Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #2 – Justice Shall Prevail

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..wa rahmatullil mu'mineena>> [Q,17:82]

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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, my beloved brothers and sisters Welcome to the second episode of this beautiful series entitled Verses of Hope and Healing from the Noble Quran. We were moving through surah two Fatiha and I just crossed the verse that says Al-Rahmanir-Rahim. Speaking of the qualities of Mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Whatever happens to you, remember, things could have been worse. It's the mercy of Allah that did not let it be worse than what it actually is. We are on earth in order for Allah to test us, why he wants to test us is known solely and only by Him. But

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that is part of unless plan, worship Allah, not only will you achieve Jannah or paradise in the Hereafter, but in this world, you will achieve a lot of comfort. Allah will heal your broken soul. Allah will give hope to the one who is hopeless, because sometimes we see darkness, and the darkness is prolonged at times, but you need to know, Al-Rahmannir-Rahim. Allah is the Most Merciful. Allah's mercy encompasses the believers and all other creatures of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. So, He then says <> [Q,1:4], which means He is the Owner of the Day of Judgment, I will have difficulties in my life, people will judge me wrongly, I will have disputes with others, sometimes family members,

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friends, I may be going through what I feel is injustice against me. Allah says you know what on earth, people may get away with a little bit of it, take it in your stride, be patient, make the most of what you have, do not become unjust because of the injustices against you. remain focused, remain steadfast continue to worship Allah, He is the Most Merciful. He is the Most Forgiving, but at the same time, he is the Owner of the Day of Judgment, <> [Q,1:4]. That means a day will come when nobody will escape the true justice and the reality will be laid bare, Subhan-Allah, Allah is giving you hope to say they can't get away with this. If they got away with it for a short time

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Allah will catch up with them. Allah is giving them respect to correct themselves. When you do wrong to someone It is Allah giving you a small chance to correct yourself before he punishes you before his punishment overtakes you and if it is exposed on earth, and if your punishment has been meted out on Earth, it is a greater blessing than if your punishment is to be given to you in the hereafter. This is why my brothers and sisters part of healing is to reconcile on earth before you get to the hereafter. And this is why the Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam has encouraged us to solve our matters on Earth. Before we would be meeting with Allah when we don't know who might be right and who might be

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wrong. on this earth, there is a lot of miscommunication. Innocent people are considered guilty. Guilty people are considered innocent, the good look like bad, bad look like good at times Subhan-Allah, at times, we don't even know what's going on. But Allah says, resolve your matters to the best of your ability. At the end of the day, I am going to hold everyone accountable for what whatever is outstanding. And on the Day of Judgment. Everything will be brought forth. <> [Q,86:9], all the secrets will be laid there. Everything you held in your heart, everything that was concealed from the hearts and the eyes of other people is going to be known. Allah may not

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embarrass you depending on what you did. But if you've wronged someone else, then you need to know it's not going to last forever, Allah is going to catch up with you. And the same would apply if you've been wronged hope is that Allah knows. And Allah is all capable. He's all labeled <> [Q,1:4], and this is the reason why <> [Q,1:5] has a lot of hope in it. It has healing in it. Oh Allah, You alone we worship You alone we ask for help. The broken soul who has been treated unjustly in justices were perpetrated against him or them or her, whoever it may be. And they need to know that you worship Allah alone and in that there is healing for you <> [Q,1:4]

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you alone, Oh Allah, I worship. No one knows the truth besides Allah

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No one can help you and I besides Allah, nobody can actually sought my problem out besides Allah. If Allah once he will create a situation that will solve my matter in a split minute, you're sick and Ill Allah is the curer. If He has chosen not to give you cure, He wants you to earn rewards so that you can arrive at the hereafter, with a head start from everyone else. You've been through a lot, you are patient, you worship Allah upon all conditions <> [Q,1:4], no matter what happens, Oh Allah, I worship You, You alone. Good days, bad days, whether I'm going through the darkest of hours. In fact, it will bring me closer to You, Oh Allah. That is the hope I have in your mercy <> [Q,1:5]

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continue to guide me Oh Allah. And these are still the verses of Surah Al-Fatiha, continue to guide me Oh Allah to the straight path, guide me to the straight path. I have hope even though I'm going through my challenges, I don't want to veer off the straight path lest I become hopeless. But when I'm on the straight path, it is the path of hope and healing. the straight path is the path where in which I will be led to paradise, and I will be led to contentment on Earth. My brothers and sisters, if you're lacking contentment, you need to improve your relationship with Allah. And you need to let go of things of this world. Many times we hold burdens and we carry them

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in a way that's not necessary, we carry burdens on our shoulders that we don't have to carry. So Allah is telling us, you know what, you be guided to the right path that is the path of Paradise, the path of those whom You have favored, not the path of those who have gone astray or those who have earned Your anger. Because when they veer off that path, they've lost contentment, they will lose hope, at some point. And even in this world, they're not going to lead such a content life, Allah does not promise you that all your problems will be solved the way you want them to be solved. But he says we will do whatever we know is best for you in the long term. You may not have certain

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things right now. But take it in your stride we know we want to give you a better hereafter, we want you to bear a little bit of patience. And this is why sometimes the believers struggle more than those who don't believe one of the reasons is, if they haven't believed at all, they're not preparing for the hereafter. What do they have in the hereafter. But if they, if we do believe we're going to be tested, and we're going to be tried in order for us to pack away as many rewards as possible, so that we can achieve a beautiful hereafter. So bear patients, nobody on Earth has had everything they've wanted. Nobody at all. Every time Allah says we will give you what we want to

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give you from the things you've asked for. We will give you any even certain things you have not asked for. If you take a careful look, my brothers and sisters here were asking for guidance. And we're asking for it so many times a day, and we're praying and we're acknowledging Allah so many times a day with all praise due to Him. And Allah is The One who is the All-Knower, He is The One who knows what's best for us. I'd rather Allah give me what's best for me and grant me the ability to go through the challenges he's chosen for me, than for Allah to be displeased with me. And allow me to suffer in a way that I can't cope. So to struggle is not a problem. But Allah will ensure that your

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back is not broken. You keep going. Ever take it a day at a time if need be. Praise Allah, but never turn away from Allah. And this is why at the end, we all say Amin, mean means answer my call, Oh Allah. It's a beautiful way of ending a prayer or a supplication, where we say Amin. Now I'd like to move on to the next Surah Surah Al-Baqarah. And in Surah Al-Baqarah. Allah starts off with mention of the fact that there is no doubt in the revelation in the Quran. Allah says <> [Q,2:1-2] this book indeed there is no doubt in it, no doubt. And the fact that Allah cleanses us from doubt is already filled with hope. Because you can only heal when there's no doubt. Imagine

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if there's mistrust or you're doubting something, how will you heal? That itself is a sickness, it's a disease, doubt is a sickness. So, Allah starts off by telling you listen, stop doubting. stop doubting this revelation. There's no doubt in it. And so if you want healing, the issue of doubt comes in. If you want hope, make sure that the hopefulness and that hope is built on trust and no doubt whatsoever.

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I am completely with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, <> [Q,2:1-2], <> [Q,2:1-2], there is no doubt in it and there is guidance in it for those who are conscious of Allah, those who are conscious of Allah. May Allah grant us guidance may make us from those who cure ourselves from doubt, and May He grant us the ability to see the pure path in front of us loud and clear, shining bright so that we can trade on it. And may Allah open our doors. Aqulu qauli haza wa Sallallahu wa Sallama wa Baraka 'Ala Nabina Muhammad.

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<> [Q,17:82]