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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the root cause of one's problems and the potential for personal health to be addressed. They suggest that the research process should focus on addressing the root cause and addressing the root cause directly. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of finding the right person to lead in one's life.

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Such a person he is part of the beauty or perfection is to have a mock of the slab of someone because he's leaving it on that which does not concern him. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in post Islam

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there is another Hadith reports about personal person has to be seen as the medium of person for beauty or perfection, as it pertains to his which are these talks about person.

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Police debris which is pretty similar to police debris in which the the prophets have

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been asked about

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like 7% come from the same route right? This is like the, it's about beauty and perfection. Because beauty, beauty is the sign of perfection. Usually you worry about beautification, after you have done everything, you know, after you have the the

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service the foundation to build the building, and then you know, the windows and decoration, beautification comes at the end, that is a sign of perfection. That's the cream on top of it for whatever. So it is a sign of perfection beauty is a sign of perfection because it comes as a last stage last phase. Certainly if you worry about unification before you stablish the foundation, your your creation will be the forum distorted, lopsided effect defective, completely defective. But people should start from the foundation first.

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So, you're leaving alone that does not concern you as part of the perfection of God, part of the perfection of God. But when the profits someone was asked about

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by degree degree certificates or solar, tell me about except for the province of Southern Safina printavo de la Hakka and Naka Tara,

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Tara, Mira, to worship Allah as if you see him. And if you don't see him, he sees us. If you don't see him, he sees you. So basically, this study is that we're talking about

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is about part of Harrison, part of the beauty.

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But it is not, it does not address the source of that beauty. How this degree addresses the source of the beauty, the source of that perfection of someone's email,

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you're not going to be able to leave alone that which does not concern you continue to go back. And, you know, ponder over this debris after poverties debris,

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because it is a manifestation. And that is the problem that sometimes the good understand that the need is to know the difference between the disease and the symptom. Between the root and the branch between us who are far between the modern era, you know, it is to know the difference between the the essence of the manifestations of that essence. So the essence of this matter of the beauty in the perfection of one theme, is the worship of love has if he sees him, and if he does not see him, then he knows the law. Let's see him from that.

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The blossoms of that will be so many of them, as the seven said Miss Howe, that the perfection of beauty is this one third cometa leaving your own flesh which is not conservative. It is one of the bosses

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as mentioned by the prophet sallallahu sallam, and have you to pre purchase on top of a like 100 like a Tara, Tara thing to worship a lot as if you see him and if you don't see him, he sees you.

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So now, we The idea here is why are we saying this or say this because unless we know we know the root cause of our problems and the root cause for the new

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Revenue compostables we will not be able to, you know, provide

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the right solutions, the right, you know,

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candidates. So you will say to yourself, I wanted to know, I want to do find a man, I want to protect my Islam, I should leave it on that, which does not concern me. And he tried to practice this. And he basically, you for a few days, you're talking much less than before. And you're trying to mind your business to return to you. So

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why should I worry about this to actually pay attention to us in one of my business, so you're looking less at people that are things that you can sum in around you and so on. Trying to focus in trying to you know, sell travel

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by avoiding that, which is not a concern. But then here elapse,

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the cause of prescriptivism, which is finaps. Going back to square one is you have to address the root cause commonly problems.

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And why not address the root cause of our problem?

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Because it's very uncomfortable to address. Because it takes a lot of changes in our lives, takes a lot of sacrifices. Can you imagine really worshipping that law as if you see him? And if you don't see him that you know that he sees you? Can you imagine doing this for you know, a few days, weeks, months?

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It's so beautiful, and many people did it. But are you able to do it? Do we want to do do we really want to do it? Because, you know, that means

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that you won't be in shape. 24 seven, you're actually you're being watched

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24 seven, you're being in shape 24 seven, and not only that, your thoughts have have to be in shape 20% So, then we have run from addressing the root cause and then we look at you know, the basically painkillers, fever uses analgesics to just try to sell

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feel good about yourself or at least feel that I'm not to loss.

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So you try to do one thing here one thing there a little bit of charity here and there. But your you know you're not master the courage to address the root cause can't attack it head on. Do our worship philosophy. See him