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The Sunnah of Moonsighting

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Abu Bakr Zoud

Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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The beautiful sun of moon sighting. This is the first sooner we need to observe the moon sighting. Wait, wait tonight until there are reports of a confirmed moon sighting. If there is any reports of a confirmed moon sighting, whether locally or regionally or globally, so long as there's a verified source that brings us the news of the moon being cited, then go ahead and fast but if Neela because it also Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so more little at he will after all, do it fast based on the sighting of the moon and break your fast based on the sighting of the moon. And what is meant in this Hadeeth is any sighting of the moon, whether it's local, regional in your area, or whether

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it's global. And why do we say so? Even though there are other opinions that exists that mentioned that the sighting should be local or regional doesn't matter. But what proves this opinion that I mentioning to you a lot what makes it strong? Is that also a loss on the lawn while he was a limb before he passed away. The entire Arab peninsula had embraced Islam in Makkah will Medina Yemen and on the sides in the left and the right all of that entire Arabian peninsula had accepted Islam and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knowing that Ramadan is a serious and a big event of the year and it comes every he didn't tell anyone that you need to fast based on the local sighting or based

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on a regional siding. And since this is an important serious matter, we would have expected that he clarified however since he said nothing and he left that at SU Moliro at first at the sighting of the moon, then that means any confirmed sighting Bismillah it is correct to start your fast and don't cause issues and problems in your community. Keep far away from infidel, you for yourself. If your community is fasting local, if your community is fasting local and you happen to reach or news reaches you that the moon has been cited globally, then fast secretly without anyone knowing that if you follow that opinion of global moon citing fast secretly and those who are fasting according to

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local moon sighting, they will fast will humbler no one argues with each other, and no one causes friction and tension between each other. Well humbly if you want to fast according to the sighting of the moon, and lead at night, you receive a confirmed global sighting and you want to fast Bismillah intent and fast if your community is fasting local, and they did not see the moon tonight and so they're fasting A day after. Don't inform them. Don't say anything, don't run around and say well, we saw the moon and it was going firmed and guarantee that we should fast dude cause this fitline this troll my brothers and sisters in Islam fast secretly and lead others fast and lead

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others fast locally but humbler only we ask a lot of social to accept our worship