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I was having a tough day

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Hush it Allah subhanho wa Taala. He describes what happened after the companions migrated from macoco Mountain Medina Manila. When the Prophet said a lot of money was cinnamon, the Muslims have lived in Mecca Makoto for 13 years. And for 13 years, the only thing they saw from the leaders of mocha mocha Anima was hatred and animosity. They had spared no opportunity to torture the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the Sahaba multiple times they had directly strike the blessing body of the prophets of Allah money and the prophets of Allah while he was sitting, he remained patient with them. And for 13 years of the Prophet's life, he remained patient with his community. And after

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13 years when the purpose of the lohani was set him saw there was no scope for them to grow, there was a barrier between them and growth and that barrier had to be overcome. So then Allah subhanaw taala he opened up the pathway of digital, the prophet said a lot of money with cinnamon this hollow were guided towards Medina Manila. Now the problem is that a lot of money was sent in when he migrates to Medina, Manila, and the Sahaba migrate from Mocambo karma to Medina Manila, you have to understand this is one of the greatest sacrifices a person could make. You're 50 years old, you're 60 years old, and you've developed an empire you've created your wealth your house, you've got a

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property there all your money is there. And now you have to leave mocha mocha and go to Medina. When you go to Medina new people. You're 60 years old, you're too old for new friends. You're so used to your old life, your own sitting Place your own food, your own buddies, visiting the graveyard of your parents, but now you're being told to migrate from Mecca to Medina that's already hard. The second challenge of migrating from Mecca to Medina is that you will be hunted down and if you are caught, you will be brought back to Medina Come on this time chained down because the roads of Makoto Medina were that they were people scattered throughout searching for the Muslims are trying

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to escape from Mecca and go to Medina. So your life was at risk as well. The second big challenge. The third great challenge of Mikoto Medina and I find this to be one of the greatest challenges was that you were starting all over again. You had to leave behind all of your wealth, they didn't have a u haul that you can load everything into. They didn't have a wire transfer or transfer model where you can go and wire your money from the bank of america to the bank of Medina. They were traveling for their lives so they had to travel light. The only thing they kept on their rides where maybe some food I would help them get to Medina went over. And literally they were leaving behind every

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penny they earned a person who's 60 years old and today's a millionaire. Tomorrow he reaches Medina Manoa and he has how much money in his account? Zero. How hard is that? Ask yourself this question today would you be able to make that sacrifice, if you were told to drop everything, and sometimes the hidden I was unique, the hidden I was such that only the husband was able to make use of the wife in some couldn't. Sometimes the son migrated but the parents couldn't. Sometimes the wife went ahead, but the husband was left behind this happened. You know, families are broken apart because of his you know, in a single family. There were times where the husband was Muslim, but the wife wasn't

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the husband said the Prophet has not ordered us to migrate, I have to go and this is the hokum I have to follow it and the husband will leave behind he will go on ahead and his wife and son will be left behind at times this childhood but like I said, the families were separated. So this whole Hitler was very very very difficult upon this habit until the point where they were all doing hinted off in secrecy. People were quietly leaving my call but anyone knowing they were telling people that you know, lead Miko whenever you can, but we will meet 50 miles from now at so and so Valley be there, whoever is there, three days will go together to Medina. So secretly, they were leaving my

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car and finding their way to the meeting point and that they were going from there. The one companion who made a big incident out of his migration was always gonna be alone. The other one said, I never feared anyone in my life before. And I will never find anyone in my life after Islam other than

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before, I was no one. It was no one before I'm gonna be a long one never feared the idols before. He didn't have a special connection with idols that he worshipped. However, after Islam is the only one I fear and I was alone. So in order to do that one decided to migrate. What does he do? He goes to the Kaaba, he prays to Dakar there, after praying to the gods, he gathers the people together, these people don't like I gather, I have an announcement. They all gathered together. He said, tomorrow, whoever wishes that their mother wake up without a child, and their children tomorrow are orphans and the wife should be a widow. Let them know that it isn't enough. And if you have the courage to

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stop me, meet me on the other side of this valley, I'll be waiting there for you. And if nobody comes in, I'm going to go for his right I'm looking at this person's heart. He's going to the enemy space in the middle of them and saying, if you have the courage to stop me, just come there. You

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I think of myself after I read the lives of working out of Manali and the great Sahaba. But only if we had someone like that in mind today. Only one person with a heart like that only one person who can match the heart of Abu Bakar who is leaving his family behind a beloved when he did hinted out, by the way, he didn't know he's out with his family, his daughter a smile, the last one that was actually left behind. And that one narration actually mentioned that when I was leaving his AutoSum I said, What about me? So he said to her that this journey with the Prophet, I'm being hit with the Prophet, and it's by invite only, they might have been extended to you. And then he also tells her

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that my daughter, I can't leave the profit for you either. This is a tough situation, my daughter or the Prophet. He says he doesn't die. I can't go I can't be the Prophet for you either. Because if you gave me the entire world full of gold, I wouldn't trade it to him.

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This is my chance to be with the Prophet. And he leaves his daughter behind and he goes on with this. And then you have men like audio, the loved one, either their loved one when he did hit it up, you know, how does anyone know?

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He actually did the full hit on his foot.

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You guys understand that? He walked and when he came to Medina whenever I finally when he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was pulled up and the Prophet told us that I will not enter into Medina until it comes first. I'm waiting for him. And he waited in Cuba for almost a week. And earlier the loved one when he came to Paris and Watson

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was so happy that they so happy and the Sahaba say when we looked at his feet, his feet was covered his feet were covered blood and they were bruised and they were torn up because his slippers I'd even lost hope on it. He walked all the way from Mecca to Medina. I mean look at this man what kind of what he did on meant to them. What he did I actually met and when they gathered into Medina went on another hobo and as the ancient Medina when I went to a loss of title with taala, he tells us that the unsalted those were waiting in Medina whenever they open handed the open heartedly they accepted them and they brought them into their home. You know, that's how would they say that when

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we entered into Madina, munawwara the entire Madina munawwara was erupting in joy. And they were singing songs from Alba ralina misophonia was out, you know, you have to look at it from the profits perspective, from the profits perspective, he was never welcomed. He's a smile was never appreciated before. You know, people didn't see praise of him. And five, they didn't see his praise. This was a first time even the Prophet is experiencing this. And as entering in America, there's like this roar of people waving their hands and they're saying y'all Sinhala, come to my house. So like, come to my house. And the kids and the girls in particular behind us mentioned right, they started singing with

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mother on a night that the moon has come to us, not just any moon, but the moon, they're describing the profit, and every person is coming to the profit in a single message that will not come into my house messenger will not come to my house. And then the purpose of

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that thing mahamudra let my camel go whichever direction she wishes to go, because Allah has ordered her where to stop, the GPS coordinates of my destination have already been installed inside the nozzle. It's already inside the camera, it's gonna take you're ready to go. And when the cameras sat down of what you will do the lot when you came forward and said O Messenger of a lot today, I'm honored that you're staying at my house, and the people that Madina munawwara they were so in a good way they were jealous of who you went inside of your loved one, that only if we could be that person. And if we went inside of your loved one, he said to the promise of a messenger of Allah, I

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have a two story house, I would like for you to stay on the top floor. The Prophet said, allow me to sunset. Well, I knew in Medina, there will be a lot of people visiting me. So I prefer to sleep on that. On the bottom floor. Well, you went inside with your loved ones that are missing the robot, how can I violate your honor and sleep on top of you? How can I be on top of you. And the purpose of a lot of audio, some said it will be more convenient than he accepted the order of the purpose of autism and he is now on top him and his wife are on top. There's actually a narration that go

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along with the wife and his wife first. They were upstairs and they would have walked milling, the prophet was asleep. Wherever they were, they would sit there and they wouldn't move because it would make noise and they refuse. They fear they will make a profit. On one narration there's a there's a mention that one day one of them dropped a bucket of water and they feared the water would go down. So they took the blanket and they threw it on the water and soaked the blanket. And they sat next to each other embracing each other saying because they had nothing else to cover them for the rest of the night. I would look at their love for the province of

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the province of Romani was that after building After establishing the foundation in Medina Manoa the first in the province that alone will do something does he gathers the unsolved together. He gathers up getting together and he says to them that now each of you will become the brother of another person and will how's it going sorry, feelings emotions for a second he has nothing. He's an old man maybe mid age and has nothing left. And now the inside is a hobby imagine his emotions for a second. He's a wealthy person well established, everything's there. And now he's being told to split everything he hasn't half with another person. How many of us can do that today? How many of us can

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do that, you know in our in our in our culture, deemed income.

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You know, person can't even stand our house for three days as a visitor. You know, for those of us I'll share some real talk with you right now. Tell me one person in this crowd who can say that in the past year I had someone come to my house as a guest that wasn't a friend or relative. No, It's unheard of when we talk about being hospitable. What is that usually kind of tea. I invited a friend over I invited a relative over a cousin of mine over When's the last time you had something over wasn't related to you at all. He probably didn't even speak your dialect, you would have probably had animosity in the past people that my friend Medina, but here now they're bringing them into

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their houses. And I'm gonna find that over the long run the famous narration, he was a multimillionaire, and he had left his empire behind. He comes to Medina MANOVA, and his buddy Bhansali, who joined him the money companion, he said to him, that I give you half of my wealth. What does that one say?

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Thank you, Brother, you keep your money. He said,

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Show me the markets. And I'm going to be alone when he goes to the market. And this man, he was such a successful businessman. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said regarding of the month that he touches soil, he could turn it into gold.

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You guys understand that? If he took the soil, he could turn it into, he could turn it into gold. My teacher used to say, you know, the keto honey olavo.

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memes are a type of people from India. That's my client, right? So he used to say that you guys are his spiritual kids, because humans are known for being good businessmen. He's assuming that your spiritual kids can also be alone with anything he touched on returning. And he all of a sudden, he comes in Medina munawwara. A few days pass by and what does

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anyone know? He's already married?

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Yeah, he didn't even tell the Prophet. He got married. The promise of a lot of some size hadn't said often amounts of his coloring, colouring. He's a messenger ally. I had my party last night I got married. The

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invite was another question. Very interesting point. I mean, this is a joke. The Prophet said that, you know, if you got married early, no, how would you say?

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Oh, they went over shotgun. He said only one over shotgun. He said, announce it. Let everybody know that you got married and do whatever, even if it's by slaughtering one good old him whether we shall give one email, even if it's one goat, and you learn from this, how simple was that? A close competitor to the Prophet of Allah one. He gets married and the Prophet didn't even

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know that I got needs need to get married. I have money in my account. There's a goal right there. Let's do it. Bismillah. And she gets married to him. He gets married when it's done. So these companions you know, they have their unique talents where they come from within them and oh, now one day What happened was that the promise of a lot of money was sent him was sitting in the masjid. And one man comes to the Prophet is a messenger of Allah. I haven't had food in three days. Tony, I fired him. How did you guys feel? How did you feel today? Hungry? Right? Everyone was hungry. I came maybe two minutes later and everyone is asking because you thought it is true thought it's

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approximately two minutes. You know, we've been and we were in a comfortable a nice air conditioned rooms. This hobby hasn't had food for three days. And it says a messenger of Allah. I'm really hungry. The progress of a lot of money with someone said, Okay, let's figure this out. He tells one of his companions, can you go ask my wife Whose house is there? If there's any food at home? He goes to that wife's house. She says there's nothing at home at all.

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Imagine a home that has What? Nothing, nothing means not even dates. Nothing in the pantry. No dry food, no candy, no bread, no milk, nothing. There pantry was empty. The freezer was empty. The kitchen was like someone just moved in right now into a new home. It was absolutely empty. The Prophet said, Okay, you know what? If she doesn't have anything, go to the second one. He went to the house of all the lives one by one and what each one say?

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And the Prophet, what does he say he does He say now I'm worried about myself? No, the prophet said aloud is something that says, Okay, this hobby is hungry. We have to deal with this. Look, the prophet was like a father to this house. He's worried about making sure everybody gets their, their meal. So he says Someone has to feed him. He says who will feed him today? So when he was there, he sent a message of Allah, I'll take him home. So he takes us a house. He takes us to hobby home when he goes home. He tells his wife, the prophet said the guests with me. We cannot disappoint the prophet or the prophets guest. What's on the menu today? How do you get? So she says there's only a

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little food and I actually save that for our kids. They're going to be hungry. So he says, Look, when night comes, put the kids to sleep. After putting them to sleep, cook the food, prepare it and put it in front of me and the guests use it on the other side of the barrier. And then when we sit down to eat, extinguish the lamp, so there's no way to see. I'll act like I'm eating and he'll eat all the food that's there. Hello. Can you guys imagine this for a second? Can you imagine that? All this planning to make sure that one person has a complete meal that night. That's a hobby he slept hungry. His wife slept hungry. And the most painful thing for those of us that are parents here. His

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kids also went to sleep hungry. And the morning they woke up. He passed him by the prophet. He's trying to keep it straight like nothing happens.

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And the progress of awesome smiles and says, Do you think you can do such a beautiful act and Allah won't tell me?

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And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed the if we feed on Allah and foresee him Hello, can I be him? kasasa and they give preference over themselves to others, even if what they have is the bare minimum. Then the next ayah Allah says, Well, my Yuka shahana See, right? Well, I mean, you can shahana See, whoever is saved from short shot is

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miserliness, whoever is saved from being stingy. So like a homely Muslim, all those people are truly successful. So, stinginess is not a part of faith, a lot of money with some settler narration eemaan. And stinginess, cannot gather together in one person. There There are their opposites of each other. So as Muslims as well, we shouldn't learn from the example of this habit of going, Oh, my God, we should learn from the unsolved and this generosity of the unsolved By the way, I want to tell you one thing, this generosity of unsolved, it had an impact on the profit for as long as he lived before the Prophet passed away when he gave his last book about, you know what the prophet

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said, the last six months the former son of the Prophet gave of his life, he turned to the Mahajan. He said to them, always look after my own son. They took care of us at a time where we needed help, we will never forget that. And then at one time, the Piper solomani was sitting, he gave extra he distributed extra money to the mahadji team, you know that not only them, but those who are new to Islam, the people from our karma, karma at the conquest of life. So someone saw begin to say that now the manga has been conquered, it feels like the profits gonna move back to Macau, now, we're getting left all alone. So when the Prophet heard this, he gathered all the inside together, he made

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an announcement that ansara should gather all the data gathered together. And he said, No one other than the answer could be inside the room. And when they got inside, the prophet stood up, and he said to them, how dare you think I would ever leave you? You guys are my family. No. And then he said that I'm sorry, would you take a pathway and the rest of the role was to take another pathway, which pathway would I follow? The answer, right, the processes that we will follow the answer. So my dear brothers and sisters repay that Allah subhanho wa Taala. He makes us into the unsought, Guna and sobre la be the hawkers of Allah subhanho wa Taala be the helpers of the oma be helpers of each

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others be there to support each other. We should be there as a as a structure is be there to give each other support and be there to care of each other to look after each other. For a little while. Somehow that develops these beautiful characteristics inside us, as a hobby had a loss of power resurrects us with them on the day of judgment and

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