And the fourth one is the distribution of the inheritance itself. What are the three pyre responsibilities? The first is when a person passes away, you need to make sure that their wealth is used to take care of their shrouding and there are variables that feed and feed these are the two words that feed means they're trying to make sure they are washed properly, they are shrouded property and fence feed is to ensure that they are very property when it comes to shouting your person. The scholars, they say

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that trout should be selected, which is equivalent to what that person would generally wear on the job operator. You guys understand that of a person that has left a million dollars behind it doesn't mean you spend half a million buying two pieces of cloth is true right that person, whatever that person would wear generally to the Juma prayer equivalent to that will be purchased in white cloth and that person will be wrapped inside it and he will be sent to the to the grave. For men, there are three cloths that the body will be buried in for women, they are five clots in which their body will be buried in when they are lower to the ground. And it's interesting, right? Today, we were

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spent so much time on focusing on these clothes but in reality these are the same clothes that may not even reach to us with a great new pair of cloth will come that will be absolutely unbiased, and it will be there to witness against us on the day of judgment from the Muslim Han with Alibaba protect us all. The second aspect is the theme that fetus to make sure that burial takes place properly. When it comes to the burial again, the burial should not be extremely lavish and extravagant. That barrier should be simple. From an Islamic standpoint, we do not even believe in the concept of a coffin. But unfortunately, because of the land we live in, and the law that abides

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some states mandate a coffin. If your state man needs a coffin, the coffin should be the bare minimum. Remember living burying the body in a vault right at a metal vault is not going to save you from the question and almost impossible without those angels will find their way to pick their lock and make it inside that vault as well. There's nowhere that you can run from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says in the Quran today, we were excited about God and the mood elevated in life. No person could die without the will of Allah and when Allah wills for you to die, then nothing can stop you from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is all lavish wasting. We've seen people they waste so much

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money, so much money on the on the shrouding as well, they have these weeks where they dress the person up in the favorite suit they had and make sure they groom the person. So much money is being wasted. This is not going to help you with Allah subhanho wa Taala at all, a loss of power that is not going to look at what suit you're wearing, when you're resurrected on the Day of Judgment allows me to look at your deeds in the law,

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American, right and the purpose of the law tells us after the burial is over, after the burial is over after the first part is taken care of. The second responsibility you have in regards to the wealth of these of the disease is to make sure you take care of all of their deaths. So any debts they have outstanding. Now they need to be paid off. If all of the wealth is used up in this process. So be it there'll be no inheritance after that. But you will first make sure all the debts are paid off. Not if multiple people gathered together, and 10 people are claiming that that person owes me money that person owes me money. Let's say for example, I passed away and I left behind

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$100,000 and 10 people gathered together let's say 12 people for example 12 people gathered together and they say he owes me money. So the first thing you will do is you will see who has been a coffee and who has data if data is that debt which is strong and firm data is that debt which is weak. What is difference between both they Nickleby is a debt which has approved to it. Either the person passing away said himself, I owe that person money, or that person brings a written contract, or he brings two witnesses saying this is what he told me. That's what he called a solid that strong that date should be paid off. And now that data the eighth is a weak debt where a person from the

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gathering just stands up and says he owes me money. It could be true could

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realize a lot of so when there are multiple debtors gathered together, most multiple collectors gathered together, what we do is we first categorize who is in which category. So let's say two of these people were from the vein of the week category, the 10, that are from the strong category. Now what we will do is, we will distribute the 100,000 equally to the 10. Not first come first serve, you guys understand that, it's not that the first person comes to pay 100,000, the other guys that are sending that they don't get any, the 10 people, you will distribute the wealth equally amongst 10, each person will get $10,000. And then they will be sent to wait, the progress of the law to set

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him when he would leave a janazah he would first ask,

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does this person have any outstanding debt? And if that person had an outstanding debt, the problem is that a lot of money was set up, but not the vision as a prayer. It would turn around and say Is anyone willing to pay off the debt of your brother, and the people in the congregation would take responsibility? I'll take care of 2000 I'll take care of 1000. I'll take care of 5000 until the debt was settled. And then the purpose of the lohani was set on Monday, the janazah for that prayer. Okay, the third thing that needs to be done, is it after you've taken care of the burial expenses after you've taken care of the debts. Now, if there remains money that is outstanding, you will see

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if that person requested any money for a particular person. And that request cannot exceed how much

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one third of that person's well, sub interview will close with your loved one. As Elliot Aronson said, he, he became very ill. And he himself mentioned I was at the verge of death, I was about to pass away. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to me and he said, O Messenger of Allah, I have so much money. I'm a wealthy person. I only have one daughter to leave it all to, cannot give some of my wealth and charity. The Prophet said, a lot of audios that I'm saying, Yes, you can. He said, Can I give two thirds of my wealth and charity? The Prophet said, That's too much. He's another half of my wealth. The Prophet says that's too much. He said, What about one third of my

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wealth, the prophet said, That's okay. But even That's too much. He said, It's okay, but a little too excessive. And then the Prophet said, a very interesting statement at the end. He said, I would rather you leave your family behind as being rich, rather than leaving them behind poor and they go around asking people for money, I would rather you leave them behind wealthy, that you leave them with money so that they can be sufficient, and they can move on with their lives as well. So here we learn from this idea that sounds gonna be worthless to the loved one, that that will see that the quest should not be more than one third. Now, another principle you have to bear in mind, you cannot

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be quest money to someone who is already inheriting from you. So let's say for example, I were to pass away and I have a son, and my son islamically, as mandated by the Quran, the chef will recite the ayah very soon, is already given a portion of my wealth because he's my son. Now I can request him anything extra, because he already has a portion. If the request has to be to someone who is not linked to my widow, it's already someone who already has in inheriting, after you take care of the requesting the three principles, the three, the three important criteria, or the three responsibilities prior to the actual inheritance have been taken care of. Now, when it comes to the

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inheritance itself, you must make sure you distribute your wealth, according to Islam. Don't think that you can out go or cheat somehow the Islamic law, some people, they give all of their wealth to one side and leave their daughters behind? I've seen this happen so much in Chicago, girls will come to me they say yes, my father is very old. He's a very wealthy man. But he believes culturally that women shouldn't get anything, can you please go and explain to him he's already distributed, the wealthy showed everyone how much they get. And he's made it clear that I won't get anything or he's told me I'll get very little remember the Hadith of the Prophet 70 years ago, a Baba and all of its

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washed down because you're trying to deprive someone from a right that Allah has given to them a right that Allah has given to them, you must be careful of this matter. And with that the eye the whole me the eye out in the in sort of a nice, I will read them inshallah, but that's where the responsibility once the wealth has been distributed properly, that's where you can make sure that you have fulfilled the responsibility. So all of these things, the four things that I said they should be a part of your will, you should write a will these are the mandatory things that you need to write down but how to shroud me how to bury me how to take care of my debts, how to take care of

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my my request, and then at the end, how to do how to take care of a distributing by inheritance. And this should be written down and it should be shown to two witnesses, you show the two witnesses that this is what I have written and then put it somewhere safe away and put individual responsible at executing the will see after you pass away. So now you need to appoint someone that if I were to die, so and so email or so so uncle so and so it is responsible and making sure everything goes according to how I wanted it to be. And a part of that will. one extra thing you can add is anything else that you want. You might say that I this is the legal aspect. Now you can add more than that as

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well. You can say I would like for my children, I request them to be punctual on their summer. You understand extra things you can write in your will as well. I would like my children to build a budget for the sake of a law for our entire family whatever. When I pass away I would like to be buried in the local graveyard in my body shouldn't be done this with it shouldn't be done that with shouldn't cry for more than three days fearing the loss of hundreds and you can write extra we'll see you in advice inside there as well to see how and advice in there as well. So bear that a lot.

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A panel that I give us all the time given the ability to take this responsibility, very serious loss of power that allows us to execute the responsibility to hold to our wealth right till the end sort of love about that.

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Humans have been raised