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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah college Mary in Vienna Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rather early was Hydra, Jemaine and Marburg opera is due to Allah. That's a lot to exalt dimension grand peace and send his blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the schools of thought, the schools of thought in Islam. Where do we stand? We have with us our beloved Dr. Hamad. Welcome Dr. Sheikh Hassan Hakeem and shake up the Rahim McCarthy. And we were discussing in a previous episode, the issue of footwear shopping. I don't know if you went shopping since. But can you elaborate more on federal shopping?

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What does shopping have to do with federal? And how did these two come together in one word to the federal shopping, which is the we say we want the people to explore? The danger is that when some people will do now is they find the federal shopping, you mentioned an example last episode of smoking. So somebody wants to smoke, he's gonna try to fight even though probably now there's really nobody who says it's hot. Even the ones who say there's more crew at first now they know it causes cancer, it kills you based now say it's hot. Um, so you really gonna find any modern day scholar who will say it's cruel. So he might look for those old fetters when it first came into the Islamic

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world that is smoke rule. So you can keep smoking, it's not really hot. And the funny thing is that you find scholars who would say, who smoke themselves, and they say, Listen, if it's hot, we're burning it. If it's hella, we're smoking it. So they play with words. Exactly. So this is the danger with double photoshopping. So they people are actually ruining shopping. Just like when you go shopping, you want to buy what you want. You go to the grocery store, you choose your product, you go to buy furniture, you choose the couch, you want the bedroom set you want. So the people are looking for a family that suits them. And obviously, there's going to be a lot of things that are

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not correct when they found it. This is the danger of this. So what what is the relationship with this, the following the myth that hip are the schools of thought is a lot of people gonna say that that's actually better. Somebody just follows a school of thought and relaxes. Because when you open up the door to look for what's more authentic, he could actually fall into the ballot for that which is a straight so it's better for him just to follow one of these great imams in my medic hanifa Imam Shafi, my man, isn't it safer? Well, the lesson I guess would be then the sincerity of the believer is all everything seems to revolve around the person is word of the matter. Yeah, you can go for

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shopping. I think in Arabic, they call it a double Rojas. Like people always looking for the concession. So he you know if he doesn't agree with something, so yeah, but this Imam said it's okay. And I need it now. So I will just act upon it. But if the person is sincere, they fear Allah, then I guess they will not be able to deal with it in this manner. Yeah. And this is something very important that we should develop and raise our kids and the Muslim Tibetan. Do you want to please yourself? Or do you want to please Allah? Do you want to be sincere for Allah subhanaw taala or you want to please yourself and to please your power, and to please your neffs and to please the other

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people, if the Muslim is trained on this, I think we will have less problems in the future inshallah. So I would never go shopping for federal, I would ask the scholar I would be very sincere in looking for a person. Yes, to give me the first word that pleases Allah subhanaw taala. Not to please myself. Well, I'm still waiting for the evidence, someone to cite an evidence from the Koran as why is it that we, you know, whenever we have all these people presenting their opinions, and there's a there's a conflict, there's one individual whom we are supposed to follow blindly. Can we say that? It's true. But if I may comment a little bit further, on the issue of photoshopping, the

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problem is not with the students of knowledge, because we're who you're talking about with the intention, are the students of knowledge. The problem is with the majority of the Muslims, who are the laymen who do pick what suits them. So they go to the four schools of thought, and they become selective, and they should not because like she said, if a person does not have the ability to select or to know to verify, which is authentic, and which is not, then it's the safest thing for him is to follow one method. But when that person becomes selective in the sense that he says, Listen, now manage, I know it requires the approval of the Guardian, it requires giving our doubt a

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it requires at least the presence of two witnesses. So if he becomes if I meet someone at the university, and I like her, she likes me, and I said, Listen, according to Abu hanifa, I don't have to seek your guardians approval, and you can marry yourself. And according to one of the methods of Imam Shafi, the presence of two witnesses

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Is is not required. And according in one saying or opinion it might have been mathematic doubt it is not an issue. So, how about it? She says, yep, yep, yep. And we contango. So, is this okay definitely not this is manipulating This is distorting unless religion, Allah azza wa jal, in the midst of all of these difference of opinions, gave us a strict and clear evidence, Allah says, whenever there's a dispute, referred back to Allah and His Messenger, meaning referred back to the Quran, and to the sooner, so this is the line that clears all dispute, and is the line that we're supposed to follow. So it's more like we're supposed to submit to Allah through Islam. And it's like

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some people may want to make Islam submit to their choices. So they actually twisting around the very, the very essence of the religion. The forum, as I remember, you mentioned before in the previous episode, there, Allison ojama. Now, my understanding is that the former head are primarily dealing with issues jurisprudence. Now, how do we understand this in the light of al Qaeda, as in Could someone be a blind follower of one of the former the hip, yet not have that good of Addison or Gemma or when someone follows one of these Imams, then by you know, default? He is upon the al Qaeda? Or is there variation between these two? Because I am a student of knowledge, always take it

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to a higher level? To share McCarthy to answer this question. We our guest, this question is very important, actually, what you mentioned, and this is something that always any trouble with me, I can't believe it when I travel around the Islamic world, that you'll find somebody. And because these four moms, they didn't just go into issues of jurisprudence only. They went in depth into the leader. And you see the IP that Madison ojima as the leader of these imams as well, that this is their beliefs. And there's no any one or two slight differences maybe that they might have had on one issue with me. But other than that issue only have a man which is a small issue to rhetorical is

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actually when you come down there. So there's no really if you look at there's no difference of opinion between them and the belief. Yet you'll find Muslims who have the audacity today to say I'm a Maliki Amma Shafi but they don't follow the app either. They don't follow the belief of these Imams, which is it sounds kind of crazy. And when you go to the fifth, they're really into it, and they won't go away from it. And I found one guy to the extent that he told me an issue. We talked when the first episode about the water. And we showed him all of the scholars said these are these are not authentic. And he said, I will follow the method of a medic, even if it goes against the

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Hadees. And I was like, wow, you know, I said it's Heidi. And we clearly showed it to him. He's the guy who studied Arabic, and he studied the fit. And he knew, he said, I will not leave the method. But we came to this use of our pizza. He said, I'm so sorry. I'm not. I said I don't follow the IPTV my medic. So I was like, you know, who is more knowledgeable in this issue? So that's the photo shopper. Exactly. In a sense, and then he says my methodology and speciesism is this vehicle or this way of this and that. So they find all it's now become like three in one. It's it. They've made a little Trinity right?

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away from Tinder.

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But the reality is there when you I mean, who is better? Mr. Malik, or somebody else who can ask them and they're the ones who know they either don't want to correct that either. So all of them had the same belief and see something very troubling how somebody can run away from that belief, sure. hasim.

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We want standardized answer for any individual who may push the following of one method blindly while excluding and ignoring everything else. What can we say to any person who says no, you must follow the method or the opinion of Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah od ma'am chef MLR medic or Imam, Abu hanifa. What is that one answer that we can say to all of them, which, if they were sincere, would satisfy them simply to go back to the sources to the fundamentals of any proper Muslim. Ask any individual or Hey, who are you following? The Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophet Allah or x y Zed? Usually they will come with the argument of Okay, isn't Imam Mohammed bin Hanbal following

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the Quran, Sunnah, right so I'm following him so No, actually you're following his understanding. But Allah azza wa jal tells you in black and white in the Quran, o una de hempire Cole, Mazda jepto mursaleen. The question that you will be asked on the Day of Judgment, what did you respond to the messenger who came to you the prophet Isaiah says, you're not going to be asked? What did Imam Malik or his students say? or What did he and his two students say? You will be asked about your response to the prophet Isaiah Salaam and this is the question you're going to be asked in your grave what

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Did you do with what you knew? What did you do with following the Prophet? So Sam, who is your Lord? Who is your prophet? And what is your religion, but also I see one of the problems here is following the one's own desire. And this is that makes people go and by federal funds to the degree that the Quran said something about this that says that our item and it allow, however, for other lalala. So if the people that diverse means that some people take their desires and whims and make them their own gods, because they follow their desires, instead of following what Allah subhanaw taala said, and this is the essence of Islam, is to submit your desires to submit yourself to what Allah Allah

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does it anyway, as you mentioned, it's not vice versa. It's not some vintage Islam to your desires. So this is this is a very important concept. And I think we need to find a good title for it, like shopping for fat was we need to, it's not submitting yourself to Allah, not submitting

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the religion to yourself. Right. Okay, well, I guess that will be something we could discuss after the break, in fact, and perhaps we can also deal with the issue of, for example, we can say to the person, that you're Imam who you following blindly? Who was he following?

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And if his objective was to lead you to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but do you say he did it 100%? Or did he fail sometimes, if you agree, he wasn't Muslim, he failed. Therefore, if you find another path, you should just go by the path. Maybe we can elaborate on that. After the break, inshallah. The weather is nice, but the discussion is hot. We were dealing with the issue of kind of coming up with a slogan, or a new expression as to the nature of the slave in Islam. What What is you do? And what is his role? And does he make the religion submit to Him? Or does he submit to the religion, and we were gonna discuss, we said, also a standard answer, which we can give in regards

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to those who are overly attached to the one opinion of the Imam. And so perhaps you can begin brother McCarthy on this issue. inshallah, before we go into that, I think we need to discuss a very important issue within the it's interesting how many topics come up about this, it's very interesting topic about two schools of thought. And there's so much to talk about. But we need to focus on finding the cure for a problem that we have in the oma today. And that is that we have basically two extremes, the true true student of knowledge, they're always in the middle, and the correct path in Islam, wherever you look at anything, it's always in the middle. And we have some

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Muslims, even some who might be students of knowledge, who absolutely blind follow the method. Like we mentioned, the guy who said, I don't care about the Hadith, I'm gonna follow what I was taught in my method, and they don't care. And then you have another extreme, which actually has a form of hatred, almost, if not a serious hatred for the Imams. Yeah, I've come across a lot. Have you seen this very strange, and they actually look at the person who follows one of the Imams as being like a multimedia as being an innovator in their religion, this is serious. So we have these two extremes, I think we need to talk about these is because we want to solve this problem. We want the oma to

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come to the middle path on this, right? This is a very important topic. Because now, when you look at the major scholars of Islam, who studied, let's look at, for example, Imam, no, he might have even had your Imam, even taymiyah. Did any of them come up not studying them at him? Initially, they must have had a method, all of them initially had it. So this was the proper methodology. And being a student knowledge, they studied these methods, all of them, you're not gonna find him, even Abdullah Barrow major scholars of Islam, they studied the method. And he

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doesn't know once they started off studying the method, there's the first step, and then they start the study after that, obviously, more methods and to see the difference of opinions. And they would take that was correct. And that was not correct. Like Mr. Head. Yeah. But even the student of knowledge, Sheila, as we mentioned, who can filter he can do that. But the point is, is that all of them took the path of studying the method. So it's nothing wrong, because we need to make it clear here. There's nothing wrong with setting a method. There's nothing wrong with studying what's wrong is the blind following. So we don't want to be the extremely so you can't study method, because it's

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not the methodology of our scholars, you're going to try to get somewhere without going the proper way. All of the scholars went this way. So why would we choose another path. That's why you find so many students of knowledge who try to go other than that path. Their knowledge is it's all mixed up. It's everywhere. But the ones who went the path of the scholars, they study the method, and then after they learned it, they started to study other methods as well look here and there. That was good for them. But we don't want to stay there too blind. Finally, you'll find people who have been studying 2030 years and they will not leave what their mom said this is also very dangerous. So we

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need to always follow that middle path and all aspects of Islam. I think education solves some of these items.

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Remember that some people told me that who lived in in Makkah, that I think 70 years ago or so they said that, at the time of salado Dori would hear the air then and one person from Maliki would make the air then and only the American people would preserve their clothes their 70 years ago, approximately almost three years, four years. And you see nowadays, I still remember the harm 30 years ago, nothing like this happened. So in a very short time, this has changed. And this is in Mecca. The most Yes, the most sacred place in the world. Nobody looks at.

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Yes. And I think the reason that this changes is the spread of correct knowledge. And I think even these two episodes that we have done about this topic will affect many people in the world. Charla and we'll make them try to look for. Yes. And I'd like what you said that when we are asked in our graves about the three questions, who is your Lord? What is your religion? And who is the Prophet? Who was sent to you knows that in that one? Yeah, this is exactly what. So here, there's no question that will be asked, Who is your email? Or what's your method? Every Muslim should be aware of that, you're not going to be asked about this. These are only the three questions that you're going to be

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asked. So why worry about the issue of an Imam now or a matter of now? So I should focus on the Prophet sallallahu?

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Rather than focusing on the most up if you allow me? Yes, I, what concerns me most is not the issues regarding to school of thought so I can understand the difference is there and I respect people who differ with me. So for example, I see that a woman should cover her face. But if I see someone who follows the other opinion, I'm okay with that, because he's following what his conviction applies to him. The biggest problem is with the blind followers of imaams of Delilah, imams of the wrong path, deviant amounts, when you find the masses of the Muslims and this brings me to the point of education, you find educated people, PhD holders, doctors, engineers, blindly following a deviant

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Imam, an Imam that says For example, I see the Prophet alayhi salatu salam alive 10 times a day. Yeah. What is this he prays in Mecca is by the loopers, one of the Imams claimed to that to go he went on Hajj and came the same night. Yeah, what is this? No, no, no, very recently, somebody said that I talked to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam over the phone was very reason that even more ridiculously one was saying that he showed a prophet alayhi salatu salam and spoke to him. And he cried, saying that the people of the country he was in refused to give him a ticket to go back. Well, I this was

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this isn't prophetic and, and you'll find people blindly following this person. So whether you put your hand on your chest or you don't put your hand in prayer, this is nothing. This is part of the surrender if your prayer is valid. Now when it comes to Akita when it comes to your belief, and claiming to follow a school of thought, or I don't, I would not say this school of school of thought it's a school of deviance. Oh, yes. So Jen, this is paradise or Hellfires.

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There's the key, the athlete is the key issue. So this is why we call the Muslims to purify their acleda. And to learn their religion, not from Tom, Dick or Harry, to learn their religion from the poor and from the Sunnah. And on the understanding of the companions, and the righteous scholars, may Allah be pleased with them, right? By this, you are definitely following the footsteps of the prophet Isaiah, these things exist. So it seems that the schools of thought to have went beyond the four schools of thought, and now we have all kinds of schools of thought, which is not the standard things of the 40 mams. We have all kinds of people. So people are going astray in all directions.

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It's not only that, see, they bank on the reputation of the four, Imam, and

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the deviant. So they can't say that I'm following this school of thought that so they claim that I'm following this particular school of thought of the four widely accepted schools of thought, and they invest it with their own corrupt ideas. And they say they're given ideology, they say, okay, the usual answers, but everyone is doing it. You guys are are a bunch of extremists. Everyone everywhere no doing it. Is there an answer? Is there an answer for those who say everyone, like when it comes to numbers, majority versus minority? Do you have anything from the Quran and the Sunnah, which addresses the issue of numbers, whether they do make a difference? Yes. I mean, I think one of the

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verses that I recall from the Quran

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Lower Tibet experimental out of the oven. Look, if you follow the majority of the people on the earth, they would have deviated you. It's not by the majority is the experimental experiment, you know, cancer, cancer vilella. So if you follow the majority of the people on the earth and the planet, they will deviate. So majority majority is not is not a

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famous idea. When he said on the Day of Judgment, they will come up a profit pay attention is a prophet, who has been chosen by Allah subhanaw taala, who will have maybe two people with him will have one person and will have nobody with him profit. So the number games it's a joke, it doesn't matter about the numbers. It matters about quality, the quality. I remember, one of the scholars of Ellison that was using very simple techniques to convince those people who would say that I am a chef, or I am humbly or I am, they used to say that I have a simple question for you. If you answer it, you will know me was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Shafi was the Prophet hanbali. While and the

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answer or the time is no, no, no. So if the prophets Allah, is none of these, so why do you want to be a follower of someone, and you have the original one that you can follow? very easily. If we go back to the to the early history of Islam, it was something you have to do. If you go astray. If you don't follow one of these Imams, it's back to the issue of is it legit? Do we have to do it? What about the early Muslims before at the time of these appointments? What about them? Were they all senators will illustrate this? Obviously, they didn't have it. And as I mentioned before, there was a lot of schools of thought, we have had any the same amount of knowledge but the students they have

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are the ones who spread it. The point is, is that and he found these men who want to focus on this. And he These are some of the greatest scholars of Islam. We have to have love as a lesson that we have the sooner prima hanifa we have to have love for Mr. Malik Imam Shafi No, we have to have hatred for those who hate them. Because they were the ones who strove night and day to spread the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and we do have a love for all of them no difference we don't any you'll find people and it came to the time not just the minute you mentioned about the the different Jamaat the different groups who used to pray in the home even the marriage You know, the stories

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that you were not allowed to marry if you were handing food to America. And handed these days as you say, I'm done with education, and the more authentic knowledge that is spreading under these things have started doubting Oh man, this is good. That doesn't mean we want to put away the these myths we need that we're not going to get to understand the person without them, but also hamdulillah we need to continue on this path we're going with not blind following them, or making it a war between ourselves if you follow a different school of thought than me, well, I couldn't have said it better. And therefore that concludes our discussion. I hope inshallah there was a benefit in fact that I

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feel that there was a benefit and we address the issue pretty objective developers grace and mercy. And so we thank you for tuning in, and we'll catch you inshallah, Thailand. The next episode, Baraka lofi. Calm salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.