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The Sins of The Heart: Ostentation


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The concept of "medicals and their influence on people's behavior and reputation" is discussed, including the use of words like "medicals and their influence on people's behavior and reputation." The speakers emphasize the importance of showing off one's success in praising oneself and others, as it can lead to "arrogance" feeling. They also discuss the importance of learning from past experiences and sharing experiences to build on one's success. The segment touches on the topic of the printing of the New Year's Eve and the importance of learning from past experiences to build on one's success.

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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salam ala

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rasulillah Hartman ambia Allah Allah Harris Kira was having a lot about

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each 114 as confusion.

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Confusion is the word we use in Arabic for ostentation is Ria, okay? And it means to show off to do something so that you can be seen by other people ostentation save me because I do not have to lie. In this part of the book. He's discussing the diseases of the heart. And he mentioned that if I were to summarize all of the diseases of the heart and put in front of you three of the greatest diseases I will put these three. Last week we discussed one of them which was envy. This week we discussed the other two with the first one being ostentation, and the next one we're going to read very soon. inshallah. ostentation is a hidden form of ascribing partners to a mall. It is one of the two forms

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of idolatry. So when you, when you ascribe partners with Allah, one of the greatest sins a person can ever commit, actually, the greatest sin a person can commit is to ascribe partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because you are, that's the highest level of ungratefulness, with your Creator with your master, the one who created you.

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So here, when you when you establish partners with a lot that is called ship. Now there are two forms of ship, there's called ship, there's something called ship get huffy. And then there's something called Chicka. Jelly ship, okay, jelly means the greater ship, what that means is, for example, a person says, along with Allah, I worship May Allah protect, so and so on, and so on. So God as well, I believe that God has two partners, he has three partners. So that is what we call ship, that sort of ship will immediately take you out of the boundaries of Islam, you need to read the column again to enter into Islam again, then there is a lighter form of ship, the lighter form

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of shidduch is where you worship what Allah but the intention behind your worship isn't for Allah, it's for other than Allah subhana wa, tada, you guys understand. So in action, you're not bombing down in front of an item. But your heart is actually bowing down for the sake of other people. You're not doing this for a lot anymore, you're doing it so you can get you know, some props, so you can get some fame, you're doing it for the sake of showing off. So this is the lighter ship, if you look at an essence, it's almost the same thing. It's almost the same thing if you look at them, but one takes you out of the fold of Islam, while the other the lighter one does not take you out of the

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force of Islam. Yes, it is to seek a place in the hearts of people by which you may attain fame and veneration, love of fame comes from the ruthless pursuit of one's inclinations is this that is among casati saying it's inside your inclinations to want to be famous. Every person has this desire, there's just this burning heat inside them that wants him to become more famous and more famous examples. Allah says it's something that's inside you, you have to learn to tame it and keep it under control. Yes. And it's something that stays with you all through your life. You know, when it kids go to when they go to the when they go to school, right? Their kindergarten classes. Even

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there, there's a competition amongst kids to see who is the most popular. Then you get to middle school, the same thing there. You get to high school, same thing there. And you have old men that have one foot already in the grave. They're on the verge of dying, and they're sitting together having shy and they're still trying to prove who's better than the other. It's a lifelong cycle. It's something that no person has ever seen. But it stays with you throughout your entire life. You start with that when you're young. As soon as your senses settle in at the age of 767. When your senses come in, that's when it starts and as long as your senses remain in you. It stays with you

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all the way that desire for ostentation. Yes, it is this destroys most people. Mmm because it says this desire for fame and ostentation is actually what destroys most people. This is the greatest destructor facade is this Think about it, you distract yourself. You did all of the bad that you did all the good deeds. So you build yourself and then you got involved with ostentation, and then you broke yourself. So no one else broke you. It was actually you that broke yourself and that's what you have to watch out for. Yes, if the majority of people who are fear and objective they would realize their most of their activities in seeking secret knowledge and in worship, not to mention

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customary activities are only undertaken out of regard for other people. Because it says Look, if you were to think about it for a second, all of the things that you do minus your habits so cut out your habits. So for example, you're moving of your neck or your blinking or if you were just clothing if you were to cut out the habits from your life, and then consider all the other things that you do. Mmm because it says 99.9% of those things you're doing them to show off.

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There are very few

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You think people actually do for good intention? And this is what he's he goes minus your habits. That's where you are, yes, this motive renders their ex have no worth finding an aeration. Hold on the deep. So this idea of showing off is not only with the common people, it's not only what the average guy who's you know, who's trying to sell drugs on the street, I don't use the word average, the person who's signing sell drugs on the street, or the average kid is going to school or the person that's, you know, in their corporate environment. Everyone is trying to establish their street cred. They're trying to establish their footprint they're trying to establish their position.

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So everyone's trying to do that. Mmm because it says this is actually extended all the way to even the religious people. This is a disease that's actually found its way inside the mustard on the masala as well. This is a disease of showing off and asking, ostentatious via that has found its way to even the hearts of the anama even to the hearts of the martyrs, even to the hearts of those who give charity. We know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the first three people to go to the fire of hell will be who

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the first people to go to the fire of a who are the Shaheed the martyr, then what the subject the one who gave charity, and the alum, the one who was a scholar, and you think about these three people, you would think these would be the first people to go to gender not to the firewall, the first to to the fire of how should be I will not have a vagina around. I mean, though not these three. But the Prophet says no, it will be these three first Why is that? Why these three, allow will ask the martyr Why did you give your life literally Why did you give your life? He will see for your sake? And I will say no, no, you can't lie today and then he will he will then he will then

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confess and he will say it was so that people can praise me?

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And then why did you become a scholar to be praised? Why did you give that donation in a fundraiser to be praised. And Allah will say when then there's no reward for you today, there is punishment instead. So even in the hearts of scholars, that's why some of the shields they mentioned

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that there are different ways that men that ostentation actually manifests itself in the in the in the circles of religious people, and they actually have a discussion, the shoe they say there are five unique ways that ostentation manifests itself in the lives of scholars, righteous people, and the knowledgeable. How are these five, the first thing they say, showing off through the body react 15 bill button, which means you're using your body to show off about your piety. How does that happen? For example, Esau Ross, what they'll do is that people won't fix their hair, or they'll have a huge beard growing up. And that huge beard, the reason why they're growing it out is to testify

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that I'm so hardcore, you can't grow your beard like this, you guys understand that. So, people are using their button their body, to establish their authority and religion, which in reality is actually for the sake of a lot because if you were trying to establish your authority and religion, all you need to establish yourself with is with Allah subhana wa tada and that really is not about establishing putting a stamp on your head or you know, growing your beard out in this manner. Then the second thing they say is for a person to use his, his, his his, the way he conducts himself right. Now beyond that, for a person to use. The first one was his body, the second is kind of like

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the traces in his body. So the scholars to give an example of this is that a person he takes his forehead he rubs it against the ground very hard so that he can get an effect of such that

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I set up such that as like a mark of such Now why does he want the mark upside down? So now everywhere he goes people look at him and say yeah, Allah this guy's prayed salah and the most hardcore pleases this guy has prayed so much Salah he's preached so much Salah that his forehead has a marker that you guys know that the mark of the forehead, Allah subhanaw taala does references in the Quran. This haba Sima whom fee with Julie method is sudo Allah says regarding the Sahaba that they will marks on their foreheads because of their such that these marks will testify they Allah We were so frequently used it's kind of like a pair of shoes. You show someone look my shoes are

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because again they're going very thin now I've I've destroyed the the soul of them. Someone will ask you how did you destroy them? I've been wearing the same shoes for 20 years. Now another person whose souls are still the same way they are they they were bought, what can you tell that person your soul your shoes where

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they were never used. There was one friend of mine in the community. He had a very, very nice car. I said to him shift. Your car looks so amazing. How do you keep it like this? He said I don't drive it.

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Very nice car, brand new cars that I buy it just to keep the engine running once a week once in two weeks, I take it out for a drive goes back in the garage probably knows it doesn't even have 1000 miles on it. Okay. So I said somehow that's interesting, right? I mean, that's his car. He can do whatever he wants to. The point that I'm making is that these people, their foreheads were so expensive.

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Simply put into such de that it actually, like we say, get in a panic is gay like their foreheads actually they they rubbed up. So that's a natural accomplishment of some people because of their effort. But then the scholars they mentioned that some people, they go out and they actually get the rubber and they put it down there like this, right? So what happens is they can prove to people look, I got strict st credit as well. The 100 Mark, right there. Yes. The third thing they say, is people they use their statements to show off as well. Remember, God is talking about religious people, not the common person, the religious person. He's saying all ama, I've seen them using their

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statements to show off. How is that? Because it says the shield limit and this is not even was it statement, by the way, these are different shields their statements put together. They mentioned that we've seen a person who's doing Vicar of Allah, someone else comes, he'll start moving his lips a little more. Why is he moving the lips a little more first, who's doing some Hamas Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah, he's making it more audible. He's moving his lips even more. So just the idea of him doing some heart Allah was one thing, but now because he's moving his lips extra more, so someone else can see him, he loses the reward. I mean, is that deep or not? You've made that

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ibadah by doing it, but you just moved your lips a little more with the intention of someone else seeing you and as soon as you build a bother, you end up you ended up destroying the bottom. So the fourth thing they mentioned is that people they use their actions as a source of ostentation, when it comes to the deen. So for example, they're praying their Salah, and as soon as someone else enters into the room, a one minute slot turns into a 10 minute slot. They're standing extra long noon, sudduth for extra long, and you know, as an individual, because you're the one that's praying that my Roku is generally not this long. My Roku is one Suhana vilavi or half of it. And now that

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someone else is watching me that once you've hunted a bit, it has turned into how many 10s of 111 Very good. Okay, so you're extending Uri, Bada through actions. And the last thing they say that some people they show off in their religion through Association, this is also a common thing. What does that mean?

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They establish their credit in the religion by sitting with you. And then the tell everyone, you guys I sit with someone so shift. So now everyone's going to talk about that a person and say, He is the moody that so and so shift, he is a student of so and so shift, so we should give him respect. So what you're doing is that you're showing off with your dean, by establishing association with people who are righteous. Does that make sense to you guys? You guys following me here? This is also a very common disease, actually, people they'll make it a point to go and sit in a monastery, Tonya dama de la jolla. He was a great scholar from the subcontinent. He says in the very beautiful, he

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said, praising your shift is actually praising yourself. You know how in Islam, you're not supposed to praise yourself. He said the same thing goes for praising your teacher and your shift. Because what you're saying is that my teacher is so smart. My teacher does so much I bother. My teacher has so many moody and my teacher has so many students. So when you're praising your teacher, who are you actually praising?

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You're saying that look, he's my teacher, he's not your teacher, who's your teacher? Right? Some professor in some University. Look at my teacher, look how big of a guy he is. So he says that praising your teacher is actually praising yourself. So this is another not the thing with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam give an example of showing off. He said the example of Rhea for ostentation is like a black end,

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in a dark night, hidden away underneath a black stone. Can you ever spot that end? Yes or no? If there's an end that's traveling in the middle of the desert? And it's absolutely if it's if there's light out, you might see it but it's dark. And not only is it dark, but there's a rock there the rock is black would you be Would you be able to even see that rock? Maybe? Maybe not. Now what about underneath that rock? So Ria is such a thing. ostentation is such a thing that it kind of finds its way into all your actions. And that's where you have to be extra extra careful. That's what goes on. He lists this as number two on his list of sins that you need to be careful of, yes, cocoa Monday's,

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on the Day of Resurrection, it will be decreed that a monitor be taken to the fire. He will see Oh Lord, I was martyred fighting in your path. A lot Most High will proclaim proclaim, you wanted it to be said that you were brief. It was said and that is your reward. Allah will say to that martyr, that you became a martyr because so people can say you were brave. People said that and others already worked for you. That was your reward done. There's nothing for you today. same will happen with the scholar, the pilgrim to Makkah, the warrior in the center of the Quran, who showed off in the

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next section, conceit arrogance and pride. So now here, he mumbles it moves to the next and the last of these at the heart, which he wants to address. And he talks about

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this hearing man was talking about Kevin, we're now the last one was showing off. But this is to think something of yourself. This diseases where you think you're something special. We're now alive.

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panna, Cotta gives you a little skill in something. And just because you got a little skill in that particular thing, you think you're it, when in reality, you're nothing. So this whole idea of thinking that I'm something, there was a,

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in, in the, in the in the discussion of the soul of right purification of the heart there is this concept of enough done. Have you guys ever heard of that word before? I'm done? Yeah, yes, that is like a concept that it's kind of like a very high level of a pious person. So they have like the sheriff. I don't even know how a hierarchy works. His thing is shift to Baghdad. And God is supposed to be actually the daughter supposed to be 40 people who are always alive in the world, and if one of them passes away, and other one replaces them, and these are the 40 people who make dua to Allah and do so much they couldn't do that because of them. Allah sustains the rest of humanity. That's

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kind of like the concept behind it. Okay. There are narrations they provide for this in this regard. But anyway,

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so one of you guys remember I just quoted a shift where the name of shift should be tallied on the lyerly I just said that he said praising your shift is also praising your self so one time monitored retirement Allahu Allah student came to him when average guy he said what the shift for a little bit he started doing a little bit shorter praying a little extra Salah he came to the ship as it has it it may have done

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he said I'm one of them done.

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He said for a little bit. Maybe a little extra corner another extra speaker like us, right? A little extra a Baba. So why don't you turn it on the lolly said Ha. Pinnacle? Like desperately? peloton, gosh, they up to darbhanga? Right? peloton, gosh, the means go Chanel, which means meet. He says before you were meet up darbhanga. Now you become lentil. Now you become like you become beans before you were something now you're nothing kind of like being you know, meat has more value than that, where the moment you think something of yourself is the moment you go down. And the reason why men because it brings us at the end of the three is because this is the biggest disease. Think about

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it. We don't give this a lot of thought but just try to reflect for a moment. Imagine a person who did so much a bother that he was classified to be like an angel.

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Can you imagine that? How much a bother that is, you know, we can't even conduct ourselves in a way that someone would think that we're even a Muslim. Then imagine a person who conducts himself in a way that people would confuse him for a scholar. Then imagine this person conducting as a bother in such a way that they consider them as a What did I say? Angel not even a jinn anymore they used to say he is he's an angel, just like an angel. And he lost all of that because of who am I talking about? shavon just because of a little he thought of himself as becoming something. He said Anna Hiraman I am better than Adam unless it up. No one's better than anyone. Time for you to go down.

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And all of that was taken away from him. All of that was taken away from him because he forgot who he was. Right? He forgot his reality. Yes. conceit is a deep seated disease. It is one of the servant looks at himself with the highest honor and self glorification, while looking at others with the eye of loneliness. Interesting. So you're thinking of yourself, that is something very good. And it could be anything Everyone has their own thing for you might be for a barber. He cuts hair very well, a lot gives him a little bit expertise in that skill. And what does he begin to think?

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I'm the best now. Right? Someone plays basketball. He thinks he's the best. Someone makes shoes. He thinks he's the best. Someone's a fighter. He thinks he's the best. Someone's a weightlifter. He thinks he's the best. Someone who eats a lot of hot dogs. He thinks he's the best and all of a sudden, you know, people they take pride in that too is the most hot dogs in the world. Okay. And if you want to get an idea of this, open up the Guinness Book of World Records and you'll find out it's a small little expertise a lot gives you in something, I can eat the most machines in the world. I think I'm better than anyone. Right. So people they look for small things and that becomes a source

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of their pride. The reason why I bring this up is because you have to realize pride again or this this ostentation conceit arrogance can come from any angle again. It can come from anything it could be from you ironing your thoughts some people they might think that I iron so good. No one's better than me. You think you can iron thoughts? Come on, get out of here. I iron like no one else irons. So it could be anything that comes up and that's where you have to be careful. No person is beyond it. Yes. He's in fact on the tongue. He said he says i this and I then how do you know someone has arrogance? They'll keep saying I this I that I'm this I'm that they'll keep talking about I have

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this car I did this. I did that. When in reality you didn't do anything. The one who did it was Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who allowed it to happen. If a lot a lot of happening happens a lot is not allowed to happen. It just can't happen. So don't attribute things to yourself. Attribute them to Allah subhanaw taala. Yes. As of course at least said I am better than him. You created me from fire and you created him from clay now. Here in Mongolia.

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Kosovo Quran reminding us of this was the mistake he believes me at least meaning shaytaan he said I am better than him him was Adam. I am created from fire and he is created from soil. Now think about it. Is this logic sound? Or is it faulty? What's better saw fire or send? This is a this is an important point here. Because when it comes into scholars they mentioned even your logic goes, when you begin to think something of yourself, you begin to forget what's right and what's wrong. If you made a comparison between fire and soil, soil is many more folds better than fire. It is many more folds better than fire. Soil is a source of life. Soil is a source of life, fire is the end of life.

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If you give anything to fire, it'll only give you the ashes in return. If you give anything to soil, if you bury something in the soil, you take a brick or anything and you wrap it up nicely put it in the soil, the soil will return it back to you. The creation of Allah has always lived in the soil as any creation ever lived in the fire. Soil is a resemblance of humbleness, because it always remains at the bottom. While fire is a symbol of arrogance. You know, they say he's very fiery. He's very hottie even in our language, we use that okay, you know, she thinks she's very hot. He thinks he's very hot. He's a very hottie person, very fiery person. Fire has always been a sign of arrogance. So

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the scholars have actually made a comparison under the seat of this ayah there's actually a long comparison that goes between fire and soil, and they establish that soil is many more falls better than

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where do you find gold, hidden away in soil? Where do you find silver hidden away in soil, you know, you find things that are hidden away. And so soil is actually what produces many of the things until the point that Allah even created the best of all creation from the very same soil. But shaytaan he lost his brains because pride came in. It's like a person who's driving around a Corolla, and he pulls up an extra guy with a Mercedes and says My car is better than yours.

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Now he's convinced that his Corolla is better than that guy's Mercedes. Now any person with alcohol is going to tell you what,

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that's wrong, but he'll find 100 again, I'm not marketing for Taylor here I'm just making a point okay, or any car any cheap Carver's any expensive car. The point is that he will do whatever it takes to establish that he's right, because that's a source of his pride. And that's where the problem comes in. Yes, is resolved when the company is believing oneself to be above others seeking one second. So remember, ghazali said, the result of pride on the tongue is that you'll keep saying I'm this I'm that the result of pride when you're in the company of other people is what you'll always want to make a point that you get the best seat, you're always going to, you're always going

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to make a point to put other people down. You're always gonna make a point that people respect you people say Salaam to you. So you're always going to want to be the cherry of the cake if you wish to say top of the gathering. Yes.

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It's result one companies believing oneself to be above others, seeking to have presidents entity pride of place at gatherings. In discussion, he results in an aversion to being contradicted when discussing when in discussion with people, how do you find pride? You'll never accept anyone contradicting you. As soon as someone contradicts you, if you have pride, what are you going to do? You're going to fight them tooth and nail to make sure that he can contradict you what you said is right. And that's the end of it.

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The arrogant person is one who, when worn oddly rejects the lice, yet when mourning others does so aggressive, same as it says, The pride or the one who has pride when he's advised he doesn't want to listen. But when he advises people, he forces his opinion on them. Have you guys seen this before? Right? When you're advising you're forcing people but when you're being advised you make it as if no one can advise me at all? Yes. Anyone who sees himself as better than one of the last creatures easier, rather than being arrogant. Now you can argue. He says you're anyone that sees themselves better than Allah's creation has arrogance. But you can argue, isn't a Muslim better than a coffee?

00:23:57--> 00:24:15

You guys falling? Right? Isn't a human being better than a dog? You can make these arguments. So remember, Allah says, No, you can't make these arguments. The reason is because the human being if you think about it, from one perspective, you are better. But from the other perspective, are you better than a coffee? You don't know what if he dies on Islam and you die on Cofer?

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Are you better than him, then? You don't know whether you're better than that person until you see his death and you see your own death. Then you sit down to make a comparison, then you can make a proper otherwise how could you halfway through the race say I'm the winner. You haven't reached the finish line. At first, we're just finished and then we'll talk about who was a better runner. And we'll go on and analyze how you ran the whole race. First thing. Remember, life is not a race, it's a marathon. It's something that you have to make sure you keep your pace and run all the way through. And then as far as idea goes, some people think that they're better than dogs. The reality

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is that sometimes even the creation of a lot the animals, they have many, many lessons for us to learn. There was a Scott there's a book written, it's called father to keylab Allah Cathedral mym and Libby Sophia, that's the name of the book. And what does that mean? the virtue of

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Dogs over many people who wear garments, that sometimes even dogs are better than human beings. How is it adversity said there are 10 characteristics of a dog, if you bring them into your life, you will become a friend of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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How many characteristics 10 he says there are 10 characteristics, if you bring them, I'm not going to go through them. And that's another lecture for another day. But if you're bringing those 10 characteristics into yourself, then but that doesn't mean that it's legally permissible for you to have a dog in your house. Now, that's a different issue. This is another issue. Don't mix them. Yes. Rather than being arrogant, you should realize that the virtuous one is the one considered virtuous by Allah in the final abode. And that is something that is unseen and depends upon one state and death. So how great Are you wait for your death, you'll find out in the Hereafter, there's no way to

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know before that. Your conviction, therefore, that you are better than others is pure ignorance. Rather, you should not look at any other person without seeing that he is better than you that his spirit surpasses yours and yourself is not. So always when you meet someone, when you look at anyone always think he's better than you find a way to convince yourself that that person is better than it doesn't matter. My mom has it, he gives us a little exercise. He says, imagine you're meeting someone who's young. How do you convince yourself he's better than you? Imagine you're meeting someone who's older than you? How do you convince yourself he's better than you? Imagine you're

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meeting a scholar? How do you convince yourself he's better than you? Imagine meeting a Jehle an ignorant person? How do you convince yourself is better than you? Imagine you're meeting a coffee? a disbeliever? How do you convince yourself is better than these five members that is going to walk through them one by one? If you see a child, you should say to yourself, this child has not transgressed against a law and I have so certainly he is better than me. So when you see a baby, you say, this child has never disobeyed a law. I've just obeyed the law. So this baby is, is better than me. Again, you're creating humbleness in you. Now the older person? Yes. If you see an older person

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say, this person is better than me. He has been worshipping a lot longer than I have. You look at the old man, you say, Allah knows how much he's worshipped him. I haven't worshipped as much as he has. He's also he's better than me as well. Yes. If you see a knowledgeable person, see, this person has been given what I have not been given he has in that I don't have, he has a rank that I don't have. So that means this scholar is. He's better than me. Yes. It has reached in rank what I have not reached, and he knows what I am ignorant of. So how can I like, How can I be like him? If you see an ignorant person See, this person has transgressed against a law most high ignorance? Well, I

00:27:32--> 00:27:54

have done so knowing. So when you meet an ignorant person, you say he's disobeyed Allah. I've disobeyed Allah. He disobeyed a law because he didn't know but i disobeyed a law even though I knew. So even when you meet a guy, he'll you say he's better than me as well. Yes. So a lot of evidence against me is reader, and a lot holds us accountable on the Day of Judgment of him and I were to send him a lot together, I'm going to be more trouble than he is. So he's,

00:27:55--> 00:28:13

he's better than me to G. And what do I know about what my final state of death will be and what his final stage will be. And if you see an unbeliever, say, I don't know, maybe he will become a Muslim and his life will be sealed with the best of deeds, and for his Islam, he will emerge free of sin, as a strand of hair is generally

00:28:15--> 00:28:28

As for me, a lot would cause me to go astray. So that I become of the unbelievers in my life could be sealed with the worst of deeds. So tomorrow, this person might be the ones drawn, draw nigh to a lot, and I have the distinct ones.

00:28:30--> 00:29:07

arrogance will not be removed from your heart until you realize that the truly great person is He who is great inside of almost Hi. And then this depends on one's final state, which is uncertain. Okay. So the only way you can ever establish your greatness is to know whether you are great in the sight of Allah. Can anyone ever know that? revelations about the Prophet when he was alive, there was a way to know now that the Prophet is gone. Is there any way to establish that there is no way? I don't care if some shift tells you some theater tells you some when he tells you, if your shift comes and gives you an alpha, it doesn't mean anything. It means that you have a responsibility, it

00:29:07--> 00:29:38

doesn't mean that you're all of a sudden have a guaranteed ticket agenda. You know, one kid the other day, his shift given khilafah he sent me an email saying, shift I have kalapana I said, Why are you telling me this? You know, people they're like boasting over themselves. And I asked a lot to protect me as well. And everyone's sitting here, you know, this is something that's so dangerous. So here we are, first of all, you don't know your rank until you know how Allah views you, how Allah sees you how you are in the sight of Allah, and that will be only known in the hereafter. The second thing, however, the prophet has told us that there are a group of people that Allah loves a lot. Who

00:29:38--> 00:29:40

are the people who love the law.

00:29:42--> 00:30:00

The Sahaba characteristics, Okay, what about the Romani, Latina Yamuna, v honer. Those who walk on the earth while they're very humble. Allah likes those who are humble, who don't talk about themselves, who don't let anyone know of their good deeds. They're very

00:30:00--> 00:30:29

very able and capable of doing things but nobody even knows about it. There was a shift that was passing away he was known as being one of the greatest bodies. When he was passing away his daughter was by his bedside, his daughter was crying. She said to he asked his daughter, why are you crying? She said, I'm worried what are you going to say to Allah on the day of judgment? He said, Why you worried about me? He said, just in that corner that he pointed to one corner of his house. He said, just in that corner there I completed the Quran 60,000 times. How many times

00:30:30--> 00:30:55

and the only person to know is his daughter that he's dying? Before that no one even knew. If you and I finished the Quran once we tell the whole world Facebook guys just finished hospital Quran, right? And everyone's gonna come start giving you likes we, we we announced everything. While for these people needed so many things. It said regarding Sahaba hedaya, the author of hedaya. I told you guys earlier, He fasted for 40 years, and his wife didn't even know he was fasting.

00:30:56--> 00:30:57

How many years have I say,

00:30:58--> 00:31:28

right? So many years, 20 years, there are different originals. 20 years, 40 years, 10 years, people have different opinions. But the point is that He fasted for years, can even pull off a month like that, or a week like that. Impossible. We'll make sure we tell our wife so she doesn't tell us to take the garbage out. Right. But here saving it I love my mother in law had a years passed by and not even his wife knows. We get other people that he's been fasting. I mean, you can't even imagine that. You know, I told you guys earlier, one of the important one of the most.

00:31:30--> 00:32:06

What do you call this, one of the key books that is taught in the Shafi field, the author of the book, he didn't even acknowledge any rank when he was alive. He was a nobody. When he was alive, he's to clean the mosque of the prophets that allowed his employees to look at him as a cleaner. But when he passed away when they went through his possessions, they realized that he had authored one of the most powerful books ever written in the shop. Very. I mean, can you imagine these people? So if you want to see how your rank is law, ask yourself how frequently do you push away praise from yourself? How easy is it for you to be humble? In your dress, in your speech in your actions, and to

00:32:06--> 00:32:17

not like to be praised at all? I will focus on the long one when he was praised. He used to read a lot. He used to say Allahu Allah to ask him maybe Maya Kowloon or fiddley Mariana moon, who's making this dua By the way,

00:32:18--> 00:32:53

say that Alba Siddiq. If there was anyone in the world who deserved props, who would it be? If there's anyone that should have had 5 million followers on Facebook or 1.6 billion? It should have been Who? Satan Abubakar Siddique it alone. I mean, imagine this to elaborate this there's a narration that Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, you know the famous narration on the Day of Judgment, I'll be very angry and every all the people will go to different prophets, famous narration. Can you please intercede on our behalf? Can you please intercede on our behalf and each prophet will say Neff CFC, I'm worried about myself, I can intercede on your behalf. Finally, the prophet will say

00:32:54--> 00:33:17

Almighty Almighty you guys come to me. I'll intercede on your behalf. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says that allow me so angry that day that never had he been this angry before. All the creation will gather in front of a lot, I'll be angry because of our disappointment because of our disobedience. So then the Prophet says, I will know how to make Allah happy. And what I will do is I will go to a lost throne and I will go into such that

00:33:19--> 00:33:54

because the such that is something that makes a love very happy and I will do such that and I will praise a law in that such that with such beautiful words, that no one before me or no one after me will ever praise Allah like that. I have a secret of praising them. I will use all those secrets that day. And then Allah will say, yeah, Mohamed El Salvador toto is far too shefa that raise your hand or Muhammad, ask whatever you want. We will give it to you and intercede on behalf of whoever you want, we will intercede. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the narration that I will raise my hand and I will say Allah, I only asked you to start the hisab start that counting.

00:33:56--> 00:34:01

So Allah will say, if you want me to start the hisab, who do you have? Who's ready to put their hands up in front of me?

00:34:03--> 00:34:21

Who do you have who's ready to bring their hands up? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I will push forward with your loved one. That he's ready for his hisab right. And here's the thing Albuquerque San Diego de la Juan, if someone praised him, he would say, Oh Allah, don't hold me accountable for the things they don't know about me.

00:34:22--> 00:34:41

Allahumma la 270 the Maya cordon O Allah, don't hold me accountable for what they're saying. They're praising me I'm not deserving of it. While fieldly Malay, Allah moon and forgive me for those things that they don't know. Don't hold me accountable for what they're saying. And forgive me for what they don't know. So this is an idea of humbleness that we should all develop and build inside ourselves gee.

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

Remember this principle my friends, that when you lower yourself for the sake of Allah, Allah elevate you. You guys know the famous Hadith which one month Allah Allah He, Rafa Holloman, Taka, berawa Allah, whoever humbles himself Allah elevator and whoever Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

beats himself a lot drops that person down. He loses all of his fame. I'll share with you guys when incident

00:35:06--> 00:35:44

of this is a very powerful incident in a way under this how do we share this incident of Junaid Baghdadi? You read about that he was one of the greatest fighters of his time. He was such a strong man such a skilled fighter that they say no one could defeat him. And the king such took so much pride in him that one day the king made an announcement then anyone that beats Junaid about daddy we will give him such a reward such a reward, right, such a prize that that person will be very happy. And the king he made this ring he called the entire kingdom everyone gathered 10s of 1000s of people were there, engineer the body. He was ready for that day and everyone became from the corners of the

00:35:44--> 00:36:15

world these big fighters came to find him and one by one he was dropping them on the ground dropping them on the ground dropping them underground. He was a very good fighter like the champion UFC fighter but even greater than that because no one stood in front of him. Now, it was a long day long event everyone was trying to make their make their fame beat him become that rich person The king was sitting on the throne and is boasting that no one can beat my Junaid so now genetical daddy defeated one of his opponents and after he defeated him he looked for the next guy and the next guy coming in the ring was an old man.

00:36:16--> 00:36:39

So genetical daddy told the referee, are you sure this guy's ready to fight? Because if I drop him, he's not gonna break. He's not gonna fall he's gonna break. Like his bones are gonna shatter is this guy ready for it? So the referee went to the guy and said, Brother, this is not some game. This is you need daddy here. If he drops his foot on you, you're going to break into pieces. So that guy said, Look, the challenge was open to anyone. And I'm here to challenge so I want to find him.

00:36:40--> 00:37:03

They said your death Please go ahead. Well, we'll prepare for the janazah inshallah, This old man came into the ring to fight genetical daddy when he came there. You know, before fights, they shake hands. They shook hands, they greeted each other. And the fight started and everyone was watching. It was just making a joke out of this guy. Then finally what happened was that this man somehow picked up unit body slammed him on the ground, put his foot on grenades chest and beat him

00:37:04--> 00:37:30

and didn't go that was knocked out. And people from the crowd started throwing. I mean, I'm just making this up and throwing tomatoes at the guy, right? Like Nicola is gonna throw throw this guy off this guy's This is illegal. And the king got so angry, he kicked it out and took all the fame away from him. And basically took his career away from genetic data. He was sitting there at home that evening, I'm thinking man, yesterday, I was the most famous guy in the world. And today, I've lost all of my fame because of an old,

00:37:31--> 00:38:08

an old guy. And he's just replaying the incident that you know, he was there that old man was coming in, he asked the referee is that guy even fit to fight. And the referee asked him and that guy, he insisted. So that guy came in, when he should you need about daddy's hand. He said you need I am no match for you. You and I both know that. I just want you to know I am from the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we cannot accept this other socket or socket. And I need that prize money to feed my kids in general daddy's telling his old man that I've defeated everyone in the world. But if there's anything that I will do, right in my life, I've made many mistakes in my life.

00:38:08--> 00:38:33

But if there's one thing that I'm going to do, right, I'm going to lower myself for the honor of the family and the profits of the audio system. And he said, How are you going to make that happen? You didn't say that if I can beat people, I can beat myself to watch this. And the fight starts engineer the body manipulates the movement, he drops himself on the ground and he tells the old man defeat me and the old man puts his foot on the chest. Right? And he's thinking about the incident. And then he thinks to himself, what if the guy was a scam?

00:38:35--> 00:39:11

It's possible. It is a possibility right? Being in Chicago we've seen people with religious backgrounds being scammed as well. But what if this guy's a scam he's sitting there thinking about it, he falls asleep and in his dream he sees the profits that allowed him and the profits that allow it was some system Junaid you lowered yourself for Allah allow elevate you until the day of judgment. engineer the body is known as being one of the greatest scholars that live in the history of Islam. Anyone who studied a little bit you'll heard of has a genetic era, one of the greatest scholars and the corners of the world. Everybody knows a bit right. So this is an example of a

00:39:11--> 00:39:45

person lowering themselves. So this top line here is a very powerful when a man comes on he says you cannot take pride out of yourself until you realize pride is only established by knowing who is great in the sight of Allah until you to know where you live with Allah. Can you ever establish pride? No. Will you ever know where you stand with Allah? No. However, while you're alive, there is one thing if you keep an eye on it, it will give you an idea of how close you are to Allah and what does that one thing. how humble you are, how humble you are, how easy you are, how soft you are. These are things that go along with so go ahead and

00:39:47--> 00:40:00

read them once fine once final state because of this uncertainty, your fear of event and should preoccupy you and keep you from being arrogant. Always be worried about your death and that'll keep you preoccupied from pride. The fact of your presence

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

uncertainty and fees does not lessen the possibility of change in the future. Today you're pious, but that doesn't mean tomorrow you won't be pious. Someone may say, but today I'm a very pious person. How many people in this gathering can say that there was a time in their life that has passed by, in which they were more pious? Probably everyone can raise their hand, right? When we were younger, we should be so much more current. We didn't used to swear that things. Maybe there was a few years back, we were better people. Today we become worse than what we were yesterday. Most of us would say this. So what is their guarantee that tomorrow, we won't get even worse. There's no

00:40:31--> 00:40:32

guarantee. Yes.

00:40:33--> 00:41:06

Indeed, a lot of the change of hearts he guys who will leave to stream so Allah subhanaw taala is a champion of the hearts, he guides who he wills and he leaves a stray who he wills. So we're going to stop right here in sha Allah disease. From here in Mongolia holiday brings us long narration of modern Japan with your loved one. It's a very beautiful marriage and has a lot of meaning. We'll stop here inshallah. And we'll continue on from here in our next class, we're gonna hit data and we will finish off our second section of this book. In our next class, we're pretty little muscle time with that it gives us an ability to acknowledge reset, allows whatever makes us from those who are

00:41:06--> 00:41:12

humble, soft, Allah subhanaw taala. Save us from ostentation from jealousy and ultimately save us all from pride as well.