Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan Therapy 2019 – Dua 9

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of sexuality in marriage is discussed, with specific narratives from the Bible and shabbat and Shabbat shabbat being related to sexuality. The need for more sexuality is emphasized, along with the importance of protecting oneself from evil and sinful behavior in union. The speaker emphasizes the need to consider one's behavior and reward for one's actions.
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Salam aleikum. warahmatullah wabarakatuh it's your brother Brahim with another episode of Ramadan therapy may Allah subhanaw taala bless our Ramadan make it Ramadan if healing happiness, contentment and love Allahumma me, this is episode number nine when he left his hand Allahumma zidoo abetik Allah May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to complete the month of Ramadan where you've been living now on Ramadan and Ramadan with the Mindanao how the Shabbat and Mubarak Allah home and in

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the Hadith and then we're going to study today is from Bahati the book of dialect and Mr. Pamela, we've been focused on some of the authentic narrations of the prophets, I sell them. And we're gonna study some more verses of the Holy Land that are also pertinent in our invocations to Allah subhanaw taala. But this one is in particular for those who have hamdulillah have entered into fulfillment of half of their Deen, who are married and May Allah subhanaw taala bring happiness between a husband and wife. And one of the ways to instill that is to have regular visitations and conjugal visits, where we are together intimately, but also sexually and there's a difference between intimacy and

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sexuality at Chateau de La Hoya and how about her. She says that of the things she misses most after the departure of the prophets, I sell them with that and now your level that he would bring his fingers into her fingers will allow her to sell him whenever he sat next to her and hold them together. She says all the law that you would miss, you know, those intimate details of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when he would raise a cup to when she would raise a cup to drink, he would ask her the cup, and she would see that he would look at her and make sure that she acknowledged that he drank from the same spot that her lips had drunk from. Those are levels of

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intimacy, that are things that we need to increase in our blessing. Homes. May Allah subhanaw taala fill our homes with bottlecap with higher with happiness and merriment, and abet and disband the shaitan from around it. But one of the most strained aspects of marital life is the sexual encounters and coming together in love and comfort with each other, at times can be strained if one is not protected from the Shaitaan. And therefore you find the prophets lie Selim teaches this Hadith, this hadith is narrated by Abdullah, Ambassador Jolla, and who, who is a young man and had not yet married, but it shows you that this isn't something that was a taboo and I want you to

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understand this, as Muslims, sometimes we're very close and we feel that there's some kind of, you know, you know, impropriety in inappropriateness. But actually, it's something that the prophets I send him was very progressive for his time, very progressive in his outlook. And you find that some of these Hadeeth are narrated by men and women, young men and young women, even at the time who had not yet married at the time. This is on the line now about somebody alone who's saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, yada, yada, we run into besides him that he heard the prophets lie Selim say, No, and, if any one of you either or other and yet the Allahu parlar,

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whenever they wish to come, to have a conjugal visitation to have comfort with their spouse, with their husband with their wife, in particular, if a man comes and he's about to enter, upon his wife, he's about to enjoy each other's company with each other. Yet he Allahu Pon, he should say Bismillah. The word Bismillah is always the foundation to remove the shaitan from your home as you enter it from your food as you partake from it from your clothing as you put it on or take it off. All of these were things taught to us by the prophet Mohammed Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam. It's also a statement that turns the angels attention away from you. In this particular Act, the prophets

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lie Selim says another authentic hadith, that the angels turn away from us even those who record our deeds turn away from us.

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Out of humility and China's when we enter into the restroom to fulfill our needs, in that sense, when we enter upon our spouses and when we remove number I'm nothing ever known to remove our clothing. However, the shape on seeks to come and therefore every time in each one of the three instances the Prophet teaches us to do is to blind the shape on to blind the nefarious unseen forces from our presence. So he says as a way of protecting our home, our spouse, ourselves, our future progeny and children, he says, say on a Bismillah that's the first Allahumma Gibney misshapen Oh Allah, turn the shape on away from us Allah homogenic libnah a shape on a lot turn the shape on away

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from us. We generally have a shape on amount or duck dinner and turn the shape on away from that which may come as a loose from this union, that if we are to be blessed with a child turn the shape on away from them. Don't let the shape on have a presence in their life that you know in your domain at home as well. I don't feel like the product I sell them says if it is their product that they will have a child out of

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Out of meeting in this union lemmya do rochet fun and evident the devil will not have bottle an evil presence and evil lifestyle built upon them. Now that's very important. The prophets I said to him teaches us to protect yourself from the Shaitaan. To protect our spouse from the Shaitan to protect our unborn child, it is our honor to have them enter into our life. Now that's a therapy we are all in need of May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us happiness, and it's something that you should consider and think about before you enter into that wonderful blessed moment of joining with each other in finding comfort and love, intimacy and sexual activity. Once again, the prophets I seldom

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when teachers say Bismillah, which is always a drama, you say whenever you're going to do something good. Know that when a man enters upon his woman, when a woman and her husband find comfort, that is an act of charity, it is an act that earns a massive reward and the amount they say that the reward of that act is equal to the amount of sinfulness if that act was done outside the marriage union. So that shows you that gravity compares Zina adultery fornication on one hand, and then compare finding comfort and love with one spouse. On the other hand, you could see the massive amount of reward that can be endured and earned from it. How do you earn its maximum that you begin with this draft of the

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prophets I send them Bismillah Allahu Majid libnah shavon will generally be shaped on a mountain as often a lot we begin. If everything that is blessed with your name seeking your blessing, a lot of magenic misshapen or a lot turn the shades on away from us, blind them from us keep them out of our presence. We didn't need a sheath on our models often and protect our children, our future children that may come from this union. From the influence of the Showtime the Prophet iclm says if this will happen this time we'll never be able to have a present and harm and bottle upon that child's life mailbox and panatela protect their children, protect their homes and raise us up upon the student of

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this was your brother your hair Brahim with another Ramadan therapy. May Allah give us happiness and closure from errors and sinfulness in the month of Ramadan and reunite us with our loved ones always in this dunya and in genital favoritos with our Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Salam. Alaikum wa rahmatullah.

Dua to protect your unborn children from the Shaytan

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