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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the ongoing conflict within our hearts and competition between two different types of human bodies. The segment also talks about the heart and its characteristics, including its shape and elements of faith,teenth, and twelfth elements. The segment emphasizes the importance of preventing diseases and preventing suffering from them.
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In a beautiful report from the profits of a sudden, that

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tells us of an ongoing conflict inside us an ongoing competition between two elements inside our hearts. This was the report the baby mama had an abalone from herbicide and coudray are the lower end of the prophet SAW said he said puru Borba hearts are four different types. on Azure AD fi he said Rajan Azhar for radical cultural movement was the Raja houfy neuro heart that is completely pure, and it has a shining lamp inside it. That's the heart of the believer and the light inside it is the light of faith.

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What kind of Boone Alvarez mirboo to Nara, he was very careful. And a heart that is sealed. Can the seal his thigh? And that's the heart of the disbeliever no good can make it through to this heart at all. No, you know, faith can make it through. It's a hard seal in the sea of the sky. That's the heart of the disbeliever. Well, Goodman cools and a heart that that's turned upside down.

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So that a couple boom, one effort that's the heart of the Hippocratic arafa and happiness of mankind. He knew the truth. And when he rejected he saw the light can then he you know deny that it is it turned upside down. No good can stay in the heart either. But the heart of it is the fourth heart which the prophet SAW someone mentioned in this hadith.

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He said what can boo Safa Fie metadata matter to a man and woman, the 25th and a heart that is mixed, that has two elements, an element of faith, an element of hypocrisy.

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Imagine if

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you made a mountain by the likeness of a man and this heart is like a good seedling or sprout that is supplied by good water. Well, Mr. omnicef Ep cameras are important Hmm. You may be dealing with them in the likeness of hypocrisy in it, like an ulcer that is being supplied by pus and blood for a human, rabbit, rabbit alley, whichever of these two elements overtakes the other, it will overtake that heart. It will overtake the heart.

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This is your ongoing struggle. The diseases of the heart of the afflictions of the heart, your pride, your arrogance, your presidents, your your your hatred, your envy, your ostentation, you know, pretending here,

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the spies and your your, your brothers or your sisters, etc. All of these are diseases that are working at the root. You know, they're eating up at the root of your face. You don't pay attention to them. You know, you have two tributaries feeding into this lake. Two tributaries are feeding into this lake, which is your heart, one tributary faced, and one tributary of the fact. And if you're not making your best effort, in blocking the tributary of nofap, in trying to fight off all of those diseases, and repel them away, purify your heart from them, then the pus and blood will overtake the good water and your Lake will be doomed to ruin and destruction. Your heart will be lost. And if the

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heart is lost, everything is lost the lesson well at Zinio, Melbourne soon yarmolenko Metalab unknown element Atala battalion being sorry, through Ibrahima Lhasa to us and do not disgrace me on the day they'll be resurrected. On that day, neither children or wealth will be of any benefit. The benefit will be only for those who return to Allah with a heart that is, study, study mean sounder, healthy, not just healthy. Because satin means what healthy saline is a superlative. It means consistently healthy. It means you know heart of this free of all three of ailments if we have diseases. And that should be our ongoing struggle. If we want to ensure a place for us in Paradise,

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then we should be working all the time to block off the elements of nofap to clear our hearts to purify our hearts, from all of those those diseases that could eventually overtake the heart and causes to become sick.

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