What saves the believer during times of calamity

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There is no difficulty there are laws or shall bestows upon you except that it is injected with a lot of a lot of gentleness and mercy and compassion. Allow so shall he says in Nabila, playfully Masha. Allah azza wa jal is sloppy from his names is

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the gentle, the Compassionate. Did you see the story of Ibrahim alayhis salaam when he's people threw him in a fire? What happens? What happens? He's in a difficulty he's in a fire. He's entered a place where it literally burns, but a lot of socialist gentleness is with him. lionell Cooney Bogdanov, Salam and Allah, Allah He

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gives command to the fire, that it be cool and peaceful and Ibrahim Allah who set up Bogdan was 11, cool, and tranquil peaceful, because if it was only cool, he refers to this.

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And if it was peaceful without being cool, he would have been philosopher shall give it to commands. Bogdan was 11, then sometimes you read it, but that was 11 to enhance the same thing. It's not the same thing. A lot of social matters are decreed precisely, but the nos 11 is the only solution for him right now. He's in the midst of difficulty, but a loss gentleness and compassion is with him. Why? Why why? why did why a lot of social give him that companionship? Why did a lot of social look after him? You know why? Because when he was thrown in the fire, he said how smooth the law

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has been Allah Hunter, the first thing on his mind was a law. Therefore he deserved ultimate protection. Then that was the first thing in his mind. See, I tell you, everyone wants to be in the company of Allah, so that Allah can do with us like what he did with Ibrahim, but you will only get the company of Allah. If you know in times of difficulty to say Hassan Allahu Allah.

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Allah means Allah is enough for us. has a lot of love is enough for us when they are meant to Akil. And how excellent is a law as a beam to rely on what now man Joaquin.

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below him Allah has

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saved himself from a fire from a difficulty with hospital law. What am I lucky? Do you know how to save yourself with hospital law? When am I lucky? Do you know how to say it in difficulties? and make the difficulty Bolton was 11 and make your difficulty become a cool and a source of peace and tranquility for you. The fire became a source of tranquility tranquility and peace is what people are running after deploying in fountain in the fire. It's not the idea that he found peace in the fire. But it's he found that with the word has spurred on love Who am I lucky? And after that was a bonus after that the fire being peaceful and cool upon him is because that's almost promise to those

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that want is companionship. That's a lost promise a lot of social is with them. Why namara who is at the colony and I'm with my servant whenever he remembers me. Even going back to the Hadith for Allah insha Allah Nila aqui en de Boer him didn't even ask if this is a heavier, a higher level. This is a high level of companionship with a low that you don't even ask. You just remember aloha smood en la la social knows what he wants. And he fulfilled these requests. You know how to deal with a lot of Zoysia like this and what happens with us if a difficulty happens you say Ashwin Allahu and Mr. Rokita million times it doesn't work. Why does not work? How can it worked with the boy he wants?

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One today we repeat, repeat repeat nothing happens. You know why? What happened? What changed? Allah did not change. The same Illa that save the blow him with her smooth Allahu wa nirman Joaquin is the same Ella is the same Lord that has guaranteed the same matter. Robin and were the ones that changed. Our heart is the one that changed our relationship with a large social is what changed well as he says in the law a little maybe a

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little maybe unfussy him a lot of social promised He will never change the state of a person. He will never change the state of a people until they change what's in themselves. You're the one that has to change and what hasn't changed? A lot. He's as he is subhanho wa Taala. When you say su Panama it means I declare the perfection of Allah is what it means. No sometimes sapan Allah he read the translation Glory be to Allah. What does glory mean? anyway? No one knows what glory means. Stay on a perfect translation. So Panama means I declare almost perfect this law is perfect. This is what

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to Panama beans isn't changed. Wait the ones that have changed unless we turn back to Allah, unless we know who our money is, unless we show serious commitment and dedication to learn who Mr. Social is how smooth aloha them and rocky will never work.