The Deen Show – How Could Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor Mcgregor Become Brothers?

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of Islam and how it has changed people's outlook on it. It mentions that some people forget that God is open and that people may become brothers as a last resort. The conversation also touches on the idea of "-Ashamm" and how it is a lifestyle that is shared by people.
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Do a Sinead O'Connor did write you'd never think that she would accept Islam she did a law guided her a Conor McGregor accepts Islam you know and then him and Habib actually turn around become brothers when that'd be amazing and and that's that that's not something strange if you look throughout Islamic history, you have some of the biggest enemies of Islam some of the biggest, you know, feuds or wars they had and that one of them actually accepted Islam and they became very close. And that's one of the beauties of Islam and the Muslims is that they're very forgiving when it comes to these things. And you would find to ally that if he if that were to happen, that one of

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his biggest supporters would be could be but I can guarantee you that. And this is a we've seen it throughout history of time and time again. You know what people forget that and they become you know, brothers as a last note on any paper that he made with one other He made you brothers and that brotherhood there's nothing stronger, nothing more beautiful than that. And then then his father hubby's father actually, you know, before he passed away, Malaga and in general, he ended up with a young man defeated, He will surely call

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Colin people so called agosti movies. You defeated the existence of God.

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And that's that's and that shows you as well any Mashallah, Annie? How can the hearts of Muslims are simple, it's not something easy to do. But that shows you you know, the really good people and people that you know, we should look at and take as role models Alhamdulillah May Allah bless them Li mercy upon his father, amin and bless her brother. I mean, um, yeah, just exactly like after all the insults and whatnot, he's still opened this opened his house open, you know, the doors, you know, the forgiveness that's, that's really deep. And this was. And I think that's something that as well, a lot of times, people don't know about much about Islam and the Muslims, when we have these

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type of events where it's open.

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You know, the open Masjid open house measure where people will come and actually visit the masjid. A lot of people have misconceptions when they come and actually see, you know, how Muslims live, they see and interact with us, and it actually changes their whole outlook about Islam and the Muslims. And I think that's one of the best forms actually of giving Dawa is to let people come and see come, you know, have some tea with us, come sit with us, come join us in the magic come have some very Yani with us at home or whatever it is that we're, you know, with, with our neighbors and let them know, you know, who we are and what it is that you know, that we're doing what it is that we

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believe, and they'll see that actually we're not no these these strange or weird people that people make us out to be. And we're, we're normal people live normal lives, we have no guidelines that we do not, you know, and limits that we don't cross because these are limits that Almighty God sent down to us. So that's why we do this, but um, that we have fun, we enjoy life. And we were normal people like others, just like anyone else. But we might look at certain things in a different light, you know, we could we could talk to him. For example, Connor, you know, if you were to come we wouldn't have any, any proper 12 you know, but we have, you know, we have T and we have other things

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we have fun in that that he could enjoy and he could see and he could see that there's a lifestyle out of that lifestyle that he's living. That's actually you know, a very beautiful lifestyle hamdulillah

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