Hesham Al-Awadi – The Life Of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz

Hesham Al-Awadi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the cycle of the Islamic history, including the importance of activism and productivity in shaping society, personalities in society, and models in various fields. They also touch on the importance of seeing models in various fields and the need for models to be seen in various fields. The speakers stress the importance of being aware of media and educating children in public, as it is crucial for one's success and letting anyone. The segment also touches on the historical significance of educating children in public and the importance of being responsible and letting anyone.
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In 109 101, stay in a monastery with

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Dr. Marina Maria de Laval mcdorman nuclear energy data who will Yamashita why shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah novella rissalah Zaha Hadid oma for salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah,

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Allah. Mohammed Salah, love it, we'll send them a shout out to our

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brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I would like Zakouma here, I would like to thank all of you for attending. And I would like to thank mass for inviting me. And I hope I will do a good job and me by delivering and you by being patient and listening to what I have to say.

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And these talks have been prepared a

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long time ago to be delivered in on the 18th and 19th of September in the United Kingdom, a big event is happening there, where I will introduce in two days, the four personalities that I will be introducing, but instead of emailing me, who I'm talking about has no velocity. Now, these four personalities just to give you a background, I introduced them in three classes. So I'm gonna have Nadia as he is the person armor of Nadia as is the character, armor of the society, these words will be delivered in the UK, and now again, the human being the person, the household, the island, and the words and the interaction with society, rulers, etc.

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has about three three courses or three classes. So a total of

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1212 class.

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When I was asked by mass to do these topics, what I did is that I went to these three classes and choose from the strongest point what I think represents the character.

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My aim and objective from these personalities, whether these personalities or the four

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Imams, for example, Mr. Malik, Abu hanifa, etc. And indeed, even when I back in 1993, I was an undergraduate student used to talk about the Sierra Sierra, this is how I began by narrating the Sierra to the students. And I was always

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as a student, I didn't want the topic to be boring, boring, boring, but you know, sometimes not everyone likes politics. Not everyone wants, likes political history, I some I personally like it. I like to know the rules. For example, the lawyer khilafah I like to memorize the name of the rulers, Nebraska, I'd like to but not everyone likes to do that. Not everyone would like to know the personalities in so far as they were people of knowledge, good memory,

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lane traveling everywhere. A because we don't have the capability I don't I am not interested, I don't have the capability to travel to Damascus and adjust. Others say I am not blessed with good memory. So I am trying to think of ways of how to reintroduce these personalities, especially to the youngsters, who are familiar used to the digital and the sound bites and the music, how I can reintroduce to them complex characters, that at the outset might sound boring, how to reintroduce them in an interesting manner. And

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so my aim my objective is at the outset is to make them familiar and relevant by focusing on the human side of the personalities. Yes, I appreciate him. Um, no, we are I've been telling me or unfairly, I will not be able to say him with everyone. So there is no disrespect if I just said no el Casali because I repeat them too much. There is no disrespect or there is

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I'm not undermining that achievement in knowledge and but

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All I'm trying to say is that their outcome, their product, in society, as knowledgeable people have to be understood as a process, as an accumulation of many factors, conditions and circumstances that have built

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to the production of this personality that is called phenomenon. The problem with us as readers of history is that we come at the final stage to read about about the moment now and then we are shocked. He is magnificent. He's great. I can never be like him. But you have to bear in mind that this person was at one day like you and me. He was a child. He was a young boy, he was a teenager. He knew nothing. Not a lot at the beginning.

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What he I knew have something in common is the Hema is the determination is the enthusiasm. But the difference might be is that he utilized that enthusiasm, utilize the conditions and this is why I believe

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That through reintroducing them in a new way, we can

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generate the himer to be like them, not in the field that they pursued.

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But in the field that you think you are good at. You see these people. At the outset, they recognize that they are special, that they recognize that they have something to offer society. But more importantly, that they recognize that this is exactly what I want to do. For example, in Malabo hanifa, was not impressed by the Mojave theme, or by Mufasa. When he attended lectures, he attended talks, he was impressed by these people. But he felt that this is not for me, I I don't want to grow up and I don't want to grow up and be an officer. I want to grow up and be lucky. This is exactly what I want to do.

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And I always give this example of this young boy Abdullah bin Wahab, one of the students of Imam Malik, Mr. Malik was sitting in a in a circle big circle like this, in Egypt, in Medina and in Medina, you know that they don't have elephants. elephant is a, you know, is an imaginary animal that no one has seen before.

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But it happens that an elephant was in Medina and accidentally passed by the door of the mosque, and all the students were shocked to see that elephant

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and everyone left the circle and left Mr. Malik in the circle, except Abdullah bin Wahab, who was at that time a teenager. He is called Abdullah Al Masri because he is from Egypt. He traveled all the way from Egypt, to learn under the feet of Imam Malik, and then he was the carrier of the Maliki method into Egypt and the rest of the nearby countries. Mr. Malik looked at Abdullah and said, Why didn't you go with the rest of the students to see the elephant? They said to him, Yes, ma'am. I came all the way from Egypt, not to see the elephant, but to sit and look at you and learn from you. To me, this indicates focus, it indicates that I know exactly what I want to do. I'm not going to be

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distracted by this elephant, by this job opportunity, by this offer, by this obstacle by this entitlement. I know that it's going to be difficult, but I am focused. And I want to be in that circle in that direction. And in that sphere. Abdullah has been one of his is a fascinating character. He says, stories we are not talking about tabula. And this is my problem sometimes is that I go into so you'll have to excuse me or just say, Please come back to what you're saying. But just to end it with Abdullah. He just says a fascinating thing, which is very relevant to what I have to say to you about these characters. He said, I accompanied

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Mr. Malik for 20 years.

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In one year, I learned the island of Imam Malik. And in 19 years, I learned the Edit of Imam Malik, I learned the manners of Imam Malik, I spent one year learning that cam and the man had and the look of Mr. Malik, but the rest of the 19 years I was learning from how Mr. Malik was behaving,

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was conducting his attitude in America is a school not just in fact, but in other and in manners and in characters. And in morals. He said, I spent 19 years learning from the manners of human money does this shock you? If this shocks you then listen to what he says. In addition to that, he says, and I wish him

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and I wish that the rest that the entire 20 years was spent in learning the Edit of Mr. Malik. It is as if he is saying that 19 years is not enough to accommodate and absorb and learn the entire morals and attitudes of Imam Malik back to the aims and objectives, making them familiar

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and relevant by focusing on their human side. How do you do this? Well, we look at their relations with their parents. They certainly have mothers and fathers. Let's take the camera and go back. Let's stop and freeze the camera of the historian that is focusing on him even taymiyah McArdle and the Mujahideen, let's take the camera back and focus on even taymiyah when he was a young boy, how he conducted and how he dealt with his mothers and fathers with his mother and father. And the opposite how the mother and the father dealt with this

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Sun? How did they provide the environment for him or her? If we are talking about women scholars or women, great personalities? How did they provide the environment for him to grow to attain such a great status in the history of Islam? relations with wives? And children? How live in Kenya in Kenya don't get married man? No, he did not get married. I'm sorry. But someone like I want to know.

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How did he used to behave with his wife? How did he use to behave with these children? You see, I am not here, although brother was seen said Halifax. Khalifa ahmadnagar, I'm not going to talk about

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as the halifa. I'm not going to mention a word of politics. And this is to me a new way to reintroduce a lot of nightlife. You see, the classic way of introducing this is this political cue that he was the halifa. Just that filled the Amalia tilava, with idle and justice, etc. for two years, no one was poor in his era, etc. But to me, I want to take the camera a little bit backwards, and see what sort of conditions brought all of this to be that it's impossible. For one day, to have this radical shift to adjust ruler, it's impossible. You see, some people say to me, I was the spoiled, rich boy, etc, the following day became designed, it's impossible

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to have this radical shift, impossible. So there is a mother, there is a father, there are institutions. And this is where I move from the wives and the children's, and talk about the 10 year institution that we're at, we're acting as supplements, to the parents and to the mother, what are these terrible institutions that were acting, in addition to the household, the teachers, and the teachers, I divided them into two types,

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teachers of knowledge, you sit with a teacher like me, I come and give you some knowledge that I have stole from this book, or this or that book. But there is another form of teacher, the one that was manifested in the character of Imam Malik, the,

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the most, the one that gives you knowledge with edit, the one that tells you how to conduct your attitude and behavior, not just in the city, not just in the circle in the mosque, but outside in the public sphere, in the workplace in the market. That's why in Abu hanifa, was a fascinating example, for someone who wanted to see a fucking operating in a business context. We have this problem of this duality and secularism of someone giving us rhetoric about Islam, you have to be this you have to be that but going outside the mosque, and you see him or her how she or he conducts his attitude in the marketplace, etc. It's totally different. Not to mention even the household. The

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beauty about these people, and that's why they're magnificent was not just about them being teachers in the knowledge sense, but in the Edit sense, is that they encompass the two in one personality, and they were giving a homogeneous message to the children, to their students. And that's why the students this is the beauty of it

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came from a Muslim good household, then they were taken by the chef or them or ask them to carry on their message to carry on the role of television. And then the third cycle is that they grow up and become teachers, for students. And those students come and continue with the cycle. So there is a cycle in our Islamic history begins with the household responsible for producing the teenagers potential, they have co opted by the Shu Shu Plasmodium, then they grow up those students and becomes you. And then they recruit students, and so on and so on. This is the cycle that produced people like ahmadnagar Aziz, like even tanea like no endless names, but of course, we have to talk

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about only four.

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So the themes that I introduced throughout these four characters are

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to focus on the importance of the household. This is to me crucial, and this is why I hope, what I'm saying will be relevant to the parents. Look, the target audience of these talks are parents, students, youngsters and professionals and I try to draw comparisons

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to see how Abu hanifa or how big or how early not knowing could be of relevance to the professional or to the parents or to the students or to the youngsters

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the importance of the house household, the importance of the company, the friends

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This is very important, very crucial, because, you know, I'm not going to tell you company friendship, role models, emulation, imitating being affected and influenced by who you sit with all the time.

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seeking knowledge, okay, this is something that is well known time, how they looked at time how they behaved towards time and time did not mean summer, winter, school, college, university pension retirement, no, this is a labor oriented division, where you are geared towards being perceived as a human being, in this produce a consumer relation to them. Time means that, that moment where they can breathe, where they can read when they can produce, produce knowledge, etc. This is for that, and that's why you see them studying in the night. You see, you see them studying in the morning, you see someone like Mr. Malik and Abu hanifa, seeking knowledge at the time of whether it's a

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public holiday, and in my mind, it goes to Islamic daddy and Mr. Milner, sorry, and knocks on the door and say, teach me and him and his daughter. He says it's at Imam Malik. He says, Yeah, Chef, teach me teach me and He will give him the public holiday. You see, those are the characters that were special. We can be like them.

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Okay, we we, you might say, you mean I can be a fucking like Mr. Malik. No, but you can be like them in the hand.

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In creating this similar household, you say, I'm not married? Yes, indeed. This is the point when you get married, make sure that you establish this household. You say I'm married, but I don't have children. Indeed, when you have children, make sure that you are that parent,

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etcetera, etcetera. Okay, I must confess, household is easy, but then when it comes to teachers, it's a problem. I know. But at least let me tell you, so that in the future, we can have more DVM, and we can have teacher, the importance of activism, enthusiasm, and productivity. This is a big topic. And Hinman just I in one word, tell him and there are books on that. And him and him have a bad and Linda fee, and he had him and everything. And you hear stories that are amazing. You can't believe it. You say you are lying or you're exaggerating? No. But when the hammer when the enthusiasm and the determination is in the hearts of anyone, he can do anything. Anything

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can be at institutions, and I've spoken about this in the teachers etc. Recognizing one's abilities and talents I've spoken about this as well. Manners has spoken about the importance of connecting with Allah piety, and taqwa we'll see manifestations of that these people were arguing and debating, etc. But they were fearful people may feel that Allah in Abu hanifa used to be the harshest argumentative

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against his teacher, imaginary zulema.

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And Hammad looked at his colleague, another teacher, and said, You see this, you see the student. And the teacher says, He argues too much, he says, but he prays in the light, and cries. You see, Mr. hanifa, combined this forceful, powerful tone to argue. But he's not of those solid hearts, because he prays in the night and makes 200. And he cries, it is this combination. When did he get this from, from the teacher from the magnet from the household? You see, again, it's a cycle. And finally, the importance of the satanic identity, these things will come across, maybe in an organized or an organized way. Throughout these four

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steps, personalities, teaching and learning methods. I will rely mostly on the power of the narrative narrative. I believe in the power of the narrative, the power of the stories.

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It works with children. It works with women, it works with Ben, it works with everyone, Allah subhanho wa Taala relies on us to deliver the message

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about Musa and about Teresa, and about the food, etc, knowing and Allah created us and he knows that we like stories, we like to follow the narratives and what happens next

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list of lectures Omar Abdulaziz

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first century in the seventh century, Emmanuel has early fifth century 20th century and this is another objective. You see these characters are spread throughout the centuries. Of course, okay, an implicit message to tell you that the great people are never focused in one period, okay, this is the implicit but to me, what is more important

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is to

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give you a flavor of our Islamic history, because you cannot talk about Islamic personalities without giving a social, political and economic context to how these personalities have existed. So, one of the aims and objectives is to introduce Islamic history to you, but in a very subtle way, so as not to bore you to death. Or, or not to turn history into dates and figures. And this is boring, I know, to some to some of you. So I introduced Islamic history, through personalities, and not the entirety of the personality, but through the human dimension of that personality, which then you can

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feel that they are relevant to you, and probably, if I succeed, feel that Islamic history is not something of the past, but something of contemporary relevance today. Okay. I said enough about the introduction. Is it clear? I don't want to see people yearning because then I begin to doubt myself, am I Am I boring? Or then then I'm put off but if I speak too much, if you feel bored, please tell me. Tell me enough. We want to go home then we will talk about something else tomorrow if you want.

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Okay, Omar Abdulaziz.

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I will talk about two things. Okay. Two things, one,

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the conditions, the circumstances that have created.

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Okay. The second is the output of these circumstances in the attitude and behavior and interaction of our economic realities with his household with his wife, with his children. Okay, no politics. I'm not talking about monopolizes under IDEA, and the masses and the people this is something you can find it in the literature, this is something you can find it in the books,

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and comics, etc, etc.

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But what is not mentioned that frequently is what we are going to talk to

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talk to talk about today.

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Who is out of novelizations? Let's go back to an incident. Who is our analysis? freeze this question, let's go back to an incident that happened to Mr. Milan.

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When he became Khalifa, he had this habit of going and checking that everything is alright in the city.

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At that time, there were no intelligence or no Kabbalah, or no police force developed in the same way as they are developed today. So I want to know how powerful and how effective it

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was once walking close to one of the roads, in Mecca, or in Medina.

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And the houses at that time, or very low and very close to each other, especially the pool houses, to the extent that if you are quite tall, you can also look from the window to the what's happening inside. And things were not as meaning that if a conversation takes place, you can more or less over here. They were not that

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blocked with walls, etc. So he overheard this conversation between a woman and her daughter between a mother and her daughter. And here I want the sisters to focus a little bit more because it's here that we talked we talked about the female dimension of the life of Omar Abdulaziz. And in these stories, everyone can draw his or her own conclusion. I'm giving you my own reading and I hope that by that I am opening opening opportunities for you to explore further and develop it further. He overhears this conversation between a mother and her daughter. They are quite poor family from Benny Hill and then Helen is one of the tribes that are quite poor. They sell milk, they go into the

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houses knock on the doors and sell milk.

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the mother is saying to the daughter, let's put more water in the milk. So that we increase the amount of the milk and then we get earn more money. The mother is saying this to the daughter.

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The daughter said to her

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but oh mother Why didn't you hear me?

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Say that do do not mix milk with water because this is this is cheating. This is haram.

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She said

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when where is our now what is armor now? There are no intelligence and there are no security cameras. What is armor now and armor is next door?

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Where is armor now?

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He says, Yeah, only macoun to the author of an island wildlife officer. She said in one narration, oh, my mother,

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I would not obey me remote me in public and oppose him or

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don't do what he does or what he says in private.

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And in another narration, she says, This is the famous narration.

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If Omar does not see us, then the lord of armor ceases

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asks the servant next to him, he says, Put a cross on the door to the cost on the door. let's mark this door. Because this is a door of a household of a woman of taqwa. He says, Put a cross on the door, and inquire for me. If this girl that we overheard her speak, is married or not.

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And the following day,

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the person asks and learns that she is not married, then goes to his sons.

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And we might own only know the son of

00:26:14 --> 00:26:20

Norman, because he's famous. But other sons, one of them is called awesome.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:24

Then, Mr. Harper said, I have

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a daughter, I have a girl available for marriage. Although Abdullah said, You know, I am married. And everyone said, you know, I'm married except the house and he was a bachelor. He said, Yeah, Visa,

00:26:39 --> 00:26:47

oh, my father, I trust your choice. get me married to her. He said go to that door and ask a knock on the door and asked for her hand.

00:26:48 --> 00:27:30

Now I hear stop. And cannot sometimes, and this is just a personal confession, I read a statement. And I just some time, close the book and just think about 60 lessons that I can learn from this incident simple incident. one incident is that this doctor is having an influential effect on her mother. She is teaching her the daughter is turning into Academy, an institution that is telling the mother or mother how long we should not do that. It's usually the other way around, isn't it? It's usually the mother that educates the daughter. But here we have an example of a daughter that is educating the mother, the mother. Number two, this is a household that there are no males, it see

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that there are only two female members, the mother and the daughter. So if the mother is not that good in these things, how did they daughter From where did the daughter bring this taqwa this island, this knowledge, this very statement that she uttered from society,

00:27:46 --> 00:27:47

from the regime from

00:27:49 --> 00:28:03

from the agriculture that is predominant in the Mediterranean society that is influential and penetrating every household and creating an argument and a conversation and tension between a mother and a daughter.

00:28:05 --> 00:28:13

When our son gets married to this girl, they have a they bring a daughter called Laila.

00:28:15 --> 00:28:22

Laila gets married someone called Abdulaziz bin Marwan, and they beget a son called Alma. Evan.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:43

Can you mean or Mark Nakata, the halifa. The ruler is asking his son to get married to a woman that sells milk that knocks on the door to sell milk from Benny Hill. And he is from Benny,

00:28:44 --> 00:28:48

ruler. And this is a lesson to every father

00:28:51 --> 00:28:52

that look for them.

00:28:53 --> 00:29:02

Don't look for the family. Don't look for the prestige. Look for someone that can be a decent grandmother to Omar Abdulaziz.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:34

And to me, this is the sadaqa jariya of Omar and his ability to benefit the owner of Mohammed Salim not only during his life, but even after his death through encouraging a marriage that will bring armor of Nabeel Aziz that will rule the Muslim oma for two years and fill it with until today 2004 in the States, we are talking about the life of Omar Abdulaziz and you are coming here not because of me, but because of Omar Abdulaziz who gets credit for that.

00:29:36 --> 00:29:40

Because he is the one that's supervised and administered this marriage.

00:29:42 --> 00:29:59

He could have overheard this conversation and left. He could overheard this conversation and punished the mother for the rich and for the cheating. He could overheard this conversation and asked any one of the common masses to get married to this daughter because she is a poor daughter. Why should I believe

00:30:00 --> 00:30:15

My son, a poor girl, why should I nominate my son for her? No, but I want the best. I am selfish in these things. I want the best for me. I want the best for the Muslim Mama. And I want the best for my sons and nothing is wrong with that.

00:30:16 --> 00:30:26

This is a treasure that I have discovered. I'm not going to give it to you. I'm going to give it to my son and our son was a good son and our son was a good husband. And they both Layla

00:30:27 --> 00:30:32

and Layla got my disease, even Marwan who is then abdulazeez.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:46

Okay, now we talk about Maria khilafah, the end of the filler for Rashida. I'm not going to talk about Sally and Maria and all the rest of these things, because I promised what's the politics, but just in a nutshell, that Maria Taylor

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that began with the rise of Maria, maybe Sophia, and then when his sons, Ma, z, and Mahalia, the second Marwan, Abdul Malik annually, etc, etc, about 30 or 40.

00:31:04 --> 00:31:06

We have never soufiane

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he became the first Amalia Khalifa after the death of the fan. And then he introduced the hereditary hereditary rune, which was not accepted by

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the allies, the allies of

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the supporters of Allah, tala that later became an institutionalized madrasa after the death of the martyrdom of unforeseen and became known as the Shia. And the rebels in jazz, led by Abdullah and this is where, or sorry, I'm speaking history, only Forgive me, but just to introduce, you have to understand where he comes from.

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Then he crushes these rebellious movements, but they begin to develop more and more and bring coverage and bring

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all sorts of trends.

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And then he dies and then he succeeded with

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a powerful leader, a military leader, rather than a politician. military means he crushes any opposition was not like that much by even the element of his time. Yes, he was very powerful, and he institutionalized the Amalia tilava, or dynasty. But then when he died, he was succeeded with an infant young boy called Maria in his 20s. extremely weak, unexperienced inexperienced, but in addition to that he died soon that strengthened the rebellious movements led by Abdullah in this debate encourages

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strengthen rebellions because they were encouraged that now we have a weak ruler, young boy now we can rebel.

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But then the cousin of morality I've never soufiane Marwan igneel hakam bear with me please some names, but it will become clear in a minute. Marwan Eggman hakon, the cousin of Mahalia named Sophia takes the leadership and for the first time the leadership is taken from the descendants as sons, two cousins, and intercommunal Beatty, soufiane elevated Manwani the house, the house, the leadership of the Amalia transfers from the house of soufiane Sophia to the house of Marwan and they are related their cousins. mattawan admin hacking is basically the grandfather of abdulazeez. Even more one.

00:33:26 --> 00:33:40

Okay. Marwan egner hakon is the father of Abdullah. He's the son of Marwan. If you hack him, you get it. So Abdullah Aziz, Eben Marwan is the father of Omar technologies.

00:33:42 --> 00:34:20

Evan, Marwan Avraham, the cousin of why we have nabee, Sophia, good. You understand hamdulillah I sometimes doubt my ability to, if you all raise your hand and say, we don't understand anything, I'll be shocked, then I'll go home. But this is telling to me it's fascinating. You don't have to learn the descendants and the lineages, but to the other people out of historians. It's quite important just to follow to me, I'm not taking it from this tribal. I'm taking it in service of the household. I want to show you that our disease from the mother's side came from a decent woman that used to sell milk.

00:34:21 --> 00:34:31

And from the father's side, he came from Marwan, Eben, and hackin. Moroni, is Who is he? the grandfather of a Lizzie's

00:34:34 --> 00:34:35

visa cabling.

00:34:36 --> 00:34:51

Simple as that can be a great tagline and he was the captain of Othman Urban Affairs. He was getting closely related, worked as a writer to asthma of asthma, San Jose Allahu Akbar.

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

Marwan Adnan haccombe had to have various sons. One of them is abdulazeez

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

Number one, the father of all but he had another son called Abdul Malik have been Marwan

00:35:08 --> 00:35:17

I've Dominican Milan is more famous than Abdul Aziz. You know why? Simply because he was the halifa at one time, a powerful caliza you know in hygiene

00:35:19 --> 00:35:23

and hajjaj used to work under the leadership of Abdul Malik, Evan Marwan

00:35:25 --> 00:35:34

Hamad abusive uttarkashi the Wali of Yemen. He is the brother of a hijack. He used to work under the leadership of marijuana.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:50

Marijuana bill Hackman is known because, again, under his leadership that the hinge and the sink were opened by the Muslims, very powerful ruler not liked very much again by some of the scholars because he was considered brutal.

00:35:51 --> 00:36:10

But again, Abdul Malik, Eben Marwan was a great scholar and this is one of the ironies in history, that on one side, you look at this character, brutal, harsh, he, he can kill you in a minute, you will not have problems with that, but then he will come in the night and cry, this is to me can be a contradiction, ironic, sophisticated.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:46

It means what it means that they will, they will not tolerate rebellious movements. But in addition to if there is no rebellious movement, they are willing to build mosques, they are willing to accommodate scholars provided that these institutions and these personalities do not undermine their sovereignty, their legitimacy. So this is maybe a way of understanding this contradiction in the characters of these rulers. So Abdul Malik Mohan is one of the great scholars of Medina, the brother of Abdullah, he's the son of Marwan. So the American model is who

00:36:47 --> 00:36:50

is outcome? Isn't that right? Okay.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:15

Abdul Malik Marwan was minkee Baraka, Medina, and he is ranked in the same class of tabaka. As charitably Masaya. A well known tablet that all of us know, I've been Medicaid number one is ranked and placed in that same tabaka, which means that he was a great fucking. And, to me, I sometimes smile when I read about these things. And

00:37:16 --> 00:37:27

I say to myself, those rulers were considered by some of the scholars of their time as authoritarian, but these authoritarian rulers were very knowledgeable people.

00:37:28 --> 00:37:54

And it was not easy to go and lecture them about being good rulers, or fear Allah etc. You have to be a very sophisticated scholar to be able to persuade them. And that's why when you hear things about an hassanal bursary speaking to this ruler, or Abu hanifa, speaking to this ruler, or Abdul Malik speaking to Jaffa almanzora, you have to take it seriously, by the way, a, for a scholar to have access to meet this ruler.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:04

This is not easy to have access, you know, this ruler cannot be at one stage, the rulers ceased to attend Juma hotma

00:38:06 --> 00:38:19

cease to attend Juma prayers, you cannot see them. You hear about Abdul Malik in Milan, but only what you can see is that big palace over there, but you will not be able to see the Malik moron easily because they failed assassination etc.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:30

So for this person who is bringing in the most to go inside the palace, and meet up the American morons and achievement. It's like going to the White House today and waiting for two months for an appointment

00:38:32 --> 00:38:36

and you have five or 10 minutes to speak. You have to be well prepared.

00:38:37 --> 00:38:44

And that's why when I read these conversations that happen between those rulers and those Salama I take the conversations very seriously.

00:38:47 --> 00:38:57

Then at the medical model and we spoke about the uncom we spoke about the grandfather Muralidharan. Let's speak a little bit about the father of Omar Abdullah Aziz

00:38:59 --> 00:39:03

again, a man of knowledge and scholarship.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:34

He narrated various Hadees that he heard directly from Abu hurayrah Allah and in MSI, he is considered to be fickle or trustworthy, and even in his Muslim, he has some hobbies narrated by Abdul Aziz Eben Marwan so if you come across these hobbies, remember to please Oh, this is the father of Ramadan disease. He is the brother of Moroccan, he is the son of Morocco. He is the brother of the medical model on and he is the son of marijuana.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:36


00:39:37 --> 00:39:39

He was also in addition,

00:39:40 --> 00:39:59

a man of kindness great kindness, he would feed every day 1000 poor person and look okay, let's bring a lot of knives into the equation. Now imagine when a son when he is young sees his father feeding 1000 poor person every day. Will you then be shocked when that person goes

00:40:00 --> 00:40:44

up as a caring person. You see, the problem with us is that we read our model Aziz was very kind, very kind. He used to do this, he used to do that. Mashallah. Very good. But no, no, go back, go back, go back to his father. And you will see that his father was extremely kind. And this is an example to us parents, that our children need to see role models, they need to see a lecture in about kindness, they see they need to see a kind father. And that's why yesterday the fundraising, this was an amazing event. Because, yes, we've people have given money, but the sons have to witness that as well as to see that the Father is funding is funding a good cause.

00:40:46 --> 00:40:54

So the concept of that role model, when it is and this is another third point about abdulazeez, when he wanted to get married,

00:40:56 --> 00:40:58

he said to his father and his mother

00:41:01 --> 00:41:03

didn't mean anything.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:21

It's it's, it really summarizes what I'm trying to. It is, as Abdullah is sitting here now and talking to you, and saying, This is exactly what I want you to do. He says, to his mother, and Father, I want you to choose for me a daughter that comes from a decent, good household.

00:41:24 --> 00:41:36

He didn't say I want a pretty girl. And that's it. He didn't want to say he didn't say all the things that we usually say, No, he connected the girl to the household, because he knew Luke, his mother was a

00:41:37 --> 00:42:19

he's his grandmother, his grandmother was, you know, he was the story he knows that his his grandmother was a pious woman that used to sell milk, yet oncotarget got her married to his son. So he has this role model, he wants to repeat it with himself. This is very important brothers and sisters, because today, we either lack this role model of a parent of a father that married the mother for pious reasons or even on the level of companionship, everyone wants to get married to the rich and to the professional and to the educated and nothing is wrong with that. But when that becomes the deriving objective, then you will not have I'm sorry to say this, you will not have

00:42:19 --> 00:42:20

children that are like

00:42:22 --> 00:42:27

even ruling their household through justice not not necessarily ruling the United States.

00:42:28 --> 00:42:29

We are recording okay.

00:42:30 --> 00:42:30


00:42:32 --> 00:42:34

rolling the Muslims in the United States

00:42:36 --> 00:42:37

Muslim community.

00:42:38 --> 00:43:12

So the household the importance of the household, just as a final addition, cardiologist in Milan, Abdulaziz had been Milan was the Wali of Egypt for 20 years was the governor of Egypt for 20 years. And that's why armor of novellas is one celebrated on in Egypt, because Abdullah Aziz was the governor of Egypt for 19 years. And he cultivated and built a city called Hill one in Egypt. And you can visit anyone today in Egypt that was built by the father of our economic crisis.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:16

You want to have a break.

00:43:19 --> 00:43:19

I don't have

00:43:28 --> 00:43:44

Okay, since we are talking about Abdul Aziz and Abdul Malik. Just a final thing that I did not want to mention it now but just by mentioning it because it's related to the wife of Omar Abdullah. Basically to say that Omar Abdullah is not at Fatima who is the daughter of Abdul Malik.

00:43:45 --> 00:44:29

So he married his cousin. Okay, that's since we are talking about Abdul Malik. So you are expected to Florida course now I'm going to put some exam questions you're expected to know something about our local pub and the event with regards to the girl that sold the milk you're expected to know something about this Marwan family and the transfer of power from Mary Sophia to the Marwan household, and then take it the Father marwadi been hacked Adnan hakam. He has two sons, Abdul Malik and Abdul Aziz. Then Abdul Malik has a beautiful daughter called Fatima Abdul Aziz has a beautiful boy called Omar, Fatima and Omar get married. And they have a beautiful son who unfortunately dies

00:44:29 --> 00:44:31

at the age of 17 called ambil. Many

00:44:32 --> 00:44:37

Okay, this is political history, or social history, call it whatever.

00:44:38 --> 00:44:40

I just thought that I will tell you this.

00:44:42 --> 00:44:47

So what's the point? The point is, I am telling you look, there is a good father.

00:44:48 --> 00:44:59

There is a good uncle. There is a good uncle that has brought up properly his daughter to the extent that abdulazeez got this daughter married to his son. So you have a household

00:45:00 --> 00:45:05

That is very convenient, very suitable to bring in good people such as Omar

00:45:06 --> 00:45:07


00:45:08 --> 00:45:22

You want me to make things a little bit? If we have, yeah, we can end it here we can talk about the sister of Omar Abdullah Aziz, do you like to know something about maimunah the sister of Amara is a fascinating character. And

00:45:23 --> 00:45:28

maybe in the in London, I will be delivering some talks on women personalities, female personalities.

00:45:29 --> 00:45:39

And one of them is his many moons called Omen Benny. Almeida Nene bin Abdulaziz, or the daughter of Abby. She is the sister of Omar Abdulaziz.

00:45:46 --> 00:45:48

You want to know who is the husband of

00:45:54 --> 00:45:55

basically, the husband

00:45:58 --> 00:46:10

is the son of Abdul Malik, who is the brother of Fatima, the wife of Omar Abdullah disease. So it's again, cousin relation marriage, okay. It's all within the family.

00:46:12 --> 00:46:20

She was a woman of great kindness. Oh, yes. So actually, the knowing the the knowing that

00:46:22 --> 00:47:01

knowing who is her husband is very significant, because in when he did not demand it became the hazratullah more meaning at once, at one stage, so she was the wife of the caliphate and meaning. I'm saying this, to appreciate that, why she was kind, it's very difficult to see these royal family members kind and outreach in the community helpful, have great, have great humbleness, and objecting to a lot of the in justices that were taking place under the leadership of aspirin. And when he did not been Melek, believe it or not continue to employ, employ and hijack

00:47:02 --> 00:47:07

brutal governor continue to employ him as the ruler of or as the governor of Baghdad.

00:47:09 --> 00:47:59

Because Abdul Malik Marwan his father, this was in that will that do not get rid of a judge? For his brutal Yes. And thirsty for blood? Yes, but he kept the security of our empire. So when he did not, then Malik continued to employ and hijack who was objecting to that his wife maimunah. And if the camera of the historian goes inside the household, you will register conversations that will take place between elderly, and between his wife and the wife saying, why are you employing this in just person, he should be sacked. And one day and this is another story, and her judge overheard this conversation, and indirectly, when can make and when he did not demonic and said, yeah.

00:48:02 --> 00:48:04

You shouldn't hear too much what women say.

00:48:05 --> 00:48:09

Yeah, I mean, I mean, you should re marry more beautiful girls.

00:48:10 --> 00:48:22

And she overheard a judge. And she went to Aspen and said, Yeah, I mean, I mean, I want to speak to a judge in private. And we're like brothers and sisters.

00:48:23 --> 00:48:26

You can read the most powerful

00:48:28 --> 00:48:31

discourse that comes on the tongue of a woman

00:48:32 --> 00:48:37

to the most brutal character in the Islamic history. I hear a judge

00:48:38 --> 00:48:45

where alhaja is becoming that literally. And her judge says, after following this conversation,

00:48:48 --> 00:49:04

he said, I wish that why she was stoking the earth open and swallowed me. Because this is, this is who this is the sister of Omar Abdulaziz. She said to him, and it's a long conversation. She said,

00:49:05 --> 00:49:06

you will be little women.

00:49:08 --> 00:49:35

Women give their jewelry to LA Divina Abdul Malik. So that he puts it in beta man and he pays salaries for people like you. We women pay your salary or brutal alhaja we pay the salary of your Brother Mohammed, even use it as a coffee in Yemen, to kill and to create injustice.

00:49:37 --> 00:49:42

And hijack goes to elite bin Abdul Malik. He says the army

00:49:43 --> 00:49:53

and yellow faced he said Why did you ask for this summit meeting to happen? She said to me so and so and so and so. I'm really mad when Monique laughed.

00:49:54 --> 00:49:59

And he said oil or white hot water you don't know who is

00:50:00 --> 00:50:06

She, she is the daughter of Abdul Aziz even Marwan

00:50:07 --> 00:50:13

but of course, he did not sack the hijab, unfortunately. But to show you this May, Mona.

00:50:14 --> 00:50:26

You see sometimes there are things that are happening in the household that near you we don't know about but they are happening. They are not registered very forcefully in history, but they are happening. She was extremely kind.

00:50:28 --> 00:50:35

She would make the 100 every day she was considered a great muhaddith by a great Mahajan like

00:50:37 --> 00:50:43

he is the head of a sham. He died in 281. Islamic

00:50:44 --> 00:51:20

calendar. He says that maimunah is a Mojave Desert. And Abu Zahra is a great Mojave. And when he says that, when he says that a great market is a great market, you have to rest assure that he is a great great market means what means that he heard from the tambourine and tap activerain and he is an authority in Cincinnati's salad in the chain of narration. But then someone like Buhari, and someone like Erin Gouda Messiah and magic cetera, can come and take this idea where Mary Moana in the chain of narration is considered as a trustworthy source.

00:51:22 --> 00:51:34

She was so kind that he said, and I can end it here. She said, One law he to please a Muslim, to make a Muslim happy through helping him

00:51:36 --> 00:51:45

Is she says, I have this desire this shower to help people and online helping people is to me have a clue of a stronger

00:51:46 --> 00:52:32

shower, stronger desire, than desire to eat the most beautiful food while I'm extremely hungry, or to drink the most cold water while I am extremely thirsty. And this is what I was trying to say yesterday in the fundraising, but the time and I had these two minutes. This is these people were kind and they enjoy being kind. They were not kind in an artificial way. They were kind in a genuine way. This is the sister of Omar Abdulaziz without I finished with the household. I did not say anything about Jesus yet. But I hope now we understand this base that was responsible to producing our devices. akula we have

00:52:34 --> 00:52:34

a few

00:52:36 --> 00:52:38

smaller, smaller,

00:52:40 --> 00:52:46

smaller yokocho salatu salam O Allah Mostafa, si Deena, Mohammed Ali Hassan II,

00:52:49 --> 00:52:51

mothers and sisters I spoke about

00:52:52 --> 00:52:56

I spoke about the household. Okay, I need exhausted

00:52:57 --> 00:53:03

talking about we interact a little bit of the grandfather and the Okay, this is the household.

00:53:05 --> 00:53:09

You've promised, you might say to talk to us about

00:53:10 --> 00:53:20

another additional institutions that supplemented or supported the role of the household, namely, demo.

00:53:23 --> 00:53:25

The modal trainers

00:53:26 --> 00:53:29

and the companions, the company.

00:53:30 --> 00:53:39

Okay, at the outset, let me tell you them I did have Omar Abdulaziz, his name is simple towels, powerful bounce, if in case and

00:53:40 --> 00:53:51

sometimes I imagine I'm not very good at computing and what what developing etc. But for those who are good at developing websites, they can do it for their own.

00:53:52 --> 00:54:00

What you can do is that you can place a lot of analysis at the center of the page in circles. And when you draw

00:54:02 --> 00:54:36

a line showing how he's related to Abdul Malik, and then how is he related to Marwan? And how is he related to Fatima and how these circles are clickable. So you click on the medical model, and it gives you something about the medical model. And if there are any names in that list, they are to be placed in a circle, clickable circle, so that it gives you To me, this is a good way of broadening our perception to history, because like this disease, yes, it's good. But

00:54:37 --> 00:54:57

that's not a function in a vacuum. He's not alone. Okay. Yes, mother? Yes, father. Yes, sister. He has someone called my mother that is able to debate the most brutal governor, he has powerful people behind them, clue next to him and after him. So this is quite interesting to what I do sometimes.

00:54:59 --> 00:55:00

Is that for example,

00:55:01 --> 00:55:52

And then I say okay, between inverted commas see something about Abdulaziz then I go and search on Abdulaziz Fatima Fatima has the life of Oman. I put open brackets go and search something about continent. This gives me the depth of the character. This contributes to me understanding more and better. Mr. Nabila, it's not a waste of time. It's not diverting, it's not. So this is just by way of simplifying things. So if you want to draw another clickable circle, click on posts, the more active because listen, it's, it's common sense. If I tell you that Thomas is the trainer of armor, then it will be extremely necessary to know styles. If you want to make things more complicated to

00:55:52 --> 00:56:46

know who are the trainer's of towels? Who are the co founders? Who is the father of towels, where does he come from? And how does he city affected him so much for him to become a professional trainer to be elected by Abdul Aziz Eben Marwan, the ruler of Egypt for 20 years, entrusted to train Omar Abdullah ISIS. This is to me, it's a it's a paradigm shift. It's an opening of Islamic history, rather than proceeding Islamic history as dates, you know, Omar, Ali, Maria, Ambleside automatic khilafah. It's interesting, this is good. And we studied that, and I teach that. But what is more interesting is to zoom inside the minds of these people to see how they behave, and how they

00:56:46 --> 00:56:51

function. Okay. So who was the companion of

00:56:53 --> 00:56:57

a lot of Nazis who did not hang around with

00:56:59 --> 00:57:01

Omar Abdulaziz

00:57:02 --> 00:57:05

did not like to hang around people with his age.

00:57:07 --> 00:57:33

He always hang around with people who are senior than him, older than him. And, of course, I'm not into the philosophy of education. And I don't know too much about, you know, but I do believe, of course, that children have to play together. And, you know, everyone has to, but I also do believe, from a personal experience, that accompanying at least one hour a day, people who are older than me,

00:57:34 --> 00:57:41

not people who smoke or people who know older than me, good people, older than me, adds to my maturity

00:57:42 --> 00:57:44

contributes to my character.

00:57:45 --> 00:58:08

In addition to reading books, in addition to many things that you know, you and me know about, so I would have not been as he did not hang around too much with the Shabaab of his time. Who did he hang around with? Now draw in your mind another clickable circle, but this time, it doesn't have to be that clickable because a lot of us know that character, Abdullah Omar,

00:58:10 --> 00:58:18

who is Abdullah Abdullah, he is the son of Mr. Malhotra. But now he should know something else. He is the brother

00:58:22 --> 00:58:23

that got married to this girl.

00:58:24 --> 00:58:32

And both B got Laila the mother of so he's related to Omar Abdulaziz from the mother's side.

00:58:35 --> 00:58:47

So, what are you telling us? I am telling you this and as simple as this. Omar Abdel Aziz was tremendously influenced by Abdullah Omar. Prove it. I'll prove it.

00:58:49 --> 00:58:54

Once he came to the house, and as a young boy, he said to his mother,

00:58:57 --> 00:59:00

Anna hibou, an akuna mithila Holly.

00:59:02 --> 00:59:06

I love or I would like to be like Mike.

00:59:07 --> 00:59:23

No one who's related to you or mother. I want to be like Abdullayev Norma. To me. This is a golden statement. Now ask your children. What do you want to be when you grow up? And who knows? If you tell them something about Abdullah?

00:59:25 --> 00:59:30

They might say oh Father, Oh, mother. I wish I can be like Abdullah nama.

00:59:33 --> 00:59:59

And the mother of Omar Abdullah, he said to him, you want to be like Abdullah Omar Abdullah Muhammad was famous even during that time as a scholar as a Sahabi as I said, I'd love nama is a fascinating character. And there is no time to but again, draw this list clickable circle and go and find something about Abdullah Abdullah and him. Yes, of course.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:06

No one disputes that the thick of Abdullah there is a book called The fifth of Abdullah as opposed to the fifth.

01:00:07 --> 01:00:09

I'm not talking about the fact I'm talking about the character

01:00:12 --> 01:00:24

of a boy, a boy Norma is among the young companions of brothers and sisters. He was also Salaam died, he was young. And that's why he lived many, many years. And many, many, many times during

01:00:26 --> 01:00:37

this person was the living role model and example, for this young boy called Omar Abdul Aziz. Abdul Aziz did not want to become a footballer

01:00:38 --> 01:00:47

or an actor. His role model was Abdullah Abdullah, and it was a love relationship. I've loved him so much, because

01:00:48 --> 01:00:51

the family of Omar Abdul Aziz,

01:00:53 --> 01:01:06

when he was assigned to become the ruler of Egypt, he was before that living in Medina. So he took everything he took his wife, and everybody in the household, Abdullah Omar said

01:01:08 --> 01:01:15

to the mother of his, leave him with me, leave Omar Abdul Aziz with me. Because I see in him,

01:01:16 --> 01:01:17

see my son.

01:01:18 --> 01:01:20

I see in him the characters

01:01:21 --> 01:01:25

of the good people. And he reminds me of my father.

01:01:27 --> 01:01:34

You see, you see, brothers, I'm sorry, I sometimes I get a bit nervous. But you see, this is a great boy.

01:01:36 --> 01:02:17

This is a great heritage. But you have here in the middle, a mediator that is recognizing this great potential. This great potential could have been neglected, could have been deserted, could have been allowed to travel to Egypt and die and live there. But no. History pleases the mediator comes in the middle and recruits this great potential and makes him stick with this great heritage for him to become nothing but great. Abdullah bin Omar until today gets Southern Nigeria in the same way as America gets the southern Algeria because those are the discoverers of the Greek people.

01:02:18 --> 01:02:28

Such as Omar Abdulaziz, Abdullah, Rama gave you and me and just ruler called Mr. Abdul Aziz, these people are not new, you see.

01:02:30 --> 01:02:41

But at the back at the back, is the sister is the mother is the father is the hand is the uncle from the mother's side called Abdullah. And of course, the great great great grandfather

01:02:43 --> 01:02:45

who administered and supervised the marriage,

01:02:47 --> 01:02:48

the creator of the household.

01:02:52 --> 01:02:59

Now out of Nabeel Aziz, and this is another magnificent quotation, I want to be like a little abnormal today.

01:03:01 --> 01:03:11

Okay, let me rephrase it for a Cadbury or a cabaret cabaret to say that I would want to be like a companion. What does it tell you about our nebulizers

01:03:12 --> 01:03:45

in one word, and then have great ambition. ambition, brothers and sisters, this is one of the things that I want to focus on ambition, not Indonesia, I know that I'm speaking to highly intelligent people in it's successful in this dunya. But ambition in the ashira to be as decent and as good as Abdullah Abdullah, I want to be a mother like this companion, and he did not choose choose any companion you see. Look at aspire to be like a companion and be he chose one of the best companions to be like.

01:03:46 --> 01:04:09

He reminds me this beloved character Omar Abdulaziz with Ibrahim Ali Salaam, where he says watch anime lingo. takashima e ma ma, ma ma ma make me a leader for Dr. Kane, not for the muslimeen or the momineen make me a leader for the best people are Omar Abdulaziz wants to be like the best

01:04:11 --> 01:04:11


01:04:12 --> 01:04:14

The mother says you want to be like

01:04:16 --> 01:04:52

to live in Oman? He says Yes, indeed. I want to be like Abdullah Omar. And more or less. He accomplished this by becoming this just ruler that today in 2014 Bay Area, we are talking about this person. It's because of this ambition when he was young to be as great as those people that made our Atlanta disease. You see, I promise not to speak about politics. I promise to speak about things that are that might be in the minds and hearts of many of your children. But they just need an opportunity to explore and to articulate and to express and some form of encouragement and push.

01:04:57 --> 01:05:00

Okay, this is the companion who is the

01:05:00 --> 01:05:47

depose Taos is simply simply is not simple at all. But anyway that was even case on fucking in Yemen. The fucking of Yemen cabin he's a cavalry he met over 50 companions he was a student of Abdullah everything that you see when I say to the teachers I'm giving you now all the homework this teacher is who have to live in a bus then you open another circle clickable circle who is Abdullah not bus. Oh no. This is another book another chapter. Another conference another talk Abdullah cannabis hub rumor. But anyway, let's go back to the product of our beloved Ibis, the trainer of Omar Abdulaziz. And we can take it from there and

01:05:49 --> 01:06:30

he she is Abdullah has been abuzz. And when I say he Sheikh Abdullah does that means that they would like the stones and Abdullah buss it means that the who's heard all the heartbeats that Abdullah had heard from the mouth of Prophet Muhammad, so send them and know this know that Abdullah Omnibus, when also Salaam died, he was a young boy. So, powerful memory, powerful amount of knowledge, all this knowledge was transferred. You know, I will say what he says, I listened to the, from the mouth of Abdullah even above and not averse

01:06:31 --> 01:07:00

that he would not stop and say to me, that I have seen of this verse, as he have heard it from the mouth of Prophet Muhammad SAW said he wasn't reading. I didn't hear or no, no, no. He was reading a cannabis narrating from the mouth of Prophet Mohammed Palouse is the trainer of Omar Abdullah. Imagine imagine, imagine what a trainer means you look at him, how he behaves, how he shakes hands, how he smiles.

01:07:01 --> 01:07:13

Don't mess with Omar Abdulaziz. So, that was a big concern. And he should have loved him so much. He says a dangerous statement of driving a bus in

01:07:15 --> 01:07:24

general, as simple as that. I believe. He says, I believe I think that those is from the people have gender.

01:07:26 --> 01:07:28

He will go gender, he will go to gender.

01:07:30 --> 01:08:11

For Abdullah boss to make this statement, it was not a statement based on the ability of powers to learn the hadith of Prophet Muhammad. No, no, no. It means that Abdullah abasto, who's in his entire comprehensive attitude and character in his, in his taqwa in his household, in the private and in the public sphere, as a teacher supervising student, for him to see to say, this dangerous statement. Imagine imagine brothers and sisters imagine a companion tells you this what would you say? I know, find him in history. That companion stole them this but only in their dreams, and only their view and they were glad excited. I saw our beloved our bus coming in the dream and saying no,

01:08:11 --> 01:08:12


01:08:13 --> 01:08:17

he heard it from the mouth of Underland. He was not dreaming.

01:08:21 --> 01:08:26

main concern was a man that feared Allah subhanho wa Taala. Okay.

01:08:27 --> 01:08:34

Probably some of us are hungry here. cluding myself probably, when we go to a shop and we see chicken

01:08:36 --> 01:08:37

rolling over fire.

01:08:38 --> 01:08:43

You might say this increases my desire to eat for tacos.

01:08:46 --> 01:09:01

It demolishes his appetite to eat, because these burning chicken remind him of the burning bodies in hellfire. This sensitivity You see, this is the character of a trainer. You have to be sensitive, sensitive to everything and anything.

01:09:02 --> 01:09:07

And by the way, I'm quoting these not to shock you or not to.

01:09:09 --> 01:09:13

I'm not trying to create a culture here based on this attitude. But

01:09:14 --> 01:09:16

take them in context. Take them

01:09:17 --> 01:09:57

agree or disagree with what happens. But take it in context and take the final lesson. The final lesson is sensitivity. You don't you don't agree with the attitude, not a problem. But make sure that you have sensitivity that you are sensitive. I'm not asking you not to do to lose appetite when you see a burning chicken. I'm not asking you for that. I'm asking you to have sensitivity towards your Eman that when you see that your Eman is eroding. Hey, be careful something wrong is going happening. We like towels. You know this is the point I'm trying to make. Towels would not sleep during the before hour to three hours before the federal time. With the last third of the night. He

01:09:57 --> 01:09:58

would not sleep during that period.

01:10:01 --> 01:10:10

This is not there isn't a problem with that, because he's making sure there isn't a problem. The problem was, is that he does not expect any Muslim to be asleep during that period.

01:10:12 --> 01:10:17

Once he went to a house of a friend and knocked on the door, two or three hours before,

01:10:18 --> 01:10:30

and then the person came from the household, not the person that he was wanting, but one of the household. And he said what is full and they said, He's asleep. He said, marveling to me.

01:10:31 --> 01:10:34

I never thought that someone sleeps at that time. So

01:10:36 --> 01:10:37

when we, when we sleep.

01:10:38 --> 01:10:49

So if I'm just imagine if you had a mobile phone and cell phone, at three o'clock in the morning, expect a phone call the spouse calling you. And don't tell him Sorry, I suppose I was asleep knowing you disappointed.

01:10:51 --> 01:10:52

This is that,

01:10:53 --> 01:11:06

again, I'm not trying. But I need sometimes I feel we need to be shocked to look at these high examples. Not to break our neck. But just at least to aim for something.

01:11:07 --> 01:11:51

To draw this high ambition model to aspire to it. I don't necessarily have to become like ours, but at least I have a role model that I can aspire to. And if I don't reach those, I will certainly reach something that is close to bowels, you understand, if you are aiming for a B study for an A, you might not get the A but you will certainly get the beam of the seat. So we aspire for powers to be 50% as sensitive as towers. But if we don't mention towers, so as not to shock you and hurt your feelings, you will not have anything to aspire to, except for your son's or your whatever football player. And you can be as ambitious as that I want to be a football, not a problem. But then leave

01:11:51 --> 01:11:52


01:11:54 --> 01:12:00

and bounce as well as for our bachelors. He did. He didn't like to see bachelors,

01:12:01 --> 01:12:01

he said

01:12:03 --> 01:12:19

to Melissa cachaca was that complete piety and development of a young person is not complete? If he's not planning and everyone when he comes and talks with people and he asks this brother you are married he says no, this is why you are not married, you should get married.

01:12:21 --> 01:12:22

This is this is a model

01:12:24 --> 01:12:26

of sensitivity of Eman.

01:12:28 --> 01:12:38

And this I have not mentioned anything about the lack of power is something else. He's a monster. He's a Mufti of Yemen. But this is something I'm talking about powers the human being

01:12:40 --> 01:12:48

this person was the personal trainer for our classes. And let me just talk a little bit about

01:12:50 --> 01:12:53

like the macgibbon history.

01:12:54 --> 01:12:56

Or I'll skip that actually, because

01:12:59 --> 01:13:25

we can see it in one minute. If you don't mind, then what is that rule that was given to those people that were assigned the responsibility of teaching young people manners and etiquette and usually the kunafa the Royals used to employ more to teach their children etiquette manners, not just how to you know hold the full candle I know it's how to behave and how to for example, I'll give you an example of

01:13:27 --> 01:13:36

the role of the mannequin Marwan For example, He has a magnet for his children and he advises them as to how to train his children.

01:13:38 --> 01:14:18

And he says, of the medical system are added in a very beautiful long compensation says I cannot alimony etc, etc. Teach him to be trustworthy and to speak the truth in the same way that you teach him the Quran. So while you're teaching Quran, teaching, teaching manners, why middleman Allah jemena and teach them good attitude and good manners. And make them sit with the noble people, especially people of knowledge. And don't make them sit with deviant people and low people that will shout and insult and will do anything that is bad. I want you to contemporize these examples. So don't make them sit with people probably who smoke who take drugs, you can contemporize but this is

01:14:18 --> 01:14:24

I'm just giving you the sort of advices and if there is no more active you yourself can adopt these advances as a father.

01:14:27 --> 01:14:37

even teach them to use them it's working to clean their teeth. So it's not just about manners here, you know, excuse me a salad bar like no even going into the hygiene. One more room for

01:14:38 --> 01:14:45

that to use them so that you can use the toothpaste it's not a problem but just clean your teeth. That's the point you see. Don't take things everything

01:14:47 --> 01:14:48

about sour

01:14:49 --> 01:14:54

and let them when they drink water. Drink it slowly not to fill their stomach with a pocket like this

01:14:55 --> 01:14:59

telling telling them how to educate them.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:35

Children in how to drink, how to clean how to behave. While Kalani was a loan officer, respect them in public. And this is an advice to the father's, respect your children in public, with a lien home facility and humiliate them in private. You've done this today, you should don't do it again. But in in public, my beloved Son, no one is better than him in private. Next time you do this and pick you up, this is the beauty of it, because you are bringing men but don't have the feeling of the children in front of strangers.

01:15:37 --> 01:16:22

Manage and punish them for lying for catnip leads to fewer and fewer leads to jahannam and genuine chacma. Don't make them insult or attack the owner of men or people with minimal affinity or harm, and encourage them to establish links with their relatives with these advices where say, we're set by automatic, every moron who all of us now should know something about to them, but they could be advisors, General advisors to all of us, when you have children or if you have children and you have children, and until your wife, tell your wife these advices or when you get married, tell your wife about these advices there is a very

01:16:23 --> 01:16:48

famous story that a lot of us probably know but without the names and he is probably adding to this gap. I was used to this is the role of the trainer I was used to and this is something just again an interruption as usual. My mind is not very organized. Bear in mind that Abdul Aziz, the father of Amara Naga is not with Aziz Ahmed. Abdul Aziz is the ruler of

01:16:50 --> 01:16:50


01:16:51 --> 01:17:09

is in Medina, where Abdullah Ahmed is the more active the caretaker of Omar, Abdul Aziz is Todos Santos is living with the opposite is living with bowels. He is acting as that Father, okay. So, Abdul Aziz,

01:17:11 --> 01:17:22

the father of towels, he said to him among the advices he said he must attend the Juma prayer everyday five times a day and make sure he does. And, of course,

01:17:23 --> 01:17:25

when he comes, goes to the prayer, he takes

01:17:28 --> 01:17:29

one day

01:17:31 --> 01:17:35

This was late. He attended the job it was late.

01:17:36 --> 01:17:55

an hour after the Salah asked him why you were late. Look at this. Look at this. Again, the mediator. You see these are creating great people. If you ignore them helaas he's dead. But if you all the time, supervision, supervision, you know, where have you been? Why didn't you come to Salah early

01:17:58 --> 01:18:01

beautiful hair. He said the

01:18:02 --> 01:18:14

the servant was combing my hair. And this took time Palouse was very upset. Look at this image now that might give you an action. He sent a letter

01:18:15 --> 01:18:43

from no emails no internet, nothing no mobile Marcel. He sent a letter on the camera from Medina to Egypt, telling Abdulaziz bin Marwan that you son on one day in that particular day, came late to the salon. What did the father do? Did he say Okay, forget it. inshallah he's on the right path. Brother town since you're with him, I trust you do whatever you want. No, no. He sent a letter and messenger.

01:18:45 --> 01:18:53

He did not send the letter he sent a messenger traveling all the way from Egypt, to Medina. You know who that messenger was, was a barber.

01:18:54 --> 01:19:07

And he was instructed to shave the entire hair of American Abdulaziz. And the letter of the Father later said, this is so that the hair does not become an impediment between you and MSG.

01:19:09 --> 01:19:15

The father did not throw his son with the father did not say that he is hanging around.

01:19:16 --> 01:19:35

Very well. No, no. You are the Father. You should be responsible. You send letters, you send messengers. You spend money, do it. Because this is your son, even if he's not even if your son is not Amarna, but he's your son. He's your daughter, she is your daughter, take care of them.

01:19:38 --> 01:19:55

Then I can smile or laugh or joke and say, Well how can you do that? If you yourself? don't attend the Gemma in the mosque? Okay. I can delete that if it hurts feelings, but we stopped here with regards to them. And with regards to the companion now.

01:19:57 --> 01:20:00

What is that the effect of

01:20:00 --> 01:20:20

The effect of all that is that you had a pious child, Omar Abdulaziz half of Quran at the age of probably 10 or 11. One day he came to his mother crying at the age of 10, or 11. And the mother said, Why you are crying? And look what a child says not because they didn't give me candy or sweets or chocolate. He said the cartoon motobecane

01:20:21 --> 01:20:30

I remember this. And I cried. Because his house of Quran he says, I remember that, and I cry, what is the mother do or say, she begins to cry?

01:20:32 --> 01:20:39

Okay, look, look, the sun is influencing a father, the son is influencing the mother.

01:20:41 --> 01:20:49

Is this the first time? No, because the grandmother of Omar Abdulaziz influenced her mother,

01:20:50 --> 01:20:55

by not mixing the water with the milk, remember, so you can have this equation.

01:20:58 --> 01:21:13

Coming in the opposite direction, you can have a son who is so good that when he sees his mother or father doing something wrong, he will tell them or he can remind his mother and father with his attitude to the extent that the mother or the father will cry because of his attitude.

01:21:16 --> 01:21:25

And imagine when the mother cries because the sun gave her a reminder about imagine how proud are delighted she becomes.

01:21:27 --> 01:21:27

Now this is

01:21:29 --> 01:22:13

the product of all these things. Now, I want to know is the outcome of this in relation to his wife, and in relation to his son. I'll try to be quick because I'm out of 10 Okay, 10 minutes, I won't talk too much about his wife. Because simple as simple as that his wife, Fatima was so obedient. She was in love with a lot of law classes. And I'm talking about emotional love, and love that is based on respect. And to me, this is the best love. You know, the best relation is that which is based on love and respect. I don't want you to respect me and hate me. And I don't want you to love me and mess with me. If I can combine the two, this is great. And he combined the two with his wife, Fatima

01:22:13 --> 01:22:23

when she got married to Omar Abdul Aziz Fatima, the daughter of Abdul Malik and Marwan the Canadian woman, he gave her

01:22:25 --> 01:22:32

lots of camels, lots of palaces, lots of houses, lots of money $100,000 home

01:22:34 --> 01:22:55

less probably than the money that was raised yesterday. But at that time, that was lots of money. Mr. Abdullah, as he said to her, if you want these camels and this money, you take it and we separate if you want me, you give me all this wealth to put it in Beijing man for the honor of Muhammad Sallallahu.

01:22:56 --> 01:23:18

Falconer said one laiya ammirato me look at the loving wife. Well, I mean, if I have more than that, I will not hesitate for one minute take it and she took it. And ally brothers and sisters, you will cry when you hear that Omar Abdulaziz will not have a small apple in his house out of piety. You see, this is how we when we say that just ruler.

01:23:21 --> 01:23:42

boxes of Apple come from Nathan mark to the oma vamos a salamander, the son of our eyes is hungry and he takes one apple and amadablam as he hits his hand. He says this does not belong to us. He says your father I haven't eaten for many many days. My my desire is for Apple today we Yanni

01:23:43 --> 01:24:01

we have lots of apples and we eat we eat. It's okay not not a problem. But everything is controlled and calculated and counted. And we are talking about hula we're not talking about me and you can even tell me who can who has access to abuse anything and everything. But no.

01:24:03 --> 01:24:05

When I might have not been as he died,

01:24:06 --> 01:24:35

actually, the brother of Fatima became the halifa. He said to factoring he said I can bring you all the money that your husband, late husband that when he died he took I can guarantee you the 100,000 the council. He said she said the same thing. As the daughter said to her mother was mixing the milk. He said she said I will I will not I would not have a disease while he was alive and disobeyed him while he's dead.

01:24:36 --> 01:24:55

I don't want the money. And she lived the most poor life after the death of Omar Abdulaziz, while her uncle is a halifa why and her father is a halifa while her husband is a halifa while her brother is a halifa. She is the one known in history to be surrounded by

01:24:56 --> 01:25:00

Fatimah but zoom into the household of

01:25:00 --> 01:25:04

Popular, he will see the poorest household because this is the household of Homer.

01:25:07 --> 01:25:20

Okay, this is the wife and wife, by the way tell us things that students and public audiences would not tell. So Omar Abdulaziz we knew we know a lot of about him from his wife.

01:25:22 --> 01:25:26

His wife says something he says, Mark can have access to external

01:25:27 --> 01:26:06

memory to add an echo for me. He did not pray a lot. He did not ask a lot. But I've never seen anyone who feels a lot like him. And this is exactly what I was, again, trying to say yesterday that a doctor is good. But you have to see your responsibility. My responsibility as a ruler, I need to sleep I can't fast. My responsibility as a ruler to establish justice and to establish justice. I have to fear Allah subhanaw taala and Africa. This is exactly Omar Abdullah says don't think that too good to be good. You have to pray 24 hours and fast all day like Abdullah of us.

01:26:07 --> 01:26:12

But see what is your responsibilities and how you can serve Allah best and continue that route?

01:26:14 --> 01:27:03

Abdulaziz would cry all the time in front of his wife. And when I read this, I say I put this comment last alarmism jetty. He is not ashamed of a lot of crying in front of his wife. Nothing is wrong with crying. No, Who told you that crying is for women only crying is for anyone who has got a sensitive heart that when he comes across a verse from the Quran, he is taken and shaken by it. He used to cry a lot. And she reported that in many incidents. And then finally, his son, Abdul Malik, he had a son called Abdul Malik and Omar Abdul Aziz. And again, his son was the most pious some among the sons of Omar bin Abdulaziz. And I'm not going to talk about that bin, Abdul Malik, Abdul

01:27:03 --> 01:27:12

Malik, but you can again draw this clickable circle and search who is happy Malik. He used to be a great reminder of his father

01:27:14 --> 01:28:07

who would sit in the leadership chair and conduct the affairs of the oma then he will go home Have some rest, who will follow him? Abdul Malik or Abdul Malik will go after Him and He will say why or father you are not attending to the affairs of the Ummah he said, I'll just have some rest. And then he says, Do you guarantee that you will not die while you are asleep? Some said Omar Abdulaziz did a burger in his life out of encouragement and reminder of his son Abdul Malik, his son, Abdul Malik and Omar kidney disease, but unfortunately, sadly, he died at the age of 17. So, so, here I must catch you and say that we are talking about what we are talking about. In one word, we are talking

01:28:07 --> 01:28:24

about a teenager. This is an attitude, an attitude of a teenager that did not have problems with girls and and with love and this is drugs and no, his problem was that whenever he reads the Quran, he cries. His problem is that he wants to make sure that his father, the ruler, is attending the affairs of the oma.

01:28:26 --> 01:28:27

He wants to say to his father,

01:28:29 --> 01:28:35

or my father, I fear that one day we will not meet in Yama.

01:28:36 --> 01:29:12

One of us will go to Hellfire and probably look at this thing. And boy 17 thinking about the hereafter and going and reporting and articulating his feelings to his father. And his father said famously, this famous. He said, Can I you're in Indiana Hi. He used to help me and funding and support me. Do I have Do I have just one minute to tell you about a similar incident where a son advises the Father. And there are many, many incidents of abuse Eagle rostami is one example. But alphabet, Al is one example is a great service

01:29:16 --> 01:29:23

was a great Zack elfenbein with me, they would make anyone cry. When he delivers talks. He made Haruna she'd cry.

01:29:25 --> 01:29:32

Again, this circle clickable circle to alphabet and there are lots of literature on him. alphabet has a son called Le aligment

01:29:34 --> 01:29:38

Believe it or not, but it's my money out of honesty I will tell you

01:29:40 --> 01:29:50

and he died when he was a teenager because he heard the verse from the Quran and fainted and died. And so they had this son earlier.

01:29:52 --> 01:29:55

alphabet says Karla Rahim Allah insha Allah

01:29:58 --> 01:29:59

may Allah have mercy on my son

01:30:00 --> 01:30:18

used to help me to be sad and to cry out of my sins. When the Father, I know that I am a father and I am sure that as fathers you would love that your sons and daughters help you to be closer to Allah.

01:30:19 --> 01:30:30

Because I know that fathers and mothers are struggling to make their sons closer to Allah but when the son struggles to make you a father and mother, closer to Allah, this is something amazing.

01:30:32 --> 01:30:36

And again, I leave them for they said two and a half

01:30:38 --> 01:30:42

your father in law my father, I fear that one day we will not meet.

01:30:44 --> 01:31:16

We will not meet any old elkana brothers and sisters that common law here I'm sorry if I have taken much time. But we spoke about the household. We spoke about a demo app that we spoke about the companion. Then we spoke about the outcome of the test we have the effect this has had this had on his wife, Fatima and only son allometric no politics, no leadership, no Khalifatul meaning Rama aku Laconia, heterosexual Stafford County welcome pastor Phil milonga, Florida

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