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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in the prison system is discussed, including the need for respect and manners for Muslims. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a good mate to achieve personal growth and finding a good father for children. The importance of fulfilling obligations during marriage, following the Prophet salallahu, and finding a good mother and father for children is also emphasized. Viewers are encouraged to visit the Islamic counseling website for more information.
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Please be with you. Welcome to the de Sha Meteor host exciting episode today on the D show every week we're here if you haven't subscribed already right now, do it. Don't miss out on an exciting episode every week. Today we're going to be talking about a few different things with my next guest, who's worked over 18 years in as an Imam, in the prison system. And Islam continues not only to be the fastest growing way of life in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, outside of prisons, but also in the prisons, and the institution, the people who work in the prisons, they actually love the Muslim presence in the prison, we're going to find out why. My next

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guest has also helped over 2000 families at the verge of divorce. Stay in the family

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circuit without losing it. He's helped them stay together. My next guest here on the D show a man can't don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

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This is

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a Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. How are you doing? hamdulillah

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thank you for being on the deen show on did I thank you for having me. Please excuse me a little bit. I got a nice look cut over here was training and I got knee to the face. on accident. A little bit busted up here. Hopefully it was an accident. It was an accident. Yeah. So still managed to make it here. I'm excited to be to have you as our guest here 18 plus years experience here as an Imam, in the prison system. Also, you've helped over 2000 families stay together, yes, under the land is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sometime whenever Allah subhanaw taala wants something good for you, he blesses you with an opportunity to do some good, and it's up to us to take advantage of

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the opportunity that allows Allah places there. So you know, we have an opportunity to save the family. So that's what we dedicated our time. And I like to Yeah, we like to add additional highlight because you have it's very sad, that mainstream media, they don't get out there and highlight out of the good that Muslims are contributing to towards society, correct, making the world a better place. We like to do that or highlight some of the good work that Muslims are doing. And you're doing some astonishing, great work. I mentioned that is true that institution why why do you believe that? Islam in the prison systems now, it is rapidly growing? Well, number one, you

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know, the majority of the people that are coming to the institution, you know, they're coming from a, you know, sad circumstances, or they ran into bad situations in their life. And now whenever they you know, have all of their activities cut out, they have an opportunity to sit and think and reflect and ponder about, you know, what is right and what is not. And then whenever they have an opportunity to see all of the different avenues as far as Christianity and other religions. Islam seems to be the religion that stands out to them, you know, and makes more sense to them. You know, so now they can go towards any be any religion, all basically in the prison system, you're behind

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four walls. Now, all the things that might be distracting you, they're not distracting you. Now you can really contemplate what's the purpose of life when we're here not to hit the books, they start reading. Right? Exactly. And they come to Islam, they come to Islam, you know, sometime it's through the one that comes in from outside of the institution like myself, when I started working in the prison system, and it's sometimes other Muslims that may have gotten yourself in trouble and then they may share some information with them and then they look into it. And so there's a number of different reasons why they come but you know, Allah subhanaw taala is the one that makes Muslims so

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whatever Avenue is their last point Allah furnished Avenue, I just happened to be one of the avenues that helped to bring in, you know, quite a few Muslims into Islam. Mashallah, is it true now, you're mentioning that the actual, the institution, they actually they like the Muslim presence there. They don't necessarily 100% like Muslims in general, because there's a lot of prejudices against Muslims with all of the things that go on on television, the media and whatnot, but the reality is 99 and nine tenths percent of those people who work in the institution if they're truthful, they will say that the most respected

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inmates are those who accept Islam and try to live it inside of the walls of the prison. Why is that? Because Muslims, if they have a desire to try to please Allah subhanaw taala, then that obligates them to live a certain way with good etiquette and manners, and to treat everybody who deserves being treated, right? To treat them, right? You know, and not just use them, or use a broad bristle brush to paint everybody because maybe they made a mistake, or somebody abused them or misuse them at some point in their life, whether or not it was a certain race or whether or not it was somebody from another religion, you know, they realized that they have to use good judgment. And

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they have to respect everyone who deserves being respected. So Muslim should equal one with the noble as best conduct behavior manners. He's He's cleaned up his act now. He's being respectful even to the, to the guards to the inmates. And I mean, as opposed to, is it the who runs the prison? Well, the I mean, the, the administration runs the prison, on paper. Yeah, but the reality is, if you have one officer with, you know, 60 or 100 inmates, the reality is, if you look at it, you know, the, the inmates basically run the prison as far as you know, what's going to happen at that particular point. So you know, you you look at that situation, and realize that the majority of them

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are basically good people, they just made a lot of mistakes, you know, so it's up to us, whenever we come in, to try to articulate to them, you know, the best way for them to try to clean up their life. So you'd want to be if anything goes down, you want to be around the Muslims, because the Muslims are going to be balanced and Justin help save the day, not exactly, havoc to the day. Exactly. And that happens on a regular basis, whenever there's, you know, any particular dorm or area in the prison, you know, and in my experience, and it's dangerous, you know, it's a dangerous environment, of course. But whenever you have a group of Muslims in one area, those Muslims

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generally don't want a lot of drama and fitna or crime to go on in that particular area. So whenever something does happen to Muslims are generally the ones who squash, you know, or stop all of the problems that go in. So human being makes mistakes. And now this individual, maybe it was the worse, highway robber, car, jacker, thief, whatever case, he comes in, now he learns about Islam. Instead of going back out and doing the same thing, he becomes one who submitted to the will of God, he knows the purpose of light night, he reformed his light, he becomes an upright, honest human being. So this is what society wants, this is what we want? Absolutely, absolutely. I have some that are in

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for murder. You and I have some debt, not just murder, and just maybe shot or stabbed somebody but I have some that did some things that I don't even want to, you know, mention on television, you know, but those right now are some of the best and the most trustworthy individuals, that you would have them. Spend time around yourself because you know that they have a love and a fear of Allah subhanaw taala now, and God is the One, you know, who changes the heart, he's in total control of the heart. So it's not up to us to decide whether or not this person has changed is what God does, you know, and I've seen that and witnessed a close hand, you know, in many times in a different prison. And

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that only when you have a sincere love, fear of God in your in your heart in your mind, and your life starts to revolve around his belief in the creator and when a pleasing your Creator that brings reformation. I mean, atheism is not going to change your life. You go in there as an atheist and a theist, most criminals go in there and they get a degree now and criminality they become better criminals. They don't come out of reform. But all due respect, you know, even you know, Islam, the beauty about Islam is I know some, some atheists and I know some,

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you know, some of those ones who just cannot stand even to talk about God that have accepted Islam, because they've been around individuals, you know, and they seen them to change their life. So they become curious and start asking questions about it. And in a different Muslims on myself at different times. You know, I've had a general conversation, for instance, one individual, you know, I went by lockdown, and I asked him, you know, that they need anything and then he cursed me out. So I stood there for a few minutes and then I said, Listen, I said, I don't want to create any problem for you. I said, I just want to respect you as a man, I want you to respect me too. You know, so the

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best thing for you to do is just, you know, if I greet you greet me back if you greet me, I agree.

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To back, so I walked down the walkway and then I came back. And he apologized right now he's one of the best Muslims in that institution. Amazing. Amazing. We have a lot more to talk about here in a deep show with mankind don't go anywhere, be right back.

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What are you gonna do with it? If somebody has been trying to deliver something to you like we've been trying to deliver the truth, that there's only one God that you worship him along that his creation.

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Welcome to the de show one of the most exciting purpose of life talk shows in the world since 2006, that the show has been working on clearing up the many false misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and at the same time delivering the simple message of the purpose of life in a fun and exciting way. I was at a restaurant I was dressed like this, and a woman came to me she says, Are you a rabbi?

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Black rabbi, we want you to develop a better understanding about the pure Islam and the real message that it teaches peace, submission, surrender and obedience to Almighty God. Believe in any one of the messengers of God. Believe in all of them. Salaam says love all mankind. That's why we're sharing this message, because we want the best for you. And we want the best for all mankind. We'll see you next time, God willing, under the show, continue to tune in peace, Leon to you, please subscribe to the show, follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show, Shay, tell us? Have you ever been in the middle of a riot in the prisons where things have just gotten out of control. And you were right in the middle of it, I was in the middle of a situation where it possibly could have got real bad, were two different groups. As a matter of fact, both of them were Muslims. One had one idea of what should be done the other had another idea of what should be done. And all of them came with Shanks, a homemade prison made knives. And my intention was to not allow that to happen. And before I knew it, I jumped in the middle. And I stopped both of them. And you jumped in and jumped in the middle of them before they

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got to each other. Everybody was standing up, you know, kind of looking at each other look into the do some things, you know, to hurt each other. And I stopped in and I started talking loud, telling everyone to go to the side, you go over there, take off those glasses go sit down, you know, and I didn't realize that, you know how bad of a situation it was until after it was over, you know, few people got locked up, you know, and everything was squashed. And on my way home. And I realized that, you know, it wasn't necessarily the smartest thing, but under the law, it helped because had there been some bloodshed at that particular time, then they would have cut out all of the meetings

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for the Muslims. And the Muslims were the ones that needed to really be able to move around the institution in order to bring

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you know, some type of peace, you know, and balance to the whole entire

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community. To sorry, so you have that scenario, you have two sides, they're ready to come at each other knives, Shanks. And the whole get up here between it you help calm it down? Have you ever been between now to another scenario? Here's one, we got a husband and wife and things that are about to blow up?

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That's a regular basis. Yeah. So talk to us about this. And as a matter of fact, in many instances, in many ways, that's even worse than the Yeah, and the prison system, because everybody has a personal stake. You know, any other person, you know what I mean? And they know each other, and they have more than likely just allowed anger and whatnot to build for so long. And maybe the rights of the other person was not being observed by the other person. So it can get very,

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get very

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strong in those particular instances. Yeah. So you got you must have a lot of experience. I mean, 2000 plus families you've helped, I mean, this is over a span of how many years we opened up in 1999 1999. So since then, you can say 100 law thing created heavens and earth that you were able to save over 2000 families from hum de la jolla by way of personal counseling and conferences that we had, you know that we would design conferences strictly to strengthen the Muslim family. As a matter of fact, the name of the conferences that we had and we had six conferences, strengthen a Muslim family. And all of those were strictly to address issues that went on in the family, you know,

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between husband and wife and and

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Parents and children, you know, and things of that nature. So, you know, with the help of Allah subhanaw taala, we designed every talk and every breakout session and seminar that was going to be able to give each person that came, whether or not they were young or old, have been married for a long time, or short time or they were looking to get married, you know, we would always give them some kind of information that was going to benefit them, because the ultimate goal is to bring them closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And there's no way to get somebody closer to Allah subhanaw taala than in the marriage bond, getting closer to the Almighty, yes to the creator of all that exists,

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directing them to that. And would you say that I mean, this is obviously not your, your traditional behavioral marriage counseling like the clinical the this is different.

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The difference between clinical counseling, and Islamic counseling, clinical counseling basically deals with the mind, you know, how you feel what you think, what's your opinion, that's not that. But Islamic counseling is based on the level of Eman the faith that you have. Because if you say that you are Muslim, and you have a love for Allah, and you say that you feel a lot of fear displeasing Allah, and you have a hope that Allah will facilitate your life, then whenever someone brings you information is based on what Allah subhanaw taala said, and what the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said and did, then you are always try to do the right thing and change your behavior,

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regardless how strong your feelings are toward that. Yeah. And what have you been, in your experiences, what do you see is one of the number one problems why these marriages get to the verge of divorce, lack of understanding, or lack of understanding about the divine institution of marriage is one of the biggest institutions of Allah subhanaw taala marriages he bought a marriage is worship the same way we line up for a lot. And we say this is a bar, this is worship, you know, the same thing whenever we get married, and we fulfill our obligation inside of the marriage as the husband as the wife, you know, in the family member, you know, we have obligations to Allah subhanaw taala,

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more than to our mate. So when people really understand that, you know, and they, you know, accept the fact that this is a required required action that allows Apollo Allah want for us to get married and to live, you know, in peace and, and have the love and the tranquility and the kindness, you know, and the tolerance and the patience inside of the marriage, you know, then it's going to bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala, because we are fulfilling what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us, and the majority of people don't know what they think that they're getting married, you know, just to that one person, you know, it's my wife, you know, your husband, and it's between you two,

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but it's bigger than that. Yeah. So when you bring Allah subhanaw taala, into the fray, then you find out that, you know, you're able to fulfill your obligation and you're able to have that peace, that allow one for you in the marriage, you know, and a lot of times it starts prior to you getting married, you know, how do you you know, prepare yourself to find the right person? How do you find the right mate? What do you look for, you know, what is the things that you know, is going to help you in the rest of your life because life is short. So you want to make a good decision, so that whenever you do get married, you know that a lot, you're gonna be able to fulfill your obligation to

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Allah subhanaw taala you know, and live in harmony with the person that used our last name to make life for you. And you have a very interesting story to share with us how someone can start off the right way, giving us an example so you don't become a chalk line. Yeah, I'm gonna tell him the chalk line story when we do that, inshallah. We'll be right back with more here on the deen show. Don't go anywhere, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show. Thank you for tuning in. If you haven't subscribed already, subscribe right now and be up with all of the new shows of the deen show. Have you ever watched the Dean shochet? always watch the dean so that's why I'm here.

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Mashallah. So, helping to prevent a war in the prisons. And you were able to do that. And I'm sure not on one occasion, I'm sure many of you, you did some wonderful work there, and they loved you. They're under law, and also now 2000 plus families and you mentioned something for when to break, doing things the right way doing things by the blueprint that was sent from the creator of creation, God Almighty, the creator Allah, and even before So, and this is just one example that we can use for many because sometimes the, you know, we forget that God loves us the most Allah loves us. He He's the one that we should trust in the most and whatever he tells us to do is for our benefit

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right now. Give it give

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So we mentioned this chalk story of when, because someone there's a way also for a woman to be protected that she's got her her bodyguard. Right. You know, someone her family member who's helped weeding out the rats are wildly her wildly wildly out of whack is that one? Yeah, the wild is somebody in the family? Well, kale is someone that does the same job, but did not have the family. Now the woman's like, Man, look, we're living in New Age, I don't need own body, I'm doing my own thing. And what happened, give an example. You know, when the woman did her own thing, when what what happens is, you know, nowadays with the Skype and the FaceTime, and all of those different

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things that, you know, people are able to bypass the protection that Allah subhanaw taala, you know, has given for them, you know, in order to help

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facilitate, you know, finding a new mate. And there was one particular store that we had down in Georgia, where I

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got married a sister that had a couple of children. And then the young man went missing. And after he went missing, the sister frantically was looking for him, and she got a knock at the door after a couple of weeks. And it was the police, you know, and they said, we're looking for jobs. And she said, I don't know any George, and they showed a picture. And it was her husband, she said, That's not George, that's my husband, so and so.

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And I said, No, this is George, you know, we've been looking for him for so many years, you know, maybe for four or five years. And we just found out where he was at. And we've been wanting him for the murder of his first wife. And so they showed a picture of his first wife in a chalk line. And the chalk line, we know when there's a dead body, and there's a chalk line around them. So you know, so this young lady had no worldly, she had no one to check, you know, to do the due diligence to find out about who is this person for sure that are married, you know, that she gives herself an opportunity to, to find somebody or that's gonna be good to her, maybe he would have done the same

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thing to her if she would have made him just that mad, maybe something would have been worse, maybe he would have killed her and maybe killed, you know, her children as well. So the process that Allah subhanaw taala allowed the Prophet salallahu alayhi Salaam to put into places that Wiley's system, and a majority of the women nowadays, you know, they get on all of these sites, you know, and they go on the sites, they're talking to the brothers without having a guardian there. And the Prophet salallahu Salam said, if there's no guardian and no Wali and there's no two witnesses, then the marriage is null and void a marriage as null and void or marriage as null and void. He said it three

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times. I use it rhodiola. Juana had reported that Heidi's so when the women are looking to get married, and it's not just the women, because sometimes brothers are good brothers, and they end up finding the sister that they should have checked on itself, you know, and we want to be married so bad that we bypass the system, the good system, that allows upon without are allowed to be put in place by the Prophet salallahu salam, so many times we come in, you know, sisters say, Well, I don't have a wildly, you know, and I don't need one and I know what I want. And then maybe two weeks later, a month later, you know, then we have to go in and try to save the sister from a bad

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situation. Or we just had another instance that we had to save a brother from a bad situation because he didn't do what he should have did and go through the process. being patient, you know, with the, with the process, and how Allah subhanaw taala allowed it to be set up. Now you want to go get a car, you want to rent an apartment, and the people are smart enough not to just give their car to anybody or their house, or anything else of value, they do what's called the credit check. Yeah, so the person has a great speech. But at the end, you're like, Man, this guy is great. But then the report comes back. And yeah, it's horrible. Yeah, he's been doing this to everybody he goes in,

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stays in the house for a period of time or he drives the car and then hides the car for about 678 months, not paying for it and it's even worse when you have somebody and I tell the sisters whenever they get ready to get married, just call let us do our job you know, so that we can you know, investigate you know, do our own personal Islamic detective work to make sure that you're not putting yourself in a bad situation. So we'll call it a wildly we'll make sure that you know that she has a wildly if she doesn't, she's not supposed to assign a wildly to herself. She's supposed to go today, ma'am. The Prophet salallahu Salam said that the Imam is the Wali for the one who doesn't

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have one, you know, so he will either decide the man was assigned. So whenever he that he will do it, you know, so that, you know, if things are not done right in the beginning, it's going to be very difficult for things to end up wrong. You know, just like, you know, the first right of a child and I asked some of the people

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We'll come in to the counseling said what is the first right of the child? And very seldom anyone has the answer. And the first right at the child is that the father finds them a good mother. That's right. You know, so he's got to do his due diligence. So it's not just trying to find out if the guy is okay. But the guy the brother has to find out whether or not the sister is worthy of carrying the seed and then raising those children and being a good model and being the nurturer that Allah subhanaw taala created are the big, that's amazing, you know, one of the misconceptions out of the many, but when people look into this, really, they talk to them as a woman, they investigate Islam,

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they talk to the Muslim, they see that all of these false accusations are actually just a bunch of hogwash, and one of them is that Islam oppresses women. But when you talk to the Muslim woman, you see that the majority of people coming into Islam are women. And they get to see I mean, all of these benefits in Islam and Islam actually as a protection. Yes, safeguarding has Yes, for many of the pitfalls and evils. Yeah, and it's very difficult, you know, when somebody desires and drives in motivations is they want to be married, they want to be married, like right now, you know, and they don't want to wait, you know, they make a dua, they pray in the car, you know, and they today, they

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wake up in the morning and see someone and they say, Allah sent them, but they still didn't do the, you know, the due diligence to find out if this person is the type of person that's going to be beneficial. And sometimes, they may have children or daughters, you know, or son for that matter, and marry somebody who's got a record of *, or something like that, and they didn't do what they were supposed to do, and they didn't let anybody else do it. And next thing, you know, they're in a situation where children are being molested, they're being abused, afraid to even go to their own house, the guy moves in, takes everything they have and then disappear. Next thing you know,

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he's on the other side of the country doing the same thing to someone else. And with internet, people are allowed to do that. So we tell all of the sisters, be patient, fair, Allah subhanaw taala, regarding, you know, what he

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wants for you, and so that you can have a good outcome and a good ending? That's right, yeah. Tell us right now. People are at the verge of divorce. Yes. And they need some assistance, some help? How can they get ahold of you? Well, we have a center for Islamic counseling and guidance in Atlanta, Georgia. And we also have one in Houston, Texas, actually two in Houston, Texas. And if you go to the, to our website, Islamic counseling.org, there's a hotline number there. And someone will always answer that phone or they will call you back, you know, in a short in a short time, and we'll be able to set up any type of counseling that you need, either via Skype, or you come into the office,

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and we can help you with Islamic counseling based on marriage at risk. premarital counseling, you have teenagers that need help and assistance, we can do that kind of work. And it's based on what pleases Allah Quran and the Sunnah. So you actually have a number you can call on on the internet, and it's 281-917-9026 is the hotline number. And someone will always call you back on that line. And get you started into having the type of counseling or consultation that you need in order to help you put more structure in your life regarding your marriage and your family. Standing by the phone lines going on.

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People are calling ready May Allah subhanaw taala. You know, God, all of them to hear them to see how you know and take that information and be better individuals as it pleases Allah. Almighty, the creator of love rewards you for your wonderful work. Thank you for coming. Thank you very much for inviting me. It's another wonderful guest here on the show, sharing his experiences, highlighting some of the wonderful work that those who adhere to this way of life are doing out there in the world trying sincerely to make the world the community a better place. And one part of the story that we were talking about the beginning of his experiences was with people who finally now they got

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away from the rat race of life, they were locked down in an environment now that they have to be forced to think they thought, What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? They start to investigate all the different religions. Why don't you do the same? Well, you're not forced to be locked up, chained down and then you start to look and think or you don't even get that opportunity. Death comes to you. And now you need to get a chance to really reflect and think and now you got two things there and in front of you on a day of judgment, paradise Hellfire, you didn't prepare for nothing of the next life. So what can you expect out of the next life? Wonderful rewards of it? No.

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Because you you went and enjoyed all of the blessings of the creator's giving you denied all the signs. One is coming to you right now. So really ponder and think, why am I here? What's the meaning of all of this? The guy just create this just in play? And then I die I'm dust I go to sleep. Boom, wake up.

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To another reality, wake up before it's too late. Think, call us if you have any questions, one 800 662 Islam. Let's look at

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the other alternative what Islam has to say about the purpose of life and you'll be fascinated on all of the evidence it provides, how it goes with a common sense that God Almighty is giving you to differentiate truth from falsehood. And a whole new world of goodness will open up if you're sincere and you're wanting to know what it is that I'm here for in this life. And we'll see you next time. Subscribe if you haven't do it right now. Do it right now and share share the deen show with everybody. Friends, family in the world. We'll see you next time until then. Peace be with you.

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