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Staying the Course: The Hallmark of Muslim Youth.
Nation Muslim Basketball Tour – Midwest 2011


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulties of achieving a dream and the importance of finding a way to achieve it. They also talk about the importance of following rules and following the media to achieve their dreams. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of what is dictated to us and the importance of following our lives to achieve our dreams.
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money and 93, small tiny, tiny is the latest movie, it is one of

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the topic for our talk

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is bringing.

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We live in a time where we have direct influence on us 24 hours a day morning and evening thinking

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of the media.

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And the media has direct access to our minds and whatever image

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go behind on the other side of the screen which you can easily take.

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For example,

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I recall once I was in my teacher, and he asked us a question that what is the ruling on viewing TV?

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So regardless of whether it was on there, what's not on there, whether it's permissible or not, that wasn't the point of his question. The point of his question was that I was still not watch TV, he was telling us the students, I would still avoid watching television just because of the fact of how much power you're giving to the person on the other side of the screen, to dictate your life to you. To tell you how to dress to tell you how to live to tell you how to drive to tell you how to walk, talk and speak. Your every single step of your life is being dictated to programs that are out there are telling you that this is how your rights should be. Your dream should be that your car doesn't

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reach you from point A to point B, your car shouldn't be a reliable car, your car shouldn't be a safe car, but your car must be your car that matches this criteria. In order for you to stand a place within society, your house shouldn't be one that's comfortable, you have shouldn't be one that's wide enough for you, your house shouldn't be one that accommodates to your family. But your house should be a house that matches these cribs, right here, these houses right here, the leaders of our community, you must match them. And if you can't match them, at least you have to dream to match them. Because the human being when he begins to see a dream. Whenever the human beings is a

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dream, he then goes to a congress that dream. If you see a gene that you're playing in the NBA, you're going to lift our Congress that dream. If I see a dream that one day, I will be the champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the black book heavyweight category, that I'm going to live to accomplish that dream. And that's going to be my acumen in my life that I wish to reach that part. Whatever it takes for me, I'll do it. I recall when I was younger, I was told to memorize. I was seven years old and I began to sit down and read and I thought to myself, how could I ever do this? But it became a dream in our lives. And we thought to ourselves, whether we live or not one thing we will do for

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sure is memorize. So what happens now is every single human being has aspirations and dreams.

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And you know what his dream was? His dream was to spread Islam across the road when he came to sit on the mountain. And he told the people that I come here and I stand here to call you towards one o'clock. And that's my dream that every single one of you says

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and what happened to those people have very old Uncle, I have said

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can you be cursed?

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Is this why you gathered us here today, and

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every morning he woke up every night he went to sleep to accomplish that very same theme that he said to himself at the beginning of his life and the early stages of his life, to purify the lens from idol worshipping and bring the entire creation back to one Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Fast forward a little when he's leaving the Valley of Fire. We've heard the story multiple times. He's covered in his blood he's tearing away along with him he has adopted sons agents are

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safe and highly part of your loved ones. And there

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is crying and crying crying and crying. No words at all exit the mouth

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until finally he raises his hands and he makes

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Which was made while accident is a historical, historical moment, this is a hallmark of our Dean, because he

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says Elantra

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As long as you are not angry with me, I don't even care what happened in the past few hours, I don't even care what happened in my life, as long as you give me a chance to continue to propagate this game. And when as soon as less than a lot of money was sort of performing the last 100 of his life, the only unless obligatory 100 of his life,

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was performing it, he gave us a companion ticket together, and he tells the companions gathered around, I used to give you some advice, or some advice on to you. And when all the companions gather around,

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some narration said there were 40,000 some narration See there were 60,000

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to 120,000. And when all of these companions are gathered around this lesson,

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he shares his advice.

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He shares his advice to him, and he tells him Look, listen very carefully. What I stand here to share with you is what I acted upon my entire life. And what he was going to tell the companions

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I'm leaving behind two matters two things, right, and these two things,

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you will never be misguided, as long as you hold firmly to these two things. And what are those two things for sort of

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Kitab en la, the Book of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the moment you leave these two things is the day you will drift away from your religion

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is teaching us this, that there is a way there is a way that a

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system that the way we need to learn what the way

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we're being told by the media that this is the way you live your life. This is the way you dress, this is the way you party, this is the way you roll. This is the way you live. But let us ask ourselves that do we follow those who dictate our life to us who have no relationship with us at all? nothing for us, and we have nothing for them? Or do we follow the life with one who sacrificed everything for us and we are ready to sacrifice everything for him.

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We spend

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a lot of money on what do we find? We find the light.

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And the only thing that he lived by was simplicity.

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There was an incident that took place in his life because of the loss of a loved one. He was sort of became upset with his wife.

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And he left his wife for some time and he secluded himself inside a room

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with your loved one when he heard that. It was someone was upset with his wife. He was frightened. Why was he Friday? Does anyone know why he was scared? One of the main reasons why he was scared.

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Yes, his daughter was married.

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He was scared that he

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divorced his wife. So he came running to the house party, my daughter and he said

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that isn't true. That houses our

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house. He said to his daughter there is a

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divorce you guys. She said notice last August. He didn't divorce it but he's very upset.