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Ramadan 2015 – Day 25 – Time Management

Jul 13, 2015


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You're listening to the Paloma Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani?

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar Salam

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ala rasulillah Mahatma al anbiya wa ala alihi wa sahbihi lithia. I'm about

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in a race There are two types of people.

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There's one person who is successful in the race.

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And then there are those people who are not successful in the race.

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And something is similar with all types of events that take place within a specific timeframe.

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Allah subhanahu wa tada in the Quran, he says, as I quoted, I believe one or two days ago, maybe even yesterday, that will enable a lot of Muslim moolah who will come in at acuminata thermadata sorrow that turned back to your Lord and submit yourself to Allah before the punishment comes. Because once the time is over, then it's then you can't go back anymore. A lot of it that says in the Quran, with Nicola Hinata rovno Angelica Ratan akuna minal masini. When a person sees the punishment of the Fire of Hell, he will say, oh, Allah, give me the chance to go back to the world, I promise and be a good person, he'll see people, you know, burning and being punished inside the

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fire screaming, their skins will be burnt off, and they will be replaced with new skins so that they may taste the punishment. And he will see people being punished with all sorts of punishment, and people being dragged into the fire of hell. And he will say, oh, let me go back. But Allah subhana wa, tada has a principle that once time is over, you can't go back. That's just the principle of life. Now, once a specific time is gone, then that thing is gone past you, and you can't go back to it. Some of us can't get over this. And we always think that we can go back in time, when every single thing in life has a time. When you're young. When you're very young, you have a time that

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time is to play. When you become old, you have to let go of that time. You guys understand that? When you're in your youth, that's the time for you to be you know, snobbish, that's a time for you to be a little cocky. That's a time for you to think you're it. But when you grow up, you have to let that go. What happens is that today we have adults who act like kids. You guys understand what I'm saying? We don't realize that it's time to let it go. When time is gone, you have to let it go. You know, we have men and women in our community who are very old, but some how do they dress and prepare themselves in a manner that as if they're teenagers, you know that one of the poet he says

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something very beautiful.

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He said he can make up Sahaja

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he said chata he can make up Sahaja gammon can heiki kishmish Tamara and good.

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A translation of witches that they wish that by applying makeup they can become like the hood of gender. But is it possible that a reason can transform back into a grip again, once that time is gone? It's gone. You can't go back to it. That's just the nature of life. Today when we were praying our Juma Salah I'm not sure if it struck you got shock you guys but it really struck me heart because the Hatim Saturday this July is Joel. Without this is the federal Juma after this drama this year as month of Ramadan is gone. So we need to make sure that we make the most of this Ramadan. You know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that on the Day of Judgment, every person will

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be standing in their place and we will not be allowed to move until we answer certain questions. For example, Allah subhana wa tada will ask every person regarding their prayer. A will a man who has to be loved Do you have some will be love the Salah, the first thing Allah will ask, tell me about your Salah. Everything else we'll talk about later First tell me about yourself. Then the officer Allahu alayhi wa sallam says find

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if the person is he gives the right answer if he's successful he paid us a lot properly Naja and he's good. And if the person in haba and if the person he did he did not practice the law properly consider that person is now he's not lost. Now what comes ahead will be very difficult for him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also tells us that allows it was I will ask what did you do with your life? Did you make anything out of it? Did you bring anything What did you bring from? If we go to a loss of how to one without and show a love of Allah? I violated every single thing you told me to do. But I'm humbled I have a nice house.

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I bought one interest that's my promise you I violated all the laws of yours but I bought a house for you. I have a very nice car but that was also an interest as well no problem in Sharla I you know everything I have a I did so much for the people but I missed my Salah while doing it. You guys it's an oxymoron. Allah just says in the Quran stay recited in a sort of adage that the the Majid in the criminal, he will desire to ransom himself in return of all of his wealth, but that will have no meaning.

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Because wealth, what is wealth mean to Allah which allows us as a creator of wealth how are you going to feel the loss of time without a with your wealth Maybe it means something to you and I but not to Allah subhana wa tada it means nothing at all. So what we learn is that we need to make the most of our time. Now another in that very same Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he says, Allah will ask us regarding our lives, what did you do with your life, but he also says very specifically, Allah subhanho wa Taala will then ask you regarding your, your youth, your youth is a part of your life. But it's such an important part of your life that Allah will say that as a

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specific question, a very unique question that tell me about your youth. What did you do inside your youth? Because the youth is a time when you're energetic, where you're healthy, where you can change the world. These brothers are models when I was looking at their faces, I was thinking somehow these are young people. They're not even old. And they're still young Mashallah, and they're using their energy. This is the time when you're supposed to use your energy when you're young. When you become old and everyone comes back to the masjid that's just the nature when the white hair starts coming up and everyone starts coming to the masjid May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the trophies to

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come back to the budget at some point in our lives inshallah. But we have to make the most of our youth right we have to make the most of our time while we have it, we have to make the most of it. Now the thing is that Allah subhana wa tada tells us

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that time is something so valuable that most people are at last when it comes to time. Is that true or false? Right. And this is a pseudo Quran Allah azza wa jal says when asked he takes an oath by time in an inside and effusive most people are in lost when it comes to to managing their time in melody and harmony, except for those who believe in Allah. Well, I mean a solid heart and they do good deeds, what they've also been how they encourage one another for the truth will also be stubborn, and they encourage one another to be patient. So we can't lose out on time. Ramadan is coming to an end, we need to believe in the promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala we need to continue

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to do good. But when you believe in a lot and you do good at some point, if you're alone in the journey, you get lazy and you get tired. That's when the community effort comes in. What a while so we'll hook you have to call each other if you see the brother next to you. You know, he's slacking a little pregnancy brother. You did it for so long. You can do it now as well. You have to be strong Come on, let's do it. What the loss will be suffered, be patient. Don't give up. You know someone today he asked me this question I was on I was speaking on a radio show. And the brother on the on the other side, the host of the radio show he asked me this question. He said why is it that Muslims

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are so energetic inside Ramadan but have no energy outside of Milan? Good question. I said it's very simple. The reason why it's so simple is because Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us Omar by telling us to fast in the month of Ramadan had a lot of hotter without our told us that you can fast any 30 days of the year, someone or fast in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, would it be the same thing? Yes or no? Absolutely not. But when we do our amount when we do our good deeds together as a group, that's when there's fun. That's what allows the wizard says what they'll also do together alone. Yeah, de la yada Gemma come to the machine and pray and Gemma allows help us with

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a group. It will help with the last episode. So as I was mentioning, our month of Ramadan is coming to an end, we have to learn to manage the very few moments we have left of this Ramadan. This is make it a break, you can run the race and being the lead of the race for the entire race. But in the last few yards, if you pulled your foot back and light on for a nap, it's not going to work, you're not going to win the race. You have to push your right till the end. You can start the fight off very good and get a whole lot of points in the first round. But if you don't fight till the end, you will be knocked out. This is the month of Ramadan. We've come very far. And sometimes you could be

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lazy at the first part of the fight. But then pick your game up at the end of it and knock the guy out. Yes or No. Is that true or not? That's what the purpose of the law how it was set up says in a very beautiful tradition in Monroeville.

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That's the famous tradition. vinyasa is the famous one another another very, very beautiful tradition of the prophets that allamani was said and he said in Amano belhar team, that actions will be just based off their ending

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that's what the populism says another Hadith whoever says La Ilaha Illa before died he will go to

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because he's ending was talking a little overlook everything from the beginning. You guys understand that in number amount of inhotim. Now this is the time to finish off our Amazon solid, positive, strong and firm inshallah and Aziz, okay. Now, what I wanted to talk about today, and a little bit what will end up very soon inshallah is that we should make sure that we manage whatever time we have remaining of the month of Oman carefully. Now, we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala says mankind is at loss when it comes to Thai. The reason is because we don't manage it properly if we know how to manage our time

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We can do a lot as Muslims We are very lucky. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us a role model who was a master and time management sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a master. You know, even the non Muslims, they say that what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him achieved as a prophet in 23 years, no person in history has done something like that. If I was to give you a team of five basketball players and say within 2030 years, take these guys to the top of the NBA and bring the championship home, what are the chances you can do that? The profits that allow it wasn't it wasn't playing basketball by the way. The Prophet said a long while he was that I went to a group of people

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initially didn't only dislike him, he hated him. But within just a few years, the process of kept working, kept working, and now and hesitated without according to some narrations, he had over 100,000 Sahaba 100,000. And think about this 100,000 Sahaba? Did he have a YouTube channel?

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flyers, Facebook page, Twitter, mass media, mass marketing, social media, yes or no? No, none of that, you know, is a vine was called from the top of a hill and whoever can hear the voice that was it. There was no artificial Tao involved here. And I'm not saying that, you know that that was artificial, meaning it's negative, but it's all man made. It's not it's not natural. He used his natural means that Allah gave him and he worked so sincerely that and he was so effectively, that Allah subhanaw taala allowed him to achieve so much. If we were to compare just one night of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen very carefully. If we were to compare just one night of

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the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. I swear by Allah, our entire lives can never match one night of the Prophet said a lot of stuff. Do you guys agree to that? Very true. Because the prophets are the loudest that are most sincere. He knew how to manage his time every second. He used it very carefully. Now,

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a few points that I want to mention. How do we manage our time, in order to manage your time effectively, you have to take a step back. So before you start telling me I'm going to do this at three o'clock, do this at two o'clock do this at five o'clock, we need to step back. Well we need to do you can only be effective in managing your time. If you can, first of all prioritize your goals.

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based off what your priorities are in life, you can manage your time, someone's priority maybe I want to be a healthy person. Now for that person, they will prioritize their they will manage their time in a similar manner. I will eat at this time I will not it oh the Mojito this time I'm going to work on at this time when asleep at this time, they will base their entire day manage their entire time, based off their priority, which is to be healthy. Some person's priority may be that I wish to be very wealthy. That means now they will manage their entire day to make sure that it brings out the fruit of wealth out of the time they have us following what I'm saying. So as Muslims, what do

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we need to bring out of our day? This is the big question. Why do we need to bring out of our day? Okay? Shall you a lot Mahajan. Allah Allah. He said something very beautiful. He said every Muslim should be able to contribute on four levels. How many levels for very Johnny on Monday very precise and concise. He says that every Muslim should be able to contribute on four levels. The first thing we should all contribute to ourselves. Yeah, you will have no clue and full circle. Save yourself from the fire of helpers. First, make sure you contribute to yourself meaning establish your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is the first in the prophets that allow it was said

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and did when he woke up in the morning before he went on Facebook or Twitter and updated it like we would do they didn't have it then obviously I'm just giving an example. The first in the purpose that allow it was some does is he spends hours and hours praying 100 Salah, he's establishing his connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala first, and the last thing I get into it, remember that narration, the last thing he does before he goes to sleep, he's reading sort of milk Slovakian lamb says that he's reading, what do you call this? The Mauer the thing. He's reading all of these different suitors and all these different things we have, again, establishing his connection with

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Allah, that's where it starts. That's where it ends. The most important thing is to make sure you can support yourself offers. The second thing Sharia law says every Muslim should be able to contribute on four levels. First yourself, the second tier family, you need to make sure you take care of your family. If you are doing all the work that can be done from a person but you're neglecting your family. Are you doing right or wrong? It's wrong. You can use whatever justification you want. But the reality of the matter is that it's wrong. Because it's hard to describe the purpose of the law to set them as the one who was best to this was families family. your loved one

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is very particular on this. If you saw someone was too excited in the demon God from his wife for too long, he was sending back home time for you to go back home brother. He said I want to get my life for the sake of Allah. One of the Lama said I'll give you that chance if it's written for you go back to your home first. So the second thing is contributing to your family. The profits that allow you to set them gave a significant time of his day also to his family, also to his wife and kids. You know many needs to have a dimension after feitosa was over when the Prophet said a lot of sentiment come home after praying the setup. He was spent that morning the morning hours with his

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Spending whoever's day it was. And he would also spend the after all sorts of time, the profits that allow enables someone to go and visit every one of his wives. Are you guys following there? The balance, okay, the third level shot would you allow mentions that every person should try to contribute on is a community level then.

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So not ending with not many people, what happens is that they contribute to their wives and children, and then what happens?

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Even he's missing out on where he's gone, maybe you know, your duty motors kidnapped him, no one sees him anymore, he's gone missing. So some people, they get involved with their family. And after that you don't see them anymore. When that shouldn't be it either. After being involved with your family, then you should have a contribution to your, your community, where you're being involved with people, you know, you're going in feeding the poor and the needy, you're helping people out, you're doing whatever you can, you're involved with the community. And the last thing she mentions is that you shouldn't end with your community, there should be another layer of your day that you

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should contribute every single day, a little part. And what is that some sort of Allah, Allah music means an international global concert, that I want to do something for someone outside my community for humanity. inshallah, that is, that could be a dog, that could be a sofa that can be you going up every so often and doing something outside your community. So if we can somehow prioritize our day and bring these things inside, obviously, along with our education, along with our schooling, along with our work, these are all obviously, obligate obligations that we fulfill, hopefully, by now, if we don't, we need to, you know, fulfill those obligations as well. So if we can become effective

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with our time in the month of Ramadan, then we have hope that we will be able to be effective outside of Milan, but we have to first start now. Okay, two things I'm going to mention them I'm going to add the first thing, whenever you do decide to set up a schedule, to manage your time, be practical. You guys understand that? don't overcome it. So if you know that I need to give some time every day to my foreign. Don't say I'm going to read the Quran everyday the whole Quran from beginning to end. Because you might be able to do it once or twice, but then you won't be able to do it. Be practical. Know, what can I do? That's not low balling it, but it's realistic. Not like read

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one letter a day that's low balling yourself or reading one eye a day that's low balling we all know that we can all read more than

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one eye one letter a day, yes or no. Give yourself a realistic goal that every day I'm going to try to read one page inshallah. And once you started, be firm on it, the purpose of allamani was some teaches us a very beautiful principle. And in in terms of our time management, he's a humble man in a light on a drama in the most beautiful action, the most beloved action to allies, the one that is a little but it's, it's consistent. And the second point that I want to mention that's very important, in order for you to be successful in managing your time properly. And in particular, in whatever time we have left from the month of Ramadan. Learn to delete distractions from yourself,

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your Facebook, your Twitter, your YouTube, your Gmail, your phone, your TV, your newspaper, your magazine, your friends. I'm not saying go into a cave and won't live there. But learn to limit your distractions. Learn and ask yourself, how beneficial is it for me right now to be engaged in these things? Okay, and how much should I stay away from them? If you can cut out unnecessarily unnecessary things from your day automatically now you'll have more time to do things that are

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are useful and necessary you guys understanding that one of our very one of my very good friends lots of how to without I give him a long life I don't from Chicago. I don't know what also knows him very well. So how to LA he utilizes his time on traveling to and from work. You know, people in Chicago in particular, they sit in the CTA for an hour of their hour back. So rather than sitting and browsing the phone or just drowsy and sleeping or you know watching some something on the phone or just you know, reading some novel, he utilized that time and used to read the Quran and somehow to law he memorized the entire Quran on the way into from work. You got you know,

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Mr. Brown, mostly around Mirza. He learned the Quran, memorize the Quran on the way to and from work. He utilizes time. You guys can do this as well. There are people who can who have done this and you guys can do it as well. So we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us an ability to maximise on our time, and to make the most of it and that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us from those who are successful in this world and successful for the month of Ramadan. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah handig sure there were ley lines and stuff you can do with it after the

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