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Hajj is a special journey requiring a lot of preparation.

When taking n this journey, the journey itself is very powerful
• Places to visit
• Things you need to see
• And ultimately there it is something you need to feel.

This is a hajj that helps people change their lives, it’s a powerful experience. All the sacrifice and energy and money put into it makes it special.

Arrival begs the need for adjustment in relation to times and jetlag and culture and weather etc.
Remember – Madinah purifies a person of sin (just as a fire purifies gold). Sacrifice in the act of worship motivates change.

Hajj is a pure favor of Allah upon a person. When a person goes for Hajj they’re indebted to Allah. The one who completes the Hajj returns home as a new born baby – completely free of sins.

A spiritual evolution as everyone is making dua for all the believers. People are looking for reward everywhere even by giving out water.

Before maghrib – Monday and Thursday everyone begs the pilgrims to eat with them. Everyone looking to perform for good deeds.

An important point to note is that one’s day in the holy lands revolves around Salaah.
The actions of the first days after returning from Hajj dictates whether the Hajj has been accepted.

Hajj Mabroor –
That hajj which changes your life from what it was to what is better, losing desire for this world and seeking that which only brings you closer to Allah.

Maintain the hajj and the good deeds.
Some tips to maintain the Hajj:
1. “The one who leaves Arafah should not doubt his forgiveness…”. Maintain the clean slate of not having no sins. Continue with your good deeds.
2. Increase at least one form of Ibadah.
3. Always remember repentance. And dua.
4. Make a change for good after hajj that you can maintain. “The most beloved deed to Allah is the one that is consistent…”; “The winter is the season of the worshipper because the nights are long for Tahajjud and the days are short for fasting”.
5. Always beg and make dua to Allah for you to return for Hajj. It will energize you and re-motivate you.

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The conversation discusses the journey of hygiene, including the loss of family members and the importance of staying healthy. The speakers emphasize the need for learning to change behavior and the importance of staying healthy during a busy day on a flight. They also discuss the challenges of returning from HUD and maintaining spirituality, emphasizing the importance of staying in a culture where people feel like they are being the same person. The speakers stress the importance of maintaining a clean slate and avoiding harm, as well as praying for a mother or father to help achieve success in achieving a goal.

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Usually, on Tuesday after inshallah we hold a gathering of the serum to discuss verses of the Quran.

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But today I found that since I just came back from Hydra myself and there are many people who have just come back from Hutch,

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it would be appropriate to maybe share some thoughts and reflections on hive itself in Charlotte Matthews

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has a very special journey.

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It's a journey that requires a lot of preparation.

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And once we take on that journey, the journey itself is also very powerful.

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There are certain places we need to visit

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certain things we need to see. And then there are certain things we need to feel. So there's three things, there are certain places you need to visit. So for example, you visit Mina, you visit arafa. For example, you visit Madina, munawwara, mocha, mocha, Rama, Muslim, you visit these places. And then there are certain things you need to see, you look at the cover, you go to the role of the purpose of the law, while you're seldom you visit the city of mcomber, karma Medina mode on there are many things there to visit and see.

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And then along with visiting these places, and seeing these things, ultimately, you have to feel something as well we call the Mashallah or Sharon from the show rooms to feel something. So

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the journey of hygiene is not only one of the three, for some people, that journey of hygiene where you just go and visit the places you're stoning the ship on, and that's it, or you're visiting with them or whatnot, you just walk around and you're back. And then for some people, it's about seeing it they're seeing the places, but they're not understanding what actually behind it. But then for certain people, it's about the field as well. And that's the true Hodge because when you walk with all three of these things, visiting, seeing and feeling when you have all three of these things together, that's when a person performs a HUD that is very, very valuable. And this is a hide,

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usually that helps a person change their life. How does usually a turning point, it's considered as a point that once you go and take the step in your life, after this, you turn you don't come back to the way you came from. You change your ways all together. You know, and the reason why hide is a turning point is because it's a very powerful experience. My personal

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experience in this matter is that when a person goes for Hajj, all the sacrifice that's put into the journey, from the point that you make the intention, then to the point where you financially, no, you cover the cost for it, the family members you leave behind. And then the journey in itself. Well these days journey, the journey is a lot easier. But in previous days, obviously the journey was a lot more difficult, you know, through to land and to see them through land again. And then you would make it for Hutch, it was common for people to die on the way to Hutch, it was very common that people would travel for Hajj, but they wouldn't make it there. But today and from that we have safe

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transportation convenience. But even that in itself, that sacrifice that we have to make to go there. I remember complaining myself and I heard many other projects complaining that most of the flight is 14 hours long.

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So that's our forum in which I have no right to like complaining 14 hour long flight. One of those days for hives, they say that it would take a month, you know, the whole journey from beginning to end would take a month and now we're completely over with the side of the flight is 14 hours long. And I have to eat the airplane food as well. You know, this, are you serious move this up. So this is the this is the type of sacrifice that we made, but inshallah it's accepted by lots of wisdom. But in that after that when you arrive there, there's a need for adjustment because there obviously the climates different. The timings are different the sleep schedules, you know, it's completely

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off. And then beyond that, when we visit Madina munawwara many people become ill because Madina munawwara has a wind to it. It is very common the products that the companions when they migrated from Canada to Medina Malala. They all became ill. And to the point where the narrations mentioned that the workers decode your loved one became so ill that he was actually on the verge of passing away.

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And the province of allamani Western was informed that abubaker was severely ill. So the deficit allowed him to visit him

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This is interesting pay attention to this. The Huggies mentioned that when the purpose of alarm audio system came to visit abubaker speaker their loved one, as soon as he walked in, said, Have a look or so.

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And this is the first time a blogger seeker their loved one had stood up in days, he just literally got to his feet and he was standing up.

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So the party said aloud ism said to him that you were just sick, how did you stand up like this? He said, a messenger of Allah. By seeing you I gave him energy.

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I gave my cure just by seeing you. Right? I was visited by a beloved so that gave me the energy to stand up and said, I'm completely okay. And no one needs to visit me anymore. And that was the turning point of the loans like it was like a special cure, seeing the properties that allow audio so and similarly for the loved one. And to the point where the companions they came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they said the Messenger of Allah Medina has made us weak. It's mean it's very weak. So then the pox alarm It was so dumb. He then said He then made it one he made to either or logic Baraka in Medina. And then after that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to the

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Sahaba, that Medina purifies a person of his sin, because you know, as Muslims, we believe that when a person is sick, the illness Washington's away, yes, that's what the prophet said a lot while he was someone who would visit a sick person, that or he would read to us and you will know.

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That's the law for him. One small noir the process of is to make when he's to visit a sick person. Lavazza Hoon inshallah, this is the one Lavazza hoorah inshallah, which means no problem inshallah, this illness will be a purification for you labas there's nothing wrong, everything will be okay. The hora hora means that a purify you insha Allah by the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the practice of law instead of said the illness of Medina purifies a person from their sin. A person is purified through the illness, just as the fire purifies gold from its impurities.

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Just as the fire purifies the gold from its impurities, the same way Madina munawwara purifies people, and hence the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When the Muslims came to Mocambo karma for the Ramadan, the parties are allowed so instructed them that when you're performing with off the first rounds, what should you do? walk from the to Rahman shake your shoulders walk for the walk strong, because it became common, the Muslims are going to be so sure the Muslims are not going weak Medina has not met this week, Medina has actually been stronger. So that's also an aspect of Hutch. Most people that I know who go for Hajj at some point during the journey, or most people that go for

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Ramadan, at some point during the journey to become sick. In our group, I can I think almost every single person at some point or the other, became sick. And those people who don't become sick, they're on they come back then they become ill. And this is actually a father for a long time ago, this is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then when you're there itself, the sacrifices are very unique. Sometimes there's nothing to eat. Sometimes you're very thirsty, sometimes it's very, very hot. And then at times, you're just tired because you're pushing and shoving through people. And then there's the the you know, the challenges that a person goes through over this

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period of this journey of heights is so great that it pushes a person to make that sacrifice and that change for the sake of alasa widget. When you make a sacrifice while performing an act of worship. That's when you actually have the motivation to change yourself. If there's no sacrifice in the act of worship, then to you you have no motivation to change yourself. Because in your mind, you're thinking I can go do this again very easily. If I did it wrong this time I can do it again next time. But when there's a sacrifice involved, you realize that this was something very special. This was something very very special for me because I pushed out of my way for this allows always

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that says but but I'm very commonly quoted verse one Medina jahad rufina them at the end of the homeschooler those who struggle in our cause we guide them, then that's one aspect of it the sacrifice. The other aspect of hygiene is that you remember and you realize that hygiene is a pure favorite from Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a pure favorite Four Laws of which there is no other way a person can go for hygiene. If it's not the favor of a law. There are people who desire to go for Hajj. Yet they haven't gone yet.

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I always I always tell my friends is that there were people who may want to go to Medina yet they weren't able to go to Medina we didn't even make the water go to Medina yet Allah allowed us to go to Medina we didn't even make LA for we didn't even cry for it. We didn't like you know spend those nights in front of a line behind you saying oh love Please let me go to my car with Dina it's somehow Allah subhana wa tada maybe found something inside us that he loved or maybe something someone's do or something happened that Allah Parliament accepted us and allow us to go on this Hajj. So height is a pure favor of almost

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when a person goes for Hajj. They're always indebted to Allah azzawajal for even allowing them to go to those cities. Every person I meet since I've returned back from her disable can stop you just kidding.

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Emergency Yes, it's me too, I get to go as well. Everyone, that's the first of all, the first thing they say, is I've made a lot, I get to go as well, I would love to go as well, I'd love to go as well. I just want to see the Cabo. Once I want to see what it looks like, you know, touching, it's another thing altogether, but I just want to see what the car will looks like. I've heard that some some tastes very special, I'm going to taste them. And I want to go stand in front of the other partners and allow them I heard that also has a special feeling. So the whole journey of hide is a pure favor from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then, for us to complete our hygiene return back home. The third benefit of it is that we are told by the Office of the law, they're sort of the one who completes their hedge, they return that home, just the way their mother gave them birth, free of all sins.

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So now you're coming back home, and you're free of all the sins, all the sins have been put aside. So now, it's a new chapter for you and you pays for you a new story for you to write something, you're starting a setting on PC or the right from the beginning, you're getting a chance to start all over again. So these are three very beautiful things that allow people to change their, their their life after Hutch. Now one thing about HUD that I realized is that there's so much out there

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just during those days, those days of Hutch, there's so much Buttercup, there's so much out there that it's amazing.

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Every person there, out of the two 3 million people that are there in their unique way is a friend of a loss of hunting without him. That's why they were invited. Would you guys agree with him? Every person that at the height of time for those two hours, you can only imagine the shower, the rainstorm or botica that's pouring down on them. Because all the millions of people that are standing there making law and you're crying. And then you can imagine that might have been a car that's there because there's always someone being top of the cabin. Always someone's being tough the cabin always someone who's doing talks to the Kaaba and the people that are doing the off their

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climb. And as we know, we were taught by the purpose of allowing them that when we make

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we make the wild with it plural with a poor pronoun. So we say Rob Burma in Africa Nia Hazara Ravana atina rugby at uni, which would mean Oh my Lord, give me good, we say Rob bana artina or Lord give us good. So what's actually happening is that everyone there is making law for

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everybody. It's like a spiritual party. Like it's all over the place. Everyone is just crying and someone's ready to put on and someone making drama and someone is helping his mother and someone's helping his father, some father's holding his child, and you know, someone every sort of good that you can think of is occurring. I'm telling you, I was doing to have this this Hutch. I was doing for fun. It was a of a father that was after Hajj. And I had a bottle of water like this with me. So this bottle of water was with me and I was doing my koloff Radek, close to the Kaaba. And one brother, he came to me said to me, he saw water in my hand, he said, Can I get a sip? So I said,

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Okay, take one sip. Don't take more than that. So he took one sip and drank it and he gave it back. And the reason why I said not to take more than that is because I knew that I would come across more people like this and I wanted to share with everyone. And then a little while later I was going to have another brother came, he said, a little water. I said, Okay, take one sip, no more than that.

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And just during the talk, I probably took one sip from there myself the rest of it, other people took it. And it's such a beautiful scene. In our HUD group, there was an interesting incident that took place we went to I discussed this with the hajis I said to them that you should try to do every possible good deed while you're there. And one of the most beautiful things that you can do is I saw this a few years ago that I was doing the offer the Gabon there was a person standing on the outer ring, you know, people to throw up on the outside of that area. And he had a big jug and he was just giving people some some water. The people that were doing the lock, he was giving them one for

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rings. And then he was saying to them do our agenda agenda agenda. And they were Hughes's pouring water and making offers in the pouring the water. And these people were thirsty because it's hard. It's a daytime so they were all making offerings. And I thought that was so beautiful because these people they've just performed hives, they're all clean, and they're doing tawaf has such a beautiful act of worship and then making the offer this random brother Mashallah because he just gave them a cup of water. And what did he do? He took the took the water from that cooler there and gave it here he didn't really do anything like Mashallah has a lot of sincerity there, but it's such a simple act

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to do. So I told the Heidi that this is something very beautiful, you should try to do this. So a group of brothers, they went for Co Op, this was this Hutch. They went for Co Op. And then after they completed the block, they realized that one brother from the group that went was missing. They searched for him to for two to three hours. How many hours they searched and searched and searched and searched. And finally when they gave up hold they were leaving and they sign disappeared as you go. He said oh I was listening. I was acting up one of the commodities advice I was giving water to the people in the huddle we giving them who off for how

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Many hours, two to three hours. It's like every act of worship you can think of is taking place there. One brother from our group.

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He bought a big pile of saunas.

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You know, the prayer runs the pile of them. And he had a good bottle industry and each one he got a soda. It's about the speed and he packed inside a plastic bag, or maybe they bought it like that, I'm not sure. And he had like a whole pile of it. And he was walking around the harem This was with me. He's from from our group again, and he was just giving it to random people. Anyone who's selected Here, take this, take this makeup, take this off for me. So it's it's such a beautiful environment. It's such a beautiful scene in Madina munawwara if you're there on a Monday or Thursday you'll realize right before mother's Allah the people of Medina have a habit and this is not only in

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Amman This is through the year the people of Medina manana have a habit that are Monday and Thursday everyone. Everybody fast. So when you walk into the home on Monday or Thursday, you walk into the machine what happens anyone know

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is a fight you know, the fights over it's over you and what is it over? Everybody wants you to come to their desk. They put up these these these tablecloths and they put food on their food means dates that are bread, a little yogurt, maybe some water, you know, small things zasada they put a few things on the discipline. And as soon as you walk in the generosity and Madina munawwara literally when I walk inside the machine that I'm seeing these people pull, you know, this is no come to mind come to me because everyone has their private this will come throughout the measure. It reminds me of how it must have looked like when the purpose of us arrived to Medina Manila, because everyone is

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trying to pull him in the direction

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and the purpose of Assam said no, I will stay where the camel stops. So the generosity of Athena menos it stuck with Medina Malala. So what I was saying is that when you're in Madina, munawwara and mocha, mocha Rama during this season of Hodge in particular, and throughout the year, the city is blessed. There's so much good that takes place there. There's so much good that takes place there. That my personal belief is this, that during that period during that season of hardship a person really really really sincerely makes a lot of Allah. Allah will always except

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you know, not only may go out a lot if you beg a lot to show you purpose in life, Allah subhanaw taala show you that anything you make law for sincerely while you're there, Allah subhanaw taala will give it to you. So when people when you're leaving mocha mocha, Madina, munawwara to come back to America. It's a bittersweet feeling. It's bitter because obviously you're leaving McCann Medina, it's such a beautiful time when you're there. You know, when you're in when you go for hydro where you go from, but I for those of you guys who haven't been for offshore, something with you, I feel like when you go to Mecca and Medina for almond or Hutch,

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you you get the opportunity to live the life of a Muslim.

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Why is that? Because while you're there, you don't have to worry about TV. Yes or no. And I'm not saying TVs Hello, hello, I'm just talking about the potential harm that lie inside. So less than one counter argues by saying that there are very good things that are that are shown on TV. So you don't have to worry about TV. You don't have to worry about TV also as a distraction. Would you guys agree with that? no distraction at all. I you know, we used to tell the hajis that as soon as you walk in the room, I'll give genda to the person who pulls the TV plug up first. So everyone goes in to pull the TV plug out to make sure to watch that. Okay, so the TV's off, then. Other than that, you don't

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have to worry about no celebrity culture. When you're there you're of any celebrity culture, yes or no, no idea. You don't have to worry about filthy images. They're not their handler, you don't have to worry about ridiculous oppressive marketing schemes that are used. You know how in America there's always some sort of marketing, always some sort of distraction and about how much you try to focus on life, the marketing world, the marketing industry, their goal is to break your focus and pull your attention in their direction. You guys understand that? It sounds focus is establishing others to help you focus the marketing industry What are they trying to do?

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Break your focus. Okay, so when you step out or when you go there, you actually have an opportunity to break that that distraction and focus and the 24 hour day from morning to evening. What's the one and only important thing

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Salah from morning till evening what's the most an only important thing literally your entire day is based off Salah when this budget Okay, let me set my alarm. Okay, you're responsible of waking up everyone. Okay, after for just one I was over. Once loaded. Okay, you're responsible for after Lorenson. I was over. Everyone has 10 minutes left.

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There now okay. It's most of time. After login. We don't need the motion. Everyone stays in the machine shop. So the whole day literally, when you're going to eat when you're going to go shopping. When you're going to call your parents or whatever else you're going to sleep. It's all based around. When you come back to America, or wherever in the world you are when you come back home, the tragedy is that that flips over again.

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It's no longer about salon but because in our culture, salon isn't the key point. It's not the pillar of our day. It's actually the filler of art. You guys understand the filler, you know, something that you fill in here and there Okay, I got time now cuz salon goes in there at five minutes to get through salon there. Okay, there's 10 minutes left, I'll get on the line there. Okay, I'm here right now, a little closer line here, as opposed to when you're there, it doesn't work like that. Everything revolves around sulla. But when we come back here, our salon revolves around everything. So what I was mentioning is that when you come back from HUD, you're on a, you're on a

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great spiritual high. It's beyond expression, honestly, 200 slides so much easier. It's so much more easier. You're clean, like the pumps, and a lot of them said, Roger hakomi. While he returns back as the day his mother gave birth to him, the big challenge comes when you return back from Hajj, to maintain the good that you've developed inside, Hutch.

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So there are those people, they only bring back from his memories.

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Inside some people, they only bring memories back. So memories in the form of maybe a gift or two, maybe a few pictures, they took a few videos they took if that's what they're that's what they brought back from Hutch. But then there are those people along with memories. What they bring back from Hij is something that's real, they bring back spirituality, they bring back a rule that is strong, strong spirit. And this is the main thing. When you come back from HUD, the first days after you return back from HUD actually dictate how your HUD was accepted or not accepted in salaries, but laws which have been accepted in the sense that what kind of the Federal HUD is actually going to

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happen. And I've seen this so that people that go for HUD, and 30 days after they returned back from HUD, it's as if they never won 400 on everything reverse back just the way it was. And not to turn anyone off or say demotivate anyone from learning from at least you got 30 days of purity, that's still an accomplishment. It's still very beautiful thing. 30 days of crying, 30 days of solid, that's still something very good. But we can't our hunch can't be that cheap. At 30 days after we come back, everything's gone, or 20 days after we come back, everything's gone. We have to make a plan we have to have concern we have to do something to make sure we maintain from our hubs, that

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spirituality and some of those actions as long as we the inshallah Aziz. And this is what the scholars refer to as hajima brew hajima Brewer is the hajimeru is this is the is a is a term, the prophet said a lot of audio so I'm using the howdy ma who literally means the virtuous, the possum says the virtuous hij the reward of it is paradise. So in other scholars have a discussion what is the virtuous Hutch? One opinion regarding this explanation of the word virtuous heist, the hajima Guru is that it is that hij, which changes your life post Hodge from what it was pretty much your life is different now. It's that you're not the same person anymore. You've made at least one

00:23:02--> 00:23:16

significant change, that you in the world can all see that this was a significant change and this person has an adversity. He says hajima Brune is a highly that once you return back from the Hutch, you lose desire in the world, and the only desire to have

00:23:18--> 00:23:57

this effect. That's a sign hajima blue, that when you come back, you lose the greed or desire of this world. And your ultimate focus is the hereafter. That's what I want. That's what I want. I'm going after the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, because that is the most important thing for him. So when we come back, now we have this big battle. And if you thought Hodge was hard, the battle after heart is actually a lot more complicated. My teacher used to say, to every act of worship, there are three steps. The first step is making the intention to do that portion. That's very hard. It's very hard to even make the intention to do an act of worship. The second challenge is doing the act of

00:23:57--> 00:24:12

worship, to actually pay the 100 salada. So first was before you go to sleep, you have to motivate yourself that I'm going to make a prototype, you have to make the intention. That's the first challenge. The second challenge is to actually wake up in prayer. But the third challenge now is

00:24:13--> 00:24:27

to maintain the reward of the 100 with you, as long as you live. That's the biggest challenge, perhaps that a lot of somebody told the companions that there are people who do so much good. They do so much good, but they can't maintain the reward.

00:24:28--> 00:24:48

For example, the famous Halle, the person comes the process of Ask The Companions, who was the person that's bankrupt is the person who doesn't have money. The processor said no, he's about bankrupt. The bankrupt person is the one who comes in front of a lot of judgment with a mountain full of good deeds. So he had the intention. That was the first stage. He did a good deed second stage, but he couldn't.

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

He failed in maintaining it. That's why this person is bankrupt, because he had so much money, and now he has so many good deeds, and a lot of people are lying in front of a law saying or law

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This person violated me he did wrong to me he stole from me he backbiting me. And each person one by one comes and takes a portion of his deeds until all that mountain is gone. And then the line will continue. And they will say, oh allow, we still want to hold this person accountable, and they will drop their sins on me drop their sins on him into non you will have a mountain of sins. So this is the person that's bankrupt. So the first challenge is making the intention to go for Hajj. The second challenge is doing the Hajj. And the third challenge, which is a real challenge that we're at now is to maintain that we can't let it go. There was so much put into it, there was so much

00:25:35--> 00:25:43

sacrifice involved, that we have to do our best to make sure that we can maintain our Hutch. So what are some tips? What are certain things that we can do to maintain our house?

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I'll just discuss a few tips that inshallah will end our discussion. The first thing, we know that in which our sins were forgiven my last

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can you talk and take your question at the end of it if that's okay. Okay. I think let me just finish up my thoughts. Then at the end. I'll take your question. I'll take it back. Sorry to cut you off. So I was saying I just want to lose my train of thought. So the first thing that I was saying was that we know as the progress that alarm audio set on promises, that the one who steps out of arafah should not doubt his forgiveness. Okay, the one who leaves out if I should not doubt his, forgive me, this is a sort of disbelief that forgiveness is promised by the laws of logic. So when we return back from hijra, we should all believe that we are forgiven by the loss of data, or five,

00:26:31--> 00:27:11

I say there's a clean slate, a clean piece start all over again. The first thing we need to do is maintain that clean slate. This is the most important thing, maintain a clean slate. How does that happen? First thing we're going to take a preventative measure, which means doing whatever it takes to continue to stay away from sin. Continue to control it to control your gaze. Continue to control your years, continue to utilize your time, continue to pray yourself up. If you if you've learned to pray salon Hodge keep doing that. You have to maintain that clean slate by engaging by staying away from any sort of harm any sort of sin. Firstly, okay.

00:27:12--> 00:27:35

Now that's a preventative measure of keeping your state your state your slate clean. The second measure is that if by chance you do make a sin, you do commit a sin you you slip up, then immediately repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala repentance is very easy and simple. And if there's one thing Heidi should have taught you, it should have taught you to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala HUD should have taught you to make the model

00:27:36--> 00:28:14

that's one thing has to teach you to do, how to cry take up time and make Guatemala I know people who go 400 on the first day they're not even trained in making law they raise their hands and they get tired of them two minutes by the end of Hydra they've learned to make law for a long period because the actual ibadah that we do in alpha is making the law for six hours straight more or less what are you doing? You're making law you're you've now you're now if you haven't seen I trained in a DI value from you know the word law writer for someone who calls on Allah subhanho wa Taala now your your train caller to Allah subhana wa tada someone who makes a lot of love because you've done

00:28:14--> 00:28:41

this throughout Hajj. So the second thing that you need to do is always repent to Allah every single time. Remember, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to hover to make law make a step a step further. What does this mean? Oh, I'm sorry, will love forgive me? The prophets of Allah money was cinnamon, he prayed Salah when he would finish off his Salah, what's the first thing you would say? How many times three times a stuff with a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff and a lot of that the La Ilaha Illa

00:28:42--> 00:29:00

stuff for the last few times. So the even the prophets of Allah Allah said was making is different after his prayer. Why are we trained to make is to find after our prayer to ask Allah to forgive any deficiency within the prayer. We also learn from the Prophet said a lot earlier. So the profit and loss of instructed the Sahaba to make a stepfather how many times we will need

00:29:02--> 00:29:39

100 times how many 100 times every mega stuff will allow 100 times every single day. And this is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam making this law. So he's sort of long winded with some of the things that particular times a day and this should also be a part of our daily routine as well that we make is to follow regularly and abundantly inshallah Z's. So the first thing I said was shut off the pathway to sin. This is your moment, you've just come back from hive, people are expecting to see change in you. If they don't see change in you have to hide, you may end up you know, demotivating people from going back to high school because they don't see how hard you

00:29:39--> 00:30:00

actually helps people. by them seeing change in you, you may motivate other people to go for it as well. inshallah, if someone sees that you stop watching TV because you want to hide, then if that's something they're struggling with, then they'll also make the desire that inshallah when I go for Hajj, I'm going to stop that as well because he did it. I can do it. If someone sees that when you came back from you grew your beard out, then they'll think

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

them something I've always wanted to do this in my life. Maybe the way to doing this is going for height, because if I go for Hajj, maybe Allah will also give me the strength to grow my beard. Now, if you come back from how to start wearing Hijab regularly, then when you come back, other sisters who are who are wanting to wear hijab, but are struggling just to take that step, they may decide to go for HUD, because they'll use that as their opportunity to also make their change. So people are expecting you to make a change of touch, it's expected that you will make some sort of change the other, this is the best time for you to make change, this is the best time for you to make change.

00:30:33--> 00:30:45

So when you're making your change, make sure the change you make after Hodge is something that you can maintain. You guys understand this, it's something you can maintain the practice of the law on him. So

00:30:47--> 00:30:57

he teaches us something very beautiful. It's a very beautiful ID, the most beloved de to Allah is the one that is consistent, even if it's live. Hubble Amara live data as one of

00:30:58--> 00:31:16

the most beloved to Allah is the one that is consistent, even if it's little. So if you've learned to create the 100 solar while you were at height, when you come back, make a habit to continue to print out the solar. If not 12 records for one hour, or not eight records for one hour, then at least.

00:31:18--> 00:31:20

At least two records. This is something I'm going to do.

00:31:21--> 00:31:27

I was reading a quote from hustle and bustle. That hustle and bustle used to say the winter is a season of the worshiper.

00:31:28--> 00:31:31

The winter is the season of the worshiper,

00:31:32--> 00:31:38

the nights are long for him to make to print the 100. And the day they're small for him to fast.

00:31:39--> 00:32:18

It's the perfect time for worship. Why? Because the days are, they're short, so it's easy to fast, and the nights are very long, very easy. And the height of Salah you can wake up at 430 and return to solo easily. And wake up at five o'clock wake up at 530 and create 100 solar because the time isn't even start to the maybe even later than that as as the days go on, the time will push. So we should use this opportunity and of building our stamina and worshiping and building our quantity of Avada. And continue bring that over and continue to do that Ivana that we were doing inshallah, so consistency and some act of worship together. And the third thing that alibi, so the first thing I

00:32:18--> 00:32:52

said, Let's stay away from sin. The second thing I said was increased some form of a mother or the other. Think of one thing that you have to do extra, there has to be one thing, either it's by reading the news, but awesome reading some Quran every day, sending Saracen The purpose of the lesson every day, it doesn't have to be all these things, at least one of these things, praying the 100 every day giving some sadaqa every day making some Do I really go into helping the needy and the poor every day. But make some sort of increments in your environment, you must do this. It's a part of you preserving your edge. And the last thing the third thing

00:32:53--> 00:33:00

is that continue to make dwad allows origin to allow you to return back.

00:33:01--> 00:33:36

This is the third thing. Always make make the law to allow you to return back to the homelands. Always make the law to Allah subhana wa Tada. Because when you return back to the holy lands, that's when you'll get that chance to energize again. If you do Hutch, don't think that I'm not going to go back again. Some people do think I'm only going to go once in my life and it's over, don't have that in your mind. Even if you can't see the financial possibility. You'll be amazed when a light sets when a lion bite someone that person will go and he will go, that person will go. Last year one brother can hide with us. I was talking with him. And he said to us, he said to me look this up, I

00:33:36--> 00:34:02

can't believe I came for Hutch. I had saved money for myself and my wife. And then something happened. And all of that money. It was gone. I had to I had to use that money. So something happened, you had to use the money. All the money was gone. He said I had booked my place I really wanted to come but there was no way for me to come in more because I had used the money and hygiene, you know, in the in 2013 has become something very,

00:34:03--> 00:34:38

very expensive, become very, very expensive. It's a reality. It's sad, but it's a true reality. It's very expensive. People are spending like you know, saving $15,000 to go for hygiene that's only for two people. If you want to go for four to five people 30 $40,000 very easily it's very expensive. So he said I couldn't imagine the money coming from somewhere. But he was sincere. He made his intention. He left it to Allah. And he said just one week before the group leaders asked for the finance for the for the for the deposit for the money. The last one that I gave it all in all it. I don't know how the money came. It's just like, everything just kind of fell into place and the money

00:34:38--> 00:34:57

came and they gave it so don't lose hope in the merciful but make an intention that I will go back again inshallah, that should be your goal that I want to go back as soon as I can. And at least make an intention in your mind that I will try to visit the heart on at least at the bare minimum every seven to 10 years. How many years

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

that's the bare minimum

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

Whether it's

00:35:01--> 00:35:41

a cheaper option, I mean in terms of tickets and accommodations, it's a lot more cheaper, you know within 2000, less than 2000 you can go from so make an intention that every seven to 10 years I will, I will I will go for Umrah or Hajj insha Allah Geez. So that way you can maintain that spiritual high, you build it, you try to maintain it, and then you go again. You build it, you try to maintain, and then you go again. So we pray that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the ability to actually reset invites us to his blessing house. Again, lots of others see this from the traveler, gives us the strength to fight. Allah subhanaw taala turns our hearts towards spirituality turns our

00:35:41--> 00:35:46

hearts towards worship, and allows us to live the rest of our life in obedience to

00:35:49--> 00:35:51

the stuff that we're going to do within Africa.