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Staying the Course: The Hallmark of Muslim Youth.
Nation Muslim Basketball Tour – Midwest 2011

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A woman describes a situation where she has to deal with a tense situation and is upset because she has to break the ice. She describes herself as a woman trying to convince someone to stay with them and drinking water to help her out. She gives advice on what to do when traveling to the Holy Land, emphasizing the importance of finding the right answers to a question and staying in the moment. She gives a final advice on what to do when traveling to the Holy Land, emphasizing the importance of understanding what has been said and staying in the moment.

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One came to the place where

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he knocked on the door.

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And granted permission. He climbed up the stairs. And he came and sat in front of us.

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It had been days until anyone had spoken to us. It was

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so stressed

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for days, and

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he sits in front of us.

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He has to deal with this very tense situation.

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He was upset, he has to break the ice and speak to him. So what does he do? He cracks a little joke. He says the Messenger of Allah, we should have seen it. Now that we are women are stepping their game up. And they're challenging. The sort of last lesson that I said, Oh, you're right. When we were in Macau, Ruben is to listen to us now that we moved here, they begin to challenge us and they get to dictate our lives to us to what to do, what not to do. And then

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he says, and this is the point that I want to mention that we

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set up after he smiled, he said properly. And when he sat down with photography, a lot one is looking at the body of the sort of lesson. And he's describing the room. He's saying there was nothing in the room, but a straw man, and who is this battery's talking about? He's talking about who Rasulullah saw the loved one, he was the best of all mankind? And there is no second opinion in that within our faith. And what happens? He sees the suit

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from the straw man, and he has marks of a straw artist harm.

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tears coming to his eyes.

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He says don't misinterpret love. How am I supposed to sit here and watch these marks being on your heart when you're the best of all mankind? When the Roman kings and the Persian kings online got enjoying the comfort on beds made of silk uncomfort on nice cushions, and I look at your body and there's a mark of your body power chairs not supposed to come to my eyes without

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he's informed even you What?

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Please you let them enjoy the dunya let them enjoy it. Let them enjoy the nice cars and the nice houses in the blink of this room. And let us enjoy the here after.

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a loved one was the man who learned this lesson directly.

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In one day during the falafel

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dealing with matters of the muslimeen and he feels thirsty. He's been sitting there says after Friday afternoon time. He's thirsty. He's tired. He tells one of his friends can you please go give me a cup of water. The friend goes he brings a cup of water for a lot of different things to himself that this man sacrifices so much for our Deen so much for the Muslim community. Rather than just bringing in water let me get him a cold cup of water with honey mixed in it.

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He brings it to his mouth. He's about to drink it and he smells the fragrance of the honey. he lowers the cup down. It begins to cry. One of the companions say Why are you crying? laughing He says I just remember the verse of the Quran. Allah subhana wa tada says

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that what are you asking for today? You are good today you want paradise today you want luxury today? Didn't already take your paradise and luxury in the world.

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You've already taken all the luxuries in the world.

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for you today, there is no luxury at all.

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I never sat around at the beginning when he is parting with your loved one.

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A governor far away from

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giving this advice.

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This may be our last week.

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What do you see? What do you mean by this may be our last meeting

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said after this date is very possible you will not I will never see each other again. And while crying in disbelief singleness and develop Please don't say this. Please don't say this. either. I will either you will leave the room if we leave the real relief together. If we live in the world we live together Oh messenger of Allah Don't. Don't say such a thing. And finally,

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get your act together. Today is our last meeting. And listen to every word I say very carefully. Because these words you must live by.

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When you go to the foreign lands and someone comes to you and tells you that decide between are matters what we'll use to give a verdict between the people

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and we'll use the book of Allah

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says If you cannot find your answer in the book of Allah then what will you do? He says I will refer to your sooner and if you cannot find the answer then what you do.

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I will use my intellect and compare with the Quran and the Sunnah and I will give an answer to the people

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who gave the correct answer. This is what you must do. And the last advice

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He was walking along with him walking along with him. And he's speaking the mind and he says to

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be aware of a luxurious life. Because the true servants of Allah don't live a life of luxury. They live a life of simplicity

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of your loved one, when you arrive.

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When you arrive at the Holy Land, the rabbi's are looking at him, and they're thinking Who is this man? He is the man that's been described in our books as a conqueror, a victim of this. And when he comes into the historian say, on that day, he had 15 patches on his club, how many patches 15 patches on schooling. So let us wake up from this dream black. Let us wake up and move away and begin to think with our own brains, and stop allowing other people to dictate our life in front of us and stop a lot of other people to picture the picture of life in front of us. Let us go back to the sort of lesson

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let us go back to the companions and see what sort of loss of a loved one he was obsessed when he says he couldn't

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be in this robe, as if you are a stranger. This is not your abode. This is not your life. This is not your entire This is not eternity. You're a stranger here. When you travel. If you stop at the gas station, you don't invest in like a $3,000 house 30 $300,000 house, no, you're just a traveler, if anything, could pay 50 bucks and get yourself a hotel for the night.

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Be in this role, like a stranger, or a waiter passing by, don't choose this role to be or a vote. Because if you stop here, the possibility is you may not be able to prepare correctly as you need to prepare for the hereafter for the trouble.

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Although ability to understand what has been said, that allows us to open our eyes and look beyond this illusion that's in front of us to look beyond this. In front of us. There is no person in this dunya who ever stepped foot into it and began to earn the high rents of the road. And when you parked in the road that person said that I have achieved that there is no one. But let me tell you there are a whole list of people that history has witnessed that they didn't go after the dunya they went after pleasing Allah and when they were departing the road the verses of the Quran wandering around their tongue. Yeah, you have to

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physically feel the body.

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all my content. So

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it's time now to return back to your Lord master which is further fully theory body. Now it's time to go and join the line of individuals who are the true servants of Allah for the tendency and the servants of a law their abode is directly through those mela except our gathering. Have a nice time inshallah. Hopefully we'll meet each other again throughout the weekend shops night again and tomorrow is very hard and shall not when you throw three shots in there, same idea.