New I Ramadan Reminders Series #12 – Performing Umrah In Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the benefits of working late to Allah's guidance and mentions the success of Subhanallah in performing the rubra. They also mention the high risk of performance and the need to keep the door open until they die. The speaker emphasizes the importance of high rewarded individuals in the lottery to buy the will of Pedro.

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Dear Mama daddy Cena

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said I'm writing to Allah He wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salam salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Welcome back to Ramadan reminders. So there are a Masha Allah I'm sure you've been reminded so many things right? I can say for sure that I am benefiting what hamdulillah and I'm sure being late to Allah, you are also benefiting and our viewers are also benefiting. Yes. So, going further guarantee of your question for me Inshallah, whatever Omaha enrolled on, oh Subhanallah you know, I was just checking yesterday that Sal de has removed all the restrictions, which means, doing Rudra is again or you know, very easy to have a lot in the sense that we have been facing, you know, COVID

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situation with performing rubra is like, very difficult, right? But Allah has opened the doors again, and we ask Allah to keep this door open all the time until we die. So, Ramadan and Umbra has a very tight connection as well. You know, performing the O'Brien Ramadan is highly regrettable, you know, obviously, any good deed is highly vulnerable, but Ramadan, the you know, Bhangra in Ramadan especially, it is highly vulnerable because it is as though you perform their own route with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, you can imagine the glory, the honor, the privilege of, you know, performing or unbranded the profits of the liberalism. And this is like you know, in a minor

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Hutch and Ramadan is definitely a month to perform or Umbra if you have a possibility, and the ability to perform you must make sure that you perform a rubra a product and get high high rewards be in the lottery to either buy the will of Allah.

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