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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the phrase "we are the one who follows guidance" in the Prophet's statement that peace and liability is upon those who follow guidance. They also talk about court actions, including court actions, that involve the court's actions, and the importance of peace and liability in achieving peace and liability. The upcoming trial involving a murder committed by a murderer in a Rome palace is also discussed, along with a nightly program for the last 10 nights of the month of MAC, as well as a law suit and figures.
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With our series here in the month of Ramadan paths of peace where we talk about and explore the concept of peace and tranquility in the Quran.

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There's a very

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powerful statement that is issued within the Quran in surah number 20 surah Taha in is number 47.

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And this statement

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was then utilized by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well.

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And I'll just quote the relevant part of the eye and then I'll

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fill in the context. But the statement in this verse is, Allah says, was salam ala Manitoba alHuda

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that peace and tranquility descends upon?

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The people are the one who follows the guidance. So someone who is willing to open themselves and submit themselves to the guidance from Allah subhanaw taala peace and tranquility descends upon them.

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And this is said in the Quran.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also utilize this phrase, very famously, as Imam Bukhari Rahim Allahu taala. And others mentioned that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wrote the letters in the seventh year of hijra, the prophets Allah neesham wrote letters to all the great kings and rulers of that time.

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And particularly the one that is mentioned in this narration, when I'm when he had Alma Katara Sula, salatu salam ala Hirakata. I was in the room, when the prophets Allah, he said and wrote the literature Horak, Heraclius, the Emperor of Rome. Can Oh whoo hoo. He started the letter by saying Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Muhammad Rasool Allah He la Hara are the maroon

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Salah Munna Allah Manitoba alHuda.

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That may peace be upon the one who follows the guidance, the guidance is there.

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But whoever follows the guidance submits to the guidance opens themselves to be guided by Allah, then may peace and blessings be upon that person. And then he went on to say in my biography near the okapi, the ayat in Islam I call you to Islam. For a slim the slim you tick Allah, you tick Allahu Angelica, Mara Tang, submit to Allah and you shall find peace and tranquility. submit to Allah and you'll find peace and tranquility. And God will give you a reward twofold. So this is a very powerful statement. A Salam O Allah, Allah, Manitoba alHuda. Now what is the context behind the statement that Allah issues here in verse number 47? It is from the story of the Prophet Musa

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alayhis salam.

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And I'll quickly go through this. It's not very lengthy, but Allah tells us in surah Taha Hal attack a hadith of Musa Have you heard the story of Musa is Rana Rana Khalili Ali him Khufu in the anus to NARA Sinara he was he saw a fire in the distance while he was traveling with his family. And he said y'all wait here I see a fire in the distance on the article man Have you ever seen anybody who does? I'll bring some fire back or at least find some directions there at the fire for them. I have no idea yeah Musa when he approached it. Allah called out to him and he said oh Musa in me and Rob Booker facula Anna alayka in Kabul waddle, mapa de si tu ah, then Allah said, Indeed I am your Lord.

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So remove your shoes, because you are in the Sacred Valley of thua. From there, Allah subhanaw taala bestows prophethood upon Prophet Musa alayhis salam. And then Allah subhanaw taala discloses to him grants him miracles. Well, Martin kabhi Amin Nica yeah Musa watching your right hand Oh Musa Bala here I saw your Alia who should be her enemy while your fee Hama arriba. Okra, it's my staff. I lean on it I knocked down leaves from the trees for my flock of sheep and goats and animals, so that they can eat and there are many other benefits that are derived from distaff Allah ulti Hi yah Musa. Allah said throw it down on Musa for Al ca for either here Hey yet intersol He threw down the staff

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and it became this huge serpent moving around very actively called the hula. Well, grab it and don't be afraid seven or eight Aloha Sierra Tallulah we will return it back to its original form. And that's exactly what happened. Now Allah subhanaw taala issued to Musa alayhis salam maybe

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One of the toughest assignments that has ever been given to any human being, and that was in Hebei, Elie founder in the hooter go to Iran, because he has completely lost his mind. He has transgressed all limits, so go to him and put the fear of God in Him.

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Musa alayhis salam makes a very beautiful powerful dua that we are very familiar with rubbish ah, Lisa the way a silly Omri. Oh, Allah opened and expanded my chest, simplify my task for me. Well, look at that Emily Sanliurfa who Kohli and remove the NOC from my tongue so they can understand what I am saying, which i Li was eat ramen, and he Haruna agree that oh Allah grant me someone, an aid a supporter, in my mission in my task and let that be my brother Harun.

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And he presents his request for Allah and Allah says, Allah the OTT la kya. Musa, we grant you your request will occur. The manana la cama rotten okra, and we have taken care of you up to this point is O Hanaa. Illa. Omega you ha. Remember we gave your mother very specific instructions. Pharaoh and his army were out for blood they were massacring babies, they were ripping them from their mother's arms and killing them, you the behavior of

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your cut to Luna.

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But Allah subhanaw taala saved you. He told your mother to put you in the box or the basket and float you down the river. And then we raised you in safe the safety of the home of the very enemy that was trying to kill you. And not only that, but then we made it haram na alayka that we made it so that you would not nurse from any of the women there in the palace of the king until your sister basically came and provided a reference to your mother. They didn't know that was your biological mother and your mother got to nurse you and feed you and raise you while being under the protection of the king. So we took care of you this whole time. So Allah says in verse number 41, was Sana to

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Killeen FC. I've prepared you for this moment. Everything in your life has brought you to this moment. It has until a hookah bi Yachty while attending Fe decree. So now you and your brother go with my signs with my message Allah is saying and do not be lacks or do not be lazy, for lack of a better term in my remembrance, is about 11 on the inner Hotaka so go to fit around because once again he has crossed all exceeded all bounds and limits and boundaries for all Allahu Allah legna when you speak to him speak to him initially, with a gentleness a gracefulness be graceful in addressing him. Why the Allahu Yetta that karo Yaksha because maybe he'll think maybe he'll wake up.

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Because the golden The objective is to bring him around is not to just give him a tongue lashing. It's not to just tell him off.

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But it's to actually try to bring him around Viola Robina in an hour and a half. And yeah, fruta Elena Oh, and your taco. This is the relevant part. Now. They said right now you think about what they're being told to do. They're being told to walk into the court, the palace of one of the greatest tyrants the earth has ever known.

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That when the prophets a lot, he said and wanted to give an example of what a Bucha hull was, he called them fit. I don't know, Marty.

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fit around is the standard of tyranny and oppression. Every tyrant since then, is always compared to him.

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Right? He's the standard.

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And so they're being told walk into his court stand in front of him and tell him you are wrong. Fear God. submit to Allah.

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Right. Sounds like a suicide mission.

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And so did they ever verbalize that? Allah says, yes, they did. Kala Robina they said, Our Lord, our Master, with humility in Ananda Hafele, and yeah, fruta Alena o ano tapa we are, we are afraid

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that he will unleash a great harm upon us. That He will do unspeakable things to us. Oh, and yet of all, and in fact, he will lose his mind even more. He'll be so insulted and so enraged that How dare we admonish him? He'll do things to us that we can't even imagine. And then he

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he'll go even further off the rails and he already is. Allah said Latta, Hoffa, don't be afraid in the NEMA Akuma a smell

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because I am with you. And I will be listening and I will be watching

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fat to Yahoo. So they came through,

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they walked into the quarter found something fascinating, even his hot rom Allahu taala, as quoted by Ibn cathedra. And to be another's mentions, they went to the palace of Rome.

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They were of course, you can imagine the levels of security. They requested an audience, they were told Have a seat.

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And they waited there.

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And when they were kind of asked or interrogated, what do you want to speak to him about they gave kind of a brief presentation.

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And nobody in the court of fit own had the audacity to be able to go and say, there are two guys here with a message. Because naturally the two guys are here. See you Why are they here? What do they want? Well, they want to talk to you about what? Yeah, they want to tell you to fear God.

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Right, and this is like a bloodthirsty tyrant like he murdered massacred 1000s of babies because he got a bad dream.

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Like, who's going to tell him who? Kill the Messenger? He'll eat the messenger. Right? So like who's going to tell him

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and so nobody had the audacity to go on go in and actually relate that there are two guys that would need to see you. If it is HackerEarth and Allahu Taala actually mentions, Musa and Harun alayhi wa sallam went every morning and sat down there and waited and left every evening when everything closed up, and they turned the lights off. And they went back the next day and left that night and went back the next day and left that night. And they did this for two years.

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Two years, they just waited

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and waited and waited and waited.

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Until finally, there was this kind of a character like an entertainer or something like that, probably a court jester or something of that sort who had seen them. And one day fit on requested his kind of presence and you know, entertainment, and he goes inside and he's telling jokes and making your own life and this and that. And then he kind of goes he goes there's some funny there's some like interesting dudes outside here to see you. Where are those your friends? Haha, making jokes and frowns, like, What are you talking about? And he goes, there's these guys outside one of them's got a big old stick and everything. He's like, what? Who are these people? And he was in that

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kind of playful mood. And he figured, you know, we'll just make a game out of these guys, right? Just, you know, roast them or something, call him in, and they come in.

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And then Musa alayhis salam starts to speak.

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And that's when Iran recognizes him. Oh, it's you.

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But the point is thought to Yahoo. They did their job. They went they weren't afraid.

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And they went for Hola. And they said to him, this was the message when he find when they finally got into the court. In na Rasulullah Arabic, we are the messenger sent by your master.

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You think you're everyone's Master Your master has sent us for our cinema and ebony is Salah eel,

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the Israelites that you have enslaved, released them, and send them with us, we will take them to safety and freedom without to

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stop oppressing them. But jitna could be it Mirotic and we have brought to you a message from your Lord. So listen very carefully.

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And then Allah, He Himself interjects into the narrative and Allah says was salam ala Manitoba alHuda

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that the people who follow the guidance, the people who submit to Allah, the people who do the hard things, why because Allah commanded them to do so. Allah's peace and blessings and tranquility and serenity is upon them.

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A lot of times we figure that something seems like a difficult task. And it seems counterintuitive to us. If I do the difficult thing. How am I going to find more peace and tranquility. But that's exactly where the secret to peace lies. That elusive tranquility that serenity. That calmness of the soul that we've been searching for. That's eluded us for so long. It's found exactly where you least expect it. It's found in the sleepless nights it's found with the sweat

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dripping off of your forehead while you serve people food.

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It's found in putting your face on the ground.

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It's found in the long days of fasting when your mouth is dry and you can, you know, barely talk.

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That's where we find serenity.

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And that's what the prophets a lot of the time he would be praying all night long, standing and praying to the point where his feet were swollen.

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And then it was time for Fudger and he would say, a rational behavior Billa

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it's time to find peace and tranquility called the other

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because that's where you find peace and tranquility. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to follow the guidance and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to attain this peace and tranquility. And may Allah subhanaw taala always keep us in his submission in his obedience in His service. I mean the honorable Alameen Subhanallah we have the he Subhana Colombia hum technicial La ilaha illa Anta a sufferer who wanted to really make a couple of quick announcements in sha Allah

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and hamdulillah from Al Hamdulillah the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan are upon us. So starting from tomorrow Inshallah, we will be having the schedule as usual inshallah Salah Tanisha tarawih

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the talk after eight and then the completion of the remaining 12 But after that, inshallah round you know what we'll kind of see the first day what the timing looks like, but we're estimating around 11:45pm In sha Allah, we will start the nightly Cleon program here at column for the last 10 Nights Inshallah, that'll start with

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a talk some reflections from the book of Allah with you know, some of the instructors and teachers and the scholars here I love and then after we have a session for you know, talks and reflections, after that Inshallah, we will have some more night prayer, some work beyond prayers continuing after that, and that'll culminate with winter prayer for those who have not prayed earlier Inshallah, and that'll be the program for the whole last 10 nights in sha Allah be nila, there's also a couple of special programs like the big colloquium that we do every year and then also the bottom of the completion of the Quran, but I'll announce that as we get closer to an Inshallah, from tomorrow

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shall I plan to join us around 1145 Shortly before midnight, and we will have a night of reflection and prayer. May Allah Spano with Alexa from all of us just like me lucky that somebody cannot Allah?

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along with

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me my muddy Kiyomi D.

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E. Ghana, starring in Dino Ciroc on Mr. Timo syrup on levena and Nam Lloyd in melago. They are eating what a boy

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yeah see hidden one

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the him

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here foggy

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Romani debride Victrola Hoshyar rock man I'd be naive febest shooter who will be mobile field I do

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it in no no need

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to do Guma

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slow ina houfy Ema

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be hidden Allah who

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sent me I love you man Hamidah

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hola Alhamdulillah beleid I mean a rock muddy rocky me muddy Kiyomi Dean II cannot go do what you during it didn't sleep at all was that the email split off on evina data eating Oh viata using water

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well data method and else have an already

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is also setting up most of Nene forget that whoo hoo math does not

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follow that either you can move

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Luna man

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in tune in the moon on Rob buena

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warmer in London but moving on in

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the evening in London the whole human what I am a son Eddie on pa

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three foon wotja I mean apples on muddy ball Tommy Debbie Rosetti in it Debbie rumen is I don't come at your moon one idea

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he felt all on Ebay you know he told him John and John

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Does he want me

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to be able to run

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in either nothing Lauda will be in

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to be aerobic

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li Jiang

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be my God only me watch it

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sent me all along and he helped me

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along luck

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said I'm not a law suit I'm not a law

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and hamdulillah he'll be not I mean or Walkman you Roy

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Deaton II cannot

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I will do what you can to stay

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stealthy mostly raw, but levena Nam died.

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What email will do

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