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kusadasi grupo de Colombia Allah Allah hestia was having about

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100. Today in the recitation we recited Hutch and sort of hij starts off with the description of the Day of Judgment. And then after that Allah subhana wa tada he goes into certain discussions to establish the reality of Allah subhanho wa Taala and how we were created by Allah subhanaw taala. Now further into the sutra, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He reminds us of the construction of the Kaaba by Ibrahim Ali Salaam.

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And how when he finished off this construction, he was standing in the middle of the desert with this huge skyscraper because it was a it was a skyscraper and there's buildings there that didn't exist. It was so large when they were worried how they would take the bricks so high so Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them a miracle the Makati Brahim that he would stand on it would take them to that elevation, they would place the bricks there and come down. So after even a humanist study, somebody built the Kaaba, there was nobody there. Literally, they're looking around in the middle of the desert and there is no human being no animal, nobody's there. Think of it from this perspective.

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And whatever people they were they were just travelers nomads of the deserts and that's it. Allah subhana wa tada tells you what to call people for Hajj saving humanity. saddam says yeah, man, oh my god, how can I call people for hydron there's no one here. So Allah says to him, you make the call, and we will convey to the IRS and Ibrahim alayhi salam, he stands in the middle of the desert. And there's nobody there that can hear him. And he begins to call people for hydrogen fineness even Hutch, he begins to call people for Hajj and Subhan Allah, the power of his voice was such that today 1000s of years later, people are still answering the call. When they say love, Big Love, big

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means and presence. So if I call your name I say for them, if I say for example, if I say Abdullah Abdullah is present here, he says the big. That's why one of the things that you must say in order to enter into the state of Islam, because you are answering the calling of romanism Rahim you made the call 1000s of years ago, Allah conveyed that call to us through the revelation to the purpose of law.

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And today we respond. Now as a part of those verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He brings a very interesting, very beautiful verse, Allah says that eco may you ask them sha Allah in the Hammond Taku or many of them sha Allah in the Harmon Taku and whoever honors woman you often have the means to think of something great to honor something to think of big to think of something that's being big, you know, and everyone say oh beam, which means big grad. So that ecoman you have the woman you ask them and whoever thinks big of shy you're a lot less shy of Allah Shah is the plural of the Arabic word Shetty, Sherry Shah.

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And charlatan means a symbol. So anything that is a symbol of Allah subhanaw taala anything Allah has commanded us to do, and that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned as a symbol. Some scholars, they say that shy are those things that are specific with Islam only that are not that are that are not connected to any other religion, for example, the Kaaba, it's specific to Muslims, only the Muslims are the only people who face the Kaaba, therefore that is one of the symbols of Allah. It's one of the shy of Allah, for example, the Quran, the Quran is specific to the Muslim, it's not for, you know, if you're another religion, they won't follow it, they have to first believe Islam, and then

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they can follow the Quran Oh benefited. So then

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that's also the shine of Allah. It's a symbol of Islam, you know, but one can still benefit people, even if they're not Muslims. But the point that I'm making is that it's something unique with the Muslims, it's not other religions. So likewise, there are things like this that are considered as the symbols of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, wherever honors these things, these things are the symbols of a lot of the massages, you know, and then some scholars, they even take it forward. They take the word even for it, they see the symbol of Allah, they expand the meaning even more they say it's anything that reminds you of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Anything that remind you of Allah is considered as a symbol of Allah. So the message becomes a symbol of Allah, the masala we pray Salaam, salon, that becomes a symbol of Allah subhanho wa Taala possible frames that we may have at home become symbols of Allah because these frames may remind us of a lie, maybe a versatile put on some other purpose and allow

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them instead of a saying of a pirate scholar, the scholars themselves. So whoever honors these things that are considered as a symbol of Allah. Allah says, this is a truth This is a witness to that person having buffalo in his heart, the whole guru, this is due to that person having consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the heart. So in this verse, what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, the person who can differentiate between what needs to be honored and what does not need to be honored, those things that are connected to Allah, these things are special, they take me closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. these are these are not just the average things, you know,

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there's a book that's there and then there's

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Quran, there is a book that sir, and then there's a hadith. There's a Harry Potter book that's there. And then there's a fifth book. They're both books. In essence, they both have pages, they both have ink on them. The difference between both is that one may take us away from Allah, the other one takes us closer to Allah. And because this thing takes us closer to Allah, it should automatically have more value in our life. And we should immediately learn to respect it more. You know, back home in India and Pakistan, even in the Middle East, we noticed one thing, our forefathers, our grandparents and our great grandparents, maybe they weren't the greatest lecturers,

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or maybe they weren't most articulate in their speeches. Maybe they didn't know everybody behind everything in the dean. But one thing they did have was honor and respect for the dean. That's one thing they definitely had. They knew that when you held up, hold on, you held it with ultimate respect. You know, when you held up, put on your holiday with your right hand, and you didn't just let the foot on a hand by your side while it's touching your bottom, you made sure the foot on was wrapped against your heart to make sure you honor that. But on to the utmost degree, you will never sit in the way that your feet were faced towards the foot on Now, I'm not saying these things are

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hot on Okay, no, we're talking about Davina we're talking about honor of what's considered as respect and culturally, people may differ and what's considered as respect, but there's also an understanding amongst human beings what's right and what's wrong. So we need to learn to go above and beyond so there's the basic that's obligatory that you must do. And then there's something that you go above and beyond for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada, right. So when you, for example, hear the name of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at very basic, that we're taught a very basic manner we're taught is to say,

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we noticed this about our scholar, our our parents, and our forefathers from back home, that they were very particular with this today when it comes to our country. But I look at my young peers around me, this is one thing that worries me a lot. There's very little other left for anyone. They can't tell the difference between their parent and their friend anymore. They can't tell the difference between a friend and a teacher anymore. They don't know the difference between the normal book anymore. The massages and the playgrounds are treated exactly the same. I'm not saying we shouldn't bring our kids to the machine and the kids won't play in the machine, they will play in

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the machine, their kids, they're gonna play, they're gonna run around. But at the end of the day, we as parents, we as adults need to teach the next generation that they are adult, there are matters for everything, everything has a place, everything has a time, your loved one. One day he saw two people speaking to each other. And they were speaking a little harshly to each other. The loved one realized some sort of resemblance between the two. So he asked the question, he said, Are you two related by chance? So the young one said, He's my father. So whatever your loved one said, if he is your father, I will teach you three things you must make sure you follow when you speak to your

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father, when you deal with your father. He said the first thing, never ever call your father by his name. What's the first thing he said, Never call your father by his name. The second thing he teaches him, when you're walking, you never walk in front of your father, you always walk behind your father. When you go to a party. As a lady, you don't walk in front of your mother, you walk behind your mother, you know, simple things. Like when you sit in the car, it's you in the driver's seat, your wife's here and your mother's there who gets the front seat?

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Everyone thinking, oh my god, what do I say?

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There's no doubt in this, it should be that the mother should get the front seat. The mother should be the one who gets the front seat because Allah has honor the parents were honored by Allah subhana wa Tada. And beyond that, the third thing of the law one said, when you go to a gathering, and it's time to sit down, you should never sit down before your parents never sit down before your father. So now it comes time to enter into the car. Should you jump into your seat right away.

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See, guys, they opened up the door for their wife and they'll smile. And the mother has to open her own door. Right? The father has to open his own door, no one opens the door for them. And here, your loved one is teaching. You know this companion that you make sure your parents are seated First, make sure they get the best seating. When you go to 1000 you go to a dinner mother and daughter together? Should the daughter run off with her friends and go chitchat with them while leaving the mother alone? No, you should make sure your mother is seated first get her seated, bring her some dream figures of food, set her down. And then after that, say mom, I'm going to be back in a little

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bit. Some people. So these are things that are very important that we cannot lose focus on having proper items. Now one thing that becomes a big issue in our community, especially culturally, there's this term that we use, right, no tech, and Have you guys heard of that before? No, that kind of means No formalities. So you come over to my place, No formalities, I go over to your place, No formalities. So I understand that you shouldn't go above and beyond you know more than what you're able to have. So for example, if you're coming over to my house, and I can only I can only afford to feed you a meal. That's that may cost $20. I shouldn't go for $200 meal because I can't afford that.

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So that's where Nicholas actually falls into place where you shouldn't be excessive. You shouldn't have extra formalities beyond your ability. But that base level of the Kullu should exist. There should be some sort of formalities. When two Muslims greet each other. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying when you greet someone, even if you're just Have you even if you have a straight face, make a make them make an effort to

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Smile at that person hence this is

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that's formalities, right. I mean smile at that person even if you don't want to you still smile at that person, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going with some Sahaba to meet another group of Sahaba. And the Prophet says to them, we're going to meet your brothers suggests the most and the best clothes that you have. What is he teaching them their formalities to the host of properties that a lot of money was saved. When your guest leaves, don't just sit on your couch and say, that's the door. You want the guests out the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I'm as I'm being honest with you, for those of us who are young sitting here, and we have friends come over to our

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house, when's the last time we actually walked out of our door and stood there waiting for them to pull out of our driveway? You know, these are things that are very important learning to respect learning to honor our scholars, our teachers, and you know, there's a very famous, there's a proverb they use in Arabic, they say, people emphasize

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and people emphasize you have to do college.

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All my dear friends, adorn yourself a beautiful character, because every pathway of love must go through good manners First, there is no such thing without there's no such thing as love without good manners. You can't claim you love Allah. If you don't have good etiquette for Allah subhanho wa Taala. You got claim you love the facade. If the foreigner is being used as a pillow when you're lying down, you can and this is not a fun swab, by the way. Okay, I'm sharing this from a perspective of honor, Adam. So you know, before you decide to troll me on the issue, listen carefully to what I'm saying. And if you've missed the point that maybe this hasn't resonated with

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you properly. This is a very high level discussion we're having here, the companions at such other for the purpose of the law while he was sitting, you know, in this family with your loved one says, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came in the gathering, everyone would lower their heads down, and they wouldn't even have they wouldn't even look at the Prophet sallallahu it was sort of such was their other sense was their honor. And then another one says, the only ones that would look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were his two closest friends.

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They will look at him and smile, he would look at them and smile, the rest of us would have our heads down. You know, one narration said this. However, they say that when he was sitting for the purpose of a long line he was sent him, we will sit with such others that our heads would be lowered down and we will be so still that if a bird came and sat on this Hobbes head, the bird wouldn't move because they were so still while sitting in the gathering of the puppets that allamani was sort of, I recall, hearing a story that our teacher told us, you know, I'm not sure what authenticity to the story is, but it's a story in itself. I've heard it different from different teachers of mine. Our

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teacher once told us that there was this man who was going to work.

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And while he was going to work, he was running a little late. But he saw that on the road. There were a group of people gathered there.

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He asked these people, why are you guys gathered here? They said, the reason why we're gathered here is because someone passed away in our community. And our mom's not on vacation. No one knows how to leave the gym as a prayer. He said, Well, I know how to leave the gelato, let's do this quickly. So he, he was already late, but he went with them. They lowered the body into the grade, he loved the janazah. He ran to work, when they got to work, he realized that he dropped his wallet inside the grave. So on the way back came back to that same city, he asked the people in that community that you know, he has people, the community who are the founding members of the deceased. So they pointed

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him out to the family members and said to them, that if I have your permission, I would like to dig out one corner of the grave where I was standing. And I know exactly where I was standing because my wallet fell down there. I won't open up the full grave, just the part where I was standing. The family members gave him permission. He went to the grave, and he lowered his hand down inside when he pulled his wallet out. He felt this breeze crosses having this beautiful fragrance. So you seal the grave off, went back to the family and said to them, this guy, his grave turned into gender. What did he do what was so special about him? So they said no, he was an average guy, trust me

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nothing really special about this guy. He couldn't even read Arabic. So they said, No, there's something special about them, please tell him. So finally, after insisting again and again again and again. They tell him that every morning when he would go to work before opening the store, he would sit behind the shutter, and he would open the pod, he would do well he will sit with respect open the forum. He couldn't read Arabic by the way. So he would take his finger and run it underneath the lines of the phone and he would smile and say, My Lord has spoken the truth, a lot of luck. But look how true this is. Look how beautiful it is. Look at my lord has written here and put on put it

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against his heart. He didn't know what he was pointing at us all he knew that this was done. This was a column of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that Allah had such a place in his heart that you look where Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, there are so many stories that can tell you so many stories of some of the greatest scholars in history. You know, there was a scholar who was known for being a drunkard. He used to drink and this is a very famous story, you can find it in almost all books in history. He was known for being a drunkard and one day he was walking and it was raining outside and on the ground he saw the name of Allah subhanaw taala he picked the name of Allah He dried it,

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cleaned it, put it against his heart and took it back home. And the next day when he woke up there was a scholar standing at his door and the scholar said last night I saw a dream Allah subhana wa tada instructed me to come and meet with you. And this person changed his entire life right from there, the person's life is changing because of his honor for a piece of paper. Now some of these stories you guys are thinking oh my god, this is so. So so unreal. Right?

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This doesn't sound like it makes sense. But that you know, you have to understand when a person honors the dean when a person honors Allah subhana wa Tada, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you pathways to piety that even you can imagine a sort of love without