How Allah Transforms Evil Deeds to Good! The Ultimate Forgiveness!

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The speaker discusses the characteristics of Islam, including the importance of finding God through the sacred sermons and the importance of keeping priorities. They also mention the use of words like "has" and "has not" to describe actions and behavior. The speaker encourages the audience to think about how they can improve their behavior and avoid mistakes.

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One of the most magnificent passages of the Quran that talks about Eva de Rahman, the servants of Allah, the servants of Allah. This is our title of honor. ABD is generally considered to be someone who is lowly. But Abdullah is the highest rank that a person can reach an eyebrow man the plural of Abdullah or Abdullah man, the servants of the Most Merciful and the beautiful part is how distinct begins with Akela, who's Juliet Rama and many others set to them to make such as the two are Rama and they say who is a Rahman? Which god are you talking about? That's the rebuttal. How does Allah tell the people who he is? How does he tell them? He tells them, if you want to see if you want to

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figure out or discover who Allah is, if you want to figure out who our ramen is, look at Eva Rama. Look at the true servants of Allah and you will find God in them. In their practice of Islam, in their worship, you will find who Allah is, of course there is ayat of Allah everywhere. That's why Allah begins by talking about the sky Giada fish Samadhi brugia. Biogeography has the raja welcome Munira the things that we see in the sky, the sun in the moon and the stars and the alternation of the night in the day, the way this cosmos is set up for us. That's how we find Allah of course, but also how we found find Allah is through the righteous sermons of Allah, Allahu Akbar. If you want to

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know who God is, you look at the servants of God. And that's where you will really find who Allah is Eva do Rahman, and their characteristics are described here. I'm sure none of the Hona they walked gently on the earth, right? They don't walk around as if they are the most important person in the world. You don't walk around like they own everything in their pretentious, they're gentle, they're humble, even if they're 16 the special yet they're humble. And when someone tries to confront them, and tries to escalate them into a confrontation, although Salama is you don't want any trouble. You don't want any confrontation. They are the ones who this attitude is there because the OB tune ends

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up being sued German mafia ama they spend their nights making such the and standing and this is handled a great opportunity because we're spending our nights right now doing exactly that. We asked her to make us happy brother man. They're the ones who make dua Allah rebellious refund nada. Jahannam take us take the punishment of hellfire away from us. In dabba Cana la rama haram middle horn right a debt its punishment is binding just like how a debt is like you know binding to a person you have to pay it back. This is how this punishment is binding Allah take it away from us. These people understand that this is a reality and they're asking Allah protection from it, then let

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it unfold. They spend but they don't just spend recklessly just spending without thinking. When they spend lum used to be fooled. They don't overspend while I'm equal. True, and they don't be miserly. carabiner radica Kawana this beautiful balance, Allahu Akbar. Sometimes you hear it all irresponsible things said about spending and stop spending and Allah will give you of course Allah will give you but this is also what Allah says. Right? Okay. Anabaena Donica Calama we always keep a balance, you always keep our priorities. And we start with the first priority first, which is our family, and then our relatives, and then whatever else you can give me give hamdulillah but this is

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the beauty of the Quran, it tells you there is a balance even in the way we spend.

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Of course they don't make dua to anybody other than Allah. They don't commit murder, which is one of the greatest sins when it is known and they don't commit Zina extramarital affairs or, you know, intimacy outside of marriage. When my father died, check this part out. The one who does that yell called Osama will face extreme sin and their punishment will be doubled on the day of judgment. And they would be in that situation in a state of perpetuity in Germantown, except for the one who dabba repents. Number one What are mana believes while I'm Eli Malin salejaw. And he does a good deed upon Allah three things daba they accept that there was something went wrong and they want to change what

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our mana they renew their Eman. I need to fix up my priorities. I need to fix my relationship with Allah. I need to believe correctly again, because I've strayed too far while Amelia Island saleha two meanings there. I mean, Amazon because this is like my frugal Mortlock in Arabic like it's to emphasize, they're doing it right. The other meaning is Amelia Island for her. They start with one good deed.

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The start with one because that's how you start, right? The way back from mistakes like this, imagine this person just did Zina just you know had an affair with a woman or a woman having a

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bear with the man. How do you recover from that Darbar feel that something went wrong? Repent by renewing the faith and start by doing one good thing? And if that becomes a habit for you, like are you What did Allahu sejati Massana that's the people Allah will not just forgive them, he will turn their sins into good deeds.

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Allahu Akbar, their sins will become good deeds for them. That is what Allah Sparta will do. That's how forgiving and merciful He is that His will or Ramana and these are bad and there's of course more details. I will not take much of your time but encourage you to read about this and I want you to I encourage you to ponder over Allah's mercy. how merciful and how supremely forgiving he is. Subhana wa Tada. We can never lose hope. This is what Shavon wants. He wants us to lose hope that you're too bad. You're beyond hope you're useless. That's what Shavon wants us to think. But Allah spotless like no, you come back and you start with one good deed, and I'll turn all your sins into

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good. That's how merciful Allah Sparta is we ask Allah to have mercy on us and to forgive our sins. I mean, Philomena Ramadan is one early he was