Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 4 – Prophet Muhammad SAW and Prophet Ibrahim AS

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the legacy of the previous messengers and the current situation, emphasizing the importance of being a leader and a good person for future generations. They also discuss the importance of prosperity and peace in society and the use of Islam for acceptance among generations. The speakers emphasize the need for messages and messaging to inform people of the truth and emphasize the importance of the holy eye and its role in making people happy. They also mention the use of the Kaaba to pray in the direction of Jerusalem and the use of head of household to turn people face.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala shorefield ambia he will mousseline

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early he was happy he ministered una de la Medina Allah homage and among whom woman Latina Amina sorry hot whatever Soviet hottie whatever so besotted me Never but I mean

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America Allah azzawajal Nikita, Karima diptera hemara boo boo boo Kalimantan, Fatima Hoon, kala, Indonesia Luca Lena semana call amin Doria te call Allah and Allah aalameen

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Sidley, Emily

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Tata militia Nia poco de manera alameen.

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This evening once again in sha Allah we say some things about our messenger, Arlene Salatu was Salam. But I want to emphasize something for all of us as a reminder, that actually, if someone seriously wants to understand Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is impossible to do if you don't connect him to Abraham alayhis salam.

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As a matter of fact, the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salaam is so directly tied to the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that they are actually one story. They're not even two separate stories. Our messenger has many things sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in common with many other messengers. That's why Allah gave the examples of all of those messengers also, and told him Fabio de homak. Today, you follow the same guidance that they were committed to you commit yourself to that also. But our messenger Elisa was Saddam was specifically told for tibbett military Ibrahima, hanifin, mecanim ito machine again, follow the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salaam

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exclusively he was not from any of any who committed chick. So I want to in order to help us appreciate something unique about our messenger, I think Soto Salaam, take you back a little bit. Allah azzawajal says that the way Allah tested Ibrahim alayhis salam, he did not test anybody else. The kinds of trials he was given from beginning to end are very different from any other messenger. And he said on, nobody's been asked to jump into a fire. Nobody else has been asked to slaughter their own child by way of Revelation. Nobody has been asked to take their wife and child in the middle of a desert and leave them there. That's never happened before. Nobody has been asked in the

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age of childhood, to destroy a bunch of idols and just stand there and take the rest of the of their entire people. Nobody has been asked these kinds of trials except for the incident. And after one after the other after the other for atom mahana he completed all of them every one of those trials he completed his Salaam. Now you know in life, when you have a difficult exam, then you receive a certificate or you graduate and you get a degree you get a diploma. And when you finish your training, there's some kind of a reward. And so when Ibrahim alayhis salam finished all of his tests, a lot told him in Ninja and Luca Lena see Mama, I am making you a leader over all people. I'm

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making you a leader overall. That's the that's the certificate Allah gave him once he completed all of his tests for a time mahana Allah in Nigeria, Luca de nasi, Mama, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam understood something, he has passed some very difficult tests. But the most difficult test is children

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is the future. So he understood this. Now, if somebody gives you the award, you know, somebody, there's elections going on in this country right now. And elections have been everywhere in the world. When somebody wins an election, when somebody comes into power, when somebody gets a job, they feel very happy. They're not thinking about anybody else. They're thinking about man, I made it. Thank you for this opportunity. his immediate response was women to reality. What about my children and their children and their children? So what if I become a leader? If I become the leader, and my children go the wrong way that their burden is on me? This is why we make the dog to

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Allah. And SoTL for car which Mata Tina, Mama, make us a leader over good people, righteous people, people that are afraid of Allah, because our children and our new future generations as much as we can guide them, they're our legacy. They're part of they're tight, they're tight. So he says what's going to happen to my children? Allah told him, Leona Valley me, my guarantee does not go extend to all the wrongdoers. This was a lost way of telling him some of your kids may be good, but a lot of them are going to be wrongdoers, now he just went all these tests. He just passed all of these difficult tests. You would imagine the level give him whatever he asked. And Allah tells him when he

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says Can I have my children also, can they have leadership also, can they be guided also, Allah says the wrongdoers I have no guarantees for them.

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And then so Ibrahim alayhis salam realizes Allah is not going to guarantee him all of his children.

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So he adjusts and so when as the doors Go on, Allah azza wa jal commissioned him to you know,

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Move to Makkah. And to build the cover. He says what which alhaja Bella dominant was Ocala homina thammarat master make this a peaceful city give the people of this city all kinds of fruit. Whoever believes in a lion the last day see, he said, Give maka make it safe, and give it food. You know, nothing grows in my car, right? Nothing goes in my car. So he had to ask you, so what if it's safe people are gonna starve. So he has to ask for safety. And it has to ask her what? Food prosperity. You know, any society in the world needs two things. It needs safety. And it needs prosperity. If the police is doing a good job, and your home is safe, and your business is safe, and the machine is

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safe, and the school is safe, and the hospitals are safe, but there are no jobs, and nobody can make any money and nobody can get any food, then what's the point of the safety it will collapse. And if there is a lot of money, and there's a lot of jobs and the business is good, but there's no safety, that society will collapse. You need peace and you need prosperity. You need both of those things. The genius of Ibrahim alayhis salam, he asked for that city to have peace and prosperity but he added one little condition the genius of Abraham, he said man amen I mean homebuilder. He will Yeoman.

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Okay peace and prosperity for the ones who believe in Allah and the Last Day, meaning I know some of my children will be wrongdoers. I would rather they starve. It's okay. I don't want their generations to continue. How about Yala? You only provide this dunya safety and prosperity to my believing kids leave everybody else. Allah says for man cafaro for woman Guevara, Matteo kalila. No, even the one who just believes I'll let him enjoy also a little bit from my tabula rasa Nairobi, Selma. See, then I'll drag him into the punishment of the Fire now Rahim Allah Islam two times he has to lay us first time he said give me all my kids. Then he said at least dystonia make it good

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for who? Just my believing kids. Allah said no, I'll give the kafar also, I let them enjoy also. Now Ibrahim alayhis salam has been turned down twice. What's he going to do? When he was told to build the Kaaba? This is this is the part where we tie him tell us a little less Allah Allah sent him when he was told to build the Kaaba. He was building it with his sinus Smiley's

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and he said robina Taco Bell Mina in Naka, anta similarly, our master accept from both of us. Okay, you can give me all of my children. Can you at least guarantee me this boy over here? Can you give me this one at least Can you accept from both of us? Every laugh from before? Was rugby, rugby, rugby, my master, my master, my master. Now he says our master. So who did he include in his daughter, his son that says genius? He says Now I'm going to ask Allah in a way that hopefully Allah will guarantee me at least this boy.

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Muslim Any luck? Or master at least make both of us Muslim? For you? And women to re Athena and from our children, meaning my children and his children meaning their grandchildren unbutton Muslim matana Can you give me at least one Muslim Omar from their children? Can you give me one Muslim Omar from their children? He didn't say all of their children should be Muslim, but from from my offspring at least can someone's be Muslim. Now you find when he made this door to Allah, and he asked for Allah to show him how to do the Hajj Marina manasi gonna show us what to do at this house that you made us build? How are we going to pray here? What are we supposed to do here? What is they

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don't know what the law is. They don't know what this law is going to teach them these things. And so when he made this law to Allah, you find Allah did not give an answer. Previously, when he asked Allah said no

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wrongdoers I will give. Then he asked again, he said no, I'll feed the disbelievers to this time, he says, Can I have my son? And can I have at least one nation among our future generations that will be Muslim for you didn't say anything and you know what silence is what? acceptance, silence is acceptance. So he understood Allah has accepted, so he decided to ask even more. You see, so he throws in something else. I'm not getting a negative response. So might as well keep pushing. So he says to Allah, Robin, our I see him rasuna Rasulullah minha. Allah, my future generations because Ibrahim Alayhi Salam knows when generations Go on, Islam gets weaker. Yeah, Islam gets weaker. The

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grandfather, the grandmother used to pray so much, and the grandkids don't even know how to recite Quran properly. That happens. happens in so many families. Ibrahim alayhis salam knew that as time goes on, the faith becomes weaker. Yeah, Allah can you at least in all of those future offsprings? Can you at least give them one messenger from among them? But one message How can one messenger take care of so many generations? Because one messenger can only take care of one generation like Ibrahim is right there. And his son is right there. He should have asked you would imagine he would ask Allah Yala

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regeneration, give them a messenger. So give them lots of messengers. But he asked for how many messengers, just one now think about this. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam later on had another son. This is my eight. What's the other son anybody know? Is Huck and actually his heart had a son named yaku, who's a prophet yaku had a son named Musa who's a prophet. And then the Prophet told us Allah Allah you send them along Vanessa in those children called lama halakhah, Nabi Kala for NaVi, every time a prophet died and other would take his place, profits, profits, profits, profits, profits of a number, the hero soon, even after them from the early legacy of musar. They kept sending profits to

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them one after the other. But when he's standing with his son, his smile and murca he didn't ask every generation should have messengers he asked for how many one It is as though he was asking listen to this carefully now. He was asking Allah give me one messenger, that should be enough for all generations. Give me one messenger that will be heavier, will be mightier in the guidance that you give him. Then every generation that gets messengers, just one, once you get to Allah him I Attica, Lee Mohammad Kitab Makita will use a cane, they'll recite their books, your book to them,

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he will recite the book to them, he'll, you know, he'll teach them the ayat. he'll teach them wisdom, he'll purify the people. But he can only do that in a we know our messenger Arlene Sato Salaam, played the role of messenger for 23 years, only 23 years. But Ibrahim Ali Salaam understood something, if that messenger is allowed to teach the book and the IOD and purify the people and those people who learn from him. They will inherit that legacy. And they will teach their children and purify their kids and their kids will purify their kids and their kids or purify their kids, because the prophets legacy or the subtlest Salaam will stay alive so long as Calderon is alive

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among the people around him Are they Salaam understood this? So he asked for how many? One messenger, just one messenger? And he The thing I want you to think about is he asked for that one messenger when he was building the car.

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As he was building the car, he asked for this.

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And Allah azzawajal said said nothing. What does that mean? He accepted. And you know, on the other side with this Hawk, 1000s of years of profits, profits, profits, profits, profits, all the way to the salesianum starting with Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, all the way down to at least are they sit on continuous profits. And on the other side, with the children of a smile, 1000s of years, no profits. Nothing's happening. Some Arab tribes here and there they have sure even solid, separate nations, but within the area of a smile or a Salam. There's no nothing going on for 1000s of years. And Allah says they tonzura Coleman Martin Mirabeau, whom you came to warn the people whose ancestors haven't

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been warm for many generations. And then finally Allah sends that messenger Salallahu alaihe Salam 1000s of years later. Now, can you imagine the DA was made 1000s of years ago? No recorders, no cameras, nobody writing it down. There's two men in a desert and one man is making draw for a messenger to come. And that no history book recorded it. No King knew about it. No scholar knew about it. Nobody knows about it. And Allah knows Allah has recorded it. And 1000s of years later comes Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Elisa, the answer to the law of Abraham or Islam is not incredible. And when he when he went alive raises our messenger Elisa to Salaam. This is the part I

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want you to understand. Our messenger Ali Sato Salaam had a special love for the Kaaba. He had a special love for the Kaaba. And he would actually sometimes he loved it so much. He would talk to the Kaabah ma one lucky mama for Mottaki, how amazing you are, how grand you are, how sacred you are. He would speak like this To who? the Kaaba, but then Allah commanded our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to migrate to Medina.

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But even before he migrated to Medina, you have to know something.

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You know, our messenger Elisa to Salaam was commanded to pray in the direction of Jerusalem towards AXA.

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But the way it worked, I want you to visualize this. Now I don't have a chart or anything. So I'll use my hands. If the profits of them is here. The Kaaba is here, Jerusalem is here. So if he stands in a certain position, the Kaaba is in front of him and Jerusalem is also in front of him. So this is how he used to pray when he was in Makkah. This way he gets to remember the house built by his father Ibrahim alayhis salam and also respect the command of Allah which is what to pray towards Jerusalem. But then the prophets Isilon was told to move to Medina

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He's told to move where Medina when he moves to Medina, he can either face Jerusalem or face Mecca. If he faces Jerusalem, his back is to the Kaaba. That's what happens. He cannot face both at the same time anymore. You see, when you're at the harem, you can pretty much pick any angle you want, isn't it? But if you go to a different city, only one angle left, only one angle left. So the angle that was left for him, he could not pray towards the Kaaba anymore. His back would be towards the Kaaba, he would pray towards Jerusalem when he was in Medina. Before I tell you what happens on a side note so you can appreciate something you know another messenger that I want to tell you about

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so you can compare what happens here. You remember how Rahim Allah Islam begged Allah for his children.

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And unless had no wrongdoers will get

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then he said are wrongdoers, you know, I'll punish them. And then he said, only feed my believing children. Allah said, No, I'll feed the kuffar too. There's a back and forth Yes. And that after passing all those tests, even then Allah did not give whatever you ask. You get it. Whatever you ask, you can have it It wasn't like that. Then came Musa alayhis salaam in the Quran, the story of Musa alayhis salaam, Allah told him go to Pharaoh. When Allah told him go to Pharaoh masala Salaam had a lot of challenges. He said, What if they kill me? They're gonna call me a liar. They're my chest no become tight. I won't know what to say. Can you give this to heroin? Instead, he had all

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these concerns. When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Medina

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and his back was towards the Kaaba.

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He didn't even ask Allah.

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He didn't ask Allah.

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He just looked at the sky.

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Some long horizon he looked at the sky. And you know today, one fifth of the world's population prays towards the Kaaba. And you would think Allah in the Quran will describe. We prayed towards the Kaaba because it was the house build for the worship of Allah by Ibrahim alayhis salaam. This is why we prayed towards the Kaaba. No, that's not the reason the Quran describes. What does the Quran say? The Quran says called the neurotic Allah Baba Ji Kapha sama he fell on one Liang naka peleton taba. We saw your face turning towards the sky.

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So, we are turning you absolutely you we are turning you for sure in its direction, so you could be happy.

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So you could be happy Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not make dua to Allah to change the Kaaba

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to turn towards the Kaaba. He did not ask you know, Allah when Abraham Ellison asked multiple times Allah gave. And by the way, the way Allah gave Ibrahim was through silence, you remember, silence was acceptance. But with this time, who was the silent one, but also the lows, the silent ones, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and a law spoke. And Allah said, I'm doing this so you can be happy. You see, the believer lives his life, trying to make a law happy. The believer lives his life trying to make a law happy and what an honor Allah gave his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says I'm turning you in the direction of the pillar. So you that you will be happy. Bah, bah ha a direction

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that makes you happy. So hon Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then he says, Why Zuma condone for Lu Hakuna Shah who then he turns to the rest of this Omar, all of us and then he tells us wherever you may be, turn your faces in this direction. But the first reason our messenger will have a smile on his face on a subtle sudden. This is the love Allah has for his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the legacy that Allah has given him Elisa to Salaam. And this is why I wanted to at least give you a glimpse of how the profound legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam is actually inseparable from the legacy of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam I'll take one more minute

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and I'm done. And that minute I will share with you one thing they have in common that we need to understand very important for the oma

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our messenger Elisa to Salam Allah says about him, Omar naka de la Martin, Leela alameen, we have sent you as nothing but an act of loving care for all people and all nations, all nations, all people, all religions, all colors, all ethnicities, all countries. He's a mercy and an act of love and care for every culture, every generation there will ever be before him. When prophets used to come on. He was Salam. He said didn't come for all of humanity. Who did he come for? bunnies Raji Saleh Ali Salam didn't say Yeah. yohannes Jimmy and he said yeah, call me. My people. My people, my people, every messenger comes and speaks to who? their own people. Ibrahim alayhis salam within

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Allah say about him. I will make you a leader for all people. I will make you a leader for all people.

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When he made that house who didn't make it for one nation? He said, you know, first off, he determined and NASA we know him, turn people's hearts that they go towards it.

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Turn people's hearts that they go towards it was he talking about the hearts of one group of people, one nation, one ethnicity. He wanted all of humanity to come towards this one house that was the desire of Abraham and Islam. But was that desire fulfilled in the life of Abraham? Or was that desire fulfilled by any of the profits of any other generation to come under the lineage of Rahim Allah Salaam, no. And then Rasulullah comes sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he liberates that GABA, he liberates that same karma that used to be empty in the time of Abraham or listen, he liberated he frees it, he destroys the idols, and then he opens its doors to any who will turn to Allah on the

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face of this earth. And he actually makes the dream of Abraham or the Salaam, true. the wish of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was this should be for all people, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fulfills that wish. And to this day, as we stand here praying in this direction, we are fulfilling the wishes of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam, through the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. May Allah azzawajal enhance and continually enhance our love and our loyalty to our beloved messenger on his left was Salam and our father Ibrahim barakallahu li walakum Hakeem when a funny way er can be it was him

In this concise Ramadhan talk our respected Sheikh talks about the Prophet s.a.w.

In order to appreciate our beloved Prophet s.a.w. we need to go back a bit history to Prophet Ibrahim a.s. because the legacy of our Messenger is tied to the legacy of prophet Ibrahim a.s.

One after the other he was given trials after trials after trials. When he finished all his trials Allah told him he was making him a leader over all people. When this happened the prophet Ibrahim a.s. said “ what about my children”?. The children here he meant were the future ummah.

Allah told him His guarantee was only for those who did good meaning Allah turned him down.

When Ibrahim a.s. and Ismail a.s. built Kaa’ba, Ibrahim a.s. made another Dua. Was this Dua accepted? What was this Dua? Listen to the rest of this talk to discover the answer to this question and thus increase your understanding of Allah and His messengers.


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