Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 21

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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-06-15 – Night 21


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Chateau la la de hola Sheree. Can I shadow ana Muhammadan a boo, boo boo

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boo si como de Ola mitaka la confianza Macomb rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Our brace due to a lot of La La mean

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we are very thankful and grateful to a lot of Lana men who have given us the opportunity until today to carry on with our Ramadan and mobarak

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May Allah Subhana Allah give us extra energy

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to stay awake in the last 10 nights of Ramadan

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we know that

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the last 10 nights of Ramadan known as Layla Taka, Dara The Night of Power

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is a night that a lot of black men will reward us for those

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who Alhamdulillah Allah choose he'll give them that reward higher on min artificial reward of the Deep State whatever you engage in a lower you are you more than 1000 month

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more than 1000 a month not only 1000 month Hiraman artificial

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but what is important brother and sister is our intention

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our adapt

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adapt in looking for Laila Takada.

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But in the same time there was a dish from Asia with a logo on her

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that when later last night

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she asked the Prophet What should I do?

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What kind of special

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that I should recite. It's very simple. A llama in

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the Hebrew lava.

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Very simple.

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Now that don't even as simple reminders allows merci

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who left forgive.

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So we keep on asking a lot to forgive our sins

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and allow love to forgive and he loves those who love to forgive.

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So this kind of feeling is very important for us to develop.

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We should always develop the feeling of we love to forgive each other for the

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for those who keep on forgiving one another for the sake of Allah, you will never lose anything except Allah will give you

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a lot at Glory to You honor to you.

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I have scored this thing

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last night or maybe two nights ago.

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But it's important.

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The Prophet similar Salam did mention in other Hadees

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our saw an Arab bbts in OC can be her.

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remind our profits and loss along with nine noble

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things to do. And I the Prophet is going to share with all of you this nine was here.

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And for a Manzella money,

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you must always prepare to forgive

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those who have done wrong to you. If those who do not make any mistake to you do not cause you harm.

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There is nothing to forgive.

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But those who have done something bad to you, you feel that they have done something bad.

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You just learn how to forgive colors.

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Walk the man harmony. The second one is your loves to give even they never give you anything.

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They don't remember you at all. But if you remember them, keep on remember them give them give give them thing, no problem.

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You have extra share.

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You don't only give for those who give you. Normally we do give for those who give us

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people who don't give us there's nothing for us to give them.

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But for the profit is like our children, they hardly give us anything. As your children do, they give you anything.

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But every day you keep on giving to your children.

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When you travel, you think of your children. When your children travel, they think of themselves. They don't think of

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but not our children here children here Alhamdulillah good children.

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But you keep on giving. Even they don't appreciate they don't give you anything in return. Yeah, your birthday. You have to give them their birthday you gave again.

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how best to be children always

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something I love people to call me so that I borrow new condo because I always knew never all.

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So if I do something wrong Don't blame me I'm just telling you.

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Wow sila man catani

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and also the people who once upon a time who are very close to you,

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suddenly, they are no more close to you. You have the opportunity to be connected to them, be connected to them.

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For the sake of Allah.

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If you do just for the sake of dunya it wouldn't help but for the sake of Allah, it helps you

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because this will allow us to do on the left us to do

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I know it's not easy.

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But we have to try our level best. Allah only help those who help themselves.

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But when you try and people still

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are not happy with your effort, then you just leave them in peace. Don't let them bother you anymore.

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Neither you bothered them and don't let them bother you.

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Let them do what they think is good for them in peace, we hope that they will leave you in peace. And this is very important.

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I only share with you three tonight.

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One is learn how to forgive

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second, learn how to give

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if you can Alhamdulillah firstly we like to thank a lot of mama the brother the sister who have been very kind

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she's the sariah and the family is very supportive tonight also they prepare during they keep on preparing and we only come in during

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a hamdulillah

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alumni reward them for that and and hamdulillah

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and some of them they are so prime that they do not only prepare dream for you

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they also prepared the top out for you

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you don't the dream here they let you bring it home on Masha Allah

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we have brothers also who have been very kind to us to the home to our children.

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Yeah, they organized a star there Alhamdulillah

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but don't worry for brother sister who do not do that.

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Because if everybody do that then

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no it's also very tough

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so it's somebody who organized who prepare food and some who love food they just come in eat food

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Alhamdulillah but just don't forget to make the offer them at least a lot more Amanda de Romana was common Chicana We ask Allah to give them a better food than the food they have given us.

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Give them extra Baraka

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especially the last 10 night brothers and sister.

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We know that

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we have the spirit to have one of this Sunnah of the Prophet at the last 10 nights of Ramadan. From eyeshadow the Allahu Allah is to perform epitaph.

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The only thing that because we came across a hadith a ethic of a lovely stellar sermon said

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and that's why

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we just try our best to follow this Hudis.

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There are a lot of people who will act decaf, but because of this Hudis

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we choose

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not to pick up except the tree message. The tree masajid is where the Prophet said messenger haram

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haram edenia

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and Mr. Al Aqsa

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Other than that, of course they are not people don't eat decaf to

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buy because of the hardiest that we are exposed to.

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So we exclude ourselves.

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But what is important today actigraph is to be the guest of Allah, the Malay use the term Baraka.

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That mean you are spending time just to be with Allah.

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But now things have changed. You

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Annika, but you can bring your office together in the most just one laptop

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plus smartphone class.

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So everybody still can communicate with you and you can communicate with them business goes on that normal.

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But the real epi curve is a bit different.

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When you enter the mustard, or Jeremy

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the tree masajid with the Prophet said

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you cannot leave the masjid except

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for the call of nature.

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Even when you want to break your pants, have dinner have Sahar, you cannot leave the monster. There will be people who have organized

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the thing that they will send food to you. One day No you are the people who

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do you have people who will arrange to send food for you?

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There is the real epitaph.

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Some people say go to office and then after office hour they come to it because that is our way not the way a prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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So if you really

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want to make the club in the future, plan your journey to the Holy Land.

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Other than that, you try to stay awake at night.

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And you know one of the Rama the blessing of Ramadan is because Allah revealed the Holy Quran

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and allowance it one and a zero in the Quran Maha Shiva, what matters many.

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Quran is a healer and urashima

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for those who believe

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because everything you want,

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everything you are asking from Allah is in the Quran, you just have to act accordingly. Have faith have patient have tawakkol insha Allah, Allah give you what you want, but you must have that

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you have as a sub or you may have to overcome

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and you must not give up hope. La Mata Allah. Allah say don't ever give up hope. Because I Allah is always forgiving merciful. I do not ignore the prayer of mine, someone who asked me

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you know the only study Buddha can call upon me I will respond but time Allah fix for us.

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Allah do not go according to our time is Nam, don't follow us. We must learn how to follow Islam. That's how it goes. So while you are praying, making the arm brother and sister Don't forget, pray for all the Muslim wherever they are.

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People in Kashmir in Syria.

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People in Burma, wherever you know that the Muslims are suffering. Even you're not there for them.

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At least you remember them in your prayer, at least.

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If you don't do that, you know something is not right in your heart. That means you don't care.

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You have to have that feeling. We have been blessed with living in this country. There's a lot of peace,

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but there's a lot of undress for our other fellow family members

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among the oma who is suffering,

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people in Qatar wherever they are,

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we do not know what is happening to this

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part of the world. Only Allah knows better than all of us. Now they want to be judgmental. We just have to pray very hard.

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So there are a lot of bloodletting in the open the heart of the Muslim leaders and the Muslim Ummah to work together as one oma for the sake of Allah, Allah Allah min

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inshallah, the night of power is in

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actually the Prophet was given the knowledge by Allah

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to identify which night

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the knowledge was given.

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And the purpose was going to convey this to his Sahaba. At that point of time, Allah Kadar, the Saba was busy discussing a lot of issues. So the Prophet normally when people are discussing he don't interfere, he just let them solve their problem first, after they stop discussing the Prophet for God.

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Allah make him forget the date.

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So he said, Look

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For the last for the last 10 nights

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the lifespan that may differ from Earth and in

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the other country

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but just try to stay awake more

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not just stay awake watching television no i think i have informed all of you from day one Ramadan come in television are so fast yeah is you find difficult because of the remote

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man you had to pull it out from the block

00:15:39--> 00:15:55

unblock every unplug and you stay connected with a loved one you're on the TV you know what's gonna happen? I hope that this year there's no football competition in Ramadan Do they have football mentioned today? This is Ramadan.

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Nana hamdulillah

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last few years there is no so sometimes you know it's a test you accumulate up to modern

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so for those sister who always prepare food for eight

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yeah don't waste your time a lot. You can prepare but also you must have time for yourself with Allah horrible Allah min don't over prepare.

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It's important not to waste the last 10 night. May Allah make it easy for all of us. May you have a good Ramadan and good letter Katara We will see you again tomorrow night. So Hanukkah Lacombe Hanukkah, eyeshadow, Allah Allah Allah and stuck Furukawa to waylay Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.