Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #18 Download the Useful Apps

Omer El-Hamdoon


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We all have smartphones and one thing with a smartphone is to have those important apps apps which make you make your life easier make you be able to do things much quicker and just make your life simpler. And also our body needs apps. So in this month of Ramadan, we need to download the apps are beneficial and helpful for us. And I'm talking about apps like patience, generosity and generally o'clock morals. We need to be able to download those apps into our system so that we are benefiting from them. Because patience is such a great attribute to have the prophecy, Sam said no one has been given anything better, and why that impatience. And the HELOC is something which is much better than

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even the status of someone who is fasting during the day and praying pm during the night. And the act of generosity, which was something the prophet SAW. I said, let me you know, experience and practice. So downloading the apps into our system so that our morals really reflect on the kind of things that we need to do. And we're talking about becoming better people. We want our smartphones to act smartly. And we need to be as smart, intelligent creatures to also act smartly. So if we have the right apps, we're going to be functioning to the best of our abilities. So download the right apps and get functioning correctly today.