Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 4 – Prophet Muhammad SAW and Prophet Ibrahim AS

In this concise Ramadhan talk our respected Sheikh talks about the Prophet s.a.w.

In order to appreciate our beloved Prophet s.a.w. we need to go back a bit history to Prophet Ibrahim a.s. because the legacy of our Messenger is tied to the legacy of prophet Ibrahim a.s.

One after the other he was given trials after trials after trials. When he finished all his trials Allah told him he was making him a leader over all people. When this happened the prophet Ibrahim a.s. said “ what about my children”?. The children here he meant were the future ummah.

Allah told him His guarantee was only for those who did good meaning Allah turned him down.

When Ibrahim a.s. and Ismail a.s. built Kaa’ba, Ibrahim a.s. made another Dua. Was this Dua accepted? What was this Dua? Listen to the rest of this talk to discover the answer to this question and thus increase your understanding of Allah and His messengers.