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The 3 bases of Celebration

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later on.

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MBA will mousseline Muhammad

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Ali. He will sell you sell them to Steven

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Amato my brothers and sisters, first of all, let me wish you a very beautiful April 5. It's a in Mubarak to all of May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept your fasting, you're allowed to call on all your Syrah and silica that you did during this month. We also reward you for the hardship that you had to face thanks to the Coronavirus and thanks to the lockdowns and so on. And Hamdulillah, you did that and you did that with responsibility. And we are also handled that our reward, especially for that

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wellness monitor relieve us all from this suffering, we opened up the doors of his agenda for us ajala Alhamdulillah. I think a lot of anatella also for

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an ask a lot to the ward all those who are who are sick during this time, and to give them the reward of fasting without having faster because they used to fast when they were healthy. And this is one of the duties of doing a good deed continuously, which is that Russian authors are upset that when a person does a good deed continuously, then when that person cannot do that good deed for reasons beyond their control. There are lots of an alternate decrees and one of those reasons is sickness. ultramarathoner decrees that this that the reward for the good deed continues to be written in their account as if they have been doing so and under that is a good deal also for those

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who used to pray their Salah, that Yama Salah, the font Salah in the masjid that insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala has been writing and has been has ordered the melodica right the saga for for Salah in the masjid for you because you used to do it regularly and you would have continued to do it. We're not for the responsibility of the lockdown so when you did not do the four cylinder during the budget during the lockdown and I'm sorry that you behaved responsibly, responsibly and alert rewarded you for that and the reward for the first Salah was also written into your account inshallah.

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I asked them to cure all those who were ill during this month and they could not fast and to give them the reward for the fasting. Of course once you as far as the fifth of it is concerned once you have recovered fully from the Coronavirus and you are perfectly healthy then you must make up those first inshallah, as caught up, but inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will also reward you for those fasts as if you had been fasting for those who passed away during this month. Mashallah for them in sha Allah, first of all for because they died during the month of Ramadan. So Jenna is a short shallow for them as long as he died on demand and those who died because of the Coronavirus with

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Eman. Insha Allah they are counted as a heat before almost.

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So Alhamdulillah marranos reuse raw with the difficulty comes the ease. The difficulty is for this life, the ease is for the next slide.

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The difficulty is temporary, the ease is permanent, the ease is forever.

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And that is why I've never Sutherland who said

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he said for any difficulty that comes any calamity that comes any difficulty that comes we actually should thank our loss manager. Because first of all, the difficulty is in this world which means that no matter what it is, it is limited it is for a specific period of time. Whereas the IRS is in the end it's not as difficult in the accurate because if the same difficulty if it came in the era it would be for him. So here the difficulty came in.

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Number two Allah subhanaw taala for his sins because of the difficulty of

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even a thorn does not prick the foot of a believer that Allah forgives sins for him. So obviously if somebody is sick and so on and so forth, their sins are being forgiven, that is the Hurrah they are being purified.

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Third thing is

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this difficulties difficulty which is material which is physical, it is not a difficulty which is spiritual, it is not a difficulty in your email, instead of being afflicted by a physical illness.

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If you have been afflicted by an illness of the soul, if you have been afflicted by shadowhawk if you had been afflicted by droughts and and so on so forth, this could actually potentially lead you to getting out and leaving Islam which would be an absolute calamity. Because you know what, you know what that means as far as the afterlife as far as the asset is concerned. So Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala

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if we get any difficulties, obviously, we don't ask the ask Allah for them. We thank them if we get them at the Shangri La, and we ask Allah to relieve those difficulties, we ask them to save us from

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my brothers and sisters.

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A little further, there are three basis the three reasons why we celebrate April 5, and today on the day of Twitter, let us keep these three things in mind, let us think about them. And let us keep these three things in mind.

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The first reason

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we tank and last first basis of celebration, the first basis of celebration is as thanks to Allison Hamilton, we are celebrating meaning that we are making sugar we are thanking and

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we are thankful dollars, Mandela for having blessed us with Ramadan and with the ability of ability to take advantage of it in good health. Right and reflect on what Ron brought for us if we didn't have good health, we would if we were sick or another, then we could not have taken advantage we couldn't have asked if we could upgrade or we wouldn't have paid will be couldn't have read and so on so what so Allah Allah subhanaw taala give us good health. And because of that we tank a lot of antelope to give us good health to give us a man and he gave us a trophy to take advantage of this beautiful month which came and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to continue to take

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advantage of all that we learnt and all that we gained in this month and not not lose it.

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Second thing is I would request you in the same context of thanking Allah Subhana Allah to reflect on what ramadan ramadan brought for us. Fasting, the purpose of which was to increase our taqwa. So we need to ask ourselves did my taqwa actually increase? I want to do it for myself and you let us sit and reflect. And actually consciously look at the metrics for this. If I say my taco increase, what is the basis of that? Was there something that I used to watch which I don't watch anymore because of taqwa. Was there something I used to eat that I do not eat anymore because of what have I changed the means of my income, the means of my earning because of how I changed my behavior, the

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way I talk to people, the way I treat people and so on and so forth. Because of the whole what what is it that I have done in my life, which reflects the fact that I have now more taqwa that I had before the month of Ramadan again, anyway, I can't find that. Then Believe me this month of Ramadan had been wasted. You had one month in which to develop our taqwa and we wasted that we didn't, we did not do it. We just faster we just stay hungry and thirsty. And

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if one simple thing we just said, he said, If you cannot control your tongue, and Allah has no need for your fasting, he said Allah has no need for your hunger or thirst. So I hope that we are not in that situation.

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But it's good for us to measure that and check that and assure ourselves that we are not in that situation. So let us check and say, how has my pathway increased in this beautiful month of Ramadan. Second thing is, and last monitor, increase the reward of our deeds to 70 x. So whatever deeds we did last term, multiply that by 70 the father for Salah, I mean the Father, the deeds were multiplied by 70. The nefarious deeds were given the same reward as the 40 salam, the law, this is something that we enjoy during this month and I hope we took advantage of that by ensuring that we did every form and that the

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that we increase the number

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we did not do or could not pick up in this in this month because of the lockdown, but those who used to continuously do at SIGGRAPH insha Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah has written ethics into your accounts because of the hedis all sorts of setup which I mentioned before, and then another

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Mandela gave us 100 raw data to cover, I hope we would we took advantage of that. And that then to cover the reward of that is a room in artificial, the reward is more than not equal to more than continuous, continuous worship for a 1000 months. Now, we will usually do a calculation and say, well 1000 matches at three years or something, I learned 7000 unless it's a Roman official, how much more how much more than 1000 more according to the grace and majesty of almost every child. So Alhamdulillah we got later to cover We ask Allah subhanaw taala for the for this night and for the wardens right are hungry that this is the greatest version

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for which Allah We ask Allah to enable us to continue to live our life in lives in a way which pleases Him, which was the purpose of Ramadan Kareem Kareem came to teach us to obey Allah subhana wa tada over and above our knifes because in Ramadan, the lesson we learned was something which was halal also, we we stopped ourselves from it, because this was the order of Allah therefore what what more must be do with something which is not how

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we express our thankfulness by increasing our obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and living by the blessed sunnah of his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The sign of this is the eight Salah which is a symbol of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala not only in worship, but you know and lives. Salah is a symbol of Islam, without Salah there is no Islam. So be aware of disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala in the name of celebration of eat.

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ask Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Akbar. The

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second thing is the second basis on which we thank Allah subhanaw taala and we celebrate it is that of charity. Now with tanglers Rana Tara

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gave us material wealth, and he gave us the trophy, to share it with those for whom we hold it in trust. I remind myself and you that the wealth that Allah gave us, is not an absolute possession of ours to use as we wish were we wished in whichever way we wish, unless of give it Give this to us in trust, to be used in accordance with his will to be used in accordance with his orders. And that is what makes it hard for us to use on ourselves. So those of us who and those of you who use this wealth, we use your wealth in order to help people and of course, there's a lot of opportunity this month, thanks to this Coronavirus and the lockdown and so on, there was a lot of opportunity

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to feed people who didn't afford to pay to feed the sudden increase in homeless people and to

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to help those who are in need and will

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you reward you in keeping with majesty and grace.

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So Alhamdulillah we thank Allah subhanaw taala for enabling us to be those who gave charity for us to have the upper hand and not the lower hand, the asker we thank Allah for this. Also this was something which enabled us to cleanse our wealth, and to cool the anger of Allah subhanaw taala and to spread goodness all around us.

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The anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala is called and lessened by two things. One is the fire and the two and the second one is charity. And Stefan and jannetty are related. There is a famous story of a man who came to who was in mud who came into Mozilla Nawaz Sharif, and he said Oh ALLAH forgive me, Allah forgive me, Allah Subhanallah Allah who was sitting there, he called the man and he said, what kind of what kind of dries this and what kind of, you know, calling out to Allah for forgiveness. He said, This is not how we seek forgiveness. He said we seek forgiveness by first of all making stuff part by say, saying specifically what it is that you are making so far for all now Forgive me for

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the fact that I did not use to pray on time. Forgive me for the time that I used to lie and cheat. Forgive me for the fact that I used to slander people and I used to back by whatever it was used to do. He said first and foremost, make this far horrid, which means

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hatred in your heart It is something that is despicable It is something which is horrible, that you do you discard you find it disgusting. So be contrite be be apologetic about that in your heart and ask Allah to forgive you. Number one, he said, second thing is that wherever that thing which you are seeking forgiveness for where it is, it was something you did, that impacted somebody else badly. You said go and ask for forgiveness from that person, because the results are upset, and love will not forgive until the slave forgives. So, therefore, go and seek forgiveness from that person. And third thing is it gives up charity. And then come and make is the part of loss of appetite. And

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of course, the 14 goes without saying which is that you do not repeat that action because it makes no sense that you seek forgiveness for something and then you go back again to the same mess. So this is the way of seeking of forgiveness and therefore charity and so far are connected. And these are the two things which call the anger of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah gave us the opportunity of doing that, and those who took advantage of that or power to the left, and then why we fulfill the, the fulfill the purpose of our creation, because we were created for the benefit of all mankind, I must say, quantum chromatin, leanness, third thing that we seek,

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that we thank a lot for, which is the basis of our celebration of eight is forgiveness. It is a time for joining of hearts. It is for meeting those who have not met for a long time, it is the time of healing wounds. The way to do that is to forgive

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them demonstrated that in America, where he forgave his worst enemies, who had caused him material laws were tortured him they're caused material that caused him mental torture. They had character assassinated him, and all of this only because he invited them towards Islam. He invited them towards goodness, yet He forgive them. Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is a mash man. And also Lazarus Allah is Rama to lead me. So what should a Muslim be? But what are we today? Just ask this question. And let us make sure that we change our ways. Islam, my brothers and sisters, is the name of the Brotherhood of faith. It is the Brotherhood of humanity. The Muslim is the brother of every

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other Muslim and the brother of every other human being. And we can do that only if we learn to look at the good in people and forgive the bad anytime you see that some good in somebody say Oh Allah, this person has this good. I don't know whether I have this in me or not. I don't know. He is showing his goodness to be I do not know whether I'm showing my goodness to the to other people who might I'm not saying what I'm saying. But I'm saying sure I'm not saying show off. I mean, are people experiencing me and experiencing goodness from me or not is something that I need to check all the time. And if I see something bad in somebody, then thank Allah subhanaw taala for him that

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badness because you stank I was gonna say we're more than likely I have the same thing in me. But Alhamdulillah Allah has hidden it. So this is not visible to the people. May Allah forgive this person, I forgive this person. And I will ignore that. Never try to find fault with people. Even more never make those faults public never talk about that. Even if you see somebody is weakness, see somebody is formed, Leave it, leave them alone, right?

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Leave the world do not try to

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show up that fault. Because we have the same things. My brother and sisters, we can only your evil by loving those who do it enough to care about what happens to them as a result of that. Right? You can't your drug addiction by hating drug addicts, much less by killing them that you can't your cancer by hating cancer patients. You cure anything by loving the one afflicted by it enough to help him or her to get over that ailment. For that you have to be willing to take some pain yourself. That is the meaning of brotherhood and that is why we need forgiveness. Please understand is that if I want to help somebody, if I like many we have seen this and we have seen it happening to us and we

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are we are we are we have done it for others. If somebody is seeking the help

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What do you do to them, you say you hate the person kick him out? No, you are especially kind to that person. You are specially, you know, merciful to that person, you go and help that person, you feed them, you take them to the toilet, if they can't go, you have to sometimes clean up after them. If something happens, you have to clean up after all of these things you do, why do you do that? You do that because you love that person. So when you love that person, what happened to them, as far as because of the ailment and illness is not is not a reason for hating that person. On the contrary, it is a reason why you will love that person. And you will show this love for that person, may Allah

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protect us from

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from situations where we are in need from anybody. But at the same time, if when when we are needed, all of us have been a we need to take take, for example, the mother, who sits all night by the side of a child who's not well rested the child Rashida.

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She didn't ask for the sickness. She's not saying, Oh, you know what I The reason I wanted motherhood is so that I could have a child who would fall sick and I will take care of them. No, but these are things which happened in life. So similarly, if you see something bad in somebody, if you love, if you want that bad thing to go away, then you have to love the person who has it enough to

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treat them to cure that illness. Now that cannot be done by yelling and screaming at them, it cannot be done by being nasty to them. You have to do that with love with affection with a lot of patience, kindness, and you have to be willing to take some pain yourself, meaning that you have to suffer that you have to suffer that Ill that problem of theirs, in order to get them out of that problem. It can't be done otherwise. Now the issue is that you might say, Well, you know, I can't make this into a lifeboat for myself for everybody. No, don't do it for everybody. Some people just walk away, because, you know,

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simply I, I'm sorry, I don't care enough to try to cure this person, you know,

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I just removed myself from there, so I don't have to suffer their nastiness. But that is not the case with everybody. So we have to be willing to put ourselves to some pain and travel in order to help somebody else if we are genuinely interested in it. And remember,

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there would have been people in your life who took a lot of stuff from you, which they didn't need to take, because they loved you because they cared for you and because of the fact that they wanted you to become a better person, you didn't become a better person as a result of that. So, this is also something that we owe in our lives life is a is a circle we have to complete that circle we cannot die with debt. So let us be clear in our minds. So we say we we celebrate Ramadan Kareem because of sugar because of charity and because of

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this, of working in a way where Allah subhanaw taala is

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pleased with us because of forgiveness. So these are the three bases on which we celebrate it will fit. Remember the

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rule as far as

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of Zagato fitter, I hope and I'm sure you would have paid it.

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Ross said was not paid it, then you know, it's not there. It will not be accepted if he doesn't pay a counterfeiter. So find out what the catheter is in your country and please paid before you come for a lottery eight sagada visit can be paid two days earlier as well not be paid on the way to the end or something. Make sure you do that. final point very important. I don't know whether in your country the lockout has been lifted. If the lockout has not been lifted and eat Salah by Jama in a Masjid or in Inga will not be possible. So don't insist on it. Pray in your house find out from the Allah what the problem is with regard to eat salah and do it but don't insist on congregating and so

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on so forth. If the lockout has not been lifted in your country, if the loggers believe will do what you need to do. But if the logger has not been lifted, do not violate the lockout. violating the law is something which is definitely not permitted in Islam. So let's be very clear about that. Once again, I wish all of you envira each side never smarter and make this a the means of deliverance for them. So some of them are 31

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You also have yet to go away.