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AI: Summary © The Hadith of Islam encompasses teachings of Islam, including the use of words like "thank you" and "has" to symbolize the culture, and the importance of teaching the five pillars of Islam to avoid confusion. The speakers emphasize the need for devotion and commitment to Islam, and the use of "has" and "has not" in writing to describe actions or events. The importance of understanding the five pillars of Islam and the Day of Judgment is also discussed, along with the need for individuals to practice and live according to their beliefs.
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smilla rahmanir rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi momentums cerca de sadhana Tila Yomi Deen and bad. Welcome dear brothers and sisters, in a continuation of our journey in looking at the prophets guidance, gems of guidance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whereby by looking at these 42, or a Hadith, speaking about spirituality and devotion and commitment towards Allah Islam, the second Hadith that we find which is known in general as hadith of Deborah L, la Salah, which is a, an immense Hadith,

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which some of the earlier have mentioned. It is like almost an axolotl fatty her is the mother of the Quran. The most important surah of the Quran, or the whole theme of the Quran revolves around sawtell 30 her Likewise, the hadith of gibreel Ali Salaam.

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The theme of Islam revolves around this hadith. So whoever understands this hadith has understood what is an Islam? What is an Eman? What is a lesson.

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So we find that earlier mentioned how the hadith of women, this is a great, magnificent Hadith that encompasses all of the actions which are external, or which are internal, as even Dokic, as mentioned in his explanation of this hadith. As a side point, various explanations have been looked in this compilation 40 to a hadith to extract the benefits that we all will hear by permission of Allah subhanaw taala and benefit from this hadith as we mentioned, which encompasses the teachings of Islam, even Roger who mentioned that this is a great magnificent Hadith yesterday when Allah chahatein Kali, which explains the whole of the religion, the whole of faith of the Muslim, Allah

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subhanaw taala as we know, selected jabril la Salaam to be the one that brings down revelation to bring down the Quran. Upon the prophets a large number in Nauvoo at 10 zero Mirabile, alameen naza Nibiru Ameen Allah, Allah takuna Moon and Moon minimoon theory in a loss panda sent down the trustworthy Angel, or prior to that this is the revelation from the Lord of the worlds brought down via the trustworthy, the honest Angel,

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Allah kobika upon your heart, it akuna minal montery in place this revelation in your heart, that you may become one of the Warners towards mankind and remind them about Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So this hadith in itself at the end, it mentions that this is the Jabra elite at a limo comm Dino calm. This is Jabra elite who came to teach you your religion. So from here we learn that the whole of the teachings of Islam are placed inside this hadith. Whoever understands this Hadith, implements this hadith has understood the teachings of Islam and entered into the teachings of Islam. There is a context towards this hadith or some Allah mentioned that you find that certain individuals began to deny the belief in predestination, or al Qaeda, Al Qaeda or other began to deny the belief in destiny, and thus the neuroma the son of Roma, he narrates to them that this is the Hadith that he

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heard from his father, whereby mentioned when he speaks about the pillars of Eman to believe in a man who will order to believe in Divine destiny, the good and evil that may be destined, or the hardship that may be destined for the individual. So, just like today, unfortunately find that there may be segments inside the Muslim society. People have a weak belief people who begin to extract or begin to make their own interpretation of splitting or neglecting or not accepting certain teachings, or Pillars of Islam of picking and choosing whatever they seem fit. It is something very, very dangerous for person to choose and to select their own understanding of what is acceptable in

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the modern world, in the 21st world and what practices they should carry out.

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And what practices that they can leave out. And to say that this is what Islam is.

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Islam is what this hadith encompasses, as the final part to Hadith mentions and this is Jabra in who came to teach you your religion so hold fast to that. Hadith begins by mentioning, by Nima national to loosen endora surah lay that Yeoman on that day on occasion whereby we sitting down with the prophets on the loss of love. They appeared amongst us, Roger Lin, Shadi bayada, Thea, a man with immense white garment that the person was wearing. Firstly, we stopped at the section of the Hadith, whereby we were sitting with the prophets on the law of value, sell them. And here numerous, extractions can be made from this. The Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam was a person who used to sit

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with his companions. He used to sit with his comrades, he was not aloof from the people around him, we find that people in honor or dignity or high places, may not intermingle with the society around them, or the subjects underneath them. This was the opposite for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had no entourage, he had no bodyguards, he had no special privileges, in that sense, but he will live and be with the people around him, that even if this individual will not be it was an enemy, that he was able to approach and come close to the profits of the law and the seller, we find he used to mix with the people and encourage that. So rather than for person to live in solitude to

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live on their own, it is more rewarding for a person, to live with the people to mix with the people and to benefit from the people and likewise to learn from the people as well. A person who came wearing immense white garment. Here the wearing of white is something which is praised inside an Islam whereby the Prophet Allah is at some he mentioned that this is a Carmen

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albizu Minh Thea become Albania, where from your garments that which is the white garment for in when hiree Thea become that is the best the garment that you can wear, like a funeral via motor con, and shroud, your dead ones your diseased ones in the white common. Some people here may begin to say that the wearing of a white garment or to be dressed in a certain manner. What importance does that reveal, maybe that was a cultural practice and Arabian practice of the climate, the weather at that time that they dress in a certain manner and they wore certain garments, this can possibly be acceptable. But we find that they are guidelines for Islamic dress and garments that a Muslim should

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be we should wear to be recognized. As a Muslim. Obviously, we agreed there are no qualified restrictions of what is classified as an Islamic dress. There are wide and broad conditions that have been placed for both men and women that need to follow. But any garment which symbolizes an Islam or makes a person we recognize the Muslim a person should adorn themselves and even more so, individuals, if you can use such words who are religious clerics, etc, they may mix with the people engage with the people, but there needs to be a certain element of of honor and dignity that they are recognized. If we can use linguistically the words the men of God, people who worship Allah

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subhanaw taala so they have a certain dress sense. And this is something acceptable inside our society, that a person who delivers a sermon or delivers a lecture there are certain etiquettes which have become the common norm or acceptable inside the Islamic Society, whereby the person adorned himself with those garments to display a certain element of religious belief and conviction, but as a whole refine Islam mentions as a last point I mentioned inside the Quran. Yeah, Benny Adam, hoodoo Xena tocom in the Kali Masjid mokulua chavela 234. In Nola, you must refrain. All children of Adam take your best garments. When you come to the masjid. When you come to prayer person should

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wear the best of the garments, standing in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this individual had the best of his garments that was dressed in the Euro la a through suffer, no signs of traveling, were visible upon this individual. And likewise, the Hadees mentioned that the person was with immense black hair that is individual that he had. So he the companions are taken aback because we know from the realms of traveling inside the desert land that

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They will be signs of fatigue, or they will be signs of dust, etc. Or person could be in a disheveled state while traveling through the desert. But this individual was, was a if we impeccable in a sense there's no signs of traveling upon this individual. And none of the companions recognize who this individual was. So he came and he sat close to the profits a little lower. So I'm very close. And he placed his hands on his thighs and his knees were close to the profits of Solomon in such a manner. And he said to him, yeah, Mohammed told me a COVID ne, and Islam. Tell me about Islam. So hey, use that name, Mohammed Salah Salem, which was the way that the Arabs will call out

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one another's names etc. Even though it's not befitting, for us to call out the name Muhammad in such a manner we find inside the Quran whenever Allah subhanaw taala speaks

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to the prophet or suddenly always addresses him as the messenger. As the Prophet, you will meet the theory a Muslim man gives him these titles, the few rare occasions the three or so occasions are the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah uses the name Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam speaking in the third person or speaking about him, referring to him. But in general, the Quran always uses the title directly of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But this is just to give us the context of how the Arab Bedouins were used to calling out to one another in the name calling that they had, as for us alerted, Rasulullah beno kadoorie ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba. As for us, we find don't make your call.

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When you call the profits or something like the call that you call another individual, call him with respect and dignity. So that's we find that raising one's voice, about the teachings of the prophets, Allah Sallam had that we find raising one's voice at his grave is something which is a bad action. We find Omaha pada, he saw two people come from five, who began to raise their voice, raised their voices. And then he inquired and asked Where have you to individuals come from? They said that we have come from the city of pif. And he said, if you had come from Medina, then I would have rebuke you or would have duly punished over your individuals for raising your voice in front of the

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grave of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this individual, he posed, and he asked the question, Bernie, annual Islam,

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inform me or give me the information of what is Islam. And then the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he narrated, these are the five pillars of Islam. The two testimonies of faith, the establishment of prayer, the giving of soccer, the performance of Hajj and fasting in the month of Ramadan. Here we find extraction from this is to teach people the basics, or to teach people, the fundamentals of Islam, not to teach people the differences of opinions that exist inside Islam. The focus should be to teach people the five pillars of Islam and to accept them. And that will be the discussion in the next Hadith, which speaks about bruneian Islamorada humps into Islam is established on the five

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he would train his comrades and his companions, would train them, a single individuals to go and to preach the people the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah.

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For example, we sent more admin jabel, to the land of Yemen, to go and you're going to enter amongst the people, of al Qaeda People of the Book, so that the first thing that be that you call these people to be the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, if they accept that from you, then inform them that Allah Subhana Allah has enjoined upon them, the five daily prayers, and if we accept that, tell them about Zakah because many of us in our zeal and our passion in telling people or delivering the message of Islam, at times, we begin to go to secondary issues, or tertiary issues, which are very important, no doubt. But these are not the core elements of Islam that we need to focus upon and

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remind people about.

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He then said, Sir, Doctor, you spoken the truth. So here the companions were taken aback, that he poses a question. And once listening to the response, he says that you have spoken the truth, as if to say that I already know what the answer is affirming the answer.

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Li salatu salam, which started the companions that now this is a strange individual who seems on face value not to know anything about Islam is a stranger wayfarer, a traveler who's come into our lands into our environment. And he wants to learn about Islam. But yet at the same time, delivering an element of ignorance is saying that you have spoken the truth, and they were taken aback with this. Some of the scholars have extracted from this that at times, a person to teach people inside society may pose certain questions to, to a scholar or person well versed. And the scholar knows that the person who's presenting the question to them knows what the answer is, but understands that

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the intent of this individual is to benefit the masses of people, because of that scholar, that person being in position that people would listen to the answer, listen to that response, rather than to this individual, the person may present a question to the teacher, or to the chef, who then delivers the answer, which the student is fully aware of, to benefit people around us. And that is a wisdom, a science in teaching people, how to rectify themselves, we find a famous story attributed to a hustler Hussein performing model whereby they see an elderly individual performing model and they see that this person was making the ablution has made various mistakes. So did they decide,

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like many of us, in a haphazard manner, on irrational just to quickly have a go at the individual look, at this age don't even know how to perform your order, rather return an asset is in the elderly individual, me, as two brothers are having a dispute of how to perform the order. Can you see which of us is performing the order appropriately and accurately. And that's when the elderly individual sees and performing wardo he says and he understands that the one who's making the mistakes is himself a use of wisdom and rectifying and teaching people goodness. And this was all the etiquettes of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he had the ability to reform people with the

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gentle ness that he had, was a key him as a last panda referred in Santo puranam on three or four occasions by the Koran, that he purifies them, he teaches them he gives them the beneficial knowledge. And that's even when a person urinated inside the masjid and companions were there to rebuke him into harmless individual. You find that the Prophet Allah Islam taught this individual This is the house of Allah found a place of praise and remembrance of a bird of Allah Subhana Allah. And it's not befitting for a person to carry out this action. to such a degree that we find that the individual said that he condensed mercy, and said that may Allah only forgive me and the Prophet

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Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and not the rest of the people because he is the only one that showed that kindness and affection towards me. Then he posed a question for Bernie an email, tell me what is an email. And here we find that then the six pillars of email are listed an email and taught me how to build a formula ekati wakatobi

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are called the hiree shall remain avahi to Hana subhanaw taala. These are the six pillars of Eman to believe in Allah, to believe in the angels to believe in the messengers to believe in the books to believe in the last day and to believe in Divine Decree whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala has destined here sometimes we find that these lingo linguistic terminologies that exist inside of Quran and Sunnah, they begin to overlap, that some people say that Islam and Eman is just one complete package. And both these these words or any of these words entails the opposite entails both intricate details of the five pillars of Islam, or the six pillars of a man. And that is that is

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true, that if a person says that this is an Islam, then it entails the five pillars of Islam and the six pillars of faith. But if both words are mentioned together in a sentence, then each of these words will take their own meaning Islam will be specifically the five pillars of Islam and Eman will become the six pillars of Eman does you find why they stammer if taraka why the tharaka each term is something that earlier I mentioned. If they come together in a sentence, or in a paragraph, then each one of them separates. And if they are separated and each one of them they unite, to carry encompass the same meaning. And you can see this throughout the Quran. Allah, Allah we speak about

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Islam, we speak about Eman And it encompasses both the elements of faith and the Pillars of Islam that we find a lot and I mentioned inside the beginning of sorts

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Merida that this day I perfected my favorite upon you. What are the two Lockman Islam Medina and I've chosen for you Islam as your way of life. So here Islam entails the five pillars, and it entails email. We don't need to say that this Islam is only speaking about the five pillars of Islam. It automatically entails that the six pillars of Eman that Allah subhanaw taala has laid out this is what faith and what practice of a Muslim is. And this as a side point, is classified as one of the final verses in the Quran. In terms of

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in terms of rules and regulations. And so sort of a diverse number three, Allah mentioned ayama achimota lacantina komati mom to Allah Mati, what are the two administer Medina, this day, I perfected my favorites upon you and chosen for you, Islam as your way of life. And this was sent down on the day of arafah, as we find a Jewish individual said to hormonal hubub, that this verse was sent to us, we will be rejoicing on this day. We know that the day the day of arafah day was a day of drama, that tug of war mistaken is a day of aid, a day of celebration for the Muslim so it automatically became a point of celebration for the Muslims. But the same time we know that whatever

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has been completed, will begin to become deficient. That's Abu Bakr Siddiq. He had this sad feeling when you heard this verse that now Islam will begin to diminish in a sense that people will not live up to the spirit of Islam because now Islam has been completed on the face of this earth. Like was it last elimination, or may who really stand within and fell in your Kabbalah Minho, Warfield Hara t mailhot, serien. Whoever seeks any other way of life besides Islam, it will not be accepted from that individual. So here we learn the importance of understanding the pillars of Eman and the Pillars of Islam. It's not just a verbal conviction, because the verbal element of the two Shahada,

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tane and nakisha had attained the utterance of the two articles of faith is one element of belief of Islam. After that comes the formal practices to show your affiliation or your belief in Allah Subhana Allah, the rest of the pillars of Islam are pillars of action, to establish the prayer to give this occur, to perform hajj, and to foster a month of Ramadan. These are not all verbal actions. These are all actions of the limbs. And that's the element I mentioned the importance that Islam this hadith is actions of the limbs, and actions of the heart, conviction of the heart are encompassed inside this hadith.

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If we return back to certain hotjar, at the 49th chapter of the Quran, these 18 verses which speak about an ideal Islamic Society, in the refined this rebuking of the Arabs, and just for them to the external display of the utterance of their faith, all of the Arab

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polam tominaga lacking oluwo Islam now, the Bedouin Arabs who said that we believed, boy stress inside the belief that we've we believe in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah rebuked him and mentioned that say that you have not believed Olam tumino Allah Qin kulu Islam, say that you have not believed, but rather you have only submitted and that's we find that the scholars have mentioned that they are circles of faith, or circles of conviction, the external circle being the circle of Islam, which by default, every Muslim, once they enter into Islam, born Muslim or make the utterance they become a Muslim. Then to penetrate deeper, they enter into the circle of being a moment and they penetrate

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even further to eventually become a Muslim. So by default, every motion is a movement is a Muslim, but not every Muslim, or become a true devotee, a movement and not every movement will reach the Enter level of becoming a Muslim. And that is the third stage whereby he asked this question, my son, what is perfection? What is goodness? What is total devotion to Allah subhanaw taala and in there he mentioned, and tombeau de la haka and Nakata who, for inlanta contura, who for in Iraq, Malaysian. So here we find the head to brain, Elisa Lam posed the question, what is an assassin? What is this perfection of goodness and as we mentioned, the

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la salud Islam mentioned responded by saying untangled Aloha and Nakata, who fell into contura hufa in New York, that you worship Allah Subhana Allah as though you see him, yet you do not see him in this world, yet he truly sees you. And this is the pinnacle level of devotion and commitment to Allah Subhana Allah, that a person is totally engrossed inside the a bird and the worship, they are lost. That external world just becomes a world of materialism, a world of that has no value, they are totally engrossed and immersed in the devotion commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala. And that's a last countdown it also always mentions the Mycenaean the doers of God as being on the

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extreme limit of devotion and commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala then the Hadith mentions or he poses the question

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matters, sir, when is Bill Binney? And is it inform me about the hour. And obviously here a certain Arabic language carries meaning in general of an hour that we have an arrow of time, but it has a deeper meaning. Inside the Quran in Arabic texts that we find a sir here is referring to the final hour, which is amongst the names of the day judgment. So inform me about the day of judgment and knowledge of the day judgment on knowledge of the hour, is mentioned many times inside the Koran, whereby they would ask about knowledge of the unseen or knowledge of the hour. Yes, sir. Luca, and is it a yes or no more? Sir? they asked you about the hour, because you were the one who is the

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messenger has been sent with this information, you should be the one who should know when its arrival is. And obviously the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam does not know when the hour is. And thus he responded to him and said to him, that the one who asked the question and the one who's been asked a question, both of us don't know the knowledge of when the hour is, yes, there are certain signs or certain elements that were told to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, about the final hour. And this is knowledge of the unseen that he was bestowed with, or bestowed upon us for the total knowledge of the unseen specifics and details of that, that is not known, even to the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In Allah, endo, in wasa? Well, you know, Zillow has your hand, in the end of Surah lokman that we find the 31st chapters are on a last round I mentioned. Indeed, with the last count Allah belongs the knowledge of the hour. What you know, zero local youth is the one who sends down the rain, he knows whatever is in the wombs of the mothers, he knows, as well when did enough summer that oxy bajada. And no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow, when they're enough, some be armed in the mood and no soul knows which land it will die in, in Nevada, and the moon hubby lies, all knowing

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the one who has full knowledge and knows everything that is Allah Subhana Allah. So here we find the five elements of the unseen no one knows them, except for Allah Subhana Allah. Obviously a person could speculate here and say that, Oh, well we know when the rain comes or the agenda of a child, or we know certain facts, these are small glimpses that last plant Allah has bestowed upon mankind, to have these discoveries, discoveries of science or information, to be able to see certain things as for the total unseen, what the end of the individual be, we exactly the rain falls, the quantity of that rain, the timespan of that rain, the benefit of that rain, the birth of that child, whether to

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be born alive or to be dead, or the end result etc. This knowledge is only reserved and belongs with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this individual acknowledges that both of us, we don't have knowledge regarding this. So he asked this question, Whitney and maratea asked me or inform me about its science, about its symbols, about a sharp on the signs of the Day of Judgment. And signs of the day and judgment are many similar scholars have collected approximately some 80 to 90 minus signs, before the day of judgment and then we find the 10 major signs of their judgment. So here the Prophet alayhi wa sallam he responds by informing him some of the minor signs of the Day of

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Judgment. Amongst them, he mentioned and telogen Amato are better, that you find that the slave girl will give birth to her master and various interpretations have been given.

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By Allah Hadith, what is entailed, whether it be that the slave becomes free and becomes a ruler over the people, or we find that that person gives birth to children who become disobedient towards their parents and treat their parents as if they are slaves. So it all refers back to a form of social disobedience in such society that people don't give the right respect and your rights that belong to people or it could carry the meaning of the person and it becomes gives birth to people who become leaders in their own right at a later stage. So you find also amongst the science, of these individuals of science of the day judgment have mentioned, you will find the barefooted

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destitute Bedouin Arabs, beginning to enter power Luna Phil Boneyard, beginning to complete is compete in the building of lofty buildings. Now, here, this is something that living in a modern world today that we can begin to visualize this, that the destitute Bedouin Arabs, once yesterday, not too long ago, 40 to 50 years ago, when impoverished, impoverished state that now that they begin to build these great big buildings, and lofty plazas, and palaces and hotels, etc, that we find some of the aroma go to the viewed this hadith is not mentioned at the end that this is something which has been bad with them. This is something which is blame worthy of this action doing is just talking

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about a sign of the science of their judgment is a view that exists there. But in all context, if we look at the context of the Hadith, and the context of in general, about a hadith speak about the last day, they are normally placed in an element of something which is blameworthy or something which not praiseworthy, or something which is detrimental to society, whether it be the spread of excessive wealth, that we find excessive killing that we find inside society that will begin to take place, and all the rest of the other minus signs, which in general speak about the hardships or difficulties that the Muslim Ummah or the world will face. So these are all some of the signs that

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the Prophet Alayhi Salaam he mentioned that we should be wary about, that will build up towards the end of time. And then we find this individual, he got up and then he left, just like he came, he left. And then as the companions began to splinter away, he kept back over the hubbub. And he asked him this question Atari monosol. Do you know who the questioner or who the individual was? Omar hubub obviously had no knowledge and mentioned a low what I saw look at them. He said that Allah and His Messenger they know best who this individual is or was here by the prophet Allah or some who mentioned that this individual in noho Jabra El Camino Alamo comm Dina calm. Indeed, this individual

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was Jabra de la Salaam who came to teach you your religion to teach you your deen. And that's as we began with this Hadith, it encompasses what our Deen is, what are the teachings of Islam, the five fundamentals of Islam that we find the six pillars of Eman and the concept of what is a lesson, perfection inside our worship. Belief in the last data science the last day, if a Muslim can encompass and understand this Hadith, learn this hadith implement this hadith understand this Hadith, then they in a nutshell, have understood what Islam is. And that says we began with the whole series of these a hadith and selection this hadith has been for that purpose, to go back to

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fundamental core beliefs and practices that all of us Muslims should be unified upon of implementing these teachings inside their lives. Because it's very sad that how we find that Muslims in a modern world begin as we began the Hadeeth way that people do question destiny, if Muslims begin to pose such questions, that if God is so powerful, or if God is so merciful, why does he allow harm and torture and difficulty trials and tribulations to take place on the face of the earth? This is question These are questions that non Muslims will pose. Muslim will pose the question that allows them to lie so beneficence or merciful. Why did he take my child? Why did you allow me to lose my

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wealth to lose my job or make me go through such difficulty? This shows, unfortunately, element of weakness of faith in our conviction that we understood this Hadith, we will understand that Allah subhanaw taala and his infinite justice and mercy

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He has told us to believe that whatever loss of power that Allah has destined for us is better than we can ever imagine in our lives. And Allah subhanaw taala has laid out what is a man lacell burger and to wonder would you prefer a machete will mockery is is a suitor Baccarat, Allah mentioned that albir here taqwa piety, Eman faith isn't just to turn towards the the east and the west by a man is to believe in Allah and the Last Day and in various actions are mentioned that this is what we imagined and faith is, though that is the type of Muslim that we need to become or develop inside our lives, that we know what our faith is the tenants of faith. We know what our Eman what our Islam

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is, what I believe is, and we hold for so that we practice that inside our lives. Because a person carries out these teachings of Islam and refining numerous other Hadith person holds foster this, this will suffice them and enter them into gender. So on face value, it may sound very easy, but unfortunately on a practical basis, we find that many of us are some of us we fall short in implementing the teachings of Islam and holding fast to them and strengthening our inner Eman is whatever exists inside the heart of the individual of their conviction. The stronger the Eman the conviction is inside the heart, the more stronger the external appearance or display of faith or

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practicing faith becomes visible upon them. person believes in the last day and returned back to Allah subhanaw taala that would be visualized via this submission in bowing down to Allah in front of Allah subhanaw taala five times a day. We'll continue our journey with a third Hadith, which speaks about kuhnian Islam Allah humps, whereby we're going to slightly more detail about the five pillars of Islam and these pillars that we need to practice and develop and live according to inside our lives. We are lost to Allah give us all at our feet and ability to live true to these words. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh