Musleh Khan – Reasons That Cause Allah To Love You – #04 Zikr – The Love Of Allah Develops & Intensifies

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in the heart and the rememb possession of Allah's words during transmission of the Sun is discussed, as it is crucial for healthy functioning and achieving personal growth. Consistent daily recitation of the quarter end is crucial for personal growth and achieving long term healthy relationships with Allah. Visiting Allah's teachings and finding comfort in one's actions and routine is crucial for achieving success in the heart work of the heart. Visiting Allah's teachings and finding a long term healthy relationship with Allah is crucial for achieving success.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill MBA he wouldn't go to selling Nabina Muhammad Ali, he of total Salah? Well, Adam would assume, Mr. Bard. So today it's part four. And it's the third reason that if no claim Rahim Allah mentions that will qualify us to receive Allah subhanho wa Taala His love, and that is, of course brothers and sisters, the victory or remembrance of Allah Jalla wa ala. I mean, we could sit here all day and just talk about what the cure means to us how important it is to us. But I want you to just imagine for a moment that your heart is your Amen. It's the source of your Amen. So sincerity

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taqwa, the quarter, and the sooner the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and your love for him. All of that rests in the heart. But the thing about it is, is throughout the day, throughout the year throughout our lives, that fluctuates. So we have good days with the poor and we have not so good days with the quarter and there are days that we'll strive to practice certain elements of the Sunnah. And then there are days where we'll struggle with that. And that's just the nature of our faith is that there are days that are good, there are days that are not so good. Amen. We azita way and post as our Prophet alayhi salatu salam taught us that Amen, it fluctuates, there are good days,

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and there are high points and there are low points. However, with Vicar of Allah, imagine that Vicar of Allah is the rest of your body. And it's the thing that the heart depends on. So it depends on oxygen, blood, supply, all of these things, exercise healthy eating so that it can stay functional, it can stay stable, and you can have a healthy heart. without a heart there is no life. And so when we put all of this together, or faith is our heart, and everything else in our body is the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal, it's what fuels our faith. It keeps us consistent, it keeps us focused. So when we talk about the remembrance of Allah, it's not just rituals, it's not just we

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utter certain phrases, or we do certain actions, it's a combination of all of those things, but even more so it's about maintaining and preserving a connection that is strong and consistent with our creators. subhanho wa Taala. Now, if no claim, Rahim Allah, when he talks about this particular section, he mentions a lot of different statements from the seller of some various ahaadeeth. All I want to do, however, is share with you one particular word in the poor and in suta tail hedge. And this is found in verse number 34. And as a matter of fact, it's at the very end of the verse one of the last two or three words, what best shooted mockbee teen and we gave glide, glad tidings to the

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mockbee team. Now this particular a before tell you the translation, this particular area was talking to us about the sacrifice that is performed during the Hajj and Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes that whole conversation once he talks about certain rulings and, and so on a line so it just says and congratulations or glad tidings to those who are multi Team mockbee team comes from the word habit and habit means like a soft ground. You know, when it rains, it softens the mud and when you walk into it, your foot six sinks into it. So that's called mohabbatein. What Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying is that when we perform a sacrifice for him, it actually softens our

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heart. And in addition to that, when people go for Hajj, their lives, their lives change, their attitudes change, they soften up, they mellow down. So all of these things fit perfectly. But then Allah subhanho wa Taala after this particular phrase, well, best shooting in the next verse, Allah Xena either zu Kira la YG that kulu whom Allah subhanho wa Taala now tells us specifically who are the multi team, they are the ones that are in constant remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Tada. Now a Latina either zucchero la YG la tolu boom YG la what Jaden means that it caused their hearts to tremble. They're shaken by the remembrance of Allah when they say so panelo when they say soprano,

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it'll be a lousy when they say Alhamdulillah when they just utter phrases that remind them of their Creator. It's not just they're saying it their heart is speaking as well. You know their mind is in is focused and if they'll claim of course mentions the three main categories of how we remember Allah, with our tongue with our hearts and with our limbs. So of course with our tongue, everything that we say and do it and recite and so on to our door eyes or at the end and so on our heart if we're not reciting our hearts

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Still constantly remembering, thinking, reflecting, and keeping connected with our Creator. And of course, the body, if the heart is not there, if the tongue is not there, then at least you're helping you're doing things you're making lives, you're making life better for you. And for the people around you, you're actually engaged and you're doing something you're praying, you're in rural core, you're going in sajida, you're raising your hands, all of these actions, they actually count in the sight of Allah, that you're remembering him subhana wa Taala, when somebody raises their hand, and they make dua to Allah, just the action of raising their hands, Allah calls this a

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vicar, you're remembering me, because why you're raising your hands for him. So that counts as something, you know, it's just like when you're called to do a task, you have to get ready, get dressed, you leave your home, you drive you walk, you got to get to a place and perform a certain job. But most jobs will only pay you will only give you some compensation give you some reward. When you're actually at the job site, and you perform the jobs that you're you're required to do. And that's it. But from when you wake up, when you get dressed, when you leave your home, when you transport and when you travel, and you go where you need to be none of those things count. But to

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Allah, it does. When you wake up and you do all of those things in your routine, they still count for remembrance. So the point is, brothers and sisters, what I'm trying to get at when we're talking about remembrance, you notice that I'm not telling you, okay, do A, B, and C and you're going to remember a las panatela make the remembrance of Allah personal, find your place when it comes to these as capital find areas within remembrances and phrases, and a routine that works for you. Because why? Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet alayhi salatu salam tells us about Allah, so a gel that Allah loves that which is consistent. So to develop some sense of consistency, you have to find

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your comfort zone when it comes to the remembrance of Allah. But the point is, you got to find that you can't just be you know, at ease with your situation that okay, I only remember Allah, on particular days on a particular night or in certain occasions or certain times of the year, it's not going to work. This is where you develop this very skewed, incomplete relationship with your Creator. It won't make any sense. There will there will be times where you're often questioning why am I even doing this? Why am I keep saying the same phrases over and over? Why do I have to keep bowing down and going to do that? Why do I have to keep doing all of these things? Why it because it

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doesn't become meaningful, when you really put your heart into it. And you start off with the things that are comfortable and easy for you. And this is, of course, part of our prophetic tradition. Allah subhanho wa Taala helps by adding Baraka and layers to that. So for example, you start reciting one of your favorite sodas, okay, so let's say soda DSC, or soda toto and then you start off with one of your favorite sources of the quarter end, and you're reading this and then you go into the translation and you start studying a little bit of its meaning, before you know it, I promise you in sha Allah, this is going to happen to I promise you insha, Allah hota Allah, when you

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start off with any simple surah, or Hadith, or anything that connects you with Allah, and you do it properly, your thirst, your hunger, your desire, of wanting to learn more will start to increase, it will intensify. And you will be like, I don't know where this is coming from. But it's the best feeling in the world. And you'll just want more and more. How do you think those who memorize the quarter end? How do you think they do that they don't just jump right into it and start memorizing all over the place. They take one sort of time, one page at a time, one line at a time. But that desire, that discipline, it continues to increase. That's what the remembrance of Allah should do

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for all of us. It's not just a straight road, but it's a road that we continue climbing. And every time you do it and you develop yourself, you continue to climb higher and higher and higher. And what's a top what's at the top of the mountain. It's a lie. So a gel, it's the agenda. It's the paradise, it's where we want to be. But the point is, you feed yourself with that spiritual energy of remembrances and as code of Allah jello Varela. This is what Rahim Allah mentions in his book, that once you do this, the habit of Allah jello arella the love and acceptance of Allah subhanho wa Taala will begin to develop and it will intensify and before you know it, you're going to see as

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cowed in everything you do. And this is the last thing that will mention the way that you train your body and your mind and your

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Your soul to constantly be in the remembrance, there's definitely one thing that has to be part of that picture. And that is, you have a consistent daily relationship in recitation of the quarter end. And I've mentioned this many times in previous videos, the recitation of the poorer end. And the reason why I stress on this so much, it's the one thing that all of us have to start with, you know, many people when they want to criticize the religion when they want to criticize, you know, scholars, and they want to say this and that and have their own interpretation of what they think Islam should mean for them. Very often, people who do that don't have a consistent recitation

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relationship with the poor. And, as a matter of fact, a lot of them that I meet, they don't even know how to read the Quran, they you they can barely scrape by with sawtell Fattah. I've even met some Muslims that have only memorized sort of Tel Fatiha and sort of, plus nothing else. And they just kind of repeated every single salon. And that's just their whole relationship with Allah. See, the point with the problem with that is, you're not trying, you're not trying to dive in deeper in this book. And so as a result, the remembrances, they're going to be, you know, sort of these empty fluff type remembrances, like they're not going to mean anything, you're just going to be saying

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subpanel, alette, la, la, la, la, la, quwata, illa Billah, and it wouldn't do anything, it won't move you, your heart will still be pumping at the same rate, you'll just be sitting there, and you know, life would, would start to feel feel meaningless. And as a matter of fact, when you have that kind of relationship, all the things that you're not supposed to be engaged with, you shouldn't participate in, or you shouldn't be doing, they will start to become attractive, this is what happens, the blood supply, the spiritual supply to your heart to your email is weak. So it can't pump out the strength and consistency that you need to remain focused. So now, when you hear a song,

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when you watch a movie, and you see those, like certain scenes that show up in the movie, you're supposed to press the fast forward button, or you're supposed to watch something else. But then you tell yourself, it's just only two seconds, it's not a big deal. They don't show everything. People who talk like that, their approach to things like that in life in general. These are people that are struggling with the remembrance of Allah. And finally, brothers and sisters, without as regular and consistent remembrance, without doing things and keeping ourselves within a model that that helps us to remain consistent in our remembrance, we will lose that spirit that sacredness that that the

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experience that we all want, which is when you hear the poor and you start feeling a bit emotional. If you're praying behind it. Mmm, you don't even understand the Quran, but it's still moving you you start to feel like a tear, come down and you're like, you don't even know what sorta he's reciting let alone the meaning. But why? It's because you have this constant relationship with your Creator. Allah softens your heart, softens it more and more. Well, best shooting team and the you know, what's the most amazing thing about that it's the long term outcome. When you soften your heart with the remembrance of Allah, then your heart is softened with people with experiences you're able to

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tolerate a lot. You're patient, you can forgive, you can forget you can move on you can, you can put the awful things behind you. And if they confront you, you know how to deal it in a civilized way. That's what the remembrance of Allah does. It keeps us under control. It keeps us stable, but more importantly, it keeps us connected with our Creator. May Allah subhanho wa Taala always and forever preserve and protect the remembrance of Allah in our hearts and in our lives alone. I mean, just like malachite and everyone May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of you wherever you are, keep you safe and keep you healthy alone. I mean, just like malachite and everybody until we meet again

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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