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Hussain Kamani
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Al Hamdulillah al hamdu lillahi wa kafa wa salam ala Abadi Latino stofer

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Susana CG diversity of a hot meal ambia Lee Ischia was happy. The ama bad

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for our other Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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julio de alladhina amanu, the famous Sala when you didn't feel for him, Rosana home syndrome, near them in probably a Yeoman, La Valle de la la in southern LA and Lv.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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grants us a solution to a very big spiritual problem that many of us carry.

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Something that's deep rooted,

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and the disease is so real, that unless we deal with it head on,

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it will only continue to grow and devour us.

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This disease is the greed of worldly pleasure and worldly possessions.

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We desire more and more and more.

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There's an addiction to buying and purchasing things. Because we think that by purchasing more in our life, we will bring more comfort, and that more comfort will make this dunya into a gender.

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Now when you try to make something into something that it's not supposed to be the chances of success are minimal.

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That dunya was never meant to be a gender Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam referred to this world as a dunya Dar Al mithuna.

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In one narration, the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam said dunya missoura our hero, the world is a field of planting your seeds so that may you mate so that you may reap reap your fruit in the hereafter. This world is a test ground Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to, you know, to push yourself hard.

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And exert yourself in worshipping alone. In this world, you will be tested in terms of your belief in Allah subhanho wa Tada. This is not a place of luxury. And unfortunately, throughout history, the dunya has done an excellent job at fooling some of the greatest people, some of the most intelligent and smart people, people who otherwise wouldn't be fooled, have been fooled by the luxuries and pleasures of this studio. And this is why I say that I'd even be thought of the Allahu taala. And he would say, Oh World, you would address the world directly. I have given you three divorces, and they're no longer remains and your relationship between the two of us is no longer any relationship

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be gone, go far away.

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So in order to deal with this greed, there are many

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advices given in the Quran, that are spread throughout the Quran.

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One of them can be found in this beautiful verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala he encourages us to spend in his path, go the other direction. Because when you get greedy and you become all possession based worldly, you start hoarding wealth and you desire less to spend and you care less for other people. Because you'd rather spend that money on yourself. Why should I give to someone that needs but I can just sit on this money and you know, buy myself another whatever it is buy myself another camera, go out and buy another laptop, go buy another cell phone, there's always something else that I can go and buy. I can go and buy I can go and buy. So why should I give to other people?

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to give.

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Now some people when they give, they give they're giving also becomes for worldly prestige.

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People see this person giving

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and in order to save a person from that. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, You call me Mara sakana whom syndrome alanya that these are people who spend

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In the path of Allah secretly in hiding, while alanya and also publicly they spend the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The benefit of spending publicly and being a little

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more open about it so people can see is that it may motivate another person. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us, de la Ll Heidi Kapha. Really, the one who guides someone to doing good is as the one who actually did the good. Today, you might support a cause. And this happens to me all the time. Personally, I log on to Facebook and there will be a cause that's being supported. And I'll see that someone that's dear to me, a friend of mine has donated to that cause and the fact that this friend of mine has donated to that cause then tells me that this cause must be noteworthy improvement praiseworthy, if this person is donating then I should consider a two and

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that that starts off the whole effect. You inspire someone, they inspire someone and before you know it, people are spending in the path of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Islandia, public spending has its benefit. However, giving charity privately is whole different league. Because whenever you do a deed privately,

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that deed will then testify on your behalf on the day of judgment that you're allowed, this person did meet in secrecy without anyone else knowing because the deal was done for your sake, and not for anyone else. And if you said a long while it was set up tells us one of the people will be granted shade on the Day of Judgment. And on that day, there will be no other shade, but the shade that alone will give one of those people that will be granted shade on that day, a person who spends and when he spends he gives us one hand, without the other hand having any awareness or any knowledge at all, just from one hand, and the other hand doesn't even know it's quickly done quietly done.

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So Allah subhana wa tada tells us to spend in this cause spend in this path.

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One thing that I want to talk about very briefly, is that when people stop spending in the path of Allah subhana wa tada

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a mindset

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Averys specific, poisonous toxic mindset may find its footing in your heart and in your mind.

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And this is something we should watch out for. And be very careful of

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what is this that I speak up?

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It's the idea that why should I give it's my money, I spent so much time working and I was the one who earned it and it's in my account, and it can't leave without my permission. So I don't want to give permission and my wealth is gonna stay with me.

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The reason why this is so toxic, because where our belief was,

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and should be that it is Allah who gives us the risk.

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And we are just custodians of this wealth. We are we aren't people who created this? Well, it's not as if, you know, we were the cause or the or the sole reason for this wealth coming into our existence, coming into our life.

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So when a person begins to think that this wealth is all there is and no one else has a write on it, and they forget that God gave it to them in the first place. They create a god like complex. And this is very dangerous.

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This can actually potentially at some point, push you out of Islam to

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knowing where risk came from. Where did this come from? Who gave this it is to us.

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And understanding that it's Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave us the citizen in the first place. And it's Allah subhanho wa Taala who can take this back whenever he wishes, by giving charity and giving set the clock in our life. We are the true beneficiaries. of you said a lot who it was seven tells us of so many virtues, so many of them, regarding someone who gives them the path of Allah, that a person who spends in the path of Allah, you give someone a garment to wear, for as long as that person wears the garment the melodica are making to offer you.

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I mean, that's just amazing. Nobody said Allahu alayhi wa sallam says to the companions, it's not what oh, Bishop Itamar, save yourself from the fire of help, even if it means spending a part of a date, not a whole date, at least a part of it.

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But give something because a lot of how long without it is not need your wealth. My thinking that if I don't give the world is going to suffer. And by my giving the world will recover your diluted once again that God like figure. When you're giving you're giving because Allah has told you to give and that's our responsibility now that we're going to give, I'm giving because it benefits me because this Southern call will testify on my behalf. I'm giving because this Southern call will be a testimony of my siblings and the man in my truthfulness that I believe that Allah subhana wa tada a believer doesn't stop giving in difficult times, just as we don't stop praying in difficult times,

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because this isn't like any other ibadah Yes, it's connected to our means. But these means come from a Lundy leave by the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If we stop giving in our difficult times, then what emaan and what truthfulness in our Eman

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what a mind and what truthfulness in our mind. What trust

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when a person gives in difficult times, they aren't just saying to Allah, I believe in you. And I trust your promise. Your promise is that when a person gives, it won't decrease. When a person gives wealth, their wealth won't decrease. That's your promise. And my Eman is that your promise is true.

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So when they give in times of difficulty, they're not just making this statement. That's a statement every person makes when they give charity. When you given the time of difficulty. You're making the statement and a microphone and you're shouting it out loud so the angels in the heavens can also hear and attest to your email.

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We've heard that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses us with the generosity and that will blossom how to what Allah makes us from those who are truthful in their faith. And that a lot of it's not test us with the greed of the dunya because many have fallen before us. Rather Allah subhana wa tada places in our heart, a love for the hereafter a love for the Pokhara humble Misaki, Nabi sallallahu, Alayhi, WA was sitting when make dua Allah, grant me the love of the poor, let them be a part of my life. Let them be a part of my let my heart yearn for them and pray for them too. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts from us all grants are still fief grants of generosity. He grant is Baraka

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in our risk matrix from Milan, and the rest of the year via testimony

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of the truthfulness and our faith. Well said Allahu Allah, Allah cidre Mohammed Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi diala Baraka to

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